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Local, San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park news in red 






New Zealand’s Save Our Species Campaign (SOS)     

  Witness Describes SF Zoo Tiger Attack sfgate.com
1/2 San Diego Zoo Announces New Foundation www.signonsandiego.com
  Gene-Engineered Cows Resist Mad Cow Disease, Study Shows www.enn.com
  Adelaide Zoo’s “Human Exhibit” www.news.com.au 
  Feeding the Animals at the Bronx Zoo today.reuters.com
  Reintroducing Scimitar-horned Oryxes to Tunisia www.kansascity.com 
  Arizona Tests Wildlife 'Crosswalk' www.washingtonpost.com
  Oregon Zoo Adopts Conservation Surcharge www.oregonlive.com
  Oregon Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Lecture Series www.oregonlive.com
  National Zookeepers Request Enrichment Gifts from Santa seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Profile of Brookfield Zoo’s Staff Photographer www.rblandmark.com

Birth of Hoolock Gibbon

  Great Ape Trust Awarded $25,000 Technology Grant www.ewire.com
  Nepal rhinos mysteriously disappear news.yahoo.com
  30 Pandas born via A.I. in China in 2006 www.cbsnews.com
  El Paso Zoo Builds New Reptile House www.elpasotimes.com
  Spoon-billed Sandpiper Faces Extinction www.birdlife.org

NIH Awards $11.5 Million to Science Education Programs

  Genetic Study of Critically Endangered Pygmy Hogs www.theaustralian.news.com.au
  Iowa’s Blank Park Zoo Has Expansion Problems desmoinesregister.com
  Critical Habitat for 11 Species of Picture-wing Flies From the Hawaiian Islands epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/January/Day-04
  San Diego Zoo’s New Customer Relations Management System www.tmcnet.com/news
  Tulsa Zoo to exhibit prototype for future homes www.kotv.com
  Hogle Zoo Had Record Attandance in 2006 deseretnews.com
  Wisconsin’s NEW Zoo attendance up in 2006 www.greenbaypressgazette.com
  Bronx Zoo Selects New Marketing Firm www.adweek.com 
  Wild Horse Domestication www.signonsandiego.com
  Cincinnati Zoo Announces 2007 Events news.enquirer.com

Captive-bred panda missing after fight    


Tokyo Zoo Exercises Penguins

  Melbourne Zoo Outed as a Top Water User www.theage.com.au
  Pittsburgh Zoo Sets Attendance Record www.yorkdispatch.com
  Christmas Trees Entertain/Feed Berlin Elephants www.kare11.com 
  Staten Island Zoo Will Open New Reptile House www.ny1.com 
  New sucker-footed bat discovered in Madagascar www.eurekalert.org
  Rains May Be to Blame for Kenya Flamingo Deaths www.enn.com  

Guinea Establishes Africa’s First Vulture Sanctuary   


Vanishing Orangutans   

1/7 Study of Land Conservation Effectiveness     
  A Trip to San Diego and its Famous Zoo www.chieftain.com  
  Romania's Zoos May be Closed www.upi.com

Hanoi to Institute Night Zoo

  Whooping Cranes Rebound in Texas www.enn.com
  Keeping Arizona Bald Eagle on Endangered Species List www.ewire.com
  Oriental White-backed Vulture Bred in Captivity news.yahoo.com
  Mysterious Bird Deaths in Downtown Austin www.nytimes.com
  Breeding Pygmy Owls in Arizona Debated www.signonsandiego.com 
  Outbreak of Rift Valley Fever in Kenya www.nytimes.com 
  Lincoln Children's Zoo Receives Award for Educational Outreach www.ketv.com 
  Nashville Zoo Euthanizes Oldest Cheetah www.wkrn.com
  Oregon Zoo Will Release Pygmy Rabbits www.tigardtimes.com
1/9 Undesirable DNA Taints American Bison www.nytimes.com  
  Zoo's Burying Beetle Effort Gains National Recognition www.redorbit.com
  Russian Petting Zoo Features Wolf www.sptimes.ru
  Sloth bear cubs at German zoo www.expatica.com
  Proposed Rule To List Polar Bear as Threatened Throughout Its Range epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/January/Day-09
  Louisville Zoo Hopes State will Provide $6 million for Polar Bear exhibit www.courier-journal.com    
  Smoking ban at St. Louis Zoo goes into effect www.belleville.com 
  How Ungulates affect an Ecosystem www.nytimes.com 
1/10 Wildlife Inspectors Look For Exotic Animal Smugglers www.hpj.com
  Zoo at Thompson Park is Accredited www.newswatch50.com
  Dudley Zoo and Castle Transformation news.bbc.co.uk
  $2.5 million for Palm Beach Zoo’s Hospital/Research Center www.sun-sentinel.com
  Moorpark College to Raise Palos Verdes Blue Butterflies www.venturacountystar.com
  Cotton-top Tamarin Twins Born at Wildlife World Zoo www.azcentral.com
  Indianapolis Zoo Offers Dolphin Adventure www.panews.com
  Miami MetroZoo Seeks $18 million to build Amazon exhibit www.miamitodaynews.com
  Prozac for Animals www.latimes.com
  Plans for Tijuana River Valley Regional Park www.signonsandiego.com
  Cook Inlet Belugas Face Extinction Risk www.enn.com
  Growing Elephant – Human Conflict in India www.enn.com
  EU moves to help Endangered Orangutans www.enn.com 
  Mining Pollutes Tiger Reserve www.nytimes.com 
  Turtle Thought Extinct Found in Thailand www.nytimes.com  
  Congo Rebels Kill Mountain Gorilla news.yahoo.com
  AZA Elephant Survey Results Reported to USDA www.prnewswire.com
  Oregon Zoo Defends Elephant Program www.kgw.com
  New El Paso Zoo Director www.elpasotimes.com  

Hematocrit and blood chemistry values in hornbills

1/11 New Zealand Fairy Tern Chick Fledges tvnz.co.nz
  Russian Bear Hibernation Delayed www.guardian.co.uk 
  Memphis Pandas Ready to Breed www.commercialappeal.com  
  China Will Give Hong Kong 2nd Pair of Pandas www.enn.com 
  Japan Will Receive Chinese Crested Ibises www.msnbc.msn.com
  Loch Lomond Aquarium will breed seahorses thescotsman.scotsman.com  
  Using Beavers to Monitor Frogs environment.newscientist.com 
  World’s First Rhino Birth on the Web news.bbc.co.uk
  Gharial Population in Decline www.newkerala.com
  Polar bear cub at the Detroit Zoo Has Dental Surgery www.detnews.com

Pittsburgh Zoo Polar Bear To Have Root Canal

  First Chytrid Fungus found in Frogs in Japan www.enn.com 
  EU Bans Wild Bird Trade www.birdlife.org 
  Orange County Nature Reserve Expansion www.latimes.com
  Idaho’s Governor wants 550 wolves killed www.latimes.com
  Avian Deaths in Australia Not Bird Flu www.nytimes.com
  U of Pittsburgh Clones Abnormal Monkey Embryos www.pittsburghlive.com  
  Chimps and Human Healers Use Same Medicinal Plants allafrica.com

Judge Restores Scott Barr Salamander to Threatened List

  Death of Whale Shark at Atlanta Aquarium Investigated www.nytimes.com
1/14 Smoking Tourists Are Endangered in Hawaii deseretnews.com

Study Looks at Rebuilding Beaches to Save Sea Turtles

  Memphis Zoo Inseminates Female Panda www.myfoxmemphis.com
  Central Florida Zoo Partners with Florida Educators www.orlandosentinel.com 

John Ball Zoo Will Add Sharks Next Summer

  Hogle Zoo Goes Smoke Free www.ksl.com
  Debate over Salton Sea www.birdlife.org
  Beaching of Whales Investigated by NOAA www.sun-sentinel.com 

Zoological Society of London’s Edge Project

  Mammogram Machine Donated to Brookfield Zoo www.chicagotribune.com
  Public Feedings of Lions & Tigers Debated www.sfgate.com
  Detroit Zoo’s Enrichment Success www.freep.com 
  Mesker Park Zoo Fundraiser for New Entrance www.courierpress.com
  Bird Flu Spreads in Asia www.enn.com 
  Concentration of Unique Species in East African Mountains www.eurekalert.org  
1/17 Chimp at Sanctuary has Surprise Baby abclocal.go.com 
  Study Uncovers Secret of 1918 Influenza www.news.wisc.edu  
  Gorilla birth in Prague Zoo To Be on the internet www.praguemonitor.com
  Breeding Tigers at the Philadelphia Zoo www.philly.com 
  Pygmy Hippo Born at Louisville Zoo www.courier-journal.com   
  Endangered Garuda birds are breeding in Bihar www.calcuttanews.net
  Brevard Zoo Announces 10-year Plan www.floridatoday.com
  Palm Beach Zoo to get Animal Hospital www.palmbeachdailynews.com
  Wombat Diet www.eznc.org

Great White Shark Released from Captivity in California     


Four Kangaroos Die In Three Days At Florida Zoo

  San Jose Zoo gets rare breed of sheep www.mercurynews.com
  Russian Bears End Hibernation Early www.livescience.com
  Congo Rebels Kill Another Silverback www.enn.com
  Scabies Infecting More Yellowstone Elk www.enn.com
  New Reserve in the Central Cordillera of the Andes www.physorg.com
  U of Hawaii Hosts Course in Saving Species with Genetics starbulletin.com 
  Study of Bat Aerodynamics www.eurekalert.org

Anchorage zoo attacked for elephant care

  Palm Beach Zoo Tiger Dies at age 20 www.sun-sentinel.com
  Glen Oak Zoo Exhibits Giant Zambian Mole Rats www.cantondailyledger.com
  Lincoln Park Zoo Holds Reintroduction Conference www.chicagotribune.com
  Male fish turn to cannibalism when uncertain of paternity www.eurekalert.org
  Genetic “Hitchhiking” Responsible for Altruism www.eurekalert.org
  Florida Panthers Increasingly Become Roadkill www.startribune.com 
  China: Third of Yellow River Species Extinct www.nytimes.com  

California Brown Pelican May Be Delisted   


Van Nuys Lawmaker Is Writing Elephant Legislation   


Okapi Care at Brookfield Zoo

  Elephant Listening Project www.earthsky.org/radioshows/45701/elephant-listening-project
  Jerusalem Zoo Receives Two Sumatran Tigers www.israelnationalnews.com
  Akron zoo sets attendance record for 4th year www.wkyc.com
  S.F. Zoo Updates it’s Valentine Tour www.contracostatimes.com
  World’s Oldest Giraffe at Dallas Zoo www.dallasnews.com

Indianapolis Zoo Accepting Nominations for Conservation Award

  Zoo Vets Need Diverse Expertise www.post-gazette.com 
  Pueblo Zoo Gets New Pirate Ship Exhibit www.chieftain.com
  Steve Irwin Adventure Series Product Line www.emediawire.com
  New Technology for National Zoo’s Asia Trail dmnnewswire.digitalmedianet.com
  Wireless Monitoring System for Pittsburgh Zoo’s Penguin House www.tempsensor.net
  Saving Bald Eagles on Catalina Island www.dailybreeze.com
  WWF Warns of Bluefin Tuna Commercial Extinction www.enn.com 
  Madagascar’s Mahavavy-Kinkony Wetlands Now Protected www.birdlife.org
  Horned Guans on Display at St. Louis Zoo www.stltoday.com
  Latest condor release site in San Luis Obisbo back country www.mercurynews.com 

Waterbird Species Decline

  Study Establishes Primate Origins www.eurekalert.org
  White-throated ground doves hatched at Louisville Zoo www.courier-journal.com
  $100,000 Donation to Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo www.fortwayne.com
  First Polar Bear Born in Berlin Zoo in 30 Years www.spiegel.de
  2006 Attendance Spikes At Cleveland Metroparks Zoo www.newsnet5.com
  Forest Closures in San Diego County to Protect Raptors www.signonsandiego.com 
  Assisted Migration to Save a Species www.nytimes.com
1/24 Zoo Vet Centre Opens at Aukland Zoo www.stuff.co.nz  
  5 Komodo Dragons Born at Chester Zoo via Parthenogenesis www.playfuls.com
  World’s First AI Rhino Birth at Budapest Zoo www.iht.com
  Russian zoo keeper strangled by python www.tv3.co.nz
  Georgia Aquarium, UGA seek $2.5 million state grant www.ajc.com 
  Navy Can Keep Using Sonar for Two More Years www.enn.com 
  More Polar Bears Giving Birth on Land www.enn.com
  New species of Brush-tailed Rodent Discovered in Peru www.eurekalert.org

AI Technique Will be Tried on Northern White Rhino

  Coins Pose Risk For Denver Zoo Penguins www.denverpost.com
  Rhino dies at Seneca Park Zoo www.democratandchronicle.com 
  Arkansas Sloth Bear Euthanized www.arktimes.com
  Cinerous Vulture Breeding Program www.kduhtv.com
  Transformation of Marwell Zoo www.dailyecho.co.uk 
  Congolese Guerillas Agree to Stop Killing Gorillas www.enn.com
  Aquatic Virus Found in Lake Huron www.nytimes.com
  Frilled Shark Video thelede.blogs.nytimes.com
  Hiccuping Colobus Baby Rejected by Mother www.metro.co.uk 
  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Gets $4 million from City www.gazette.com
  Snow Leopard Cubs at Los Angeles Zoo www.kare11.com

Kiwi Conservation at Aukland Zoo

  Zoo Atlanta may move to old Lakewood Fairgrounds www.macon.com
  1.2 million visit Cleveland Metroparks Zoo www.cleveland.com
  4 Oregon Zoo condors go to Idaho www.oregonlive.com
  Legoland Adding More Attractions www.signonsandiego.com 

National Zoo Wants Longer Stay for Baby Panda

  Animal Dining Options for Singapore Zoo Visitors www.channelnewsasia.com

Singapore Zoo Rainforest Makeover

  St Augustine’s Alligator Farm Zoological Park toledoblade.com

Tijuana Zoo will Showcase Indigenous Animals

  Mold-arama Machines are Back at Como Zoo www.twincities.com
  Cincinnati Zoo Offers “Wild About Wine” news.Cincinnati.com
  Elephant Dies at Sapporo Zoo mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp
  NEW Zoo Hires Curator of Animals www.greenbaypressgazette.com
  Zoological Society of London Will Breed Red-barbed Ant News.bbc.co.uk
  Adelaide Zoo Announces “Human Zoo” Competition Winner www.news.com.au 
  Canada’s Caribou Population Declines www.enn.com
  Giraffe Study May Help Protect the Species www.redorbit.com
  DNA Swapped Between Different Species www.nytimes.com 
  World Tourism Sets Record in 2006 www.nytimes.com
  Human Preference Could Determine Which Species Survive www.eurekalert.org
  Preserve for Delhi Sands flower-loving fly in Colton California www.nytimes.com
  Baja's Vaquita Porpoise faces extinction www.signonsandiego.com  
  'Hobbit' (Homo floresiensis) Declared a Separate Species www.eurekalert.org

New Biodiversity Conservation Center in India

  USA and Dominican Republic Link Whale Sanctuaries www.ens-newswire.com
  American Burying Beetle's endangered status review www.tulsaworld.com
  Wolves Off Endangered List www.nytimes.com 
  Grizzly’s Yellowstone Ecosystem Threatened www.nytimes.com
  NC Zoo To Offer Zookeeper Training www.the-dispatch.com
  Experts Call for Monitoring of Cats, & Dogs for H5N1 www.enn.com 
  Future Funding of Balboa Park www.signonsandiego.com
  American Eels Not Endangered www.signonsandiego.com
  Detroit Zoo Faces More Cutbacks Without Funding www.detnews.com 
  Asian Snake Uses Toad Toxin for Defense news.nationalgeographic.com
  Toledo Zoo Will Begin 9 Projects in 2007 toledoblade.com 

Brookfield Zoo Makeover Could Cost $100 million

  Endangered Shortnose Sturgeon Recovers in Hudson River www.newswise.com
  Baby Gorilla at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo www.gazette.com
  St. Louis Zoo Exhibits Horned Guans www.belleville.com
  Twin Emperor Tamarin Babies Debut at Como Zoo www.twincities.com 
  Shedd Aquarium Announces Steve Irwin Fellowship www.news.com.au






Budapest Zoo Requests City Funding   

  H5N1 Bird Flu Returns to Hungary www.budapestsun.com
  Tibetan Antelope Slowly Recovering www.eurekalert.org
  Articles on Animal Migration in BioScience www.eurekalert.org
  Australian Waters Overfished au.news.yahoo.com
  Research Revises Primate Ancestry Theories news.nationalgeographic.com

San Francisco Zoo Invites Online Input Into Their Future    


Blind Snake from Madagascar is Described


Major U.N. Climate Change Report Released

  Aukland Zoo and DoC Kiwi Reintroduction Program www.radionz.co.nz
  Chaffee Zoo Chimps Need New Home www.fortwayne.com 
  Oil Spill in Los Padres Creek Threatens Sespe Condors www.mercurynews.com
  Kentucky Researchers Count Endangered Bats www.enn.com  
  Amur Leopard Census Begins in Russa/China www.enn.com
  U.S. Proposes More Bison, Elk Hunting in Wyoming www.enn.com  

USDA Draft User Guide to National Animal Identification System

  USDA Will expand NAIS Cooperative Agreements to Nonprofit Organizations www.aphis.usda.gov

Rare Aders’ Duiker Antelope Photographed

  The Central Park of Southern California www.nytimes.com
  Sapporo Zoo Chimpanzee Gives Birth at 40 mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp

First African Elephant Born in Thailand

  Joburg Zoo’s Wetlands Cuts Water Bill www.joburg.org.za 
  1 of 18 Cranes Survives Florida Storms www.nytimes.com 
  Britain Culls Turkeys to Quell H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreak www.enn.com
  Northern Fur Seal Pups Decline www.enn.com 
  Forty-Six Nations Call for Tougher U.N. Environment Role www.enn.com 
  Weather Closes Pittsburgh Zoo www.wpxi.com  
  St. Louis Zoo Copes with Aging Animals www.belleville.com 
  Northern Spider Tortoise Hatches at Knoxville Zoo www.knoxnews.com 
  Marwell Unveils £450,000 Renovation www.thisishampshire.net
  Inbreeding May Be Advantageous www.eurekalert.org
  The “Zoo” Living on your skin www.sciam.com 

Racing to Save the Amazon



Cincinnati Zoo’s Komodo Dragon Dies

  U.N. Lifts Ban on Beluga Caviar www.nytimes.com
  Slender-billed Vulture Nest Found in Cambodia www.eurekalert.org
  Illegal logging Threatens Orangutans today.reuters.co.uk 
  UC Davis Primate Complex Expansion www.dailydemocrat.com

Critical Habitat for the Flatwoods Salamander

  Breeding Jaguars at the Denver Zoo cbs4denver.com
  Marbled Murrelet Numbers Drop www.enn.com
  Horse Genome is Assembled www.eurekalert.org
  Largest North America climate change in 65 million years www.eurekalert.org
  Female Antarctic seals give cold shoulder to local males www.eurekalert.org
  Zoo Atlanta Launches “Cub to Go” www.huliq.com
2/8 Hundreds of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles Die along Bangladesh Coast www.enn.com
  Gray Wolf Rulings by USFWS epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-08
  Chinese Zoo Puts Contestants with Monkeys www.spiegel.de
  Perth Zoo Receives Rescued Sun Bears from Cambodia media-newswire.com 
  Kolmården Zoo Giraffe Dies in Fall & Injures Keeper news.bbc.co.uk
  Canadian Zoos Under Attack by Zoocheck www.canada.com
  Túngara Frog’s calls analyzed www.eurekalert.org
  Biorhythm Research news-releases.uiowa.edu
  Bald Eagle Gets a Reprieve www.nytimes.com 
  Endangered Primates Have Fewer Parasites www.newscientist.com 
  Lemur Diet in Pristine and Disturbed Habitat news.nationalgeographic.com 

Wellington Zoo Breeds Otago Skinks

  3 White Tiger Cubs at Buenos Aires Zoo www.foxnews.com
  National Zoo Elephant Recovers from Illness www.washingtonpost.com
  Fort Wayne Zoo’s Baby Orangutan is Being Hand Raised www.fortwayne.com  
  Richard Branson Offers $25 Million Global Warming Prize www.nytimes.com

Valentine’s Day at the Zoo

  Immuno-contraception for Wildlife is Questioned www.eurekalert.org

Maned Wolf Cubs Born at Louisville Zoo

  Oregon Zoo Gets Funds from Illegal Smuggling Fines www.kgw.com
  Polar Bear Surgery at Memphis Zoo abclocal.go.com
  Cheetahs Kill Woman at Belgian Zoo www.iht.com
  Major new Habitat Park in Turkey www.turkishdailynews.com.tr
  Byculla Zoo Begins Modernization cities.expressindia.com 
  U.S. Urges Tougher Policing of Wildlife Black Market www.enn.com
  Ocean Tracking Network to be Launched www.enn.com 
  Mystery Ailment Strikes Honeybees www.enn.com  

Swing, Pronk and Jump at the Aukland Zoo

  Brookfield Zoo Expects Red Bird of Paradise Hatchlings www.chicagotribune.com
  Oregon Zoo Establishes Endangered Species Justice Fund www.oregonlive.com
  Feng Shui for Golden Monkeys at the L.A. Zoo www.presstelegram.com/news/ci_5215961
  Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Zoos www.foxnews.com
  Petition To List the Jollyville Plateau Salamander as Endangered epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-13
  Chimpanzee Tool Use in the Stone Age www.mpg.de
  Leopard Shark Smugglers Prosecuted www.npr.org   

