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New Books & DVDs — 2018


Amador, Sandra Ortiz. 2018. Epidemiological investigation of canine distemper virus in domestic dogs, jaguars and pumas in the surroundings of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in southern Mexico [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Befort, Oana, and Maggie Reinbold. 2018. Drawing wild animals : essential techniques and fascinating facts for the curious artist. NC780 .B34 2018 MAIN

Bekoff, Marc, and Jessica Pierce. 2017. The animals' agenda : freedom, compassion, and coexistence in the Human Age. QL85 .B445 2017 MAIN

Berger-Wolf, Tanya. 2018. Wildbook : crowdsourcing, computer vision, and data science for conservation [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Calhoun, Aram J. K., and Malcolm Hunter. 2018. Conserving small natural features with large ecological importance [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Carson, Freida L. 2015. Histotechnology : a self-assessment workbook [3rd ed.]. SF757.3 .C372 2015 ZOO DI

Carson, Freida L. 2015. Histotechnology : a self instructional text [4th ed.]. SF757.3 .C37 2015 ZOO DI

Cooke, Lucy. 2018. The truth about animals : stoned sloths, lovelorn hippos, and other tales from the wild side of wildlife. QL50 .C66 2018 MAIN

Diggs, George M., and Barney L. Lipscomb. 2014. The ferns and Lycophytes of Texas. QK525.5 .T5 D54 2014 MAIN

Gilberg, Cindy, and Barbara Perry Lawton. 2010. Shaw Nature Reserve : 85 years of natural wonders. QK72 .M8 G55 2010 MAIN

Goodman, Andy. 2015. Storytelling as best practice : how stories strengthen your organization, engage your audience, and advance your mission. HD30.3 .G66 2015 MAIN

Herzfeld, Chris. 2017. The great apes : a short history. QL737 .P96 H47 2017 MAIN

Ibarguchi, Gabriela. 2018. From ice and fire at the world’s end : heritage, ecology, and conservation of the Andean seedsnipes [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

IUCN Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG). 2017. Second nature : changing the future for endangered species. QH75 .S43 2017 MAIN

Jones, Darryl N. 2018. The birds at my table : why we feed wild birds and why it matters. QL676.5 .J66 2018 MAIN

Kaufmann, Ron. 2018. Effects of free-drifting icebergs on Antarctic ecosystems [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Kemsley, Angela, and Cory Pukini. 2018. Protecting California's underwater parks: management and conservation of Marine Protected Areas [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Kitalong, Ann Hillmann. 2017. Orchids of Palau : a field guide. ZOO HORT

Lencioni, Patrick. 2002. The five dysfunctions of a team : a leadership fable. HD66 .L46 2002 MAIN

Lencioni, Patrick. 2005. Overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team : a field guide for leaders, managers, and facilitators. HD66 .L462 2005 MAIN

Rosas, Veronica. 2018. Conservation of yellow-peppered salamander (Ambystoma flavipiperatum) from Sierra de Quila Protected Area [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Sampson, Christie. 2018. Living with giants [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Santiago, Ana. 2018. Amphibians and reptiles from central western Mexico : Sierra de Quila Protected Area [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Seminoff, Jeffrey. 2018. Biology and conservation of the sea turtles of California [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Smit, Tim. 2016. Eden. QH72 .B75 S65 2016 MAIN

Switzer, Christoph, et al. (eds.). 2017. Primates in peril : the world's 25 most endangered primates 2016-2018. QL737 .P9 P7563 2017 MAIN

Valiente‐Alandi, Iñigo. 2018. From benchside to fighting animal extinction [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Van der Weyde, Leanne. 2018. Co-existence with cheetah in the Kalahari [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Williams, Candace. 2018. Phytoestrogen netabolism by gut nicrobiota and southern white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum) fertility [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Wittemyer, George. 2018. New approaches to 21st century conservation threats to elephants [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES


Arsham, Marilyn S., et al. (eds.). 2017. The AGT cytogenetics laboratory manual, 4th ed. QH600 .A38 2017 MAIN

Geniez, Philippe. 2018. Snakes of Europe, North Africa & the Middle East : a photographic guide. QL666 .O6 G46 2018 MAIN

Janssen, Donald L. 2018. Upside-down leadership : a zoo veterinarian's journey to becoming a servant leader. HD57.7 .J36 2018 MAIN

Jones, Darryl N. 2018. The birds at my table : why we feed wild birds and why it matters. QL676.5 .J66 2018 MAIN

Kirk, Margaret M. 2017. They persisted. HQ1412 .K57 2017 MAIN

Lewis, Daniel. 2018. Belonging on an island : birds, extinction, and evolution in Hawai'i'. QL684 .H3 L49 2018 MAIN

