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New Books & DVDs — 2019


Blackmore, Stephen 2018. How plants work : form, diversity, survival. QK720 .B53 2018 MAIN

Cantu, Juan, et al. 2018. Quick guide to the marine mammals of Baja California = Guia rapida de mamiferos marinos de la peninsula de Baja California [pamphlet]. QL713.2 .C36 2018 MAIN

Carter, Neil. 2019. Interdisciplinary insights on living with tigers and grizzly bears [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Cooley, Kristen G., et al. (eds.). 2018. Veterinary anesthetic and monitoring equipment. SF914 .V485 2018 ZOO HOSP

Divers, Stephen J., et al. 2019. Mader's reptile and amphibian medicine and surgery [3rd ed.]. SF997.5 .R4 D58 2019 ZOO HOSP

Elphick, Jonathan. 2019. The Handbook of Bird Families. QL673 .E465 2019 MAIN

Goldenberg, Shifra. 2018. Elephant social relationships : insights from the wild and opportunities for conservation [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Groenendijk, Jessica. 2019. Giant otter : giants of the Amazon. QL737 .C25 G77 2019 MAIN

Guzman, Juan, et al. . Quick guide to the common birds of Los Cabos, BCS. = Guia rapida de las aves comunes de Los Cabos, BCS. [pamphlet]. QL686 .C36 MAIN

Guzman, Juan, et al. . Quick guide to the sea turtles of Mexico = Guia rapida de tortugas marinas de Mexico [pamphlet] . QL666 .C536 G89 MAIN

Kaplan, Gisela T. 2015. Bird minds : cognition and behaviour of Australian native birds. QL698.3 .K37 2015 MAIN

Kaufman, Allison B., et al. (eds.). 2018. Scientific foundations of zoos and aquariums : their role in conservation and research. QL76 .S32 2018 MAIN

Pagano, Anthony. 2019. Polar bear energetics : implications of a changing Arctic environment [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Renner, Nan. 2018. The power of "we" in the face of climate change [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Ruppert, Kirstie. 2018. Alongside the wildlife : human dimensions of conservation in northern Kenya [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Steele, Stephanie. 2018. Of bark beetles and pine needles : exploring adaptive genetic variation in the threatened Torrey pine [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

University of California Weed Research & Information Center. 2013. Weed control in natural areas in the Western United States. ZOO HORT

Veríssimo, Diogo. 2018. Influencing human behaviour as a pathway to conserving biodiversity [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Waal, F. B. M. de. 2019. Mama's last hug : animal emotions and what they tell us about ourselves. QL785 .W34 2019 MAIN


Ashley, Laurence M. 1962. Laboratory anatomy of the turtle. QL666 .C5 A84 1962 ZOO HOSP

Burkitt, H. George, et al. 1993. Wheater's functional histology : a text and colour atlas [3rd ed.]. SF757.3 .W47 1993 ZOO HOSP

Krienitz, Lothar. 2018. Lesser flamingos : descendents of Phoenix. QL696 .C56 K75 2018 MAIN

Miller, Malcolm E, et al. 1996. Miller's guide to the dissection of the dog [4th ed.]. SF767 .D6 M5 1996 ZOO HOSP

Responsive Management. 1998. Wildlife and the American mind : public opinion on and attitudes toward fish and wildlife management. QL82 .R477 1998 MAIN

Smallwood, James E. 1992. A guided tour of veterinary anatomy : domestic ungulates and laboratory mammals. SF762 .S73 1992 ZOO HOSP

Wischnitzer, Saul. 1967. Atlas and dissection guide for comparative anatomy. SF757.3 .W57 1967 ZOO HOSP

Woodman, Neal. 2018. American recent Eulipotyphla : nesophontids, solenodons, moles, and shrews in the New World. SERIALS : SMITHSONIAN CONTRIBUTIONS


Hoskins, Adrian. 2016. 1,000 butterflies : an illustrated guide to the world's most beautiful butterflies, featuring all the families, subfamilies, tribes and major genera. QL542 .H67 2016 MAIN

Leidner, Alison K., et al. (eds.) 2018. Satellite remote sensing for conservation action : case studies from aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems / QH541.15 .S72 S28 2018 MAIN

MacQuarrie, Kim. 1998. El paraíso amazónico del Perú : Manu, Parque Nacional y Reserva de la Biosfera = Peru's Amazonian Eden : Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve. QH128 .M33 1998 MAIN

Mancuso, Stefano. 2018. The revolutionary genius of plants : a new understanding of plant intelligence and behavior. QK711.2 .M36 2018 MAIN

Norsworthy, Gary D. (ed.). 2019. The feline patient [5th ed.]. SF985 .F46 2019 HARTER HOSP

University of California Integrated Pest Management Program. 2016. The safe and effective use of pesticides. QK80 .S24 2016 MAIN

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