Franklin Park Opens New Gorilla Exhibit    

  The Giant Noctule Bat Eats Birds www.enn.com  
  Costa Rica Probes Deaths of 500 Pelicans www.enn.com
  Buffalo Zoo’s $2 million Fund Drive buffalo.bizjournals.com
  Grizzly Bears Have Diverse Diet www.eurekalert.org
  Elephants and Marula Fruit www.eurekalert.org
  L.A. Zoo Sumatran Rhino Heads to Indonesia www.signonsandiego.com 
  Ringling Circus Employees Testify of Elephant Abuse www.associatedcontent.com
  Initiation of 5-Year Reviews of 58 Species in California and Nevada; Availability of Completed 5-Year Reviews in California and Nevada epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-14
  National Guard Appreciation Day at Oklahoma Zoos www.enidnews.com 

Tusk Surgery for Oregon Zoo Elephant

  New Tests Will Help Detect Fish Virus www.nytimes.com
  Amphibian Ark Scientists Meet in Atlanta www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17166620/ 
  Wisconsin Ecopark awaits approval www.lacrossetribune.com 
  Lizard Exhibit Held Over At Shedd Aquarium cbs2chicago.com

The Year of the Pig Celebration at the San Francisco Zoo

  Receipt of Applications for Endangered Species Permits epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-16
  Receipt of Application of Endangered Species Recovery Permits epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-16
  Receipt of Application of Endangered Species Recovery Permits epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-16
  Endangered and Threatened Species Permit Applications epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-16
  Receipt of Application of Endangered Species Recovery Permits epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-16
  Receipt of Applications for Endangered Species Permits epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-16
  Sri Lanka donates elephant to Beijing Zoo english.people.com.cn
  U.S. Wild-Bird Survey Finds No Evidence of H5N1 www.enn.com

Gibbon Genome Mapped  


Two Pittsburgh Zoo Elephants Expect Babies

  Computer scientists join in search for ivory-billed woodpecker www.eurekalert.org

Taronga Zoo’s Echidna Breeding Program

  Sound Can Indicate an Ecosystem’s Health www.nytimes.com  
  L.A. Zoo's Sumatran Rhino Will Move to Sumatra www.latimes.com 
  Successful Tusk Removal of Portland Zoo Elephant www.oregonlive.com 
  Islamabad Zoo Will be Rebuilt www.dailytimes.com.pk 
  DNA Barcode Studies of US, Canadian Bird Species, Guyanese Bats www.eurekalert.org

New Monkey Species in Uganda

  Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary www.wbir.com 
  Zoo Bill Will Regulate Zoos in Ontario, Canada www.ccnmatthews.com
  Underground Animals at the Jerusalem Zoo! www.haaretz.com  
  Global Warming Endangers Marine Turtles www.eurekalert.org
  Opportunity to sponsor Johannesburg Zoo wall www.bizcommunity.com

H5N1 Bird Flu Closes Pakistan Zoo

  Perentie Monitors Given to Indian River Reptile Zoo www.mykawartha.com  
  Tenrec Received Radiation Therapy for Cancer www.wzzm13.com
  Oregon Zoo’s Conservation Lecture Series www.statesmanjournal.com  
  Chinese Giant Salamanders Threatening Japanese Native Species search.japantimes.co.jp
  Marine Mammal Alliance Urges Polar Bear Protection news.yahoo.com  
  Columbus Zoo Unable to Save Manatee www.sptimes.com

Cyprus Zoo Breeds Local Griffon Vultures

  £1m Transformation for Chester Zoo Entrance iccheshireonline.icnetwork.co.uk  
  Belfast Zoo Investigates Fairtrade Produce www.caribbeannetnews.com
  Bird Flu Outbreak Shuts Farms Near Moscow www.nytimes.com  
  South Africa Finalizes Lion Hunting Laws www.enn.com  
  17 Loon Deaths in New Hampshire www.enn.com 
  Anole Lizard Signals Studied www.eurekalert.org
  Elk Return to Ontario, Canada www.eurekalert.org
  Western Scrub Jays Plan for Future Meals www.eurekalert.org
  Scent Important in Lizard Dominance news.nationalgeographic.com 
  Fourteenth CITES Meeting Agenda epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-21/  
  Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel Status Review epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-21/    
  Status of Utah Prairie Dog – 5-year review epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-21/
  L.A. Rhino Arrives Safely in Sumatra www.fox19.com 

Tejon Ranch & California Condor Recovery

  Lab confirms H5N1 bird flu in Pakistan zoo www.pakistanlink.com
  Child’s Ball Kills Ellen Trout Zoo's Hippo www.lufkindailynews.com  
  Shark Species Added to Endangered Species List news.yahoo.com  
  India’s Oriental White-backed Vulture Breeding Program news.yahoo.com
  South Salem Wolf Breeding Center www.thejournalnews.com 
  Sea Turtles Returned to Gulf of Mexico www.enn.com
  E.Coli Bacteria Migrating between Humans & Chimps in Uganda www.news.uiuc.edu  
  Training Penguins at the Jerusalem Zoo www.jpost.com 
  Chimps Use Spears to Hunt Mammals news.nationalgeographic.com 
  Endangered Species Permit Applications epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-22/

Tiger Kills Girl in China Zoo

  Steve Irwin’s Zoo will Expand www.theaustralian.news.com.au
  3 Black Bears Head to Oregon Zoo www.registerguard.com
  Santa Ana Zoo Celebrates 55th Birthday www.ocregister.com 
  New Zealand Fishermen Catch Colossal Squid www.enn.com 
  Islamabad Zoo Response to H5N1 www.bangkokpost.com/breaking_news
  Applications for Endangered Species Permits epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-23/  
  Applications for Endangered Species Permits epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-23/ 
  Applications for Endangered Species Permits epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-23/  
  Endangered Species Permit Applications epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/February/Day-23/  
  After 200 Years, a Beaver Is Back in New York City www.nytimes.com 
  Condors tend first egg of season at Oregon Zoo www.oregonlive.com 

Stitchbird Reintroduced to Aukland Mainland


Denver Zookeeper Killed by Jaguar    

  Former zoo vet Epperson dies www.courierpress.com 
  Taiwan Theme Park Renews Quest for Pandas www.chinapost.com.tw
  Female Asian Elephant Born at St. Louis Zoo www.iht.com 
  Miami Metrozoo Partners with Nickelodeon www.prnewswire.com 
  DNA From Ivory May Lead to Poachers www.nytimes.com
  Whipsnade Park Ranks High Among UK Attractions www.biggleswadetoday.co.uk 

Endangered Species Cell Phone Ringtones  

  Zoo worker attacked by elephant in musth thestar.com.my
  Kuwait finds 12 more cases of bird flu www.arabtimesonline.com
  Calls of Blue Whales Studied scrippsnews.ucsd.edu
  Honeybees Disappear from Hives www.nytimes.com 
  Woodland Park Zoo Parking Garage Controversy www.ballardnewstribune.com

Elephant Culling & Contraception Proposed for South Africa

  Endangered Species Bill Offers Tax Incentives news.bostonherald.com
  Pygmy Owl Population Falls in Mexico www.enn.com  
  Animals Suffering at Riyadh Zoo www.arabnews.com
  Zoo Atlanta will remain in Grant Park www.ajc.com  
  Jerusalem Zoo Reintroduces Arabian Oryxes www.haaretz.com






Creating Regional Genetic Databases

  Denver Zoo Closes for Private Memorial www.denverpost.com
  Baby Orangutans and Baby Tigers are Playmates abclocal.go.com
  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Accelerates Recyling www.sunnews.com  
  Japan’s Annual “Animal Escape” Drill Draws Crowds www.nbc5i.com
  USFWS Begins Census of Eastern Cougar www.usnewswire.com/
  Why Some Birds Migrate www.eurekalert.org
  Wellington Zoo Will Hold Children’s Day Party www.scoop.co.nz
  20 New Shark & Ray Species Discovered in Indonesia www.enn.com
  New CITES Trade Rules Proposed www.ens-newswire.com  
  The Sumatran Ground Cuckoo Rediscovered & Recorded www.msnbc.msn.com
  Cheetahs Collared for the First Time in Iran www.eurekalert.org

The Next Generation of Data Analysis


Tiger Orthopedic Surgery at MSU      


Endangered Species Recovery Permit Applications

  Brevard Zoo Opens New Vulture Exhibit www.floridatoday.com  
  Bornean Sun Bear Born at San Diego Zoo www.nbcsandiego.com
  What Joburg Zoo’s Animals Eat  
  Baltimore Zoo CEO Talks about Elephants www.examiner.com  
  Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Clones Monkshood www.ohio.com  
  Thai Elephant Artificially Inseminated Successfully www.chicagotribune.com  
  Wildlife Artist Launches Environmental Awareness Program www.cnw.ca 
  Kuwait Finds H5N1 in 7 More Birds www.alertnet.org 
  Wildlife Returns to Ho Chi Minh Trail www.enn.com  
  Mexico Ignores Illegal Wildlife Trade www.enn.com 
  Sociable Lapwing No Longer Critically Endangered www.birdlife.org 
  Mountain Gorilla Birth Reported  abclocal.go.com
  Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Census in Texas www.chron.com
  Fish Extinctions Effect Nutrients in Ecosystems www.eurekalert.org
  Cave Millipedes Discovered in Arizona www4.nau.edu

Visayan Warty Pigs Arrive at Chester Zoo

  San Diego Wild Animal Park launches new tram tour www.nctimes.com  
  New 25-minute Tram Ride at the Wild Animal Park  www.signonsandiego.com
  OSHA Withdraws Critical SeaWorld Report www.signonsandiego.com 
  Fresno Chaffee Zoo's 2 Chimps Move to L.A. www.fresnobee.com 
  Bird Flu Experts Urge Halt Wild Bird Trade www.alertnet.org  

Recycle Your Cell Phone at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

  Tejon Ranch Will Ban Lead Bullets www.dailynews.com 

Endangered Species Permit Applications

  Philadelphia Zoo Prepares for Elephant Good-bye www.bradenton.com  
  Zoos Participate in “Amphibian Ark” Program www.kansascity.com  
  San Diego Zoo Studies Sun Bears www.kpbs.org  
  Birmingham Zoo reports record attendance in 2006 birmingham.bizjournals.com
  Zoo Atlanta Cares for Aging Apes www.ajc.com/living  
  Rescued Seal Pup Moves to Central Park Zoo business.mainetoday.com
  Is the Longhorn an Endangered Species? www.statesman.com
  Santa Monica Tries Squirrel Birth Control www.nytimes.com 
  UCI Scientists Establish Migration of H5N1 Virus www.eurekalert.org
  Tundra Disappearing at Rapid Rate www.eurekalert.org
  Cowbird Behavior Study www.eurekalert.org
  DNA Differences Between Humans and Chimpanzees   www.sciencedaily.com 

Vaccine Developed for All 4 Dengue Viruses


Indianapolis Zoo Will Open Shark Pool in May

  Improvement Sought for India’s Zoos www.hindustantimes.com  
  New Population of Bonobos Discovered news.nationalgeographic.com
  First Rhino Birth Seen on Webcam news.bbc.co.uk
  Small Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Changes Focus folsomtelegraph.com
  Hamilton and Auckland Zoos Trade Rhinos www.stuff.co.nz  
  Sea Lions Learn to Paint at Pittsburgh Zoo www.thepittsburghchannel.com

Bugzibitz II Comes to Toronto Zoo

  Recently Discovered Aquarium Fish Face Extinction news.nationalgeographic.com  
  Laparoscopic surgery on Rhino at Wild Animal Park highline.townnews.com
  Grizzly Bear Dies During Surgery at Bronx Zoo www.azcentral.com
  Phoenix Zoo Partners with Insurephoenix.com & Phoenix Police www.prnewswire.com
  Nashville Zoo Hopes to Import Clouded Leopards www.dicksonherald.com 
  Detroit Zoo Works to Save Karner Blue Butterfly www.freep.com
  Large-billed reed-warbler Rediscovered in Thailand www.birdlife.org
  Mesker Park Zoo Forced to Scale Back New Entry www.courierpress.com
  Calgary Zoo Expansion in Question www.journalofcommerce.com  
  Henry Doorly Zoo’s Gorilla Gets Cardiac Test www.ketv.com
  Milwaukee Zoo Benefits Area Economy www.themilwaukeechannel.com
  Zoo Docents Provide Invaluable Service www.pensacolanewsjournal.com  
  WCS – Afghanistan Conservation Project www.iht.com 
  Whipsnade and London Zoos Have New Names www.bedfordtoday.co.uk

Tracking sperm whales and jumbo squid

  Zoos May Buy Elephant Sanctuary in Arkansas www.indystar.com
  Mouflon sheep population resists genetic drift www.eurekalert.org
  Male reindeer inflate air sac to emit calls www.eurekalert.org
  Assisted Migration May Save Species www.signonsandiego.com 
  Minnesota Zoo 2006 Conservation Efforts www.twincities.com
  Baby Mandrill Born at Jacksonville Zoo www.firstcoastnews.com
  $40,000 Donation for Cleveland Zoo’s Elephant Crossing www.sunnews.com 
  Consultants Say Duluth Zoo Should Privatize www.twincities.com  
  Kristen Lukas heads AZA Gorilla SSP www.zwire.com
  Inseminated Elephant Gives Birth in Asia www.nytimes.com  
  Lice Provide Clues to Human Origin www.nytimes.com
  Polar Bears and Global Warming are “Restricted Topics” www.nytimes.com 
  L.A.-area legislator Levine Still Has Elephants on His Agenda www.latimes.com  
  Bonobo Bites Off San Diego Zoo Keepers Finger www.signonsandiego.com
  Baby Koalas Debut at Los Angeles Zoo www.nbc4.tv 
  Wire mesh curtain used in Dallas Zoo Aviaries www.prnewswire.com
  TED Conference Honors E.O. Wilson www.nytimes.com  
  Camp Pendleton Marines urged to protect more land  
  Rising Carbon Dioxide Threatens Marine Life www.eurekalert.org
  Captive-bred Pygmy Rabbits Will Be Re-introduced www.maderatribune.com
  Milky Storks Adapt to Kuala Gula sanctuary thestar.com.my
  Genes Commonly Shared Between Species www.eurekalert.org
  Controlling Congo Elephants with Chillies and Geophones www.enn.com 

Initiation of 5-Year Reviews of 71 Species in Oregon, Hawaii, Commonwealth of the
Northern Mariana Islands, and Territory of Guam

  Female Chimps Keep The Bullies At Bay www.sciencedaily.com

Columbus Zoo Chooses New Ad Agency  

  "The Little Zoo That Could" epilogue to be screened www.al.com/news  
  Croc at St. Augustine Farm Quits Feeding www.centredaily.com  
  Learn About Cougar Issues at the Oregon Zoo www.statesmanjournal.com 
  Environmental Impact Statement for East Contra Costa County www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-09  
  Colorado Needs to Thin Elk Herd in Park www.nytimes.com   
  Touring the Everglades www.nytimes.com
  Massive Duck Die-off in Colorado www.enn.com  
  Web Charity Supports Congo Gorillas www.cbsnews.com 

New Species of Snapper Discovered in Brazil

  Black Bears and Bobcats at the Oregon Zoo www.oregonlive.com
  Salamander Tongue Is World's Most Explosive Muscle     news.nationalgeographic.com

Delisting Brown Pelican May Start This Year

  Maryland Zoo Penguin Receives Rare Spinal Surgery somd.com 

Honeybees Are Not Native to North America

  Uganda Hikes Gorilla Tracking Fees allafrica.com 
  Taronga Park Zoo to improve water recycling www.smh.com.au
  Verizon Sponsors Florida Zoo’s Coqui Exhibit www.cfnews13.com
  Toledo Zoo Rhino Treated for Eye Tumor Toledoblade.com  
  Banded Linsang Born at Taiping Zoo www.playfuls.com

L.A. Zoo Will Retire Elephant to PAWS Sanctuary

  San Antonio Zoo’s New Insect Exhibit www.mysanantonio.com 
  Assam State Zoo Becomes Major Research Centre www.assamtribune.com
  Naples Zoo’s ‘Save the Panther Week’ www.naplesnews.com  
  Aukland Zoo Offers Camouflage Classes www.newswire.co.nz
  Steve Irwin Dolls to Benefit Endangered Species www.thewest.com.au
  New Species of North American Bamboo www.iastate.edu
  Playwright Looks at World Through Zoos my.tennessean.com  
  Last hope for the vanishing white rhinos www.bruneitimes.com.bn  
  Disease Helped Invading species in California www.eurekalert.org

New Report on Global Threat to Waterbirds

  Chinese Government Under Pressure from Tiger Farmers www.enn.com
  Russia Will Remove Pipeline From Amur Leopard Habitat www.usnewswire.com
  Quino Checkerspot Butterfly Habitat Conservation Plan for SDG&E Company, San
Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties, CA 
  Conservation Strategy for the Grizzly Bear in the Greater Yellowstone Area www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-13
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-13
  USFWS Permits Issued www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-13
  Des Moines Zoo Will Expand Using Parkland desmoinesregister.com 
  Seattle zoo artifically inseminates elephant www.kndo.com
  Pittsburgh Zoo’s Tiger Management Policy www.post-gazette.com
  Columbus Zoo Wants to Become Entertainment Destination home.businesswire.com
  Biologists Examine Maine Cougar Evidence www.nytimes.com 
  Oregon Zoo’s Breeding Plan for Pygmy Rabbits www.oregonlive.com  

Elephant Matriarch Euthanized at St. Louis Zoo

  Animals Are the Best Biosensors www.thebulletin.org 
  San Diego Zoo Koala Moves to Riverbanks Zoo www.myrtlebeachonline.com
  Designation of Critical Habitat for Acanthomintha ilicifolia (San Diego thornmint) www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-14
  Homing Pigeon’s Bills May Serve as Magnetometers www.springer-sbm.com
  Designation of Critical Habitat for Catesbaea melanocarpa www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-14

Endangered Species Permit Applications

  Environmental Impact Statement for the California High speed Train System from Palmdale to Los Angeles www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-15 
  New Species of Leopard Identified in Borneo www.nytimes.com
  Study Challenges Theories on Species www.nytimes.com 
  Chimpanzee Communication Study dsc.discovery.com  
  Black Bear Management in Pennsylvania www.nytimes.com  
  Global Restoration Network Launches    GlobalRestorationNetwork.org
  Another Challenge to Ivory-billed Woodpecker Sighting www.nytimes.com 
  Saving the Tasmanian Devil from Extinction www.enn.com   

New Director for New York State Zoo at Thompson Park

  Richmond Zookeeper Attacked by Rhino www.wric.com
  Cincinnati Zoo Set to Launch “Wild Research” in 2008 news.enquirer.com 
  Cincinnati Zoo’s List of Notable “Firsts” news.enquirer.com 
  Calary Zoo Adds Vulture Exhibit calsun.canoe.ca 
  Northern Bald Ibis Migratory Route Tracked www.birdlife.org

Saving the Mountain Yellow-legged Frog

  San Diego Has Everything from Pandas to Dead Sea Scrolls www.edmondsun.com
  Wellington Zoo "rent-a-cheetah " program is Criticized www.stuff.co.nz  
  ”Oceans” is Coming to the Indianapolis Zoo news.enquirer.com  
  Retired Chimp Sanctuary in Louisiana www.dallasnews.com 
  Oregon Zoo’s Great Northwest Exhibit is Trend-setting www.registerguard.com  
  Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Teaches About Manatees & Ecosystems news.enquirer.com 
  Detroit Zoo’s Nighttime Enrichment Program www.freep.com
  “Planet Earth” Series Debuts on Discovery Channel www.nytimes.com 
  Animal Activists Want to Euthanize Berlin’s Polar Bear Cub www.spiegel.de

Johannesburg Zoo's Wattled Crane Breeding Program

  Endangered Species Act Re-Interpreted www.msnbc.msn.com
  Animal Contraception at the Houston Zoo www.chron.com
  Delinquent Gorillas Transferred to “Bachelor Island” www.thisislondon.co.uk
  Bison Released in Eastern Colorado www.enn.com

Philadelphia Zoo’s elephants will not go to Baltimore

  Male Elephant Born at Louisville Zoo www.courier-journal.com
  China Sends a Pair of Pandas to Hong Kong www.chinadaily.com.cn
  Reclassification of the American Crocodile Population in Florida www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-20
  Maryland Zoo ‘s Elephant Expansion Plan Delayed www.bizjournals.com/baltimore
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-20
  Designation of Critical Habitat for the Hine's Emerald Dragonfly www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-20
  WWF Says Major Rivers Endangered www.nytimes.com
  H5N1 Bird Flu Kills Eagle in Japan www.nytimes.com  
  Meerkats & Warthogs at Zoo Atlanta www.11alive.com
  Morality in Chimpanzees www.nytimes.com

New Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom Learning Pavillion

  Twenty of World’s 162 Grouper Species Threatened With Extinction www.conservation.org
  NEW Zoo gets $200K for Macaque House www.greenbaypressgazette.com
  Oregon Zoo's Condors Produce Record Number of Eggs www.oregonlive.com
  Wolf Population Grows in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming www.enn.com  

Catoctin Zoo to double in size

  Permit Request for Incidental Take of Sea Turtles www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-22
  Yellowstone Grizzlies Will be Delisted www.nytimes.com 
  Killer Whale Protective Regulations in the Northwest Region www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-22
  Zoo gets $2M for Glacier Run phoenix.bizjournals.com
  Toledo Zoo’s Three Polar Bear Cubs are Thriving www.wtol.com
  U.S. Army Protects Baghdad Zoo www.armytimes.com 
  Dead Crow in Escondido Positive for West Nile Virus www.signonsandiego.com 
  Great Whales Are Increasingly Endangered www.signonsandiego.com 
  PETA Calls For Probe Of Nebraska Zoo www.ktiv.com
  Cape Griffon Vultures On Display at L. A. Zoo abclocal.go.com

