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1/1 Tracking Puffins with Geolocation Technology www.ceh.ac.uk
  Scientists Discover Origin of a Cancer in Tasmanian Devils www.nytimes.com
  60 Minutes: Language of Elephants www.cbsnews.com
1/2 Oklahoma City Zoo Elephant Exhibit - On Time & On Budget www.newsok.com
1/3 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rescues Frogs www.denverpost.com
  Where The Action Is on Climate www.nytimes.com
  Naples Zoo Hosts Wild Weddings Bridal Show www.naplesnews.com
1/4 Rise in Disease Transmission Between Humans and Animal www.telegraph.co.uk
  Erupting Volcano Threatens Congo Wildlife www.timesoftheinternet.com
  Forensic Test May Stop Ivory Trade news.bbc.co.uk
  10 Giant Pandas Head to Shanghai World Expo news.xinhuanet.com
  Judge Rejects Lawsuit Over Circus Elephants www.nytimes.com  
  Southern White Rhino Poached in Kenya www.nytimes.com
  Macaques Share Human Ecology & Toxicants www.eurekalert.org
  Off-Road Vehicles Restricted from Desert Tortoise Habitat www.mercurynews.com
  Solar-Energy Project vs. Endangered Desert Tortoise latimesblogs.latimes.com
1/5 Frog Disposal System www.nature.com
  S. California Scrub Oak Clones Itself www.nytimes.com
  New Strawberry Crab Species from Taiwan www.nytimes.com 
  Fertility Bank for Rare Breeds www.nytimes.com
  Congo Volcano Threatens Tonga Chimps www.independent.co.uk
  Critical Habitat for Leatherback Sea Turtle Federal Register
  Endangered Species Permit Applications Federal Register
  Atlantic Commercial Shark Management Measures Federal Register
  Parasite Infections Can Threaten Captive Bred Animals www.physorg.com
  Massive Die-Off Of Olive Ridley Turtles www.kalingatimes.com
  Female Cane Toads Inflate to Reject Small Suitors www.physorg.com  
  WWF’s List of Top 10 Endangered Species www.telegraph.co.uk
  Listing Foreign Bird Species in Peru and Bolivia Federal Register
  Listing 6 Foreign Birds Throughout their Range Federal Register
  London Zoo Keepers Make Annual Animal Count www.nytime.com
  Listing of the Galapagos Petrel and Heinroth's Shearwater Federal Register
  Animal Vocalizations Have Common Denominator www.eurekalert.org  
  New Plans for Privatized Dallas Zoo www.dallasnews.com
1/6 Dolphin Intelligence www.physorg.com
  Yun Zi Makes His Public Debut at San Diego Zoo www.sdnn.com
  Wildlife Photo Exhibit at Detroit Zoo www.romeoobserver.com
  Jane Goodall Institute Gets $5.5 Million Grant from USAID www.enn.com
1/7 Jane Goodall Institute Receives $2.7 Million from Norway www.enn.com 
  Tigress and Cubs Caught on Tape in Sumatra www.eurekalert.org
  Polar Bears Changing Habitat in Response to Climate Change www.eurekalert.org
  Changes In the Regulations Governing Falconry Federal Register
  Listing of Hawaii Species www.kauaipubco.com
  Grevy Zebra Born at Denver Zoo www.9news.com
  Conserving Jaguars in the U.S. www.enn.com
  Shoebill Stork Born at Tampa Zoo www2.tbo.com
  The Great California Condor Comeback www.independent.com
  Zoo Scientists Study H5N1 www.economist.com
1/18 Multi-State Salmonella Outbreak Due to Aquarium Frogs www.cdc.gov
1/10 Woodland Park Zoo Will Close Nocturnal House seattletimes.nwsource.com
  National Zoo Hopes for Panda Pregnancy www.washingtonpost.com
  Living Desert Celebrates 40th Anniversary www.mydesert.com
1/11 Global Warming May Kill Leaf-Eating Monkeys & Gorillas news.nationalgeographic.com
  Canada’s Langley Zoo Ordered to Install Heaters for Giraffes www.theglobeandmail.com
  Palm Beach Zoo Earns GOLD LEED Award www.wpbf.com
  Columbus Zoo Breaks Attendance Record www.columbuslocalnews.com
  U.N Proclaims International Year of Biodiversity news.bbc.co.uk
  Arctic Tern's Pole-to-Pole Migration Tracked news.bbc.co.uk
  $15.6 million in State Aid for Brookfield Zoo www.mysuburbanlife.com
  Language in Monkeys and Chimps www.nytimes.com
  Climate and Development Affect California Butterfly Populations www.news.ucdavis.edu
1/12 Tilapia Feed on Fiji's Native Fish www.eurekalert.org
  Jaguar Will Get Critical Habitat in U.S. www.nytimes.com
  Critical Habitat for the Florida Manatee Federal Register