Liu, Jianguo, et al. (eds.). 2011. Sources, sinks and sustainability. QL752 .S68 2011 MAIN

Magdalena, Carlos. 2018. The plant messiah : adventures in search of the world's rarest species. QK86 .A1 M34 2018 MAIN

Meister, Randall W. (ed.). 2017. Forest structure, function and dynamics in western Amazonia. QH112 .F67 2017 MAIN

Melletti, Mario, et al. (eds.). 2018. Ecology, conservation and management of wild pigs and peccaries. QL737 .U58 E26 2018 MAIN

Taberlet, Pierre, et al. 2018. Environmental DNA for biodiversity research and monitoring. QH456 .T33 2018 MAIN

Veiga, Liza M., et al. (eds.). 2013. Evolutionary biology and conservation of titis, sakis and uacaris. QL737 .P925 E97 2013 MAIN


Barlow, Connie C. 2000. The ghosts of evolution : nonsensical fruit, missing partners, and other ecological anachronisms. QK720 .B37 2000

Groves, Craig, and Edward T. Game 2016. Conservation planning : informed decisions for a healthier planet. QH75 .G768 2016

Raffin, Michele. 2014. The birds of Pandemonium : life among the exotic and the endangered. QL676.5 .R34 2014

State of California 2018. California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act : 2018 edition. SF745 .C35 2018

Swarts, Nigel, and Kingsley W. Dixon 2017. Conservation methods for terrestrial orchids. QK495 .064 S93 2017

Vorontsova, Maria S., Soetjami Dransfield, et al. 2018. Identification guide to grasses and bamboos in Madagascar. ZOO HORT

Whitelock, Loran M., and Duke Benadom. 2015. The cycads (Vol. 1-2) ZOO HORT


Alvarez, Catalina Rodriguez. 2015. El condor de los Andes = The Andean condor : renace en Cundinamarca = reborn in Cundinamarca QL696 .F32 A48 2015 MAIN

Andrewartha, H. G. 1971. Introduction to the study of animal populations [2nd ed.]. QL752 .A53 1971 MAIN

Audubon, John James. 1967. The imperial collection of Audubon animals; the quadrupeds of North America. QL715 .A93 1967 MAIN

Bendiner, Robert. 1981. The Fall of the wild, the rise of the zoo QL76 .B458 1981 MAIN

Brown, Marg. 2018. Lavin's radiography for veterinary technicians [6th ed.]. SF757.8 .L38 2018 ZOO HOSP

Carlson, Mim. 2008. Winning grants : step by step [3rd ed.]. HG177 .C37 2008 MAIN

Chadwick, A. A. 2006. The classic cattleyas. ZOO HORT

Collias, Nicholas E. 1964. Evolution of nest-building in the weaverbirds (Ploceidae). QL675 .C65 1964 MAIN

Curio, E. (ed.). 2004. Species conservation as an integral part of forest maintenance in the Philippines : the role of animals in reforestation : Tenth report, January 2004. QH198 .P5 S64 2004 REF box 1

Dobbs, J. S. 1973. Reptilian disease : recognition and treatment. QL641.5 .D63 1973 MAIN

Endangered Wildlife Trust. 1999. Endangered wildlife : business, ecotourism and the environment: a vision [7th ed.]. QH75 .E53 1999 MAIN

Fishman, Stephen. 2017. The copyright handbook : what every writer needs to know. HD53 .F53 2017 MAIN

Game Conservancy, U.K. [n.d.] The great bustard (Otis tarda) : Sofia, Bulgaria, May 26th, 1978. The houbara bustard (Chlamydotis undulata) : Athens, Greece, May 24th, 1979. SERIAL : PROCEEDINGS

Gruss, Olaf. 2008. Genus Paphiopedilum albino forms. ZOO HORT

Hahn, Emily. 1978. Look who's talking! QL776 .H33 1978 MAIN

Hass, Kathleen B. 2009. Managing complex projects : a new model. HD31 .H37 2009 MAIN

Ingles, Lloyd G. 1947. Mammals of California. QL719 .C2 I54 1947 MAIN

Ley, Willy. 1968. Dawn of zoology QL15 .L6 1968 MAIN

Livingston, Bernard. 1974. Zoo : animals, people, places QL76 .L7 1974 MAIN

Lloyd, Glenys. 1970. Birds of prey. QL696 .F3 L595 1970 MAIN

Mivart, St. George Jackson. 1992. A monograph of the lories, or brush-tongued parrots, composing the family Loriidae. QL696 .P7 M7 1992 MAIN

Parker, H. W. 1977. Snakes of the world, their ways and means of living. QL666 .O6 P37 1977 MAIN