Knut Draws Crowds at Berlin Zoo

  Fort Wayne Children's Zoo’s Ski Lift Ride www.fortwayne.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-23
  Aukland Zoo Vets Fight Toxoplasmosis www.stuff.co.nz  
  Lincoln Park Zoo’s “Mind of the Chimpanzee” Conference www.myrtlebeachonline.com 
  Australian Zoos Receive Conservation Awards news.ninemsn.com.au
  Rodent Poison Found in Pet Food Produced by Menu Foods www.signonsandiego.com  
  World Water Day Festival www.signonsandiego.com  
  Joan Embery & Belle Benchley to be Honored www.signonsandiego.com
  South American Capuchins Communicate by Stone-banging www.admin.cam.ac.uk 
  Salamanders Suffer from Common Herbicide  www.eurekalert.org

Pocatello Zoo Plans Grizzly Expansion

  Moorpark Teaching Zoo’s Spring Spectacular www.venturacountystar.com 

Watertown Zoo loses accreditation

  Financing Modern Zoo's Can Be a Struggle www.baltimoresun.com 
  Taiwan Biologist Works to Save Formosan Black Bear news.yahoo.com 
  Pittsburgh Zoo has 2 Pregnant Elephants kdka.com
  Hogle Zoo Will Employ A.I. on African Elephant www.sltrib.com
  Fresno Chafee Zoo is Accredited www.fresnobee.com 
  National Zoo Requests San Diego Panda Sperm www.wjla.com
  Chengdu Panda Breeding Center Will Make Panda Poo Paper www.upi.com
  Fate of Philadelphia’s 3 Elephants www.philly.com 
  Migratory birds Innocent scapegoats for H5N1 dispersal www.eurekalert.org
  Ebony Langur Born at Bronx Zoo news.mongabay.com
  Marmoset Gene Swaps Produce Chimerism news.nationalgeographic.com 
  Dolphin Numbers Low Despite "Safe" Tuna Fishing news.nationalgeographic.com  

Berlin Zoo's Panda Yan Yan Dies Suddenly

  Oregon Orangutan has Gallbladder Surgery blog.oregonlive.com
  Mill Mountain Zoo will receive $500,000 from City www.roanoke.com  
  South Korean’s Clone Wolf www.cnn.com
  Long Whiskered Owlet Spotted in Peru www.birdlife.org/news/ 
  Siamang Baby at Louisville Zoo news.enquirer.com
  Arabian Oryx Release in U.A.E. www.enn.com 
  Controlling the Invasive Cane Toad in Australia news.nationalgeographic.com 
  Second Surgery Scheduled for Tusko the elephant blog.oregonlive.com 
  Proposed Critical Habitat for the Pecos Sunflower (Helianthus paradoxus) www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-27  
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-27

Elephants Juno and Savannah will stay at the El Paso Zoo

  Arizona’s Wildlife World Zoo Expands www.azcentral.com    
  Irrawaddy dolphin Survey www.enn.com 
  Interior Department Re-Assesses the Endangered Species Act www.enn.com 
  Honolulu Zoo Earns Accreditation kgmb9.com
  Europe’s ‘LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity’ fund www.birdlife.org/
  Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden is Accredited www.courierpress.com
  Complete Mammal Evolutionary Tree Constructed www.eurekalert.org 
  Regulation of Genes Throughout the Genome www.eurekalert.org
  Maui Ocean Center www.nytimes.com 
  Bird in Del Mar is third positive West Nile case www.nctimes.com 
  Lead bullet Ban for Condor Range Gains Support www.contracostatimes.com  

AI for Hogle Zoo Elephant

  Major Renovation for India's Katraj Zoo cities.expressindia.com
  Jack Grisham Manages Animal Collections at St. Louis Zoo suburbanjournals.stltoday.com 
  Zoo Group’s Purchase of Arkansas Elephant Center is Criticized suburbanjournals.stltoday.com 
  Gorilla Kingdom Opens in London Zoo news.bbc.co.uk    
  Biblical Zoo is Jerusalem’s Most Popular Tourist Site www.jpost.com 
  Petition to List Siskiyou Mountains salamander and Scott Bar salamander www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-29
  Dutch Team Harvest Eggs From White Rhino www.nytimes.com 
  Government Report Criticizes Wildlife Official www.nytimes.com 
  Delisting of the Yellowstone Distinct Population Segment of Grizzly Bears www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-29
  Researchers Comment on Wolf Cloning news.nationalgeographic.com

Tree-trimming Reduces Parrot Predation

  Shark Overfishing May Lower Scallop Population www.nytimes.com  
  Supplement to Environmental Impact Statement for Riverside County www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/March/Day-30
  Arctic Melting Linked to Human Causes news.nationalgeographic.com  
3/31 California Release Scheduled for Pinnacles National Monument Zoo www.santacruzsentinel.com
  Negara Breeds Milky Storks and False Gharials thestar.com.my





4/1 Tree Frog Physiology Explored www.eurekalert.org
  Gibbon Conservation Center Hopes to Move to Ventura www.the-signal.com
  Houston Zoo Works to Save Golden Frog from Chytrid Fungus www.chron.com
  National Zoo Uses AI on Asian Elephant www.washingtonpost.com
4/2 California Condor Lays Egg in Mexico www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17921586/ 
  Male owls pitch hoots to advertise body weight www.eurekalert.org
  Thai Panda Artificially Inseminated www.signonsandiego.com 
  Indonesia’s First “Restoration Forest” Established www.birdlife.org
  Cincinnati “Zoo Blooms” www.oxfordpress.com
  Ellen Trout Zoo Plans Komodo Dragon Exhibit www.news-journal.com
  Oregon Zoo’s Elephant Tusko Has 2nd Tusk-Removal Surgery www.oregonlive.com
  Aukland Zoo releases 150th Kiwi www.scoop.co.nz 
  Orissa wildlife officials rescue wounded tigress www.dailyindia.com
  Southern White Rhinos Move from Perth Zoo to Orana Wildlife park media-newswire.com
  North American Breeding Bird Survey Trends www.eurekalert.org
  Eradicating Feral Swine in North America www.nytimes.com  
4/3 Cost of Woodland Park Zoo’s Proposed Parking Garage is Rising seattlepi.nwsource.com  
  Great Ape Trust Advisory Panel Formed www.ewire.com
  Arizona’s Pima Pineapple Cactus Remains Protected www.enn.com 
  AZA’s 'Party for the Planet' www.oregonlive.com
  WCS Survey Uncovers Massive Elephant Poaching news.nationalgeographic.com
  Chester Zoo’s New Housing for Komodos & Rhinos www.thisiswirral.co.uk
  Bronx Zoo’s New Masters Degree Program www.fordham.edu/
  Wild Animal Park Immerses Guests in Africa www.latimes.com 
  Eagles born on Catalina Island www.signonsandiego.com
  Thai Panda Undergoes A.I. www.sci-tech-today.com
  Availability of Atlantic Sturgeon Status Review www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/April/Day-03
  Critical Habitat for the Coastal California Gnatcatcher and the San Diego Fairy Shrimp www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/April/Day-03
4/4 Knut Improves Berlin Zoo’s Finances www.theglobeandmail.com
  S.F. Zoo Offers Beanie Baby Grizzly Bear www.prnewswire.com
  Dallas Zoo Receives Accreditation www.dallasnews.com 
  5-Country Conservation Area to Aid Africa's Elephants news.nationalgeographic.com
  Blackpool Zoo sold to Parques Reunidos www.business-sale.com
  Record Attendance at Phoenix Zoo www.azcentral.com
  Red Bird of Paradise Hatches at Brookfield Zoo www.chicagotribune.com
  Penguin With Curvature of Spine Dies At Maryland Zoo www.examiner.com
  Elephant Bull Kills Female in Ramat Gan Safari www.guardian.co.uk 
  Oakland Still Trying for Pandas abclocal.go.com
  Trumpeter Swans Reintroduced in Iowa www.nytimes.com
  Scientists Meet, Debate Climate Change www.nytimes.com
  Catalina Island Eagles Hatch www.nytimes.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/April/Day-04  
  Four New Endangered Marine Taxa Added to ESA List www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/April/Day-04
4/5 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Provides Remote Wireless Video Learning www.sys-con.com
  Critical Habitat for Vail Lake ceanothus and Mexican flannelbush www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/April/Day-05
  National Zoo’s Panda Receives A.I. www.wjla.com
  Tasmanian devils Breed at Gold Coast animal park. news.ninemsn.com.au/
  Australia Zoo’s Major Expansion Plans www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/ 
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/April/Day-05

U.S. Southwest Drought Predicted

  Timber and Tapirs www.nature.com/nature
4/6 Condor returns to San Diego County www.latimes.com
  Condor Sighted in San Diego County www.signonsandiego.com
  Management Plan, Pinnacles National Monument, San Benito and Monterey Counties, CA www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/April/Day-06
  Open Water Seismic Operations in Cook Inlet, Alaska www.epa.gov/EPA-SPECIES/2007/April/Day-06
  Two Siamangs Found Dead at Louisville Zoo www.courier-journal.com
  Edinburgh Zoo’a £58 million Renovation news.scotsman.com
  A Single IGF1 Allele Is a Major Determinant of Small Size in Dogs www.sciencemag.org
  Sumatran Rabbit Spotted by WCS Workers www.afp.com/english/home
  Vietnam Prime Minister Approves Tiger Farms www.afp.com/english/home
  California is Wildlife Smuggling Hub www.nytimes.com

Global Warming Could Wipe Out 30% of Animal & Plant Species


Hawaiian Monk Seal “Capture & Release” Program

  Rescued Elephant Seals Arrive at S.F. Zoo abclocal.go.com

Security for Gir Forest Lions

  Atlanta’s New Aquarium Criticized www.nytimes.com 
  Wild elephant census in North Bengal www.hindu.com 
  Al Ain Zoo Renovation www.arabianbusiness.com

Overwhelming Public Response to Polar Bear Listing

  Orangutan Born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo www.kktv.com
  German Zoo Has Record-Breaking Easter Egg Tree www.france24.com 
  Marine scientists monitor longest mammal migration www.eurekalert.org
  Manatee Reclassification Considered www.nytimes.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Woodland Park's tiger cub goes public seattlepi.nwsource.com
  National Zoo Performs A.I. on Giant Panda Mei Xiang newsblaze.com
  Lincoln Park Zoo Takes in Orphaned Pumas abclocal.go.com

1 million Species in World Catalog

  National Zoo Asia Trail Signage Project www.selfservice.org
  Tasmanian Devil Rescue Plan Problems www.nytimes.com 

Animal Nutrition at the Dallas Zoo    

  Crocodile Bites off Vets Forearm in Taiwan Zoo www.earthtimes.org
  Stillborn Gorilla Birth at Prague Zoo www.earthtimes.org
  Zoo Atlanta Orangutans Play Video Games www.chron.com 
  San Diego Zoo Selects JDS’ WinRetail® for Retail Stores home.businesswire.com
  Setback for Reintroduced Pygmy Rabbits www.signonsandiego.com 
  SeaWorld and Sony Become Penguin Marketing Partners www.signonsandiego.com
  "Arachnitopia – Amazing Spiders, Man" www.quickdfw.com 
  Sperm Collected from Singapore Bull Elephant www.earthtimes.org

Climate Change and Kenya


Denver Zoo Reviews Zookeeper Injuries

  Red Wolves Born at Chattanooga nature Center www.newschannel9.com
  Tainted Pet Food Still Being Sold in Stores www.nytimes.com 
  Rhesus Macaque Genome Sequenced www.eurekalert.org
  Soft tissue from T. rex fossil yields original protein www.eurekalert.org

Critical Habitat for California Plants


Belgian Zoo visitors warned against eye contact

  Giant anteater kills female zookeeper   www.stuff.co.nz
  Proposed Federal Listing of the Black Abalone www.epa.gov
  Navy Trains Anti - Terror Dolphins www.nytimes.com

San Diego's Future in a Greenhouse

  'Landmark' Marine Life Plan in California www.signonsandiego.com

Lions Will Return to John Ball Zoo


New Emphasis on Promoting California Tourism

  Steve Irwin’s Wife Opens Merchandise / Travel Agency www.news.com.au
  Kaohsiung Crocodile Mis-identified www.taipeitimes.com
  San Diego Natural History Museum's Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit www.signonsandiego.com
  Update on the Balboa Park Foundation www.signonsandiego.com

Ecological Experiment in U.K. Involves Rare Horse

  Berlin Zoo's Polar Bear Knut Is Sick www.washingtonpost.com
  Chester Zoo Partners with Limbe Wildlife Centre www.thisiswirral.co.uk
  Taking Hunters to the Zoo www.nature.com
  Draft Indiana Bat Recovery Plan; Draft Survey Protocol www.epa.gov
  Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge, Seal Beach, Orange County, CA www.epa.gov
  Vandalur Zoo Adds Night Safari www.dailyindia.com 
  Okinawa Zoo is Ready for Asian Elephants www.yomiuri.co.jp
  Gir Lions Need More Protection www.enn.com 
  Ebola Outbreaks Kill Gorillas and Chimpanzees www.eurekalert.org
  Animal Grouping Patterns Analyzed www.eurekalert.org
  Island Harmony Between Vipers and Seabirds news.nationalgeographic.com
  Siberian Tiger May be Rebounding news.nationalgeographic.com
  Russia Tries to Save Polar Bears With Legal Hunt www.nytimes.com

Black & White Lemurs Born at Santa Barbara Zoo

  New Director for NY State Zoo at Thompson Park news10now.com
  Nocturnal Exhibit at Topeka Zoo www.wibw.com
  Price of Seattle Zoo’s Garage Increases seattletimes.nwsource.com
  IPCC’s Global Warming Predictions for North America www.nytimes.com
  DNA Study of the Artic Fox’s Shrinking Range www.nytimes.com
  Chimp Culture Explored at Lincoln Park Zoo Symposium www.nytimes.com

Poachers Kill 6 Indian Rhinos

  Mauritius Conservation Project www.enn.com
  Warty Pigs Come to Edinburgh Zoo news.scotsman.com
  5-Year Reviews of 7 Wildlife Species and 2 Plant Species in the Mountain-Prairie Region www.epa.gov
  Visitors Urged Not to Stare at Apes www.cnn.com
  San Diego Zoo names month-old elephant 'Impunga' www.ocregister.com
  Mosquitoes at Phoenix Zoo Positive for West Nile virus www.azcentral.com
  San Diego Sprays to Kill Mosquito Larvae www.signonsandiego.com
  Seattle Will Sell Bonds to Help Fund Zoo Garage seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Reducing Stress for Mandrills www.reuters.com  
  Condor chick hatches at Oregon Zoo center blog.oregonlive.com
  Cincinnati Zoo Plans New Giraffe Exhibit in 2008 news.enquirer.com

Conserving Endangered Species ‘Pays' in Florida

  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Issuance of Permits www.epa.gov
  New Reptile House Wins Environmental Design Award media-newswire.com
  New Conservation Center for Phoenix Zoo www.azcentral.com
  Toledo Zoo Has 3 Polar Bear Cubs toledoblade.com
  Scientists list 100 most endangered mammals media.www.jhunewsletter.com
  Amur Leopard Near Extinction news.nationalgeographic.com
  Panda Breeding at Wolong is Questioned www.usnewswire.com

Polar Bear Cub Born at Brookfield Zoo

  Taronga Zoo Hope to Breed Fiordland Penguins www.stuff.co.nz  
  Columbian Park Zoo’s New Owl Exhibit Funded by Toyota www.jconline.com 
  Vodcasts, Blog and Wi-fi network at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo www.clevelandjewishnews.com
  Eco-Restrooms at Bronx Zoo www.ny1.com
  Knut Under Guard after Death Threat www.news.com.au
  Cook Inlet Beluga Whales a Distinct Population www.epa.gov
  East Africa’s Gorillas Making Comeback news.yahoo.com
  WWF Builds Tiger Photo Mosaic Online  www.usnewswire.com
  Gopher Tortoise Preserve  www.naplesnews.com
  New Study of Gorilla DNA www.science.org 
4/21 Wattled Crane Chick Hatches at National Zoo www.biologynews.net
4/22 Chimpanzees Are Three Distinct Groups www.sciencedaily.com

Train at Memphis Zoo Derails

4/23 West Nile Virus Scare at Phoenix Zoo Discredited www.tucsoncitizen.com 

5-year Reviews of 24 Southwestern Species


Findings on Listing Foreign Species


Transfer of Potter Park Zoo saves city jobs


Antwerp Zoo’s New Elephant Sculptures


Maryland Zoo Helps Save Mountain Gorillas


Pere David Deer Donated to Erie Zoo


Conservation Plan for the Galapagos


Sumatran Rhino Filmed in the Wild


Narwhals Collect Data for Scientists


Monkey Populations Decline in Costa Rica


Kenyan’s Plant Trees to Attract Flamingos


Jacksonville Zoo Attendance is Up


Female Amur leopard found dead


New California Legislation Concerning Animals


Sea Turtles are loyal to feeding as well breeding sites


Hibernating Bear Study


WCS Partners with ECO-CELL


National Zoo’s Panda Cub Will Stay Until 2009


W.Va. Army captain Honored for Work at Baghdad Zoo


Tulsa Zoo Opens Elephant Demonstration Yard


Breeding Asian Tigers in Africa


Great Lakes Fish Virus is Spreading


2 Cheetah Cubs born at Toledo Zoo


Endangered Species Permit Applications


San Diego’s Pandas Mate


Lincoln Park Zoo Now Sells Beer and Wine


WWF Rhino Video Clarification


Cooperation in Male Chimpanzees


Gharial Breeding Program


Chester Zoo Releases Water Voles


K.C. Zoo Acquires 3 Cheetahs


Lincoln Park Bear Has Eye Surgery 


Philadelphia’s 3 Elephants Will Move to Pittsburgh


Draft Recovery Plan for Northern Spotted Owl Released


Memphis Zoo No Longer Has Gorillas


Omaha Zoo Uses Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology


Raptor ‘Super-Roost’ Found in Senegal


Endangered Species Act Rule Changes Questioned


Western Scrub Jays Anticipate Future Needs


Sumatran Rhino Breeding


Profile of Andalas the Sumatran Rhino


John Ball Zoo Plans New Lion Exhibit  


Detroit Zoo’s Corporate Ambassador Program


Cambodian Rangers Will Conduct Bear Survey


Algae Kills California Birds, Sea Lions and Dolphins


Koala Groups Face Extinction Due to Habitat Changes 


USFWS Announces International Conservation Grants


Saving the Salton Sea

4/28 Bronx Zoo Renovations Part of 25-Year Master Plan www.nytimes.com
  Maasai warriors at Woodland Park Zoo www.cbsnews.com
4/29 Rescuing the Baghdad Zoo seattlepi.nwsource.com
  Noah’s Ark - Skirball Cultural Center www.nytimes.com
  Indianapolis Zoo Plans New Primate Exhibit www.indystar.com
4/30 Successful Sumatran Rhino Birth at Cincinnati Zoo news.enquirer.com 
  Inter-Active Avian Flu Tracking www.eurekalert.org
  National Zoo Selects Fujifilm Curatorial Resident home.businesswire.com
  Summer Day Camps at the San Diego Zoo www.nctimes.com
  Lonesome George May Not Be Alone www.physorg.com 
  Sasol Birds and Birding Fair at Johannesburg Zoo www.joburg.org.za
  Indiana Zoo’s Bald Eagle Lays Eggs www.pantagraph.com
  Knut Gets a Book Deal www.reuters.com
  Vancouver Zoo Hippos Meet www.canada.com
  Trumpeter swans released by Chicago Zoos www.chicagotribune.com
  Gir Lions to be Relocated www.earthtimes.org
  Germplasm bank Established in SW China en.ce.cn
  Sacramento Zoo Considers Expansion cbs13.com
  Toledo Zoo Concert Series toledoblade.com
  B.C. Basking Shark Listed as Endangered www.canada.com





5/1 Wellington Zoo Encourages Use of City Bus www.busnews.com.au
  Atlanta Zoo Breeds Arakan Forest Turtle seattlepi.nwsource.com
  Sydney Wildlife World Opens lifestyle.monstersandcritics.com
  Colchester Zoo’s Elephant Health Problem www.eadt.co.uk
  Abandoned Sloth Bears Adopted by Zookeepers news.bbc.co.uk
  Atlanta Zoo & Aquarium Attendance Figures www.ajc.com
  Buffalo Zoo’s Hospital Improvement Campaign www.buffalonews.com
  Koalas Extinct in Urban Areas in 20 years www.smh.com.au
  Galapagos Island Goat Eradication www.iht.com
  Amphibians and Environmental Change www.eurekalert.org
  Madagascan tropical forests Regenerate www.eurekalert.org
  SeaWorld San Diego Hosts Electronic Recycling Event www.redorbit.com
  S.A. Vervet Monkeys Relocated www.sundaytimes.co.za
  Indian Village Relocated from Elephant Corridor www.rxpgnews.com
  Orangutan Locomotion Study www.nytimes.com
  Ape Gestures and Language Study www.nytimes.com
  National City donates $500,000 for St. Louis Zoo's sea lions milwaukee.bizjournals.com
5/2 SF Zoo Will Open Grizzly Bear Exhibit www.nbc11.com
  John Ball Zoo Needs to Hire a Vet www.mlive.com
  Seneca Park Zoo Builds Elephant Pool www.democratandchronicle.com
  Denver Zoo’s New Avian Propagation Center www.rockymountainnews.com
  Terry Maple & Newt Gingrich Book www.palmbeachpost.com
  1 in 8 Americans Lives in California www.signonsandiego.com
  Australia’s Dingo Problem www.enn.com
  Scientists Protest Government Challenge to ESA www.nytimes.com 
  FDA/USDA Update on Tainted Animal Feed www.aphis.usda.gov
5/3 Miller Park Zoo Won’t Disturb Eagle Eggs www.pantagraph.com
  Peoria Zoo Expansion www.pjstar.com
  13 Black Bucks Die in Indian Zoo www.hindustantimes.com
  Tokyo Zoo Lends iPods to Visitors mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp
  Smuggling & Poaching of Wildlife Increases in Brazil www.enn.com
  Red List Index Will Become UN Development Indicator www.birdlife.org 
  Philadelphia Lets go of its Elephants thelede.blogs.nytimes.com
  Nashville Zoo Opens African Wild Dog Exhibit tennessean.com
  Oil and Condors in Los Padres National Forest www.vcreporter.com
5/4 Singapore Zoo Decides to Keep Polar Bear www.usatoday.com
  New Elk Exhibit at Menominee Zoo www.thenorthwestern.com
  White Alligator Debuts at Hogle Zoo deseretnews.com
  Oregon Zoo puts down sick giraffe www.oregonlive.com
  USDA Releases Report on National Animal ID Projects www.aphis.usda.gov
  Madagascar Creates New Protected Areas news.nationalgeographic.com
  First Plan to Stem Greenhouse Gas Emissions www.nytimes.com