  Listing the Eastern Population of the Gopher Tortoise Federal Register
  Critical Habitat for Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Federal Register
  Brookfield Zoo’s New Great Bear Wilderness www.dailyherald.com
  In Defense of Animals – 10 Worst Zoos for Elephants yubanet.com
  New Species of Spider In Israel Sand Dunes www.newswise.com
  New Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan www.latimes.com
  U.S. Jaguars Get Critical Habitat & Recovery Plan www.ens-newswire.com
1/13 Detroit Zoo May Accept Exotic Rescues www.freep.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications Federal Register
  Lowry Park Zoo Goes Solar www.83degreesmedia.com
  Leafy Sea Dragons at Minnesota’s Discovery Bay www.twincities.com
  Geico’s Gecko Exhibit Comes to Phoenix Zoo www.earthtimes.org
  Dog Genome Analyzed www.nytimes.com
  Genetics of Mammalian Coat Color and Patterns www.eurekalert.org
  Understanding Local Cultures Key Needed to Protect Species www.eurekalert.org
  Breeding Area of Large-Billed Reed Warbler Found www.eurekalert.org
  Polar Bear Feces Analysis for Superbugs www.eurekalert.org
  Stillborn White Rhino at Indianapolis Zoo www.indystar.com
  Birds Spread Lyme Disease www.yaledailynews.com
1/14 Detroit Zoo Attendance up 14% in 2009 www.zandavisitor.com
  San Diego Zoo Gorilla Moves to N.C. Zoo www.news-record.com
  Alexandria Zoo Expansion www.thetowntalk.com
  Winner of Seoul Grand Park International Design Competition www.exhibitoronline.com
  Topeka Zoo Cited by USDA cjonline.com
  Veterinary Scientists Kill Equine Sarcoid Virus www.physorg.com
  Nutrition Study of Primates in Madagascar & Neotropics www.plosone.org
  New Bird Species Found in Borneo news.bbc.co.uk
  USFWS Realigns Priorities www.nytimes.com
  National Animal Germplasm Program www.ars.usda.gov
1/15 Oakland Zoo Reprimanded for Taking City Trees www.sfgate.com
  Henry Doorly Zoo Breeds Gentoo Penguins www.zandavisitor.com
  Hattiesburg Zoo Slashes 8 Part-time Jobs www.hattiesburgamerican.com
  Oregon Zoo’s Silverspot Butterfly Conservation Program www.zandavisitor.com
  Fire in Wellington Zoo Chimp Enclosure www.stuff.co.nz
  San Diego Zoo Renovates Polar Bear Exhibit www.leisuregrouptravel.com
  Oklahoma Zoo Lions Move to Texas www.newsok.com
  Great Ape Trust Eliminates 10 Jobs www.desmoinesregister.com
  Fate of Haiti’s Zoo Animals Uncertain news.discovery.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications Federal Register
  Federal Permits Issued Federal Register
  Sea Turtle Rescue in Florida www.marinelife.org
  Pinnacles National Monument Gets Argentine Sister Park www.thecalifornian.com
  San Diego Zoo Scientists Studies Mycobacteriosis in Birds www.avma.org
  Endangered Species Permit Applications Federal Register
  Wild Weather Could Be More Harmful than Warming www.eurekalert.org
  New Species Discovered in Ecuador Rainforest www.guardian.co.uk
  Indianapolis Zoo Staff Lead Exotic Tours www.zandavisitor.com
  Critical Habitat Sought for Black Abalone www.enn.com
1/16 Avian Flu (H5N1) Associated with Bird Migration in China www.chinaview.cn
  Female Asian Elephant Born at Melbourne Zoo www.telegraph.co.uk
1/17 Removing Cars from Balboa Park www.signonsandiego.com
  Ted Turner & Yellowstone Bison Controversy www.nytimes.com
1/18 Genetic Analysis of Galapagos Tortoise www.physorg.com
  Vienna Zoo Stingray Study www.physorg.com
  Rabies-based Vaccine Protects Monkeys Against SIV www.businessweek.com
  Calgary Zoo Investigation by AZA/CAZA www.ctv.ca
  Indianapolis Zoo Offers Exotic Trips www.zandavisitor.com
  Platypus Venom is Analyzed www.nytimes.com
  Webcam Will Record Black Bear Birth news.bbc.co.uk
  Brown & White Panda www.nature.com
  Sea Eagle Tourism in Scottland www.treehugger.com
1/19 WWF Says Only 50 Wild Tigers Left in China www.physorg.com
  Animal Antifreeze Helps Survive Cold www.nytimes.com
  Elephant Odyssey App www.signonsandiego.com
  Gorillas Carry Malignant Malaria Parasite today.uci.edu
  Cellphone Philanthropy www.nytimes.com
  Yasuni National Park – South American Hotspot www.eurekalert.org
