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New Books & DVDs — 2017


ACVP/ASCVP Workshop. 2003. Electron microscopy in the practice of pathology : platform presentations and case histories. SF769 .E44 2003 ZOO WDL

Andrew, Warren. 1974. Histology of the vertebrates : a comparative text SF757.3 .A53 1974 ZOO WDL

Bowman, Dwight D. 2014. Georgis' parasitology for veterinarians. SF810 .B69 2014 ZOO WDL

Cable, Raymond Millard. 1958. An illustrated laboratory manual of parasitology. SF810 .C33 1958 ZOO WDL

Clubb, Ros E. 2001. The roles of foraging niche, rearing conditions and current husbandry on the development of stereotypies in carnivores [thesis]. QL751 .C68 2001 MAIN

Cooper, J. E. 2007. Introduction to veterinary and comparative forensic medicine. SF769 .C66 2007 ZOO WDL

Cooper, John E. 2017. Gorilla pathology and health : with a catalogue of preserved materials. QL737 .P963 C665 2017 HARTER HOSP

Ferguson, Hugh W. 1992. Systemic pathology of fish : a text and atlas of comparative tissue responses in diseases of teleosts. SF769 .F47 1992 ZOO WDL

Fogo, Agnes B. 2005. Diagnostic atlas of renal pathology : a companion to Brenner & Rector's the Kidney, 7th ed. SF769 .F64 2005 ZOO WDL

Gardiner, C.H. 1988. An atlas of protozoan parasites in animal tissues. SF810 .A3 G365 1988 ZOO WDL

Graham, Jennifer E. 2016. Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult: avian. SF994 .B63 2016 HARTER HOSP

Knottenbelt, Derek C. 1994. A color atlas of diseases and disorders of the horse. SF951 .K66 1994 ZOO WDL

Leake, Lucy D. 1975. Comparative histology : an introduction to the microscopic structure of animals. SF757.3 .L43 1975 ZOO WDL

Lindsay, Diana. 2016. Coast to cactus : the canyoneer trail guide to San Diego outdoors. QH104.5 .S62 C63 2016 MAIN

Maclachlan, Nigel James. 2017. Fenner's veterinary virology. SF780.4 .F46 2017 ZOO WDL

Merck, Melinda D. 1973. Veterinary forensics : animal cruelty investigations. SF769 .V48 1973 ZOO WDL

Naumann, G. O. H. 1986. Pathology of the eye. SF891 .N38 1986 ZOO WDL

Poonswad, Pilai. 2013. Hornbills of the world : a photographic guide. QL696 .C729 P66 2013 MAIN

Porter, Kenneth R. 1972. Herpetology. QL641 .P67 1972 ZOO WDL

Princée, F.P.G. 2016. Exploring studbooks for wildlife management and conservation. QH75 .P755 2016 MAIN

Randall, C. J. 1991. Color atlas of diseases & disorders of the domestic fowl & turkey. SF995 .R36 1991 ZOO WDL

Raskin, Rose. 2010. Canine and feline cytology : a color atlas and interpretation guide. SF992 .C36 2010 ZOO WDL

Rebar, Alan H. 1990. Small animal laboratory evaluation : a series of lectures. SF769 .R43 1990 ZOO WDL

Roberts, Ronald J. 2001. Fish pathology. SF769 .F57 2001 ZOO WDL

Saperstein, G. 1978. Congenital defects in domestic cats : a special reference for practitioners. SF445 .S27 1978 ZOO WDL

Scott, Danny W. 2003. Equine dermatology. SF951 .S36 2003 ZOO WDL

Seymour, Frances. 2016. Why forests? Why now? : the science, economics, and politics of tropical forests and climate change. QH541.5 .F6 S49 2016 MAIN

Sieradzki, A. E. 2007. Original literature describing the entire order of Strigiformes (extant and fossil Genera, species and subspecies) 1758-2007 [DVD]. QL696 .S8 O75 2007 DVD

Sternberg, Stephen S. 1992. Histology for pathologists. SF757.3 .H579 1992 ZOO WDL

Tobias, Michael. 2017. Anthrozoology : embracing co-existence in the Anthropocene. QL85 .T63 2017 MAIN

Yager, Julie A. 1994. Color atlas and text of surgical pathology of the dog and cat. SF757.25 .Y34 1994 ZOO WDL


Burnett, William. 2016. Designing your life : how to build a well-lived, joyful life. HF5549.5 .M63 B87 2016 MAIN

EcoAméricas. 2016. EcoAméricas 2016-17 guide : environmental agencies & legislative commissions in Latin America. QH75 .E26 2016 REF

Engelhard, Michael. 2017. Ice bear : the cultural history of an Arctic icon. QL737 .C27 E54 2017 MAIN

Hoyo, Josep del. 2016. HBW and BirdLife International illustrated checklist of the birds of the world, Volume 2. Passerines. QL677 .H69 2016 REF

Kahn, Laura H. 2016. One Health and the politics of antimicrobial resistance. SF918 .A48 K34 2016 HARTER HOSP

Lister, Adrian. 2014. Mammoths & mastodons of the ice age. QE882 .P8 L57 2014 MAIN

McConnell, Charles R. 1984. Managing the health care professional. HD31 .M33 1984 HARTER HOSP

PBS. 2016. Giraffes : Africa's gentle giants [videorecording]. QL737 .U56 G57 2016 DVD

Tarboton, W. R. 2016. Guide to birds of the Kruger National Park. QL692 .S7 T37 2016 MAIN

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