Channel Island Fox Born at Santa Barbara Zoo


Panda Mating at San Diego


Hagenbeck Zoo Celebrates Centennial


CRES Raises Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs


History of the Oklahoma Zoo


Animals on the Edge of Extinction


When Carbon is Currency


Memphis Zoo Monitors Giant Panda


Erie Zoo’s New Pallas’ Cat Exhibit


Jackson Zoo Celebrates Migratory Birds


Meerkats Mix with Porcupines in Colorado Exhibit


St. Louis Zoo Receives $1.1 Million Donation


Zoos Benefit from YouTube


Zoo Atlanta Works to Save Orangutans


Poaching Increases in Zimbabwe’s Game Parks


Golden Frog Tadpoles Hatch


Better Chromosome Mapping Technique Developed


Gopher Tortoise Threatened by Developers


Gorillas, Heart Disease and Aframomum


American Eagle Foundation Receives SF Zoo Bald Eaglets

  Global Warning Confuses Migratory Species www.enn.com

Steelhead Listed as Threatened


Yangtze Alligator Compromised by Inbreeding


Internet Encyclopedia Will List 1.8 Million Species


Large Population of Oriental White Storks Found


Male Tiger Kills New Female Tiger at Gulf Coast Zoo


Griffith Park Fire


LA Zoo Responds to Griffith Park Fire


Vienna Zoo Offers Workshops for Pet Owners


Squirrel Monkeys & Capybaras Share Exhibit


Online Book on Birds of Tumbesian Ecuador & Peru


The Opossum Genome Is Sequenced


Animals unfazed, but L.A. Zoo still closed


Environmental Impact Statement: San Bernardino County, CA


Big cat baby boom at Mexico’s Vallarta Zoo


Orangutan at Sedgwick Zoo Dies

  San Diego WAP and Patna Zoo Exchange Rhinos


Pittsburgh Zoo gets 2 sea otters


Investigation Into Memphis Zoo Train Accident


Bear Awareness at the Oregon Zoo


Bat Aerodynamics Investigated


New host species for H5N1 identified


First Elephant Born in Ireland


Illegal Ivory Imports Rise


AZA Responds to PETA


Great Ape Trust Explores Bonobo Learning


The Henry Doorly Zoo Sends Tadpoles to Puerto Rico   


New Technology Used to Freeze Koala Semen


Baby Anteater Born at Fresno Zoo


Sumatran Rhino Nutrition


Cleveland Zoo Wolf Killed By Others In Pack


New Positions at Detroit Zoo


Charles Brewer Carias Explores Venezuela


Bird Flu Thwarts Jet Flight for Vulture


Santa Catalina Island Fire Threatens Wildlife


Asian Gangsters Drive African Elephant Slaughter


Zoo Atlanta Gorilla Raises Twins


State of Endangered Species Forum at CRES

  Saving the Japanese Wood Pigeon


New Host Species for H5N1 Avian Flu


Dalton Zoo Now Family Owned


Australia Zoo Staff Will Try To Capture L.A. Alligator


Ringtailed Lemurs Born at Fuengirola  Zoo 


Hawaiian Hoary Bat Rescued and Released  


Border Fence Worries Conservationists


Toxic Frogs Get Their Poison From Mites


Migratory Sharks Under Threat


Pretoria’s Heart of Africa Opens


Firefighters Assist Anchorage Zoo Elephant


Perth Zoo Euthanizes Asian Elephant  


Jackson Zoo will Host Disney Concert


Rare Koala Twins at China Zoo May Survive


Jack Hanna Launches New TV Series


Scientists Back ESA Protection for Wolves


Pronghorn Recovery Program  


Kangaroo Cull Planned


Baby Sumatran Rhino is Named ‘Harapan’


Drought Shapes Rainforest Species Distribution  


Female-led infanticide in wild chimpanzees


Glacier Run Splash Park debuts at Louisville Zoo


Warmer Winters Effect Migrating Birds


Chahinkapa Zoo receives IMLS Grant


Endangered Species Permit Requests


Biodiversity Loss Linked to Economic Inequality


Fast Reproductive Speed Protects Against Extinction


Rare Hummingbird Discovered in Colombia


Berlin Zoo Muskox Crushes Zoo Keeper to Death


Hidden Places at the Jacksonville Zoo


Bowling for Rhinos


2 Red Wolf Pubs at Brevard Zoo


Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo Keeper Bitten by Bear


WWF’s :  10 Most Endangered Species


Canadian Private Zoos Under Scrutiny


Cataract Surgery for Orangutan


Hamilton and Aukland Zoos Exchange S. White Rhinos


Cantor’s Giant Soft-shell Turtle Discovered in Cambodia


Salmon tracking expands to California


Alaska's Elephant Needs Help Getting Up


Bird show at Stone Zoo


Erie Zoo Has New CEO


Captive Breeding Black-footed Rock Wallaby


Talent Search for Detroit Zoo Commercial


Rhinos Arrive in San Diego Zoo from India


American Bird Species Affected by West Nile Virus


West Nile Virus Devastates Seven US Bird Species


Landmark Rabies Study


Environmentalists Sue Navy Over Sonar Use   


Singapore Zoo Uses Traditional Chinese Medicine


Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake Found in Ohio Bog


Gorilla Escapes from Rotterdam Zoo


Gorilla Escapes from Rotterdam Zoo


Dudley Zoo Celebrates 70th Birthday


Scientists Advise Capturing B.C. Spotted Owls


Trust Fund for Grizzlies and Wolves


Estimating Species Intelligence


Silverback Escapes at Rotterdam Zoo


Coelacanth Caught off Sulawesi Island


3 Condors Found Dead in a Week


Visiting the Jacksonville Zoo


Recovery Plans for Steller Sea Lions Available


Endangered Species Permit Applications


Egyptian Tortoises Hatch at Rome’s Biopark  Zoo


Ohio Zoos are Expanding


S.F.'s Zoo Vets Rely on Keepers to Train Animals


Birth Control at the National Zoo


Tiger mauls keeper to death in Hainan


Gorilla Escape Analyzed


Gorilla Escape / Discussion on YouTube


Uganda Chimpanzee Population Threatened


Rebels Attack Democratic Republic of Congo Reserve


Polar Bears At Risk


More Birds on 2007 IUCN Red List


Clown Hired to Entertain Berlin Zoo’s Chimps


Border Fence a Threat to Wildlife

  H5N1 Infecting Fewer Wild Birds www.alertnet.org

Global Genebanks Need Funding


Endangered Species Recovery Permit Applications


Denver Zoo Monkey Died of Plague


Dutch Zoo Director Says Botiko Was Spoiled Like Knut


First Claim Filed Against Blijdorp Zoo


'Exported' Tiger Kills Thai Keeper in China Zoo


San Diego Koalas at Milwaukee County Zoo


Mother Birds 'Engineer' Offspring


Tropical Birds Have Slower Pace of Life Than Northern Birds


New Technique to Track Fishers


Link Between Acoustics and Emotion in Meerkats


Guangzhou Zoo Studies Animal Behavior and Earthquakes


Cincinnati Zoo’s Sumatran Rhino Breeding Program


Dozens of European Mammals Face Extinction


Improving Big Horn Sheep Habitat in North Dakota


Colorado Health Officials Comment Plague


Blijdorp Zoo Press Conference


Hammerhead Shark’s Virgin Birth in Omaha Zoo


Zimbabwe Considers Elephant Cull


India Tiger Census Lower Than Expected


Visitors Save Newborn Elephant at Tierpark Zoo


Elephant Birth at Tierpark Zoo – Another Version


Importance of Seedbanks


Seneca Park Zoo’s $2M Baboon Exhibit


Sanctuary for Red Shanked Douc Langur


Bacteria May Combat Chytrid Fungus


Cleveland Zoo Will Feature Dinosaurs & Stingrays


Woodland Park Zoo Gets Habitat Certification


Elephants at Risk from Gangs & Internet

  New Condor Book www.calitreview.com

Breakout Gorilla Becomes Global Brand


3 Species Are Lost Each Hour


New Reserve Within Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary


Recovery Plan for Summer Chum Salmon


Sea Turtle Permit Request


Permit to Take Captive Shortnose Sturgeon


Orangutan Escapes at Taiwanese Zoo


Panda at Memphis Zoo Is Pregnant


Pressure Mounts to Move Alaska’s Elephant


Four White Lions Born in French Zoo


Condor Trash Aversion Training


African Lions Arrive in St. Louis


37th Annual Beastly Ball Benefits L.A. Zoo


Dubai's New Zoo


St. Louis Is Center of Tropical Ecology Research


How Vision Relates to Foraging & Mating


Philadelphia Zoo Launches Summer Shuttle


San Diego Hippo Moves to East Texas Zoo


Business Comes to Rescue of Gir Lions


NIH Stops Breeding Chimps for Research


Killing Galapagos Sharks to Save Hawaiian Monk Seals


Las Vegas Tourists Are Renting Scooters


Reggie The Alligator Sent to L.A. Zoo


USDA Holds National Wildlife Services Advisory Committee Mtg.


Indian Rhinos Need More Space


Scottish Wildcat Born at Wildwood Discovery Park


U.S. Wolf Delisting


Condor Chick Vanishes from Baja Nest


Kempthorne Won’t Change ESA


Iowa Legislates Against Exotic Pets


Plan to Save Salton Sea is Released


Kansas Zoo Cleans Up After Flooding


Puddles Euthanized After 43 Years at SF Zoo


Stingrays Born at Chaffee Zoo


Houbara Bustard Conservation


Amur Tiger Has 3 Cubs at Philadelphia Zoo


3 Sumatran Tigers Born at Wild Animal Park


Topeka Zoo Tiger Kills Mate


Indianapolis Zoo’s New Oceans Exhibit Opens


New Palm Beach Zoo Animal Care Complex


New Species of Limbless Lizard Discovered


Animal Behaviorist Joins National Zoo


Elephant Herds Found on South Sudan Island


Recovery Plan for Whooping Crane


Endangered Species Permit Applications

  Endangered Species Recovery Permit Applications www.epa.gov

California Zoos and Disaster Planning


Teaching Language Skills at the Great Ape Trust


CITES Preview


Marine Mammal Permit in the Gulf of Mexico


Ruling on Black Whale Species Status


USFWS Requests Information on Mt. Charleston Blue Butterfly


“Art of the Rainforest” Debuts at the Detroit Zoo


Prague Zoo Has Second Baby Gorilla


Attorney’s Gift Unites Zoo and Pubic Television 


Calgary Zoo Loses Second Gorilla


Protecting the Alaskan Yellow-billed Loon


New Zealand Cow Produces Skim Milk


WCS Launches Polar Bear Conservation Project


Mule Deer Moms Rescue Other Fawns


Evolution of animal personalities


CITES and Climate Change


Topeka Zoo Breeds Golden Eagles


Female Northern White Rhino Dies at WAP


Cheetahs not monogamous


Ban on Selling Wildlife May Fuel Trade


Cincinnati Zoo’s Cheetah Encounter


Six Flags Tiger Loves Water


Panda Released into Wild Dies


Artificially Bred China Panda Dies In The Wild


Risk Of Avian Influenza Virus Infection in Vets


Study of Orangutan Bipedalism in Trees


St. Louis Zoo Restructuring


Breeding Cheetahs at the National Zoo


Critical Habitat for the Wintering Population of the Piping Plover

  SD County's No-smoking Areas Increasing www.signonsandiego.com






Brookfield Zoo Introduces Stingray Bay

  Incidental Take of Marine Mammals www.epa.gov
  U.S. Negotiating Positions for CITES www.epa.gov
  Proposed Listing of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales www.epa.gov
  Japan Threatens to Quit IWC www.enn.com
  Zoo vet helps baby condor Hatch blog.oregonlive.com
  Oregon Zoo's New “Solar Coaster” www.oregonlive.com
6/2 California Condors Trash Utah Cabin www.signonsandiego.com
  New San Diego Family Theme park www.signonsandiego.com

Polar Bear Back on Exhibit after  Breaking Her Leg

  Doug Myers on National Museum and Library Services Board www.signonsandiego.com

Indianapolis Zoo Comes to Wisconsin Elementary School


Roger Williams Park Zoo Remodels


Plan for Western Great Lakes Gray Wolf Population Segment


Chiricahua Leopard Frog Recovery Plan


White Lion Cubs Die in French Zoo


Shedd Whale Will Move to Tacoma


Oregon Zoo Nurtures Checkerspot Butterfly


Indian Guards Use Ringtones to Trap Leopards


CITES O.K.s Ivory Sale


Woodland Park Zoo: Parking dilemma

6/5 San Diego California Condors Move to Mexico  


Zoo Animals Eat Invasive Plant


Scientists Find 24 Species in Suriname


Pygmy Kangaroos Reintroduced to Papua


Endangered Species Permit Applications


Listing of the Wolverine


Goats Control Invasive Species


Maryland Zoo President Steps Down


Animal Forensics at UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab


Police Clear Denver Zoo in Jaguar Mauling


Pied Tamarin Stolen from Brazil Zoo


PETA Demands Investigation of Cleveland Zoo


Sierra Club Seeks Ban on Chemical in Detergent


Possible Listing of Yellow-Billed Loon


Alaska Zoo board to relocate elephant


Long Term Bird Survival Study


New Tiger Reserve in Russia


Aplomado Falcons in N.M & Texas


Endangered Species Permit Applications


HCP for San Bernardino County, CA


Tennessee Panda May Not Be Pregnant


Issuance of USFWS Permits


Issuance of USFWS Permits


Endangered Species Permit Applications


G8 Summit Web Site

6/9 Zoo Group Looking For Site For National Elephant Center www.nwaonline.net
6/10 Detroit Zoo’s Humane Education Specialist www.dailytribune.com
  Aftermath of Woodland Park Elephant's Sudden Death seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Congo Rangers Treat Injured Gorilla    www.nytimes.com 
  Beluga arrives at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium www.thenewstribune.com
  Al Ain Zoo Offers Moonlight Experience  www.arabianbusiness.com
6/11 Elephant dies at Dubbo zoo www.abc.net.au
  Canada’s Valley Zoo Elephant Moves to N.C. Zoo www.canada.com
  L.A. Gator Is Healthy     www.signonsandiego.com
  Paternity Test Determines Elephant’s Father www.courier-journal.com
  Conservation Gift Will Honor Hansa seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Trade Ban for Sawfish www.nytimes.com
  CITES Report on Indonesian Logging & Orangutans www.nytimes.com
  Testosterone, dietary antioxidants and bird coloration www.eurekaert.org
  Hawaiian Monk Seal Decline is Studied starbulletin.com
6/12 Massive Animal Herds Still Exist in Southern Sudan www.eurekalert.org
  Restoration of Kofa Desert Bighorn Population www.fws.gov
  Pavlov's Cockroach www.eurekalert.org
  Bowhead Whale Genetic Study www.eurekalert.org
  Bear Detection Kits www.enn.com
  Rotterdam Zoo Liable for Gorilla Escape www.expatica.com
  Poachers Kill One of Last White Rhinos news.yahoo.com
  Revised Critical Habitat for the Northern Spotted Owl www.epa.gov
6/13 Virtual Fencing System for Livestock

  CRES Aids Millennium Seed Bank Project www.csmonitor.com
  Chytrid Fungus Found in Japan www.physorg.com
  Gifting Within Online Communities www.eurekalert.org
  Chimpanzees Benefit from Human Nurture www.springer-sbm.com
  Study of Galapagos Island’s Nazca Booby www.eurekalert.org
  Status of Black Bears in Missouri www.eurekalert.org
  Santa Barbara Zoo Has 3 New Summer Shows www.independent.com
  Pittsburgh Zoo Mandrill Has Knee Surgery www.post-gazette.com
  Proposed Endangered Status for Cook Inlet Beluga Whale www.epa.gov
6/14 Panda at Memphis Zoo Miscarries www.knoxnews.com
  Simple Petting Zoo Guidelines Must Be Followed www.medicalnewstoday.com
  One-time Ivory Sale is Approved www.nytimes.com
  Florida Rules on Gopher Tortoises and Manatees www.nytimes.com
  CITES Restricts Coral Trade www.enn.com
  Georgia Aquarium Loses Another Whale www.nytimes.com
  Draft Recovery Plan for the Northern Spotted Owl www.epa.gov
  Audubon Study of Common Birds www.audubon.org
  Rhino Conservation Today http://www.getty.edu
  Akepa hatched in CRES Hawaii Facility the.honoluluadvertiser.com
6/15 Andean Condor Hatches at Denver Zoo www.losangeleschronicle.com
  When You Stand Up for Zoos You Aid Elephants seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Pygmy Rabbits Breed in Wild www.nytimes.com
  Chinese Will Continue to Reintroduce Pandas www.nature.com
  Handraising an Akepa Chick starbulletin.com
  USDA Approves Another Animal ID Tag Supplier www.aphis.usda.gov
  Initiative to Merge Animal and Human Health Science www.sciencemag.org
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
6/16 Alaska zoo hopes for 2nd camel from Minnesota www.startribune.com
  RSPCA investigates NSW zoo deaths www.abc.net.au
6/17 Minnesota Trail Reopens at Minnesota Zoo www.startribune.com
  Online Sales Lose Steam www.nytimes.com
6/18 Pittsburgh Zoo's Elephant Fathers 6 calves in 4 states www.canada.com
  Americans Spent $120 Billion on Wildlife Related Recreation www.fws.gov
  Strategic Planning for Lincoln Park Zoo www.prweb.com
  Overview of Lincoln Park Zoo Renovation metromix.chicagotribune.com
  Beal’s four-eyed turtle Hatches at Tennessee Aquarium www.newsmax.com
  New Online Bird Conservation Publication www.birdlife.org
  Ellen Trout Zoo Celebrates 40 Years www.news-journal.com
  Skull of Pygmy Giant Panda Described www.reuters.com
  Yerkes Chimps Learn Traditions www.ajc.com
6/19 Reconstructing the Biology of Extinct Species www.innovations-report.de
  Mexican Wolves Born at Chapultepec Zoo www.signonsandiego.com
  Major CITES Decisions presszoom.com
  Carlsbad Caverns Restoration Project www.enn.com
  First Giant Manta Ray Born in Captivity www.foxnews.com
  Breeding Himalayan Red Deer news.yahoo.com
  National Zoo Lets Tamarins Run Loose www.nbc4.com
  Australian Zoo Officials Challenge Animal Rights Groups www.smh.com.au
  Environment Education at Calgary Zoo www.albertaindex.com
  Zoo Atlanta Adopts Fort Wayne zoo’s Orphan Orangutan www.ajc.com
  Six Flags Swimming Tiger Draws Crowds www.physorg.com
6/20 Denver Zookeeper’s Death Due to Human Error origin.denverpost.com
  Fear of Predators is Not Hard-wired www.eurekalert.org
  Mouflon Sheep Genetics Study www.uqam.ca
  Wild Animal Park Elephant, Carol, is Euthanized www.signonsandiego.com
6/21 Wombat Born at Brookfield Zoo www.dailyherald.com
  The Rosamond Gifford Zoo Opens Ocelot Exhibit blog.syracuse.com
  Red Panda Comes to Norfolk Zoo www.dailypress.com
  Anthrax kills hyena at Chhattisgarh zoo www.indianmuslims.info
  Four Greater Flamingo Chicks Hatch in Cincinnati www.fox19.com
  Jerusalem Zoo Raises Griffon Vultures www.haaretz.com
  L.A. Zoo’s “Beastly Ball” Is Record Fundraiser www.lacanadaonline.com
  Hogle Zoo Begins Major Rennovation www.sltrib.com
  Sustainable Development Database www.sustainlane.us
  SciTalks – A Database of Scientific Lectures scitalks.com
  Puerto Rican Crested Toads Breed at Cleveland Zoo www.cleveland.com
  Disneymania’s Concerts for Conservation www.concertsforconservation.net
  Wolves Roamed Alaska During Ice Age news.nationalgeographic.com
  Portland General Electric Adopts Bird Protection Plan www.fws.gov
6/22 SF Zoo Faulted for Tiger Attack www.sfgate.com
  Condor Comeback in Arizona www.azcentral.com
  60-Year-Old Asian Elephant Euthanized www.al.com
  San Diego Zoo's New Night-Time Experience www.navycompass.com
  Calgary Zoo Opens Elephant Crossing calsun.canoe.ca
  Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Creates Child-focused African Journey www.fortwayne.com
  Beastly Business: Criticism of Taronga & Western Plains Zoos www.smh.com.au
6/23 Zoo Nebraska Awaits New License www.ktiv.com
  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Euthanizes Giraffe cbs4denver.com
  Tests Can't Determine Why Seattle Elephant Died seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Rhode Island Cheetah Has Surgery for Arthritis www1.whdh.com
  Obituary: Brian Walton, Peregrine Falcon Researcher www.latimes.com
6/24 Bald Eagles in Southern California www.signonsandiego.com
  Zoo Hospital Game www.el33tonline.com
  Uganda’s Shoebills Endangered www.allafrica.com
6/25 Primate Color Vision Study www.eurekalert.org
  Reptile-loving Family Expands Michigan Zoo www.mlive.com
  Columbia Parks Zoo Works for Accreditation www.jconline.com
  Dallas Zoo Works to Save Ocelots www.dallasnews.com
  Equador Wants Galapagos Protection www.enn.com
  Tortoise Smuggling through Malaysia www.enn.com
  Endangered Sea Turtles Make Comeback in S. Florida www.redorbit.com
  Prehistoric Peruvian Penguins Were 5 Feet Tall www.eurekalert.org
  China’s Panda Release Program news.yahoo.com
  Microchip Shawls May Save Chiru news.bbc.co.uk
  Polar Bear Conservation www.fws.gov
6/26 $50,000 Grant to Oregon Zoo www.oregonlive.com
  Houston Zoo’s New Interactive Web Site www.marketwirecanada.com
  Tiger Killed by Half-Sister www.ksby.com
  Critical Habitat for the Marbled Murrelet www.epa.gov
  Pygmy Hippo Born at Paris Zoo www.washingtonpost.com
  3 Male Tiger Cubs Born at Philadelphia Zoo abclocal.go.com
  UNESCO says Galapagos endangered www.cdnn.info
  Cooperative Endangered Species Fund www.fws.gov
  Evo-devo Explained www.nytimes.com
6/27 WWF Warns Against Planktos Plan www.eurekalert.org
  Female Iguanas Mate Choice www.eurekalert.org
  Big Bear’s Moonridge Animal Park Relocation Problem www.bigbeargrizzly.net
  Czech Zoo Uses AI to Save N. White Rhinos www.physorg.com
  Indian Gharials Lack Suitable Release Habitat www.kalingatimes.com
  Tourism Levy Plan Would Protect Wildlife www.enn.com
  Gir Lions online.wsj.com
6/28 Sydney Wildlife World Features Butterflies www.news.com.au
  Elephant Reintroduction in India newspostindia.com
  China Will Send Pandas to Spain news.monstersandcritics.com
  Dublin Zoo Opens New Elephant Exhibit www.eveningecho.ie
  3 Red-ruffed Lemurs Born at Palm Beach Zoo www.palmbeachpost.com
  Chafee Zoo Plans to Double its Size www.fresnobee.com
  CEC Will Protect Monarchs & Porpoises www.enn.com
  Bald eagle Off Endangered Species List www.contracostatimes.com
  ESA and Bald & Golden Eagle Protection Act www.cnn.com
  Stellar Sea Lion and Northern Fur Seal Research www.epa.gov
  Nature Conservancy Decries Domestication of the Planet www.science.org
  Detroit Zoo Director Could be Fired www.freep.com
  The Future of Tech – Global Youth www.businessweek.com
6/29 Getting Polish Bison to Roam and Breed online.wsj.com
  Megafishes Conservation Project www.eurekaert.org
  Cat Ancestry Analyzed www.nytimes.com
  New Director of Bonobo Research at Great Ape Trust www.ewire.com
  Boston Shipping Lanes Shift to Protect Whales www.enn.com
6/30 Central Florida Zoo Exhibits a Black Caiman www.news-journalonline.com
  Taronga Zoo's death in the family www.news.com.au
  National Zoo’s New Master Plan www.washingtonpost.com
  Calgary Zoo Scales Back Arctic Project www.canada.com