  Compulsive Behavior Gene in Dogs www.nytimes.com
1/20 Hippo Returns to Resort in Montenegro www.setimes.com
  St. Louis Zoo Asian Elephant is Pregnant www.stltoday.com
  Living Desert Euthanizes Injured Zebra Foal www.mydesert.com
  Glenn Goodman is New Gulf Breeze Zoo Director www.navarrepress.com
  Terry Maple’s Plan for a Green Palm Beach Zoo www.palmbeachpost.com
  Rain and Tourism in San Diego www.signonsandiego.com
  Changsha Plans a Giant Panda Breeding Base www.chinadaily.com.cn
  Arabian Sand Cat Kittens at Cincinnati Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Chester Zoo’s £225m Natural Vision Plan www.ellesmereportpioneer.co.uk
  Origin of Madagascar’s Animals www.purdue.edu
  Takahe Has Eyelid Surgery www.odt.co.nz
  Mating Call Ringtones for Valentine’s Day enature.com
  Recession’s Effects on San Diego’s Nonprofits www.signonsandiego.com
  Climate Change Threatens Sundarbans Tigers www.worldwildlife.org
  Possible Federal Ban on Invasive Snakes greeninc.blogs.nytimes.com
1/21 Yellowstone’s World Heritage Site Status www.thefederalregister.com
  Riverbanks Zoo’s New Koala Joey www.thestate.com
  S.F. Zoo Still Trying to Rebound online.wsj.com
  White-cheeked Gibbon Born at Minnesota Zoo www.startribune.com
  Australia’s Strategy to Save Tasmanian Devil www.physorg.com
  Eel Populations Crash in River Thames www.guardian.co.uk
  Elephant At Dickerson Park Zoo Treated For Mycobacterium www.news-leader.com
  Captive Wildlife Safety Act – Proposed Information Collection Federal Register
  San Diego Zoo Mapped by Google www.startribune.com
1/22 Improving Access to Research www.sciencemag.org
  Gorilla Games news.bbc.co.uk
  New Book - Rewilding the World www.nytimes.com
  Pneumonia Outbreak in Montana Bighorn Sheep Herd www.missoulian.com
  Federal Inquiry into Arizona Jaguar's Death www.nytimes.com
  History and Future of Woolly Mammoth DNA Research live.psu.edu
1/23 Frank Buck, San Diego Zoo Director www.signonsandiego.com
  San Diego Zoo Mapped by Google www.signonsandiego.com
  Fighting Tiger Poaching in Thailand www.nytimes.com
1/24 The Argument Against Protecting Jaguars in the U.S. www.nytimes.com
  30 Lab Monkeys Get Hard Release in Nepal www.myrepublica.com
1/25 Brookfield Zoo Conservation Medal Awarded to Polar Bear Expert www.mysuburbanlife.com
  Biodiversity Talks Begin www.nature.com
  California ESA Protection Needed To Save Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog www.biologicaldiversity.org
  Study of Shark Virgin Births www.eurekalert.org
  More Zoo & Wildlife Veterinarians Needed www.prnewswire.com
  BBC’s Chimpcam Project news.bbc.co.uk
  Honolulu Zoo Enhancement Plans www.honoluluadvertiser.com
  Parasite Spreading Between Animals & Zookeepers news.discovery.com
  Impact of Invasive Species Study www.birdlife.org
  Dolphin and Bat Echolocation Evolved Separately www.eurekalert.org
1/26 Special AZA Report On Topeka Zoo cjonline.com
  Oakland Zoo Requests Fallen Trees www.sfgate.com
  Paignton Zoo Has 3 Maned Wolf Pups www.zandavisitor.com
  Managing Ecosystems in a Changing Climate www.eurekalert.org
  U.S. Windpower Grows 39% in 2009 www.nytimes.com
  Oldest Zoo Andean Condor Dies latimesblogs.latimes.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications Federal Register
1/27 Deadly Fish Virus Now in All Great Lakes www.physorg.com
  American Opinion Changes on Global Warming eagle.gmu.edu
  Pigments Found in Fossil Dinosaurs news.nationalgeographic.com 
  Officials Fear Another Whooping Crain Die-Off www.nytimes.com 
1/28 Philadelphia Zoo Rescues Cobra Bite Victim www.philly.com
  Climate Change and Bird Migration www.physorg.com
  Hogle Zoo Investigates Zebra Deaths www.latimes.com
  Lawsuit Seeks to Limit Pesticides to Save Endangered Species www.enn.com
  Bonobo – Chimpanzee Differences www.eurekalert.org
1/29 Singapore Zoo Breeding Program www.google.com
1/31 Oxford University’s Conservation Research Website www.wildcru.org
  Scientists Analyze the Genome of the Duck-billed Platypus www.nature.com
  New NASA Web Site Explains Climate Change to Kids climate.nasa.gov