Richards, Owain Westmacott. 1961. The social insects. QL496 .R53 1961 MAIN

Roberts, Austin. 1968. Roberts Birds of South Africa. QL692 .S7 R6 1978 MAIN

Schwarz, Tobias. 2011. Veterinary computed tomography. SF757.8 .V48 2011 HARTER HOSP

Shlosberg, Alan. 2001. The risks of toxicoses from pesticides and pollutants in raptors and wildlife in Israel. SERIAL : PROCEEDINGS

Sirois, Margi. 2015. Laboratory procedures for veterinary technicians [6th ed.]. SF772.6 .L32 H46 2015 ZOO HOSP

Stim, Richard. 2016. Getting permission : using & licensing copyright-protected materials online & off. HD53 .S75 2016 MAIN

Swinton, W. E. 1973. Fossil amphibians and reptiles [5th ed.]. QE861 .S95 1973 MAIN

Time-Life. 1974. Vanishing species. QL82 .T5 1974 MAIN

Volpe, E. Peter. 1967. Understanding evolution. QH366.2 .V57 1967 MAIN

Wilson, Steve. 2017. A complete guide to reptiles of Australia. QL663 .W55 2017 MAIN

Zelenko, Harry. 2009. Orchids : species of Peru. ZOO HORT


Benavides, Rita. 2001. Isla el Carmen : una guia de flora y fauna. QH107 .I85 2001 MAIN

Benirschke, Kurt. 2007. Animal tales. QL76.5 .C35 S36 B47 2007 MAIN

Blake, Emmet Reid. 1953. Birds of Mexico : a guide for field identification QL686 .B5 1953 MAIN

Cremades, Marc, and Ng Soon Chye. 2012. Hornbills in the city : a conservation approach to hornbill study in Singapore. QL696 .C729 C74 2012 MAIN

Crutchfield, Leslie R., and Heather McLeod Grant. 2012. Forces for good : the six practices of high-impact nonprofits. HD62.6 .C78 2012 MAIN

Darwin, Charles. 1965. The expression of the emotions in man and animals. QL785 .D37 1965 MAIN

Dawkins, Marian Stamp. 1986. Unravelling animal behaviour. QL751 .D39 1986 MAIN

3rd International Flamingo Symposium. 2014. Flamingo Specialist Group. SERIAL : PROCEEDINGS

Ferguson, Hugh W. 2006. Systemic pathology of fish : a text and atlas of normal tissues in teleosts and their responses in disease [2nd ed.] SF769 .F47 2006 ZOO DI

Fubini, S. L., and N. B. Ducharme (eds.). 2017. Farm animal surgery [2nd ed.]. SF911 .F925 2017 ZOO HOSP

Greenacre, Cheryl B., and Teresa Y. Morishita (eds.). 2015. Backyard poultry medicine and surgery : a guide for veterinary practitioners. SF995 .B14 2015 ZOO HOSP

Hare, Brian, and Shinya Yamamoto (eds.). 2017. Bonobos, unique in mind, brain, and behavior. QL737 .P961 B66 2017 MAIN

Hu, Jinchu. 2001. Research on the giant panda. QL737 .C214 H83 2001 MAIN

Kareiva, Peter M., et al. (eds.) 2018. Effective conservation science : data not dogma. QH75 .E44 2018 MAIN

Lamont, Myles, et al. (eds.). 2007. Conservation through aviculture : proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity. SERIAL : PROCEEDINGS

Magee, David J. 2014. Orthopedic physical assessment [6th ed.]. RD734 .M34 2014 ZOO HOSP

Mainka, Susan A., et al. 1999. International Workshop on the Feasibility of Giant Panda re-introduction : 1997. SERIAL : PROCEEDINGS

Marker, Laurie. 2018. Cheetahs : biology and conservation. QL737 .C23 C54 2018 MAIN

Massey, Joseph A. 1982. A Field guide to the birds of Japan QL691 .J3 M37 1982 MAIN

Michael, Richard P. 2005. Neuroendocrine aspects of primate sexual behavior. QL737 .P9 M53 2005 MAIN

Schad, Jerry. 1986. Afoot and afield in San Diego County. QH104.5 .S62 S35 1986 MAIN

Sinclair, Ian. 1987. Ian Sinclair's field guide to the birds of Southern Africa [2nd ed.]. QL692 .S7 S616 1987 MAIN

Sinclair, Ian. 1998. Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands. QL692 .M28 S56 1998 MAIN

Strum, Shirley C., et al. (eds.). 1999. The new physical anthropology : science, humanism, and critical reflection. GN281 .N49 1999 MAIN

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Yegorova, L.V. (ed.). 2009. Moscow Zoological Park : pages of history. QL76.52 .R87 M66 2009 MAIN

Zhang, Zhihe (ed.). [n.d.] For giant panda : past success and future aspirations. QL737 .C214 F67 [n.d.] MAIN

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