7/2 Zoo board Sanctions Detroit Zoo Director www.detnews.com
  Lord Paul donates more to London Zoo www.hindu.com
  Seattle Elephant Died of Herpes www.koin.com
  New Herpes Virus Killed Seattle Zoo’s Hansa www.signonsandiego.com
  Mate Search for “Lonesome George” www.enn.com
  Sacramento Zoo Red Panda Lives to Age 17 www.kcra.com
  Patas Monkeys at Louisville Zoo charlotte.bizjournals.com
  Information From the Polar Bear Conference dailysouthtown.com
  John Ball Zoo's New Zip Line Ride www.mlive.com
  Chester Zoo’s Realm of the Red Apes www.thisiswirral.co.uk
  Troop of Grey-shanked Douc langurs Discovered www.sciencedaily.com
  New Tool for Marine Conservation www.eurekalert.org
  Tahitian Tree Snails May Still Survive www.eurekalert.org
  Fossil Analysis of Largest Flying Bird news.nationalgeographic.com
  St. Louis Zoo Opens New Animal Nutrition Centre www.allaboutfeed.net
7/3 Aukland Zoo's Blind Rhino is Euthanized www.scoop.co.nz
  Bald Eagles in Roger Williams Park Zoo Exhibit www.pbn.com
  Australian Scientists Search for Thylacine DNA www.foxnews.com
  Wildlife Conservation Middle School at Bronx Zoo www.nydailynews.com
  East African Lesser Flamingos Threatened www.birdlife.org
  Petition to List 475 Species www.agweekly.com
  Indonesia's debt-for-nature swap www.presstv.ir
  Indonesia's Logging Fight online.wsj.com
  Bacteria May Be Compromising Bighorn Sheep www.physorg.com
  DNA Analysis of Ancient Alaskan Wolves www.eurekalert.org
  Dodo Skeleton Recovered news.nationalgeographic.com
  Corporations Hire "Sustainability" Officers www.nytimes.com
7/4 Snow Monkeys Come to Scottish Wildlife Park news.bbc.co.uk
  Socorro Dove Returns to Mexico news.scotsman.com
7/5 Philadelphia Zoo’s Gorilla Troop Expands www.courierpostonline.com
  Akron Zoo's Female Komodo Dies www.ohio.com
  Plan for Dubai Zoo www.xpress4me.com
  Horse-Zebra Hybrid at German Safaripark www.iol.co.za
  Oakland Zoo Will Construct Giant Panda House www.mercurynews.com
  Woodland Park’s Neighbors Fight Zoo Garage Plan seattlepi.nwsource.com
  Malaysia’s Rhinos Have Low Sperm Counts www.enn.com
  Endangered Species Act Problems www.latimes.com
  Tiger Cubs at Brookfield Zoo www.dailyherald.com
  Bamboo Propagation www.nytimes.com
  Scottish Wildcat DNA Study news.bbc.co.uk
  Elephant Locomotion Analysis www.nature.com
7/6 Foot and Mouth Disease Suspected at Indian Zoo www.hindu.com
  Computer Games for Apes at Zoo Atlanta www.ajc.com
  National Zoo’s Panda Isn’t Pregnant www.examiner.com
  Grizzlies Draw Visitors to SF Zoo www.examiner.com
  Tracking Snapping Turtles www.foxnews.com
  Bighorn Sheep Dying From Mycoplasma www.nytimes.com
  Lawsuit Filed Over Illegal Sheep Grazing in Yellowstone www.ewire.com
  Gray Wolf as a Distinct Population Segment

  Regulation of Gray Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains www.epa.gov
  Guam National Wildlife Refuge Conservation Plan www.epa.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Elephant Population Increases in India www.thestatesman.net
  Mangrove Ecosystems Endangered www.sciencemag.org
7/7 Volunteering at the Los Angeles Zoo www.whittierdailynews.com
7/8 New Leopard Exhibit at Naples Zoo www.naplesnews.com
7/9 Malaysia Seizes 900 Monkeys from Poachers www.enn.com
  Australia Plans Cross-Continent Climate Corridor www.enn.com
  $23M Grant Helps San Diego County Conserve Habitat www.nctimes.com
  Knut Ends Public Show at Berlin Zoo www.iht.com
  Aplomodo Falcons Released in New Mexico
  Removing the Bald Eagle from the Endangered Species List www.epa.gov
  Delisting Monitoring Plan for the Bald Eagle www.epa.gov
  Henry Doorly Zoo Works to Save Amphibians www.ketv.com
  Denver Zoo Plans Pachyderm Park www.denverpost.com
7/10 Zimbabwe Game Crisis www.theage.com.au
  Black Rhino Born at Sedgwick County Zoo www.kake.com
  Joburg Zoo Earns World-class Status www.joburg.org.za
  Sea Lion Celebration at Bronx Zoo  
  El Segundo Blue Butterfly Success Story www.dailybreeze.com
  Chattanooga Zoo Receives $250,000 Challenge Grant www.newschannel9.com
  Poachers Kill 7 Elephants in Wildlife Corridor news.yahoo.com
  Golf Courses – New Wildlife Refuges www.eurekalert.org
  Weaver Ants Defend African Mangoes www.scidev.net
7/11 Dave Orndorff Goes To Mill Mountain Zoo www.roanoke.com
  ESA Penguin Protection www.ewire.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Listing of 10 Penguin Species www.epa.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Issuance of Permits www.epa.gov
  Wild Elk Return to Ontario www.blackwell-synergy.com
  Henry Doorly Zoo's Planned Butterfly Exhibit www.omaha.com
  Army Partners with Nature Conservancy in Louisiana www.deridderdailynews.com
  Scientists Urge Lead Bullet Restriction to Save Condor www.fox6.com
  Panda town Planned in Chengdu www.chinadaily.com.cn
  Phoenix Zoo’s Snow Party www.azcentral.com
  Columbus Zoo’s Water Park - Zoombezi Bay www.columbusdispatch.com
7/12 Man Buys Web Address After Water Park's Name Revealed www.10tv.com
  Sand Cats Born at Al Ain Zoo www.gulfnews.com
  Birmingham Zoo’s Potter Party www.al.com
  Malaysia Considers Leatherback Turtle Cloning www.signonsandiego.com
  Gray Whales Starving dsc.discovery.com
  Low-Risk Bird Flu in Virginia Turkeys www.enn.com
  Hippo Killed by Parent at Florida Zoo www.nwfdailynews.com
  Anaconda Radiation Treatment www.philly.com
  Cause of Pinnacles Condors' Deaths Unsolved www.freelancenews.com
  Wreathed Hornbill Breeding in Malaysia www.birdlife.org
  Minnesota Zoo Has 1 Million Visitors www.startribune.com
  S.F. Zoo Tops 1 Million Visitors www.bizjournals.com
7/13 Chester Zoo Wins Award news.bbc.co.uk
  Outcry Over Pygmy Musicians Housed at Zoo africa.reuters.com
  South Africa Conquers the Plastic Bag allafrica.com
  Cost of Global Warming www.enn.com
  Portland Zoo Has 1.5 Million Visitors www.oregonlive.com
  Roar and Snore at Wild Animal Park www.latimes.com
  WWF’s Heart of Borneo Initiative to Save Rainforests www.sciencemag.org
  Southeast Asia Bat Conservation Research www.sciencemag.org
7/14 Fighting Sudden Oak Death in California www.huliq.com/science
  Zoo sleepover programs in Southern California www.latimes.com
  Naple’s Zoo Leopard Exhibit Opens www.naplesnews.com
  Girl Hit In Head At Zoo Dies www.wyff4.com
  Oldest Hippo is 56 www.14wfie.com
7/15 Sumatran Tiger Attacks San Antonio Zoo Keeper www.washingtonpost.com
  Birmingham Zoo Expansion Plans www.al.com
  Lahore Zoo Tigers Die from Trypanosomiasis www.dailytimes.com.pk
  South China Tiger’s Somatic Cells Saved www.hindu.com 
7/16 Panther Cub Nursed by Rhodesian Ridgeback www.abcnews.go.com
  Red Panda International Breeding Program www.stuff.co.nz
  Edible Garden Exhibit at Lincoln Park Zoo abclocal.go.com
  Texas Ocelots Under Threat www.enn.com
  Polar Bear Mothers Driven to Land www.enn.com
  State of the World Population web.worldbank.org
  Origin of Human Bipedalism www.eurekalert.org
  Primate Tourism Affects Infant Mortality www.newswise.com
  Red Panda Makes Second Escape www.forbes.com
  Zoo's python dies after surgery seattletimes.nwsource.com
  San Francisco Zoo Introduces GPS Visitor Guide cbs5.com
7/17 Listing Requested for Kauai Creeper starbulletin.com
  Corpse Flower at Cleveland MetroParks Zoo news.google.com
  ‘Project Bustard’ www.expressindia.com
  Saki Monkey Feeding Study www.eurekalert.org
  Pictopia.com Sells Woodland Park Zoo Photos press-releases.techwhack.com
7/18 Echidna, Feared Extinct, Is Alive news.nationalgeographic.com
  Kangaroos Invade Australian Cities news.nationalgeographic.com
  Kansas City Zoo Hippos Charge Intruders www.kansascity.com
  Edinburgh Zoo Receives 'living heritage' Award news.scotsman.com
  White Cheeked Gibbon Born at Perth Zoo abc.net.au
  San Antonio Zoo Tiger Attack Described www.mysanantonio.com
  Taipei Vet Recalls Crocodile Attack www.news.com.au
  Plant focus at Central Florida Zoo www.news-journalonline.com
  How a Plant Hormone Repels Invaders newsroom.msu.edu
7/19 Erfurt Zoo Animals Sold as Food www.spiegel.de/international
  Taronga’s Oldest Chimp Dies www.theaustralian.news.com.au
  Top Officials Resign at Salisbury Zoo www.delmarvanow.com
  Sedgwick County Zoo Director’s Tips for Success www.kansas.com
  Chafee Zoo Plans for Future abclocal.go.com
  Louisville Zoo Received Top Fiscal Rating www.courier-journal.com
  Hua Mei Has 3rd Set of Twins www.chinadaily.com
7/20 Hogle Zoo Plans for Future www.strib.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Climate Change and Canada’s Polar Bears www.enn.com
  Issuance of Permits www.epa.gov
  Condor Chicks in Grand Canyon & Vermillion Cliffs www.azdailysun.com
  USFWS Will Review 8 Endangered Species Decisions www.fws.gov
  Balboa Park’s Butterfly Garden www.signonsandiego.com
7/21 Zoo Elephant Changes Nationwide www.mercurynews.com
  Detroit Zoo Director, Kagan and AZA www.freep.com
  Wonder Geckos Hatch in Belgian Zoo news.xinhuanet.com
7/22 Indiana Bat Population now at 500,000 www.zwire.com
  Lonely Planet Guide to Volunteer Travel www.nytimes.com
  Software Differentiates Dolphin Species by Whistles environment.newscientist.com
  Man Robs Ticket Booth At Wild Animal Park www.10news.com
7/23 Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Australia Names Wildlife Reserve After Steve Irwin www.cbc.ca
  Animal Trainer Consults at Dallas Zoo www.dallasnews.com
  Cincinnati Zoo Uses AI to Impregnate Indian Rhino www.forbes.com
  Great Bustard Reintroduction in England news.bbc.co.uk
  Mastodon Genetic Analysis www.eurekalert.org
7/24 Record Attendance at Riverbanks Zoo www.wltx.com
  Chaffee Zoo Master Plan is approved www.fresnobee.com
  Dairy Farmers of Oregon Sponsor ‘Moo at the Zoo’ www.oregonlive.com
  Successful Woodland Park Zoo Fundraiser www.ballardnewstribune.com
  San Diego Zoo Panda Will Return to China www.signonsandiego.com
  Lincoln Park Zoo’s New Lion House www.chicagotribune.com
  Denver Zoo’s Commitment to Elephants www.denverpost.com
  Asiatic Black Bear Population Increases in Kashmir www.enn.com
  European Sea Sturgeon A.I. www.sciencedaily.com
  Large-antlered Muntjac Caught on Camera by WCS www.sciencedaily.com
  Mountain Gorillas Executed news.nationalgeographic.com
  New Gecko Glue (Biomimicry) www.nytimes.com
  Hawaii’s National Botanical Garden www.msnbc.msn.com
  American Crocodile Makes a Comeback www.cbsnews.com
  New Mexico’s Rodent Recovery Plan www.nytimes.com
  Asian Pythons Thrive in Florida www.nytimes.com
  Clapper Rail Conservation www.signonsandiego.com
7/25 ESA Violations Investigated www.usatoday.com
  Breeding Season for S. African Snoring Toad allafrica.com
  Jumbo Squid Invade California www.nytimes.com
  Tim Flannery’s New Book: Chasing Kangaroos www.nytimes.com
  Amazon Forest Fragmentation Project Threatened www.eurekalert.org
  Critical Habitat for the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep and Proposed Taxonomic Revision www.epa.gov
7/26 4 Mountain Gorillas Killed in Virunga National Park www.nytimes.com
  Siberian Tiger Cubs Born in Romanian Zoo www.reuters.com
  3 Young Siamangs Unite at Louisville Zoo www.sfgate.com 
  Kangaroo Fatally Injured by Cleveland Zoo Train www.cleveland.com
  Frommer’s Review of Toronto zoo www.nytimes.com
  Research on Northern Fur Seals Permit www.epa.gov
  Dengue Fever Up in Indonesia www.enn.com
  Turtle Survival Alliance Meets at Zoo Atlanta www.sanluisobispo.com 
  CDC Reports Increase in West Nile Cases www.nytimes.com
  Tribute to Bill the Chimpanzee www.northcoastjournal.com
  Caiman Lizards at Denver Zoo cbs4denver.com
  Road Building Threatens Okinawa Rail search.japantimes.co.jp
  Aspens Recover with Wolves in Yellowstone www.eurekalert.org
  Vicks VapoRub Stops Meerkat Fights www.dailymail.co.uk
  Lions, Hyenas Poisoned in Ugandan Park www.nytimes.com
  Congo Pygmies Communicate with Loggers www.nature.com
7/27 WWF’s Motives in Amazon Questioned www.nytimes.com
  Spring Bird Migrations Earlier in 2007 www.birdlife.org
  Scientists Solve Mammalian Ear Hearing Mechanism www.eurekalert.org
  Prehistoric Giant Wombat Discovered www.physorg.com
  National Zoo Researchers Use Telemetic Egg www.physorg.com
  Costa Rica Monkey Population in Decline www.enn.com
  Thane Maynard New Cincinnati Zoo Director news.enquirer.com
  Atlantic Shark Management www.epa.gov
  Draft Revised Recovery Plan Apache Trout www.epa.gov
  Seabird Research and Possible Pinniped Harassment www.epa.gov
  Origin of Cat Domestication www.sciencemag.org
7/28 Black Rhino In Vitro Fertilization Attempt at Western Plains Zoo www.smh.com.au
  Endangered bird: Gia Sloi english.vietnamnet.vn
7/29 CRES Center Among Green ‘Firsts’ www.signonsandiego.com 
  Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard Kansas www.kansas.com
  Swiss Zoo Criticized for Euthanizing Lion Cubs www.telegraph.co.uk
  Dallas Zoo’s Flamingo Husbandry Manual www.buffalonews.com
  Visiting the St. Louis Zoo www.chicagotribune.com
  Visiting the Indianapolis Zoo www.chicagotribune.com
  Visiting the Bronx Zoo deseretnews.com
7/30 Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Visiting San Diego and the Zoo www.miamiherald.com
  Indianapolis Zoo Receives $1.4 million Gift www.indystar.com
  Fortworth Zoo’s Spider Exhibit www.star-telegram.com
  Romanian Zoos Unable to Meet E.U. Standards www.telegraph.co.uk
  Giant Pandas Expand Habitat in W. China www.enn.com
  Chengdu Offers Panda Poop Souvenirs www.usatoday.com
  Baghdad Zoo Reopens Aquarium www.blackanthem.com
  Purdue Tracks Timber Rattlesnakes With Transmitters www.wsbt.com
  Mexico Opposes Border Fence www.signonsandiego.com
  Protecting Polar Bear and Peary Caribou www.canada.com
  Reptile Day at Washington Park Zoo heraldargus.com
7/31 Zoo Northwest Florida May Not Survive www.floridatoday.com
  Binder Park Zoo Camp-out Program www.battlecreekenquirer.com
  Most Complete Primate Gene Study Reported www.sciencedaily.com
  San Diego Zoo Panda is Pregnant www.iht.com
  WCS Program: Community Markets for Conservation www.nytimes.com
  Bai Yun’s Offspring www.signonsandiego.com





8/1 Tiger Zookeeper kills Zookeeper at Xinyi Zoo www.news.com.au
  Indianapolis Conservation Prize www.insideindianabusiness.com
  Indianapolis Prize Nominating Committee and Jury sev.prnewswire.com
  Reconsidering Zoos –Newsweek Editorial www.msnbc.msn.com
  German Documentary on Amphibian Decline www.ajc.com
  Piping Plover Threatened with Botulism www.ludingtondailynews.com
  Synchrotron Could Help Save The Tasmanian Devil www.csiro.au
  Monkeys Learn Like Humans www.eurekalert.org
  USDA Announces Funding for Bovine T.B. www.usda.gov   
  Chinese Paddlefish May Be Extinct english.pravda.ru
8/2 Sea Turtle Research www.epa.gov  
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Channel Islands Marine Reserve www.epa.gov
  Plan for Nine Southeastern Species www.epa.gov
  Camel Kills Asian Wild Ass at Helsinki Zoo www.hs.fi
  Spectacular New Aukland Zoo Aviary www.stuff.co.nz
  Lawsuit To Stop Pachyderm Forest At LA Zoo www.knbc.com
  Roger Williams Park Zoo’s Anteater Exhibit www.projo.com
  Jamaica Bay Habitat Endangered www.nytimes.com
  U.N. Moves to Protect Virunga Gorillas allafrica.com
  Orangutans Play Charades With People news.nationalgeographic.com
  World's First Cryochick Hatches At Audubon www.wdsu.com
  Hippos poison wildlife www.telegraph.co.uk
  OSHA Blames Denver Zoo in Keeper Death www.bizjournals.com
8/3 WCS Tracks Scarlet Macaws by Satellite www.enn.com
  West Nile Detected in 3 SD County Birds www.signonsandiego.com