  San Diego South Bay Restoration www.signonsandiego.com
  Year of Biodiversity www.nytimes.com


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2/1 CDC Reorganization to Create Emerging and Zoonotic Disease Center www.avma.org
  Chimps of Goualougo Triangle news.nationalgeographic.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.thefederalregister.com
  Pandas Return to China www.physorg.com
  Animal Rights Groups Sue Edmonton Zoo Over Elephant Care www.nationalpost.com
  H1N1 Influenza Report www.eurekalert.org
  Forests are Growing Faster www.pnas.org
  Possible Managed Wolf Populations in National Parks www.eurekalert.org
  Creating a Corridor Between Rwanda's National Parks www.physorg.com
  Howler Monkey Born at ABQ BioPark www.zandavisitor.com
  Abilene Zoo Moves to Address AZA Concerns www.reporternews.com
  Reclaiming Balboa Park Plaza www.signonsandiego.com
  Pneumonia in 4th Montana Bighorn Herd www.mlive.com
  Lemur Reserve Gets New Director www.heraldtribune.com
  Moa Genome Analysis news.nationalgeographic.com
2/2 Tales of San Diego’s Frozen Zoo from Oliver Ryder news.mongabay.com
  Tanzania's Spray Toad Conservation Program www.nytimes.com
  China Seeks "Language Teacher" for U.S. Panda news.xinhuanet.com
  Newspaper Executive Will Head Lehigh Valley Zoo www.mcall.com 
  ZSL Keepers Run for Elephant Conservation www.prlog.org
  Indonesia – Biodiversity Hotspot news.mongabay.com
  Humboldt Squid Explosion in S. California www.latimes.com
2/3 Insurance Against Asian Elephant Destruction english.people.com.cn
  Mosquito Scent Receptors Discovered www.nature.com
  Wolverine Decline in North America Due to Climate Change news.bbc.co.uk 
  Biodiversity Law Could Stymie Research www.nature.com
2/4 Cheetahs Come to Brevard Zoo www.myfoxorlando.com
  Poll: Americans Support Strong Climate, Energy Policies eagle.gmu.edu
  Saving Species for Economic Reasons www.bworldonline.com
  New Gecko Species in Vietnam english.vietnamnet.vn
  Prairie Dog Language Complexity www.physorg.com
  Nonessential Population of Sonoran Pronghorn in SW Arizona www.thefederalregister.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.thefederalregister.com
  USFWS Won’t Protect Pika from Global Warming www.oregonlive.com
  Cheetahs Escape Exhibit by Swimming Moat www.nytimes.com
  Japanese Giant Salamander and the Chytrid Fungus news.bbc.co.uk
  Houston Zoo’s Test for Elephant Herpes Virus www.chron.com
  Brookfield’s Elephant Plans www.chigagotribune.com
  Toad Survival Secrets www.livescience.com
2/5 Webcam Viewer Alerts Keepers to Rhino Birth www.nytimes.com
  Co-evolution of Two Butterfly Species www.physorg.com
  Detroit Zoo Takes in Rescued Animals www.freep.com
  Record Sea Turtle Rescues in January www.news-journalonline.com
  USFWS To Establish Second Sonoran Pronghorn Population www.fws.gov
  Battle Over Possible Elephant Ivory Sales www.science.org
2/6 Preserving New Zealand’s Grand Skinks www.odt.co.nz
  Florida Wildlife Succumbs to January Cold www.miamiherald.com
2/7 U.N. Report on Dolphins and Porposes news.mongabay.com
2/8 Maryland Zoo’s New Projects www.baltimoresun.com
  Columbus Zoo Helps 1,000 Confiscated Parrots www.zandavisitor.com
  Fewer Than 50 Wild Tigers in China www.reuters.com
  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo New “Scoop on Poop” Exhibit www.zandavisitor.com
  Gorilla Born at Louisville Zoo www.whas11.com
  New Mouse Species Discovered in Venezuela news.mongabay.com
  California Wildlife Rescue Groups Lack Adequate Funds www.signonsandiego.com
  China Welcomes Pandas Home www.china.org.cn
  How To Adopt A Panda In China www.china.org.cn
  History of Giant Pandas Outside of China www.china.org.cn
  Oklahoma Gorilla Moves to North Carolina www.zandavisitornews
2/9 Portable Solar Power for Field Work www.nytimes.com
  L.A. Zoo May Lose More Jobs online.wsj.com
  6,000 Captive Tigers in China news.yahoo.com
  Top Philanthropists Cut Back In 2009 www.signonsandiego.com
  Bighorn Cull in Washington State news.opb.org
2/10 Disney Parks Affected By Recession www.nytimes.com