Conservation Status of Thai Hornbills

August 3, 2007   www.sciencemag.org

8/4 Two Condors Await Release at Pinnacles www.gilroydispatch.com
  Giant panda gives birth at San Diego Zoo www.mercurynews.com
  Another Baby Panda At San Diego Zoo www.signonsandiego.com
  Giant Anteater Born at National Zoo www.washingtonpost.com
8/5 USFWS Involved in Cat – Bird Conflict www.nytimes.com  
  Palm Beach Zoo’s Singing Dogs www.palmbeachdailynews.com
  Brevard Zoo Opens Detective Academy www.floridatoday.com
  B.C. Has 1,300 Endangered & Threatened Species www.canada.com  
  White Oak Conservation Center Trains Zoo Vets www.gainesville.com
  Foot & Mouth Disease Closes Kerala Zoo www.hindu.com
8/6 Giant Panda Attacks Keeper www.iht.com
  Indianapolis Zoo Closes “Oceans” Temporarily www.insideindianabusiness.com
  Tawny Frogmouths Hatch at London Zoo www.lse.co.uk
  Discounts To Southern California Attractions leisureblogs.chicagotribune.com
  Latest Indian Tiger Census Is Alarming www.enn.com
  Fossil Lucy Leaves Ethiopia for U.S. Visit www.nytimes.com
  India Accesses Conservation Efforts www.alertnet.org
  Japan adds 461 Species to Red List www.asahi.com
  Inventory of Texas ‘Big Thicket’ Reserve www.statesman.com
  Genetic Analysis of Chytrid Fungus www.livescience.com
8/7 Shanghai Zoo Treats Pandas with Herbal Medicine www.shanghaidaily.com
  Brookfield Zoo’s New VP of Animal Care www.chicagosuburbannews.com
  Floods Close Cleveland Metroparks Zoo blog.cleveland.com
  Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project www.abcnews.go.com
  North Carolina Zoo’s Elephant Program www.news-record.com
  Puppet-reared Condors Have Social Difficulties www.nature.com
  WCS Finds 6 New Animal Species in Congo www.eurekalert.org
  China: Snow Leopard Pelts Seized www.nytimes.com
  “No Child Left Indoors” www.eurekalert.org
  Viewing ecosystems from above www.eurekalert.org
8/8 Habitat Loss Threatens Pygmy Elephants www.nytimes.com
  Southern Elephant Seal Behavior Study www.eurekalert.org
  Smithsonian Rainforest Study in New Guinea www.eurekalert.org
  Dutch Primatologist Released from Brazilian Jail news.mongabay.com
  Seattle Zoo Criticized for Using African Guides seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Yangtze River Dolphin Could be Extinct www.iht.com
  Indonesia & Australia Sister Zoo’s Conservation Program www.antara.co.id
  Tunnels Created For Salamander Migration www.canada.com
  Latest In-Vitro Rhino Fertilization Fails www.abc.net.au
  Safe Gorilla Tourism Vital for DRC www.abcnews.go.com
  2 Spotted Owls Captured for Breeding in B.C. www.canada.com
  Dugong added to Okinawa's endangered species Red List www.japanupdate.com
8/9 The Peoria Zoo's $32-million Expansion

  Kentucky License Plates Benefit Zoo www.bizjournals.com
  Columbus Zoo’s Water Park Plans www.thisweeknews.com
  Googling San Diego Streets www.signonsandiego.com
  Maasai Tribe Urges Conservation Efforts www.signonsandiego.com
  3 Positive Conservation Trends www.nytimes.com
  Black-footed Ferret Lifecycle Study www.msnbc.msn.com 
  North Carolina Zoo Receives $3.456 Million www.thepilot.com
  2006 USFWS National Survey Results www.fws.gov
  Minnesota Zoo Develops WolfQuest Video Game www.worthplaying.com
  Asian Elephants Terrorize Indonesian Farmers www.asahi.com
  Successful EU Bird Conservation www.reuters.com
  Indonesian Animals on CITES Appendix I List www.antara.co.id
8/10 Aukland Zoo’s Centre for Conservation Medicine www.nzherald.co.nz
  Reggie the Alligator Debuts at LA Zoo www.latimes.com
  Female Asian Elephant Born at Calgary Zoo www.canada.com
  Polar Bear Longevity Record winnipegsun.com
  6 Palomar Mountain Squirrels Test Positive for Plague www.signonsandiego.com
  SeaWorld Hosts Geography Competition www.signonsandiego.com
  Public Debate Over Maasai at Woodland Park Zoo seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Internet Petition to Send Russian Elephant to Tennessee en.rian.ru
  Red Panda Cubs Survive in Edmonton edmontonjournal.com
  Whooping Crane Survey www.fws.gov
  California Condor Update in American Scientist www.americanscientist.org
8/12 Six Monocellate cobras born in Orissa zoo www.kalingatimes.com
  Salvaging Turtle Eggs from Roadkill www.nytimes.com
  Reptiles found in Saudi's luggage news.bbc.co.uk
8/13 Kansas City Zoo Remodel www.kansascity.com
  BC Captures Spotted Owls For Captive Breeding news.opb.org
  West Nile At The Assinboine Park Zoo www.cjob.com
  California Ground Squirrel – Rattlesnake Study news.nationalgeographic.com
  Fourth Gorilla Dies at Calgary Zoo This Year www.thestar.com
8/14 Cairo Zoo Overwhelmed by Crocs www.france24.com
  Persian Leopards Born at Budapest Zoo www.iht.com
  Seattle zoo may drop horse meat from carnivore diet www.kndo.com
  Papua New Guinea Releases Turtle Stamps www.fishupdate.com
  Shark Genome Findings www.eurekalert.org
  Conservation Planning in a Changing World www.coralcoe.org.au
  Scientists Criticize USFWS Spotted Owl Recovery Plan www.nytimes.com
  First Female Curator of Herpetology at Bronx Zoo www.nydailynews.com
  Manager for Pittsburgh Zoo’s Elephant Breeding Farm www.post-gazette.com
  "Spend the Day. Save Tomorrow." news.scotsman.com
  Using GPS to Track Great Indian Bustard www.rediff.com
  Zoos and the Horse Meat Controversy archives.seattletimes.nwsource.com
8/15 RSPCA Exonerates Taronga Zoo www.news.com.au
  Visiting Wolong’s Panda Petting Zoo www.cnn.com
  Visiting Woodland Park Zoo thedaily.washington.edu
  BIERZS Conference 2007 www.bigbeargrizzly.net
  Foot & Mouth Disease Update for U.K. money.cnn.com
  Santa Barbara Zoo Ceremony for Pollination Stamps www.usps.com
  Asian Workshop on Sustainable Forest Management www.brunei-online.com
  How Female Hyenas Avoid Incest www.eurekalert.org
  Report on Baiting & Supplemental Feeding Of Wildlife www.ewire.com
  Rainforest Alliance Eco-Index of Conservation Projects www.ewire.com
8/16 Reggie the Alligator Escapes from New Exhibit www.latimes.com
  No Pregnancy for Thai Zoo Panda uk.reuters.com
  Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Expansion www.bbc.co.uk
  Koala cub dies in Thailand’s Chiang Mai zoo nationmultimedia.com
  Chester Zoo’s Bird Conservation Program www.thisiswirral.co.uk
  Conservation of Homerus Swallowtail www.nature-science.info
  Endangered Lion Tamarins Born at Denver Zoo www.denverpost.com
  Tool Use by New Caledonian Crow www.eurekalert.org
  Ecological Restoration www.globalrestorationnetwork.org
  Bird Life International’s Fund Raising Campaign www.enn.com
  Bottled Water is a Conservation Problem www.enn.com
  Another Gorilla Found Dead in Virunga wildlifedirect.org
  Savanna Habitat Promotes Cooperative Bird Breeding www.eurekalert.org
  New Zealand Seed Bank Opens www.scoop.co.nz
8/17 Python Kills 3 Keas at Budapest Zoo www.iht.com
  Ueno Zoo Will Breed Indigenous Horses www.yomiuri.co.jp
  Capybara Killed by Hippo at Zoo Northwest Florida www.firstcoastnews.com
  Elephant Shower Constructed at Virginia Zoo content.hamptonroads.com
  Asian Elephants Get Photo IDs in Southern India www.enn.com
  Zoological Society of London Seeks Help to Aid Gorillas www.nytimes.com
  Malaysia Will Export Monkeys for Meat & Research www.nytimes.com
  Zebras, Elephants Moved to Restock Kenya Park news.nationalgeographic.com
  Kenya’s Animal Parks Suffering from Climate Change www.enn.com
  Houston Zoo's Rhino, Bu, Dies at 39 www.chron.com
8/18 Houston Zoo Puts Animals in New Restroom www.chron.com
  PETA Asks USDA to Investigate Monkey Escape www.hattiesburgamerican.com
  Land Conservation Near Camp Pendleton www.signonsandiego.com
  Saudi Camels Dying of Mystery Ailment www.enn.com
  North Atlantic Ocean Study www.enn.com
  Size Matters – Mathematically www.npr.org
8/19 Mei Sheng Celebrates 4th Birthday www.10news.com
  Condor Dies From Lead Poisoning www.sciencedaily.com
8/20 Panda Corridor in Sichuan Province timesofindia.indiatimes.com
  WWF Warns Tourists About Buying Souvenirs www.enn.com
8/21 Reintroduction of American Chestnut news.uns.purdue.edu
  Hot Weather Impacts Animal Reproduction www.enn.com
8/22 Seattle Residents Vote for Zoo and Parks seattletimes.nwsource.com
  USDA Fines St. Louis Zoo www.stltoday.com
  Australia Zoo Adopts 3D Facial Recognition Technology www.pr-inside.com
  How Kua, the Rhino, Died www.smh.com.au
  Young New Zealanders Help Save Orangutans www.scoop.co.nz
  Revealing Human Origins Initiative www.nature.com
  Ivory-billed Woodpecker Recovery Plan www.epa.gov
  NOAA Recovery Plan for Monk Seals www.enn.com
  Critical Habitat for Checkerspot Butterfly www.epa.gov
  Indianapolis Zoo Dolphin Died of Heart Attack www.forbes.com
8/23 Lee Richardson Zoo Promotes Distance Learning www.gctelegram.com
  West Nile Virus in San Diego County www.westnile.ca.gov
  USFWS Publishes CITES Trade Regulations www.enn.com
  Sparkletts Bottled Water Sponsors San Diego Zoo www.prweb.com
  Deal Honors Steve Irwin's Legacy www.thedaily.com.au 
  St. Louis Zoo Will Keep its Accreditation www.stltoday.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Ringling Bros. Will Be Tried for Elephant Abuse www.prnewswire.com
  Animal Prosthesis www.time.com
  Revised CITES Regulations www.epa.gov
  Managing Elephants in Africa www.nature.com
8/24 First panda born in Europe zoo in 25 years www.chinaview.cn 
  149 Smuggled Parrots Returned to Mexico www.enn.com
  Panda Genetic Study www.enn.com
  Amphibian Ark Campaign www.enn.com
  Vocalizations in Free-Ranging Rhesus Macaques www.eurekalert.org
  Brazilian Scientists Hope to Save Amazon Manatees www.afp.com
  First Non-surgical Intra-vaginal Insemination

  China and Vietnam Battle Lethal Pig Disease www.scidev.net
  America Loves Pandas www.latimes.com
8/25 U.S. Elephants Benefit from Animal Rights Attention www.iht.com
  Panda-mania Wanes for Fourth Cub www.signonsandiego.com
  Blue-tongue Outbreak in France www.enn.com
  Austrian Zoo Reports Panda Twins www.smh.com.au
8/26 $57M upgrade of the Emperor Valley Zoo www.newsday.co.tt
  PAWS Helps Alaskan Elephant Maggie www.nytimes.com
  Meet the Pandas www.latimes.com
8/27 Diet Restriction for Seoul Grand Park Animals www.koreatimes.co.kr
  Orangutan Escape at Zoo Atlanta www.ajc.com
  Chester Zoo’s Realm of the Red Ape www.eveningleader.co.uk
  Taiping Four Gorillas May Soon Go Home www.pretorianews.co.za
  Saving the Kakapo www.enn.com
  Audubon’s Puffin Project www.enn.com
  Ape Trust and ISU Will Work Together desmoinesregister.com
  Introducing New Chimps at Knoxville Zoo www.knoxnews.com
  Leopard Count in Kashmir www.afp.com
  Activists Fight Lead Bullets

8/28 Listing Gunnison’s Prairie Dog www.epa.gov
  UK Biodiversity Action Plan Published news.search.yahoo.com
  Marburg Virus Found in Nonprimate Species www.nytimes.com
  Conservation Science Stifled in Brazil www.nytimes.com
  New Golden Frog Discovered in Colombia www.enn.com
  Visiting Coachella Valley's Living Desert www.mercurynews.com
Bindi Irwin Clothing Line www.theage.com.au
8/29 Chester Zoo’s Successful Breeding Programs www.eveningleader.co.uk
  Oakland Zoo’s “California Project” www.insidebayarea.com
  Spider Monkey Survey in Ecuadorian rainforests www.sussexexpress.co.uk  
  China Claims Yangtze River Dolphin (Baiji) Sighting www.enn.com
  Conservation Plan for Tigers & Elephants www.enn.com
  Avoid Bottled Water And Save the Planet www.enn.com
  Study Confirms Human-Human Spread of H5N1 Bird Flu www.enn.com
  New Bird Study Reports More Males Than Females www.birdlife.org
  Olive Ridley Turtle Eggs Seized in Mexico www.nytimes.com
8/30 Yellowstone Wolf-Elk Interaction www.eurekalert.org
  One Species' Genome Discovered Inside Another's www.eurekalert.org
  Chinese Mountain Cat Captured on Film news.nationalgeographic.com
  Chester Zoo’s Clever “Lamppost Campaign” www.how-do.co.uk
  Zoo-Northwest Vet Sets the Record Straight www.gulfbreezenews.com
8/31 Ontario Studies Zoo Animal Safety lfpress.ca
  Werribee zoo acts on infection fears www.theage.com.au
  History of the Taiping Four www.theglobeandmail.com
  EPA Awards $10,000 to Dallas Zoo yosemite.epa.gov
  Humpback Whale Feeding Behavior Recorded www.enn.com
  2008 Declared Year of Frog www.enn.com
  Male Deer Live Fast, Die Young www.eurekalert.org
  Elephant population in Sumatra down 35% www.antara.co.id
  NGO’s Urged to Buy Palm Oil Plantations www.scidev.net





9/2 Nandankanan Zoo Captive Tiger Breeding Program www.newindpress.com
  Genebank for African Livestock Needed allafrica.com
9/3 Gene Bank of Rare Livestock Breeds Needed www.enn.com
  Myanmar Wildlife Sold to China www.enn.com
  Indian Rhino Dies From Cobra Bite www.hindu.com
  Pueblo Zoo’s New “Islands of Life” Exhibit www.chieftain.com
9/4 Cell Technology Tracks Animal Calls www.nytimes.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Escalating Conflict Threatens Mountain Gorillas www.enn.com
  WWF partners with Marks & Spencer on eco-plan www.enn.com
  Aye Aye Color Vision www.eurekalert.org
  Grizzly Study www.physorg.com
  Tasmanian Tiger No Match for Dingo www.eurekalert.org
  Issuance of Permits www.epa.gov 
  Zoo Atlanta Panda Finances www.usatoday.com
9/5 First African Elephant born in Hungary www.caboodle.hu
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Critical Habitat for Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet www.epa.gov
  Moray Eel Feeding Mechanism Filmed www.enn.com
  National Zoo’s Anteater is a Female www.washingtonpost.com
  Orangutans Squeezed by Biofuel Boom www.enn.com
  Kenyan Wildlife Service Rescues Grevy Zebras news.yahoo.com
  Researchers Will Study Bonobo Psychology news.mongabay.com
  WWF Update on Greek Fires www.enn.com 
  Egyptian Fruit Bat’s Role in Marburg Virus www.scidev.net
9/6 Singapore Zoo’s New Rainforest Challenge www.channelnewsasia.com
  Adelaide Zoo Will Get Pandas www.news.com.au
  S.F. Lion House Reopens www.kcbs.com
  Virus May Cause Honeybee Death www.eurekalert.org/bees
  Primate Psychology Study www.eurekalert.org
  Great Cats & Rare Canids Bill - H.R. 1464 www.newswise.com
  Draft Recovery Plan for Copperbelly Water Snake www.epa.gov
  Eight Langurs Set Free in Vietnam Park mathaba.net
  Nuremberg Zoo Cheetah Dies from FSE www.iht.com
  California Senate Passes Non-Lead Ammunition Bill www.yubanet.com
9/7 Recovery Plan for the Pygmy Rabbit www.epa.gov
  Toledo Zoo Plans $7.5M Kid Space toledoblade.com
  Capuchin Urine Washing Behavior www.nature.com
  Cleveland Zoo Vet Care on Display www.cleveland.com
  Toronto Zoo Remodels Polar Bear Exhibit www.thestar.com
  “Junk” Threatens California Condor www.birdlife.org
  USGS Announces Results of Polar Bear Research news.fws.gov
9/8 Madrid Zoo Gets Giant Pandas www.iht.com
  Forecast for Polar Bears in 2050 www.nytimes.com
  Clapper Rails Released in San Diego www.signonsandiego.com
  Saving Borneo’s Small Elephants www.newswales.co.uk
9/9 Australia-Indonesia Pact to Save Kalimatan Forest www.enn.com
  Peoria Zoo’s African Project Moves Forward www.pjstar.com
9/10 Edinburgh Zoo's New Lorikeet Landings news.scotsman.com
  London Zoo’s Animal Photo Lessons www.amateurphotographer.co.uk
  Rainforest Adventure at Auckland Zoo www.scoop.co.nz
  Capuchin Escape Artist Inspires T-Shirt www.djournal.com
  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Celebrates 125th Anniversary www.clevelandleader.com
  Gray Whale DNA Study www.nytimes.com
  Alex the Parrot Dies at Age 31 www.nytimes.com
  Calgary Zoo’s Elephant Calf  Meets Fans canadianpress.google.com
  Sharon Matola Created Belize Zoo www.abcnews.go.com
9/11 Bjorn Lomborg Tackles Global Warming www.nytimes.com
  Franklin Park Zoo Sells Gorilla Art On eBay www.thebostonchannel.com
  California Fights Invasive Northern Pike www.nytimes.com
  Giant Spider Web in Texas www.nytimes.com
  Saving Brazil’s Atlantic Forest Birds www.birdlife.org
  Toledo Zoo’s New $500,000 Amphibian House toledoblade.com
  10 Lorikeets Die at Wild Animal Park www.signonsandiego.com
  Zoological Society Wants a Seal Rescue Center www.pressofatlanticcity.com
9/12 DNA Analysis for Taronga Zoo’s Elephants www.news.com.au
  IUCN Says 16,300 Species Threatened with Extinction www.nytimes.com
  Western Lowland Gorilla is Critically Endangered www.nytimes.com
  Oldest Captive Giraffe Dies at the Dallas Zoo www.dallasnews.com
  St. Louis Zoo Children’s Zoo Curator Endowed www.stltoday.com
  Jacksonville Zoo’s Newest Garden www.jaxdailyrecord.com
  New Species of Gecko and Skink found www.bangkokpost.com
  Loggerhead Sea Turtle Study www.enn.com
  189 Birds Now Critically Endangered www.birdlife.org
  Mauritius Parakeet Rebounds www.enn.com
9/13 PETA Works to Close Manila Zoo newsinfo.inquirer.net
  China Halts Panda Goodwill Gestures www.reuters.com
  Rothchild Giraffe Born in Vienna Zoo www.sowetan.co.za
  Brevard Zoo Gets IMLS Grant to Create Web Site www.floridatoday.com
  Wellington Zoo's new Wild Theatre www.scoop.co.nz
  San Diego’s Baby Panda is a Girl

  Two Hawaii creepers released into wild www.hawaiitribune-herald.com
9/14 Red Bird of Paradise Bred at Houston Zoo www.khou.com
  Alaska Zoo Will Send Maggie to California Sanctuary www.adn.com
  Taiping Four Will Leave SA Zoo in November www.iht.com
  Denver Zoo Raises Cinereous Vulture Chick www.rockymountainnews.com
  Salmon Spawn Baby Trout in Experiment www.nytimes.com
  Gibbon Workshop www.telegraphindia.com
9/15 Ronit Abramson San Diego Zoo's Arctic Ambassador www.imperialvalleynews.com
9/16 21-Month-old Georgia Aquarium Not Accredited www.ajc.com
  Baby Rhino Increases Paignton Zoo Attendance www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk
9/17 Franklin Park Zoo on Trial for Gorilla Attack 4 Years Ago news.bostonherald.com
  Zoo Northwest Florida’s Feast With The Beast

  Mill Mountain Zoo is Re-Accredited www.roanoke.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Jack Hanna, Flamingo Stuck in Turnstile ap.google.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Hawaii Creeper Thrives in Refuge starbulletin.com
  Longest Snake in Captivity www.nytimes.com
  Hybrid California Salamander Study www.eurekalert.org
9/18 San Diego’s Elephant Odyssey Receives $1 Million www.10news.com
  Why Conservation Efforts Often Fail www.eurekalert.org
  FOXP2 Gene and the Evolution of Echolocation www.eurekalert.org
  Denver Zoo Works with Mongolia to Save Vultures www.mongolia-web.com
  Utila Iguanas Hatch at London Zoo news.bbc.co.uk
  Wild Animal Park Keepers Bottle-feed Somali Ass www.nctimes.com
  Reopening of Polar Bear Comment Period www.fws.gov
  Cornell Ornithologists Record Migrating Bird Calls www.nytimes.com
  Zoo Accreditations / Re-Accreditations in 2007  
  Philippine Bat “Rediscovered” news.nationalgeographic.com
  Lehigh Valley Zoo Investigates Animal Deaths www.mcall.com
9/19 Edinburgh Zoo Supports Uganda Field Station living.scotsman.com
  The Frozen Zoo at CRES www.plentymag.com
  Baby Elephant Born at Wild Animal Park www.signonsandiego.com
  Skink Diversity www.eurekalert.org
  Brookfield Gorilla Undergoes Surgery cbs2chicago.com
9/20 Proposal to List the Polar Bear as Threatened Throughout Its Range www.epa.gov
9/21 NEW Zoo looks to future www.greenbaypressgazette.com
  National Zoo Cheetah Euthanized www.examiner.com
  Birmingham Zoo’s New ‘The Trails of Africa’ www.al.com
  Flores Bones Represent a Distinct Species www.nytimes.com
  5-Year Review of 16 Southeastern Species www.epa.gov
  5-Year Review of Chihuahua Chub and Navasota Ladies'-Tresses www.epa.gov
  5-Year Reviews of 18 Caribbean Species www.epa.gov
  Chinese Crested Tern Faces Extinction www.enn.com
  Racine Zoo Has Four New Lion Cubs www.journaltimes.com
  Baucus' Endangered Species Recovery Bill www.theprairiestar.com
  Shanghai Zoo Vets Save White Rhino www.shanghaidaily.com
  $5.2 million National Eagle Center Opens www.lacrossetribune.com
  Nunavut Government Limits Polar Bear Hunt www.cbc.ca
  N.Y. Building Modification Saves Birds www.nytimes.com
9/22 Decline in Loggerhead Sea Turtles www.nytimes.com
  Zoo Animal Match-Making www.northcountytimes.com
  Chaffee Zoo Has Stingray Mortality Problem www.fresnobee.com
9/23 Harrods Plans Roof-top Zoo money.guardian.co.uk
  Black-shanked Douc Langurs found in Khanh Hoa 

  India to Protect Frogs from Chytrid Fungus www.hindu.com
  WCS African Ecotourism Venture www.nytimes.com
9/24 Detroit Zoo Saves Wyoming Toads www.detnews.com
  Fort Worth Zoo Plans $18 Million Reptile House www.bizjournals.com
  Kuwait Zoo Re-opens After Bird Flu Scare www.kuwaittimes.net
  Successful Breeding of Steller’s Eider www.adn.com
  Miami MetroZoo Elephants www.miamiherald.com
  Navy Sonar Study on Hawaii’s Beaked Whales seattlepi.nwsource.com
  Lab-on-chip Testing for 'Bird Flu' www.eurekalert.org
  Frog Deformities Studied www.eurekalert.org
  Carbon Disclosure Project www.eurekalert.org
9/25 Saltwater Crocodiles Can Find their Way Home www.eurekalert.org
  Migratory Birds May 'See' the Magnetic Field www.eurekalert.org
  Primate Sperm Competition: Speed Matters www.eurekalert.org
  Animal Conservationists Nominated For Indianapolis Prize www.insideindianabusiness.com
  India’s Central Zoo Authority De-recognizes 302 Zoos www.livement.com
  Another Dead Mountain Gorilla news.yahoo.com
  Fort Worth Zoo’s New Herpetarium www.star-telegram.com
  Interim CEO for Maryland Zoo www.bizjournals.com
  Tropical Kelp Forest Discovery sciencenow.sciencemag.org
9/26 Cleveland Zoo secures $1M gift for Elephant Crossing www.crainscleveland.com
  Dutch Zoo Breeds Jellyfish in Captivity www.radionetherlands.nl
  Snow Leopard Trust’s Helen Freeman Dies seattlepi.nwsource.com
  Highland Wildlife Park Prepares for Amur Tigers www.strathspey-herald.co.uk
  New TRAFFIC Study: Wildlife Trade in China www.enn.com
  Chimp Population Falls in Sierra Leone www.enn.com
  New Species Discovered in Vietnam www.enn.com 
  Overview of Species Recently Discovered in Vietnam www.timesonline.co.uk
  Baby Addax at Lee Richardson Zoo www.gctelegram.com
  Congo Rangers Break Gorilla Traffic Ring www.enn.com
  Snowy Plover Recovery Plan Criticized www.msnbc.msn.com
  Recurve-billed Bushbird not Extinct www.birdlife.org
9/27 Columbus Zoo Gorilla Will Have Eye Surgery www.ohio.com
  Zoo New England to Pay Compensation for Gorilla Attack www.boston.com
  Jackson Zoo Breaks Ground on Education Center www.wlbt.com
  Rimitara Lorikeet Returns to Cook Islands www.nytimes.com
  Pacific Chorus Frog Exhibit at S.F. Zoo www.sfgate.com
  Kit Fox Gets Protection in California www.enn.com
  Stable Flies Implicated in Pelican Deaths from West Nile Virus www.montana.edu
  Short-tailed Bats at Aukland Zoo www.scoop.co.nz
  South African Initiative to Boost Research www.nature.com
9/28 Zoo Atlanta Receives Education & Conservation Awards www.ajc.com
  Brookfield Tiger Cubs Injured by Father www.chicagosuburbannews.com
  Black Bear Cubs Escape at Palm Beach Zoo www.palmbeachpost.com
  Malaysia returns 4 Orangutans to Indonesia www.thejakartapost.com
  Sequencing DNA from Extinct Mammoth Hair www.sciencemag.org
  Wood Stork Reclassification from Endangered to Threatened www.naplesnews.com
9/29 San Diego Zoo's New Elephant Exhibit www.signonsandiego.com
  GAO: Smithsonian Facilities in Decline www.washingtonpost.com
  Phoenix Zoo Supports Jaguars, and Sonora Reserve www.azcentral.com
9/30 Rhino from San Diego Dies at New Delhi Zoo www.expressindia.com
  Dengue Fever Pandemic Feared www.signonsandiego.com





10/1 Whipsnade Zoo Chimp Killed After Escape www.telegraph.co.uk
  Bluetongue Virus Impacts Breeding Programs in U.K. news.bbc.co.uk
  London Zoo Photo Archive Online www.zsl.org
  NC Zoo Expands Elephant Herd media.www.dailytarheel.com
  Melbourne Zoo Supports Sumatran Tigers www.theage.com.au 
  Attwater’s Prairie Chicken Conservation www.news8austin.com
  Nature Conservancy President Resigns www.washingtonpost.com
  Bite of Sabre-toothed cat Smilodon Analyzed www.eurekalert.org
  Federal Inspectors Investigate Brookfield’s Cub Maiming www.chicagotribune.com
  Acupuncture Used on NC Zoo Patas Monkeys news14.com
  History of Water Buffalo in the U.S. www.mercurynews.com
10/2 Four Bongos Born at Belfast Zoo www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk
  Pennsylvania’s Flying Squirrels Endangered pittsburghlive.com
  Galápagos Hawk Evolutionary History www.eurekalert.org
  Suggest a Name for San Diego Zoo Panda www.10news.com
  Oregon’s Wildlife Safari Receives AZA Accreditation www.oregonnews.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications

  Polar Bear Forecast is Grim www.nytimes.com
10/3 Cincinnati Zoo Opens 4D Theater 

  Oregon Spotted Frog Breeding Program www.theglobeandmail.com
  Pittsburgh Zoo Gets 250K from State www.pittsburghlive.com
  Scarecrow Decorating Contest at Wright Park Zoo 

  Indian Rhino Calf Born at Montgomery Zoo www.nbc13.com
  Three Marsican Bears Die in Italy www.nytimes.com
  10,000 Wildebeest Drown www.enn.com
  Ecotourism in India www.enn.com
10/4 Melbourne Zoo Breeds Rare Stick Insect www.theage.com.au
  Wildlife Photography at Minnesota Zoo www.startribune.com
  Gharials Critically Endangered www.expressindia.com
  Buffalo Zoo Will Expand Vet Hospital www.bizjournals.com
  Rare white rhino born at SA zoo abc.net.au
  Endangered and Threatened Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  5-Year Reviews of Midwest Plant & Wildlife Species www.epa.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Lincoln Park Zoo Breeds African Dwarf Crocodiles www.chicagotribune.com
  New Caledonia Crow Tool Use Study www.physorg.com
  Unique Cycad Reproductive Process news.nationalgeographic.com
10/5 Edinburgh Zoo’s £72m Expansion Jeopardized news.scotsman.com
  Two Somali Wild Asses Born at Marwell Zoo www.thisishampshire.net
  El Paso Zoo’s  Elephant Festival 2007 www.newspapertree.com
  Polar Bear Comment Period Extended www.epa.gov
  Bali Mynah Chicks Hatch at Garden City zoo www.newschannel10.com
  Wind Turbines Hazardous to Bats & Birds www.enn.com
  Captive Breeding Reduces Reproductive Fitness www.sciencemag.org
10/7 Buffalo Zoo Gets $90,000 for Upgrades www.tradingmarkets.com
  Invasive Gray Squirrel Displaces Red Squirrel in U.K. www.nytimes.com
10/8 Threats to Bumblebees www.nytimes.com
  Killer Whale Injures Trainer in Spain ap.google.com
  Brookfield Zoo Tiger Cub Dies www.chicagotribune.com
  Fear of Bees Could Protect Kenya's Elephants www.enn.com
  Walruses Displaced by Melting Ice www.enn.com
  Second AI Pregnancy for Budapest Zoo Rhino www.iht.com
  Jackson Zoo Accredited www.wapt.com
  St. Louis Zoo Science Seminars media.www.thecurrentonline.com
  San Diego Zoo Gets $1 million from State Agency www.sdbj.com
  Cincinnati Zoo's Reptile House www.oxfordpress.com
  Oakland Zoo Exhibits International Children's Art cbs5.com
10/9 Endangered Species Recovery Plans www.epa.gov
  Proposed Florida Scrub-Jay Safe Harbor Agreement www.epa.gov
  Critical Habitat for the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep & Proposed Taxonomic Revision www.epa.gov
  Petition to List the Black-Footed Albatross www.epa.gov
  Delisting the Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel www.epa.gov
  Wichita's Flamingo Now in Louisiana www.kansas.com
  Seneca Park Zoo Receives Challenge Grant www.democratandchronicle.com
  Oregon Zoo’s “Predators of the Serengeti” www.oregonlive.com
  Moremi Baboon Study www.nytimes.com
  Scientists Discover Hantavirus Mechanism www.nytimes.com
  Understanding Tasmanian Devil Disease www.nytimes.com
  Brookfield Reassigns Tiger Keepers www.chicagotribune.com
  Virus Killing Some Deer in New Jersey www.nytimes.com
  Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas Threatened allafrica.com
10/10 Springboks Die After Transportation www.nzherald.co.nz
  Fisher (Martes pennanti) Permit Request www.epa.gov
  Elephant Kills Keeper at Moscow Zoo www.reuters.com
  Utah’s Hogle Zoo Seeks Renovation Funds www.sltrib.com
  New Species of Antwren Found in Brazil www.birdlife.org
  Critical Habitat for Peninsular Desert Bighorn Sheep & Proposed Taxonomic Revision www.epa.gov
  Amazon Tour for Community College & Binder Park Zoo www.battlecreekenquirer.com
  Protecting the Northern Spotted Owl www.nature.com
  Moose Use People to Protect Young www.nature.com
  Knoxville Zoo’s New Red Panda Exhibit www.wbir.com
10/11 Cincinnati Zoo’s 4D Theater Opens news.enquirer.com
  Buenos Aires Zoo Advertises New Night hours creativity-online.com
  Tacoma Zoo's Red Wolf Breeding Program seattlepi.nwsource.com
  Zurich Zoo Promotes Madagasar Conservation www.swissinfo.org
  USDA Approves 2 More Animal I.D. Devices www.aphis.usda.gov
  Schwarzenegger Urged to Sign Lead Bullet Ban www.montereyherald.com 
  Rebels Seize Congo Park news.nationalgeographic.com
  Santa Barbara Zoo's New Condor Exhibit www.ksby.com
  Galapagos Iguanas Respond to Bird Alarm Calls www.nature.com/nature
10/12 Buying and selling habitats to help wildlife www.esf.org
  High Desert Corridor, State Route 18 Impact Statement www.epa.gov
  Orphan Lemur Taken Back by Mother news.bbc.co.uk
  Spoon-billed Sandpiper Endangered www.birdlife.org
  Sierra National Forest, Sugar Pine Adaptive Management Project www.epa.gov
10/13 Condor Preservation Act Signed www.biologicaldiversity.org
  Reprint of Frozen Zoo Article www.alternet.org
  South China tiger caught on Camera tvnz.co.nz
  John Ball Zoo Hires Full Time Veterinarian www.mlive.com
10/14 Endangered Vietnamese Ox Protected    

  Group hopes to List Kauai Honeycreepers the.honoluluadvertiser.com
10/15 Louisville Zoo Hand-Raises 3 Siamangs www.pr-inside.com
  Mill Mountain Zoo Director Leaves for Dallas www.roanoke.com
  Toledo Zoo Hosts Amphibian Workshop toledoblade.com
  Cute Picture of Mali, San Diego’s Baby Bonobo  
  Testosterone Levels Determine How Male Junco's Spend Time www.eurekalert.org
  Army-ant-following Birds www.eurekalert.org
  Dinosaur Found in Patagonia www.nytimes.com
10/16 Uganda’s Gorilla Tourism allafrica.com
  Critical Habitat for Monterey Spineflower www.epa.gov
  Chimpanzees Exaggerate Screams When Attacked www.physorg.com
  Cane Toads Advance Despite Arthritis www.nytimes.com
  Barred Owls Inhabit Charlotte, N.C.  www.eurekalert.org
  National Wolf Awareness Week www.currentargus.com
10/17 Japan-born Panda Twins Returned to China www.chinadaily.com.cn
  Fisher-Price Education Space Opens at SF Zoo money.cnn.com
  Orangutan Hubandry Workshop at Brookfield Zoo origin.sltrib.com
  Modernization of the Mumbai Zoo timesofindia.indiatimes.com
  San Diego Zoo Grants a Wish www.dailyherald.com
  Origins of Animal Vision www.enn.com
  Canada Protects Caribou www.enn.com
  African Dogs at Houston Zoo www.bizjournals.com
  US Debt for Nature Swap with Costa Rica www.nytimes.com
  Nature Conservancy Buys 1,350 acres of grassland www.signonsandiego.com
10/18 Save Trees and Unclutter Your Mailbox www.nytimes.com
  Logging vs Spotted Owl in the West www.nytimes.com
  Pact to End Deforestation in Amazon www.enn.com
  Michigan Fence Protects 2 Rare Turtles www.nytimes.com
  Pittsburgh Zoo Fights Global Warming www.thepittsburghchannel.com
  Elephants Tell Human Friends by Scent and Clothing Color www.eurekalert.org
  Bat Communication Study www.eurekalert.org
  Aussie-Born Orangutan Re-indtroduced to the Wild www.smh.com.au
10/19 Pittsburgh Zoo Breaks Ground on Elephant Sanctuary www.thepittsburghchannel.com
  Australia Zoo Objects to Crocodile on Menu www.smh.com.au
  Climate Seen as Investment Megatrend www.enn.com
  Wind Farms & Migrating Birds www.enn.com
  Orangutan Experts Meet at Brookfield Zoo www.suntimes.com
  Bronx Zoo’s “Bring Out Your Wild Self” creativity-online.com
  Satellite Tag Leads to Major Lapwing Discovery www.birdlife.org
  45 Malaysian Birds May Disappear news.yahoo.com
  Reintroduction of Black-Footed Ferrets on Private Land www.epa.gov
  Recovery Plan for Nosa Luta or Rota Bridled White-eye www.epa.gov
10/20 Mei Sheng Will Leave San Diego Zoo www.imperialvalleynews.com
  Lights Out Campaign in California www.enn.com
  India: 5 Gir Lions Electrocuted www.nytimes.com
10/21 Twycross Zoo Founder Dies www.telegraph.co.uk
  Cleveland Gorilla Heart Problems Monitored www.cleveland.com
10/22 Flames Threaten San Diego Wild Animal Park cbs2.com
  Wild Animal Park Animals Not Evacuated www.news10.net
  County asks for 1,000 more firefighters www.signonsandiego.com
  Witch Fire Burns 8,000 Acres www.signonsandiego.com
  Flames Approach Wild Animal Park www.nbcsandiego.com
  Joburg Director Resigns www.int.iol.co.za
  Zoo Insurance money.cnn.com
  Slimy Salamander Bred at Toledo Zoo toledoblade.com
  Perth Zoo's First Baby Echidna www.news.com.au
10/23 New Population of Iberian Lynx www.eurekalert.org
  Infectious Disease and Global Health Meeting www.eurekalert.org
  Border Fence Defies Environmental Ruling www.nytimes.com
  Wild Amur Leopard Given Health Exam www.sciencedaily.com
  Naples Zoo's Nehrling Garden  
  Calgary Zoo Wants to Bring Back Polar Bears www.canada.com
  Topeka Zoo's New Tree Kangaroo Exhibit cjonline.com
  Female Gorilla Born at Woodland Park Zoo seattlepi.nwsource.com
10/24 Parasites Key to Decline of  Wild Red Colobus www.news.uiuc.edu
  White-Faced Sakis at Brevard Zoo www.floridatoday.com
  Critical Habitat for Puerto Rican Coqui Frog www.nytimes.com
  Extinctions Linked to Hotter Temperatures www.nytimes.com
  4 Frankfurt Zoo Flamingos Beheaded news.bbc.co.uk
  Beijing Zoo Panda Bites Teenage Boy ap.google.com
  Career Day at Point Defiance Zoo www.thenewstribune.com
  Open Letter to Brookfield Zoo CEO www.dailyherald.com
  Digital Radiography for Zoo Vets www.earthtimes.org
  Newborn Chimpanzee at Wellington Zoo www.nzherald.co.nz
  Lehigh Valley Zoo Receives $100k www.mcall.com
  El Paso Zoo Benefits from Bond Money www.elpasotimes.com
  Fire Closes Theme Parks travel.latimes.com
  Santa Barbara Zoo Mourns Loss of Lioness www.keyt.com
  KC Zoo to Become Elephant Breeding Facility www.kansascity.com
  Fires Turn Up Heat on Shrub Advocate www.wsj.com
10/25 New Director for Zoo Northwest Florida community.emeraldcoast.com
  Alabama's 'Little Zoo' Seeks Zoning for New Site www.al.com
  U. of Manchester & Chester Zoo Study Costa Rican Frog www.sciencedaily.com
  San Diego's Fires Causing Ecological Damage www.nytimes.com
  UN Report on Global Environmental Outlook 

  Wild Animal Park Animals Survive Blaze www.insideedition.com
  San Diego Attractions Reopen seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Wildfire Toll  
  2 Fire-Related Deaths at Wild Animal Park www.sacbee.com
  Jack Hanna May Teach Zoo Tech Program www.athensnews.com
  Moonridge Animal Park Relocation www.bigbeargrizzly.net
  2 Amur Tiger Cubs Born at Buffalo Zoo www.buffalonews.com
  High Grizzly Bear Mortality in Yellowstone www.nytimes.com
  Union Tribune Fire Statistics www.signonsandiego.com/firemap
  Bird Flu May Become Endemic in Europe www.enn.com
  Lion Predator-Prey Dynamics www.nature.com/nature
10/26 San Diego Fire Update www.signonsandiego.com
  Adelaide Zoo Will Have Giant Pandas www.news.com.au
  New Report on Primates www.nytimes.com
  First director of Micke Grove Zoo dies www.lodinews.com
  Pandas Come to Adelaide Zoo www.news.com.au
10/28 Adaptations of Burrowing Mammals eurekalert.org
  Twin Golden Headed Lion Tamarins Born at Colchester Zoo news.bbc.co.uk
  Fingerprinting Polar Bears canadianpress.google.com
  Potter Park’s Arctic Foxes Have Been Saved www.wlns.com
  Lead Bullet Ban Sought for Arizona www.azcentral.com
10/29 San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Damage Assessment www.fws.gov
  California Wildfires Destroy Condor Habitats : USFWS www.enn.com
  400 Year-Old Clam the Longest Living Animal? www.sciencedirect.com
  Uganda Saves Mabira Forest www.birdlife.org
  Hippo dies after arriving at Calgary Zoo www.canada.com
  LA Petting Zoo for Kids with Autism losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com
  Denver Zoo's CEO, Clayton Freiheit dies at 69 www.denverpost.com
  Big Sur Condor leaves the nest www.montereyherald.com
  Panda twins born in Japan Go 'home' www.chinadaily.com
  Saving Block Footed Ferrets in Arizona www.azcentral.com
  Tuatara Raised at Wellington Zoo www.scoop.co.nz
  Stephen Nash - Primate Artist for C.I. www.nytimes.com
  Melbourne Zoo’s Sumatran Tiger Breeding Program www.theage.com.au
  Alaska’s Elephant Heads to California www.signonsandiego.com
10/30 Terry Maple & Newt Gingrich Write ‘Green’ Book www.ajc.com
  Binterong Escapes from Melbourne Zoo www.theage.com.au
  Tracing the Roots of the California Condor www.physorg.com
  ECOLIFE Works for Sustainable Future www.signonsandiego.com
10/31 Kenya Moves to Save Black Rhino news.yahoo.com
  Law Suit Against LA Zoo’s Elephant Management www.signonsandiego.com
  Woodland Park Zoo Garage Plan Defeated seattlepi.nwsource.com
  Jacksonville Zoo Keeper Injured by Bongo www.jacksonville.com
  New Web Portal to Tropical Disease Research www.scidev.net