  New Mountain Gorilla Census Begins Next Month allafrica.com
  USFWS Budget Plans www.nytimes.com
  Kenya Relocates Thousands of Animals to Game Park www.nytimes.com
  Ivory-billed Woodpecker Recovery Plan www.nature.com
  Asian Affluence Endangers Tiger www.nytimes.com
  2 Gorillas Move From Texas To Busch Gardens www.miamiherald.com
  Honolulu Zoo Director Resigns www.bizjournals.com
  Houston Zoo’s Eco-Learning Lab Opens www.zandavisitor.com
  Year-Old Circus Elephant Has Herpes Virus www.upi.com
  WWF Promotes Tiger Conservation www.worldwildlife.org
2/11 Lowry Park & Disney Save Wood Rat www2.tbo.com
  Great Ape Trust Ape Ownership Decided by Court www.chicagotribune.com
  Lions Rescued From Romanian Zoo www.doncasterfreepress.co.uk
  Long-Distance Migration Shapes Butterfly Wings www.uga.edu
  Zimbabwe Security Forces Accused of Poaching www.sun-sentinel.com
  Review of Endangered Coral Species www.nytimes.com
  Saving South Africa’s Cape Penguins www.sciencedaily.com
  No Official Critical Habitat for Florida Panther www.heraldtribune.com
2/12 Tokyo Will Receive Two Pandas in 2011 www.washingtonpost.com
  Privatization Study Ordered for L.A. Zoo www.presstelegram.com
  Toronto Zoo Fights with Animal Activists Over Elephants www.theglobeandmail.com
  Four Top Topeka Zoo Managers Removed cjonline.com
  Barbary Lions at the Austin Zoo? www.businesswire.com
  Sundaland Clouded Leopard Study www.timesonline.co.uk
  Elephant Gait Analysis – Running vs Walking www.eurekalert.org
  Koala Vocalization Study www.sciencemag.org
  Tiger Gene Study Reveals Ancestry news.bbc.co.uk
2/13 Toledo Zoo Receives Confiscated African Elephant www.toledoblade.com
  Gorilla Briefly Escapes Dallas Zoo Enclosure www.wfaa.com
2/15 Giraffe Conservation Project in Niger www.guardian.co.uk
  African Elephant Born at Wild Animal Park latimesblogs.latimes.com
  Future of Sequoia Park Zoo on November Ballot www.times-standard.com
  Lincoln Park Zoo Offers 30 Camp Scholarships www.chicagotribune.com
  California’s Brown Pelican Health Crisis www.presstelegram.com
  Tracking Gir Lions beta.thehindu.com
2/16 The Oregon Zoo’s New Red Ape Reserve www.swcommconnection.com
  Big Cat Sanctuary Near San Diego www.signonsandiego.com
  Florida Cold Claims 200 Manatees www.miamiherald.com
  San Diego's Baby Panda Gets Ready for Debut www.sdnn.com
  Americans Favor Conservation But Few Practice It   www.eurekalert.org
  Elephant Corridor Created in India www.deccanherald.com
  Shark Conservation Treaty Signed www.upi.com
2/17 Dallas Zookeeper Suspended After Gorilla Escape www.dallasnews.com
  Calgary Zoo Requests Audit www.google.com
  Female Gorilla Dies at Toledo Zoo toledoblade.com
  Monitoring Wild Moose Populations in Canada www.esf.org
  Baby Ring-Tailed Lemur Has Leg Surgery news.yahoo.com
  Adelaide Zoo’s “Species Fostering” Program news.bbc.co.uk
  Sumatran Rhino Pregnancy www.rhinos-irf.org
  IUCN List : Half of World’s Primate Species Are Endangered www.cnn.com
  Brookfield Introduces 4 Galapagos Tortoises abclocal.go.com
  St. Louis Zoo Won’t Charge Admission Fee www.examiner.com 
  Tourism to Save Endangered Birds www.conservationbirding.org
  The Importance of Seed Size in Plants www.pnas.org
  4 New King Penguins at Central Park Zoo www.nydailynews.com
2/18 Bison Moved To Turner Ranch www.bozemandailychronicle.com
  History of Sumatran Rhino Conservation news.nationalgeographic.com
  Siberian Tiger Dies at Toronto Zoo www.theglobeandmail.com
  Controlling Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Ruminants www.ars.usda.gov
  Multi-Species Primate Study www.york.ac.uk
  Study: Facebook As A Marketing Tool www.rice.edu
  Giant Panda Genome and Bamboo Diet www.cardiff.ac.uk
  Restoration of the Klamath River and Salmon Populations www.nytimes.com
  25 Most Endangered Primates www.ens-newswire.com
  Gulf Breeze Zoo Re-Opens www.pnj.com
  USFWS Sued Over Failure to Protect Florida Panther action.sierraclub.org
  NSW Platypus Population Study www.australiangeographic.com.au
2/19 Snow Causes $1.5M in Damage to Maryland Zoo www.insurancejournal.com