11/1 Edinburgh Zoo Won’t Move to Glasgow news.scotsman.com
  NC Zoo Gets 3 More African Elephants news14.com
  Hippo's Death at Calgary Zoo Investigated www.cbc.ca
  Minnesota Zoo’s Oldest Animal Dies kare11.com
  Freshwater Fish Faces Extinction www.nytimes.com
  Urban myth on WAP Hippo Escape www.signonsandiego.com
  Female Grizzly Bear Mortality Questioned www.nytimes.com
  Albino Red Necked Wallaby in Argentine Zoo afp.google.com
  Monkey Populations Displaced by Climate Change? www.enn.com
  Chimpanzee Washoe Dies www.nytimes.com
  California Wildfires Produce Climate-warming Carbon www.enn.com
  Colugos are Closest Relative of Primates www.eurekalert.org
  Primate Molecular Evolution Study www.eurekalert.org
11/2 Saving the Everglades is Failing www.nytimes.com
  Dallas Zoo’s New Biogas Facility www.dallasnews.com
  Philadelphia Zoo Offers Shuttle Service www.philly.com
  Baubles, Bangles and Seeds www.philly.com
  Monarto Zoo Uses Internet Game to Fund Exhibit abc.net.au
  Florida Panther Environmental Assessment www.epa.gov
  Environmental Impact Statement for New Mexico www.epa.gov
  Availability for Draft Recovery Crediting Guidance www.epa.gov  
  Coyote Springs Investment Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan www.epa.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Online Voting for San Diego Panda’s Name www.signonsandiego.com
  Alaska’s Maggie Arrives in California www.ktuu.com
  Eye Ointment Cures Frog Fungus news.nationalgeographic.com
  Woodland Park Zoo’s 2008 Plans seattlepi.nwsource.com
11/3 Lemur Study www.sciencedaily.com
  India: Guards Needed for Tigers www.nytimes.com
11/4 60 Minutes Exposes Ivory Poaching Crisis www.cbsnews.com
  New Species of Pig Discovered in Brazil www.thewest.com.au
11/5 New DeBrazza Monkey Population in Kenya news.nationalgeographic.com
  Austria’s Giant Panda Gets a Name lifestyle.iafrica.com
  Earliest Birds Were Ground Foragers www.eurekalert.org
  Steve Irwin Remembered www.cbc.ca
  Gwalior zoo successful in increasing alligator population www.dailyindia.com
  Cambodia Creates Sarus Crane Reserve www.birdlife.org
  Oregon’s Western Snowy Plover Conservation Plan www.epa.gov
  USFWS Aids Amur (Siberian) Tiger Conservation www.fws.gov
  Snake Farming – Alternative to Agriculture www.nepalnews.com
  Zoo Photo Safari Tips www.adorama.com
  Plant Extinctions Jeopardize Mankind www.physorg.com
  WCS Studies South Asia Tiger Areas www.eurekalert.org
11/6 Mammal Evolution on Islands www.eurekalert.org
  Search for Giant Worms www.upi.com
  Scientist Claims to Find New Pig Species www.nytimes.com
  Middle School Develops Conservation Curriculum with WCS www.nydailynews.com
  History of the Kansas City Zoo www.kansascity.com
  Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan www.epa.gov
  Endangered Species Recovery Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Critical Habitat for the for the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow www.epa.gov
  CritterCam Turns 20 www.nytimes.com 
11/7 Legoland Announces $20 Million Expansion www.signonsandiego.com
  Melbourne Zoo Loses 50-year-old Gorilla www.news.com.au 
  Australian Zoo Breeds White Lions www.smh.com.au
  Captive-born Duke Lemurs Survive in Wild www.physorg.com
  U.K. Kellog’s Zoo-Cereal Promotion www.talkingretail.com
  Gap Between Theory & Practice in Conservation Biology www.nature.com
  Conservation Priorities; What to Let Go www.nature.com
  12 Fly Genomes Published www.news.ucdavis.edu
  Listing of Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse www.epa.gov
11/8 Deer Accidently Killed at New Delhi Zoo timesofindia.indiatimes.com
  Small-clawed Otters Born at Minnesota Zoo www.myfoxtwincities.com
  Gorillas Return to L.A. Zoo www.latimes.com
  The World’s Best Zoos www.kristv.com
  Funeral Services Set for Denver Zoo President origin.denverpost.com
  Latest Panda Statistics from China news.xinhuanet.com
  Kansas City Zoo Breeds 4 Mussel Species www.kctv5.com
  Australian Scientists Decode Whale Sounds www.enn.com
  Chinese Build Panda Monitoring Statons english.people.com.cn
  Living Desert Opens Amazing Amphibian Exhibit www.mydesert.com
11/9 Minnesota Zoo Financial Review www.twincities.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Sea Turtle Conservation www.epa.gov
  San Diego Zoo’s Great Ape Awareness www.imperialvalleynews.com
  U.N.’s Final Report on Global Warming www.nytimes.com
11/10 Polar Bears Swim with Wild Deer at Pittsburgh Zoo www.post-gazette.com
11/11 African Elephant Born at Montgomery Zoo www.al.com
  Brevard Zoo Receives $500,000 Grant www.myfoxorlando.com
  Fire at Indianapolis Zoo www.indystar.com
11/12 Gray Wolf Family Leaves Cincinnati Zoo www.wdtn.com
  Second Bonobo Birth at San Diego Zoo www.nbcsandiego.com
  115-year-old Tortoise Dies at  Ahmedabad Zoo www.gujaratglobal.com
  Sound-Insulating Tunnel Protects Beijing Zoo www.china.org.cn
  San Diego’s Great Ape Awareness Week www.imperialvalleynews.com
  Project Owlnet – Studying the Saw-Whet Owl www.nytimes.com
  Chimps Dig for Edible Roots in Tanzania www.eurekalert.org
  New Genetic Lineage of Ebola Virus Discovered www.eurekalert.org
  China’s Pandas Migrating for Food www.nytimes.com
  Terry Maple-Newt Gingrich Book www.palmbeachpost.com
  Central Coast California Condor Report www.ksby.com
  IUCN Classifies World’s Bears www.nytimes.com
  International research breeds more pandas chinadaily.com.cn
  Latin American Plant Initiative www.scidev.net
11/13 CDA Approves Islamabad Zoo Masterplan www.dailytimes.com.pk
  Gray Wolves Exhibited at Oregon Zoo www.ktvz.com
  Taronga Park’s Elephant Report www.theage.com.au
  Animals as Art ucsdguardian.org
  3 Black Rhinos Killed in Zimbabwe allafrica.com
  Great Lakes Wolves Were Enigma www.nytimes.com
11/14 Mango Hummingbird at Brookfield Zoo www.chicagotribune.com
  Santa Barbara Zoo’s California Condor Exhibit www.ksby.com
  Primary Rainforest is Irreplaceable comm.uea.ac.uk
  USFWS Sponsors Turtle Conservation news.fws.gov
  Cheetah Embryos Produced by in Vitro Fertilization www.news.ucdavis.edu
  Parental Cannibalism Study www.journals.uchicago.edu
  National Zoo Grevy Zebra Has Surgery for Colic www.timescommunity.com
11/15 Critical Habitat for 7 Mussels in 4 Areas www.epa.gov
  Protection Sought for Loggerhead Sea Turtles www.enn.com
  Brookfield Zoo Urges Bush to Save Polar Bears www.suntimes.com
  CT Scans Used to Describe Dinosaur news.nationalgeographic.com
  Walk on the Wild Side at the San Diego Zoo www.imperialvalleynews.com
  Overfishing Threatens Mediterranean Sharks & Rays

11/16 Animal Planet Features Orangutans www.chron.com
  Volunteers Build Zoo Atlanta Playground in 1 Day www.ajc.com
  Insuring Tasmanian Devil Survival abc.net.auwww.ajc.com
  Woolly Monkey Born at Monkey World news.bbc.co.uk
  Native Genes May Save Hawaii’s Birds www.nature.com
  Green and Hawksbill Turtle Study Permit www.epa.gov
  Loggerhead Turtle in North Pacific as Distinct Population www.epa.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Jacksonville Zoo Will Add Bamboo Garden www.bizjournals.com
  Biobanks for Developing Countries www.scidev.net
  Nandankanan Zoo breeds Indian Pangolin www.thestatesman.net
11/17 Award for Australian Garden and Hippo Exhibit www.theage.com.au
  U.S. Bushmeat Market Thrives www.nytimes.com
11/18 Miller Park Zoo Offers Photo-op With Reindeer www.pantagraph.com
  Chimpazees Declining in Bunyaruguru Parks www.newvision.co.ug
11/19 Siberian Tigers Kill and Eat Cage-mate news.xinhuanet.com
  Tiger Killed in Fight Over Food www.nytimes.com
  Safe Harbor Agreement for the California Red-Legged Frog www.epa.gov
  Recovery Plan for the Attwater's Prairie-Chicken www.epa.gov
  China: Third Of Yellow River Species Extinct www.nytimes.com
  New Bronx Zoo Campaign www.nytimes.com
  Super-Hot Chilies Repel Elephants www.nytimes.com
  Przewalski Horse Born at Adelaide Zoo www.mongolia-web.com 
  Audubon Zoo’s New Reptile Curator www.jacksonville.com
  New Sumatran Tiger Exhibit at Honolulu Zoo www.hawaiireporter.com
  Female Elephant Born at Montgomery Zoo www.al.com
  Jane Goodall Announces Death of Gaia www.enn.com
11/20 Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  New Fossa Exhibit at Rosamond Gifford Zoo blog.syracuse.com
  Cheetah Cub Briefly Escapes Zoo Exhibit ap.google.com
  Singapore Zoo Area to Expand www.todayonline.com
11/21 Spatial Dependencies in Species Distributions www.eurekalert.org
  ASU Hunkapi Horse Program at Phoenix Zoo www.azcentral.com
  Melbourne Children's Hospital Will Include Zoo Animals www.news.com.au
  USDA Faults Buffalo Zoo in Polar Bear Deaths ap.google.com
  Quadruplet Ligers born in S China www.chinaview.cn
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
11/22 Aquarium Wins FEMA Pay for Fishing Trips www.nytimes.com 
11/23 The Unique Platypus Bill www.sciencemag.com
  Bear Hunting Altered Genetics www.eurekalert.org
  Three Giant Otters at Jacksonville Zoo www.bizjournals.com
  Como Zoo Keeps Free Admission www.startribune.com
  San Diego Zoo’s Super Panda Couple www.cnn.com
11/24 10 Millionth Tree Planted in Gorilla Habitat www.enn.com
  Kansas City Zoo Plans for Future

  Preserving Male-Female Polar Bear Ratio www.enn.com
11/25 New Species of Legless Amphibian www.hindu.com
  Aging Animals at Seattle Zoo seattletimes.nwsource.com
11/26 San Diego Zoo's Panda Is Named Zhen Zhen www.mercurynews.com
  Micke Grove Zoo Expansion Plan www.recordnet.com
  Veterinary Research Digest www.veterinaryresearchdigest.com
  Toledo Zoo Wind Power Study www.portclintonnewsherald.com
  Profile of Robert Lacy 2008 Indianapolis Prize Nominee toledoblade.com
  Mexico Protects Monarch Butterflies www.nytimes.com
  Tree of Life for Flowering Plants www.eurekalert.org
  Carnivore Preservation Trust Gets Tech Upgrade www.computerworld.com
  Male South China Tiger Born in South Africa www.enn.com
  Climate-Neutral T-shirts and Hoodies www.enn.com
11/27 Cincinnati Zoo’s $36.3 Tax Levy Will Go to Voters www.bizjournals.com
  Buffalo Zoo Criticizes USDA & PETA www.buffalonews.com
  Bronx Zoo’s Holiday Lights Celebration www.nydailynews.com
  Black Rhino Born at the Dvur Kralove Zoo www.praguemonitor.com
  Female Panda Mates Twice in 2007 www.chinadaily.com.cn
  “Great Ape Husbandry Index” www.uq.edu.au
  Maggie the Elephant’s Work-Out Video www.adn.com
  Bronx Zoo Will Care for South Brother Island Birds www.nydailynews.com
  Werribee Hippo Exhibit Wins Awards www.starnewsgroup.com
  Critical Habitat for San Diego Thornmint www.epa.gov
  Permit to take Anadromous Fish www.epa.gov
  U.N. Report: Fix Climate in the Next 10 Years www.enn.com
  New Reserve Will Protect Bonobo www.worldwatch.org
  Conserving the Piping Plover www.nytimes.com 
  California Sea Lion Threatened by Algae www.nytimes.com
  African Elephant Olfactory Study www.nytimes.com
  South China Tiger Born in Africa www.nature.com
  U.N. Plants One Billion Trees in 2007 www.enn.com
11/28 Guam Rail Will Return to Guam pittsburghlive.com
  Australia Zoo Gets Ultrasound Equipment www.smh.com.au
  National Zoo’s Energy-Efficient Christmas Lights www.wtopnews.com
  Paignton Zoo Chooses Environmentally-Friendly Paint www.thisisexeter.co.uk
  Australia Zoo Adopts OpenDNS www.prweb.com
  Critical Habitat for 12 Species of Picture-Wing Flies from Hawaii www.epa.gov
  Flying foxes can’t handle the heat www.nature.com
  More Than 25% of U.S. Birds Threatened www.enn.com
  Orangutans Will Be Affected by Climate Change www.enn.com
  Indianapolis Zoo Fire Blamed on Heat Lamp www.indystar.com
  Richard Louv Audubon Medal Winner www.signonsandiego.com
  International Journal of Primatology Free Until 2008 news.mongabay.com
  Seven Endangered Species Rulings Reversed www.time.com
  Newquay Zoo Director Criticized for Killing Macaques www.timesonline.co.uk
  Rhino Translocation Project www.telegraphindia.com
11/29 WCS Coral Study www.eurekalert.org
  Barbary Lions Born at Belfast Zoo www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk
  Mongoose Lemurs at Denver Zoo www.rockymountainnews.com
  Craig Piper Is New Denver Zoo CEO www.bizjournals.com
  Invasive Frog Threatens French & Spanish Frogs www.ufz.de
  Fireworks Permit for SeaWorld Considered www.signonsandiego.com
  African Topi Antelope Mating Study www.eurekalert.org
  Eco Party Decorating www.nytimes.com
11/30 Female Yellowthroat Speciation Study sciencenow.sciencemag.org
  Ocelot Born at Louisville Zoo www.sciencedaily.com
  Seattle Zoo Abandons Parking Garage seattlepi.nwsource.com
  ‘Taiping Four’ Gorillas Prepare to Fly to Cameroon www.physorg.com
  Salamander Genetic Study www.enn.com
  Red Tide Blamed for California Bird Deaths www.physorg.com
  New Grizzlies at the San Diego Zoo www.signonsandiego.com
  California Supreme Court Ruling on La Jolla Children’s Pool www.signonsandiego.com
  Dickerson Park Zoo’s Elephant Calf Has EEGV www.ky3.com
  Emperor Penguin Study sciencenow.sciencemag.org
  Int’l Rhino Foundation Sells Rhino Poop www.enn.com





12/1 Zebra Social Networking www.sciencenews.org
  H5N1 Bird Flu Found on Polish Turkey Farm www.enn.com
12/2 White-tail Deer Populations Are Healthy www.nytimes.com
  Feral Cat Problem in U.S. www.nytimes.com
  Herpes Virus Claims Dickerson Park Baby Elephant www.news-leader.com
  “We are the People We Have Been Waiting For” www.nytimes.com
12/3 Gorilla Hysteroscopy at N.C. Zoo www.news-record.com
  Plastic Bag Problem www.nytimes.com
  Young Chimps Top Humans in Numerical Study www.eurekalert.org
  Beluga Whale Death at Atlanta Aquarium www.iht.com
  Climate Talks Begin www.nytimes.com
  Protection Sought for Penguins www.enn.com
12/4 Beetle Dung Helps Forests Recover From Fires www.eurekalert.org
  Grizzly Population is Increasing www.nytimes.com
  Court Asked to Block Alaska Oil Drilling www.nytimes.com
  Issuance of Permits www.epa.gov
  Finalists Selected for Indianapolis Prize www.indystar.com
  Vienna Zoo’s Panda Cub Named www.nytimes.com
  Tiger Attack at Tippi Hedren’s Shambala Preserve

  Saving Endangered Drills in Nigeria afp.google.com
  Congo Gorillas Threatened By Fighting www.telegraph.co.uk
  Elephant’s Sense of Smell www.nytimes.com
  Study of Avian Polyomaviruses www.eurekalert.org
  Rosamond Gifford Zoo Invests in Elephants www.9wsyr.com
  Seattle Elephant Breeding Criticized seattlepi.nwsource.com
12/5 Knut Celebrates 1st Birthday at Berlin Zoo www.guardian.co.uk
  Elephant Communication Study blogs.nature.com
  Lowry Park Zoo Receives $1 Million www.abcactionnews.com
  Buffalo Zoo Releases Polar Bear Necropsy Reports www.wben.com
  China’s Extinction Crisis www.nytimes.com
  Yangtze Turtle Headed for Extinction www.nytimes.com 
  World’s Biggest Asian Elephant Missing in Nepal www.nytimes.com
  Global Warming’s Effect on Wildlife www.nytimes.com
  New Biodiversity – Ecosystem Study www.eurekalert.org
  WCS Protects Cross River Gorilla www.eurekalert.org
  Climate Change Will Increase Bird Extinctions www.eurekalert.org
  El Paso Zoo Renewable Energy Education www.elpasotimes.com
  Parasite Is Killing Wild Pandas www.usatoday.com
  Andean Condor Joins Taronga Zoo’s Bird Show www.livenews.com.au
12/6 Manatees Remain Endangered in Florida www.nytimes.com
  Police Bust Tiger Poaching Ring in India www.nytimes.com
  Ho Chi Minh City Zoo Welcomes White Rhinos www.thanhniennews.com
  World's Oldest Fertile Gorilla and Orangutan Turn 50 africa.reuters.com
  Black-Footed Ferret Permit www.epa.gov
  Review of Native Species That Are Candidates for Listing as Endangered or Threatened www.epa.gov
  New CI Report on Rare Species in Ghana www.conservation.org
  Study of African Traditional Medicine Plants www.eurekalert.org
  UC Davis Bird-Flu Expert Urges More Vigilance www-news.ucdavis.edu
  Voice of America Visits the San Diego Zoo www.voanews.com
  Bronx Zoo Has Bred 80 Snow Leopards news.mongabay.com
12/7 Toronto Elephant's Semen Controversy www.canada.com
  Harris Financial Corp Sponsors Indianapolis Zoo Lion Exhibit www.reuters.com
  Rare Grey Gibbon Dies at Assiniboine Park Zoo www.winnipegfreepress.com
  NEW Zoo Purchases Abino Alligator for $10,000 www.greenbaypressgazette.com
  Future of U.K. Circuses news.bbc.co.uk
  Methane-eating Microorganism Discovered www.enn.com
  California Moves to Combat Global Warming www.enn.com
  Scientists Try to Barcode an Ecosystem www.physorg.com
  Largest Spitting Cobra Found -- New Species news.nationalgeographic.com
12/8 Recovering Condors – Questions for Mike Wallace www.voiceofsandiego.org
  California Bans Another Type of Lead Ammo www.sacbee.com
  San Diego Zoo Coordinates Antelope Reintroduction www.imperialvalleynews.com
12/9 St. Louis Zoo Will Open Amphibian Exhibit www.stltoday.com
  Ueno Zoo Wants Younger Pandas www.yomiuri.co.jp
  Darjeeling Zoo Will Release Captive-bred Red Pandas www.thecheers.org
12/10 Tax Levy for Cincinnati Zoo news.enquirer.com
  Can Greed Save Africa? www.businessweek.com
  Equids Back at Western Plains Zoo www.abc.net.au
  Tracking Wolong Pandas with GPS www.eurekalert.org
  Blank Park Zoo Composts Waste www.qctimes.com
  Elephant Activist Les Schobert www.americanchronicle.com
  Indonesia Moves to Protect Orangutan www.enn.com
  Ghana Forest Survey Finds Rare Species english.people.com.cn
  L.A. Zoo’s Gorillas Set Attendance Records www.presstelegram.com
  Puerto Rico Ships Out Patas Monkeys www.orlandosentinel.com
12/11 Gorilla Genetic Study www.eurekalert.org
  ZSL Releases Jerboa Film www.guardian.co.uk
  Hogle Zoo Plans $3 million Health Center deseretnews.com
  Plzeň Zoo Gets Siamese Crocodiles www.praguemonitor.com
  Cambodia Plans Hunting Safaris www.enn.com
  WWF Report on Antarctica's Penguins www.enn.com
  Dogs Used to Find Rare California Carnivores www.eurekalert.org
  When Removing a Predator Harms Prey www.nytimes.com
  Critical Habitat for Pecos Sunflower www.epa.gov
  Designations of Critical Habitat for the San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat, Poa atropurpurea, and Taraxacum californicum www.epa.gov
  Issuance of Permits www.epa.gov
  Elephants Used to Defend Villages abcnews.go.com
12/12 Baby Male Gorilla at Taronga Zoo www.news.com.au
  New Australia Zoo Animal Game for Christmas www.mcvuk.com
  Beijing Zoo Will Open Australian Animals Exhibit travelchinaguide.com
  Aukland Zoo Campaigns Against Toxoplasmosis www.scoop.co.nz
  Singapore Zoo Elephants Get Boots africa.reuters.com
  Chongging Zoo Exhibits Baby Panda thescotsman.scotsman.com
  Berlin Zoo Board Fires Knut Promoter www.spiegel.de
  India and Kuwait Exchange Animals www.thedailystar.net
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov
  Genetic Differences Influence Aging Rates in the Wild www.eurekalert.org
  Wind Power Explored off California's Coast www.eurekalert.org
  New Kid-Friendly Animals at National Zoo www.nbc4.com
  Critical Habitat for the San Diego Fairy Shrimp www.epa.gov
  Fossil Armadillo Relative Found in Andes www.eurekalert.org
  Genetic Impact of El Niño on Galápagos Marine Iguanas www.eurekalert.org
  'Circuit Theory' to Study Endangered Species www.wired.com
12/13 Permit for California Aquaduct Project www.epa.gov
  Issuance of Permits www.epa.gov
  Europe’s Largest Interactive Bird Cage Opens news.scotsman.com
  Parma Wallaby Hand-raised at Cleveland Zoo www.wkyc.com
  White-cheeked Gibbon Born at Brookfield Zoo www.chicagosuburbannews.com
  Red Wolf Breeding Program www.greenbaypressgazette.com
  Immediate Action Needed to Save Corals www.eurekalert.org
  Habitat Reduced for 2 S.D. Species www.signonsandiego.com
  Mexican Gray Wolves in Minnesota www.startribune.com
  Finding on Listing of the Jollyville Plateau Salamander www.epa.gov
  Shopping and Giving a Share to Charity www.nytimes.com
12/14 Indonesia’s New Orangutan Conservation Strategy www.enn.com
  Cirrhosis  Kills 26 Crocodiles in India www.enn.com
  Wild Chimpanzee Menopause Study www.eurekalert.org
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.epa.gov 
  Central California Seabird Research – Incidental Take Permit www.epa.gov
  Phoenix Zoo has New CEO www.bizjournals.com/phoenix
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