  Two Clouded Leopards Born at National Zoo voices.washingtonpost.com
  Cincinnati Zoo’s “Vine Street Village Wins Award www.wcpo.com
  New Toronto Zoo Director www.theglobeandmail.com
  California Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog Video news.bbc.co.uk
  Oregon Zoo Announces “Pollinator Workshop” www.zandavisitor.com
  Critical Habitat for the Leatherback Sea Turtle Federal Register
  Seasonal Reproduction in Koalas www.mammalsociety.org
  Female Giant Panda Chirps Indicate Fertile Phase rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org
  Revised Critical Habitat for Leatherback Sea Turtle www.gpoaccess.gov
  Permit Issued for SeaTurtle Research www.gpoaccess.gov
2/21 Elephant Dynamics In “Elephant Odyssey” www.signonsandiego.com
  Cataract Surgery for Pittsburgh Zoo Lemur www.pittsburghlive.com
  Training Bases Protect Endangered Species www.nytimes.com
  Problems With Sage Grouse Listing www.sfgate.com
2/22 Elephant 'Secret Language' Clues news.bbc.co.uk
  Marine Park Success Requires Local Involvement www.coralcoe.org.au
  Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Benefitting from Protection www.coralcoe.org.au
  Whooping Crane Festival www.caller.com
  Flightless Birds Gave up Flying After Dinosaurs Perished www.physorg.com
  Auroch’s Mitochondrial Genome www.physorg.com
  Endangered Species Pemit Issued to Ocean Alliance www.gpoaccess.gov
  Orangutans Threatened by Palm Plantations news.bbc.co.uk
  Developing Good Culling Strategies www.physorg.com
2/23 Staten Island Zoo Director Resigns www.silive.com
  John Gwynne, Zoo Designer www.miller-mccune.com
  Applications for Single Use Permits and Registration of Production Facilities (CITES) www.gpoaccess.gov
  Elephants Will Stay At Topeka Zoo news.google.com
  Grizzly Bears Move into Polar Bear Habitat www.eurekalert.org
  Iberian Lynx Receives 3m Euros news.yahoo.com
  Gaur Herd Spotted in Central Vietnam vietnewsonline.vn
  New Strain of Flightless Mosquito Created www.physorg.com
  Small Dogs Originated in Middle East www.physorg.com
  3 Condors Die from Lead Poisoning www.latimes.com
  Animated Marine Acoustic Maps www.physorg.com
2/24 Another Animal Disease Jumps Species www.sciencealert.com.au
  Paris Zoo Remodel Scheduled www.latimes.com
  New Female Condor at Santa Barbara Zoo www.edhat.com
  Hormone Help Animals Bond www.physorg.com
  Killing Australia’s Feral Cats www.physorg.com
  Bornean Elephant Behavior Study www.cardiff.ac.uk
  Effects of Plague on Wildlife www.usgs.gov
  Diet and Barn Swallow Health Study www.eurekalert.org
  Study of Animal Footpads www.physorg.com
  Saving a Grey-Shanked Douc Langur Population vietnewsonline.vn
  California Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog www.gpoaccess.gov
  Permit Issued to Work With Endangered Marine Mammals www.gpoaccess.gov
  Orlando SeaWorld Trainer Drowned by Killer Whale www.nytimes.com
  SeaWorld San Diego’s Shamu Show www.signonsandiego.com
2/25 Jack Hanna Comments on SeaWorld Trainer’s Death www.latimes.com 
  Talking To Children About The SeaWorld Incident abcnews.go.com
  Petition to List Sonoran Desert Population of the Bald Eagle www.gpoaccess.gov
  Oldest Captive Chimpanzee Passes Health Exam www.mercurynews.com
  National Zoo’s Animal Reproduction Study www.zandavisitor.com
  Cross-River Gorilla – World’s Rarest Gorilla Species www.cnn.com
2/26 Deforestation and Avian Infectious Disease jeb.biologists.org
  Multiple Causes of Global Amphibian Decline jeb.biologists.org
  Bristol Zoo’s High-Tech Amphibian Facility www.scientificamerican.com
2/27 Fort Worth Zoo’s New “Museum of Living Art” www.star-telegram.com
2/28 National Zoo’s New Giant Pacific Octopus www.washingtonpost.com
  2 Condor Eggs So Far This Season www.independent.com
  Qatar Will Host CITES Conference www.gulf-times.com
  Kenya & Tanzania Joint Wildlife Survey www.nation.co.ke


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3/1 Reintroducing the South China Tiger www.time.com
  More Wildlife Vets Needed www.avma.org
  Craig Pugh Will Head Lowry Park Zoo tampabay.bizjournals.com
  Buffalo Zoo Partners With SWAT Team For Emergencies www.buffalonews.com
  Columbus Zoo’s Manatee-Release Program www.dispatch.com
  NC Zoo Asks Members Asked to Recruit New Members www.zandavisitor.com
  Fossil Polar Bear DNA Study www.pnas.com
  Bonobo Pointing Study At Great Ape Trust www.greatapetrust.org
  Pesticide Atrazine Can Turn Male Frogs Into Females www.eurekaleert.org
  Shasta Coho Salmon Facing Extinction www.siskiyoudaily.com
  Saving Hawaii’s Endangered Birds www.kitsapsun.com
  Twin Andean Bears Born at National Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
3/2 Catalina Island Fox Population Rebounds www.latimes.com
  1,007 Migratory Bird Species Now Protected www.infozine.com
  Salisbury Zoo Plans Health Clinic www.delmarvanow.com
  New Barn For San Diego Zoo’s Galapagos Tortoises www.signonsandiego.com
  Rhesus Monkey Nutrition Study smithsonianscience.org
  Mosquitoes Not Birds May Have Spread H5N1 Across U.S. www.jhsph.edu
  Endangered Bonobo Born at Columbus Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Recently Analyzed Fossil Was Not Human Ancestor www.eurekalert.org
  Pneumonia Devastates Bighorn Sheep www.ammoland.com
  Listing the Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard as Threatened www.gpoaccess.gov
3/3 Topeka Zoo Accreditation Delayed 1 Year cjonline.com
  Woodland Park Zoo May Re-Open Nocturnal House www.ballardnewstribune.com
  Biologging Studies www.eurekalert.org
  Moose Population Declining in Minnesota media.www.umdstatesman.com
  Grizzlies Declining in Alberta Canada www.albertalocalnews.com
3/4 American Pika is Thriving www.eurekalert.org
  Australia’s Yellow-Spotted Bell Frog “Rediscovered” www.sfgate.com
  Youth Wildlife Art Contest www.signonsandiego.com
  California Academy of Sciences Breeding Programs abclocal.go.com
  Jersey Zoo’s Breeding Programs news.bbc.co.uk
  Protection Urged for California’s Tiger Salamander www.sfgate.com
  Attaching Radio Transmitters to Lizards www.nature.com
  MOLA Opens at Fort Worth Zoo www.nbcdfw.com
  Third-Oldest Asian Elephant Dies in Florida latimesblogs.latimes.com
  Abilene Zoo Is Reaccredited www.reporternews.com
  Columbus Zoo & Aquarium’s New Polar Bear Exhibit www.dispatch.com
  PETA vs Knut www.independent.co.uk
3/5 Knoxville Zoo Chimp Dies from Pregnancy Complications www.knoxnews.com
  California Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs Hibernate at Institute for Conservation Research www.latimes.com
  Giraffe Born at Riverbanks Zoo www.thestate.com
  No Endangered Status for Sage Grouse www.nytimes.com
  One Health Initiative www.onehealthinitiative.com
  Editorial on Biodiversity Conservation www.sciencemag.org
  Importance of Long-term Field Studies www.sciencemag.org
3/6 Endangered Frogs Chilled To Spur Breeding news.nationalgeographic.com
3/7 Indonesian Government's ‘Aceh Green’ Plan www.nytimes.com
  John Thorbjarnarson, WCS Croc Expert Dies from Malaria www.nytimes.com
  National Zoo Works to Save Virginia Bat www.zandavisitor.com
  Cobra Venom Analysis www.eurekalert.org
3/8 Unborn Elephant Calf Dies at Taronga Zoo www.abc.net.au
  Saving Wild Tiger Populations www.nytimes.com
  Jack Hanna’s New Road Show www.bizjournals.com
  Killer Whale Intelligence Analyses articles.orlandosentinel.com
  Second Ultrasound for National Zoo Panda www.nbcwashington.com 
  Visitor Loses Fingers To Bear At Lincoln Park Zoo www.nydailynews.com
  Musk Oxen Decline Due to Climate www.science.psu.edu
  Afghanistan Expands Endangered Species List www.scientificamerican.com
  New Documentary On Desert Tortoise Survival www.usgs.gov
3/9 Mountain Gorilla Tourism Possibility www.guardian.co.uk
  Two Snow Leopards Move to Seneca Park Zoo www.democratandchronicle.com
  Decoding the Orangutan’s Long Call www.physorg.com
  How The Chameleon Tongue Works www.abc.net.au
  Paignton Zoo Elephant Euthanized Because of Feet Abscesses news.bbc.co.uk
  Polar Bear Enrichment at S.F. Zoo www.sfexaminer.com
  Siberian Tiger Moves To Calgary Zoo www.cbc.ca
  Mesker Park Zoo’s ‘Natural’ Pest Control www.courierpress.com
  Genetics and Conservation Research www.usgs.gov
  New Palos Verde Blue Butterfly Habitat Established www.latimes.com
  Captive Lynx Threatened by Chronic Kidney Disease www.heraldsun.com.au
  Maldives Bans Shark Fishing www.nytimes.com
  India’s NIO Breeds Yellow Seahorses www.ptinews.com
3/10 Taronga Elephant Calf is Unexpectedly Born au.news.yahoo.com
  Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease Immunity www.abc.net.au
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  First Condor Egg at Pinnacles in 100 Years www.sfgate.com
  Laurie Marker & Stuart Pimm Receive Tyler Prize latimesblogs.latimes.com
  Color-Changing Frog Found news.nationalgeographic.com
  50 Wildlife Groups Urge Tougher Endangered Species Protection www.nytimes.com
  Report On The National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC) wdin.blogspot.com
  Greening of Happy Hollow Park & Zoo www.mercurynews.com
  U.S. Launches CITES Web Site www.uscites.gov
  Yellow-Legged Frog Site Fidelity www.eurekalert.org
  India Needs More Parks & Corridors www.eurekalert.org
  ESA Protection For 48 Kaua’i Species www.fws.gov
  Forbes Releases “Billionaire” Lists www.forbes.com
3/11 Wuhan Zoo Will Raise Pandas www.chinadaily.com.cn
  Giant Anteater Born at Sacramento Zoo www.mercurynews.com
  Removing Giant Invasive Snakes In the U.S. www.fws.gov
  Loggerhead Turtles Endangered www.boston.com
  Problems For Mexican Wolf Reintroduction in Southwest www.nytimes.com
  Half a Million Samples Now at Svalbard Global Seed Vault www.nytimes.com
  AI for Woodland Park Zoo Elephant seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Zoo Atlanta Lion Cubs Move to Mexico www.ajc.com
  ‘State of the Birds 2010’ Report Released www.stateofthebirds.org
  Bird Parent-Offspring Study www.sciencemag.org
3/12 Dallas Zoo’s “Giants of Savanna” Exhibit Nears Completion www.nbcdfw.com
  Listing the Boa Constrictor, Four Python Species, www.gpoaccess.gov
  11 Siberian Tigers Die of Malnutrition in NE China Zoo www.chinadaily.com.cn
  Visitors Fined After Lincoln Park Bear Attack www.fox11online.com
  National Zoo’s Experimental Bat Colony Criticized www.washingtonpost.com
  A Quantitative Way to Decide Which Species to Save www.nature.org
  Denver Zoo Celebrates National Elephant Day blogs.westword.com
3/13 One World, One Health Is Theme For Veterinary Day www.javma.com
  Meerkats & Lions Part of El Paso Zoo’s New Exhibit www.elpasotimes.com
3/14 Recent Births at Rio de Janeiro’s Zoo www.google.com
  Bird Flu H5N1 Outbreak in 5 Countries www.digitaljournal.com
3/15 Chinese Authorities Investigate Siberian Tiger Deaths english.cri.cn
  Fresno Chafee Zoo Begins 2 Captive Breeding Programs www.sunherald.com
  2 Elephants Pregnant At St Louis Zoo www.globe-democrat.com
  Taronga’s ‘Miracle’ Elephant Calf Meets the Family www.smh.com.au
  Albatross Recovers at Wellington Zoo www.stuff.co.nz
  Seabird Migration Study www.mpg.de
  Capuchin Monkeys Choose Variety www.eurekalert.org
  Fossil of Carnivorous Amphibian Species Found www.carnegiemnh.org
  Reptile Pit Organ Mechanism Revealed www.wired.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
3/16 CITES And The Blue Fin Tuna Fight www.csmonitor.com
  New Species of Shrike Discovered In Africa www.eurekalert.org
  Slowing Climate Change by Limiting Deforestation www.eurekalert.org
  Scientists Investigate Southern Right Whale Die-off www.physorg.com
  Critically Endangered Pygmy Sloth news.mongabay.com
  Cuyamaca State Park Reforestation www.kpbs.org
  Public Forum on Energy Security & Climate Change www.delmartimes.net
  Rhino Poaching Devastates African Population www.latimes.com
  Pentagon and WCS Combat Illicit Wildlife Trade www.nytimes.com
  European Butterflies Disappearing www.physorg.com
  Proposed Listing of 9 Distinct Population Segments of Loggerhead Sea Turtle www.gpoaccess.gov
  Recovery Plan for the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle www.gpoaccess.com
  Endangered Species Permits Issued www.gpoaccess.com
  Grant Approved For San Diego Vernal Pools www.delmartimes.net
  Vernal Pool Research in San Diego www.signonsandiego.com
3/17 Earth Hour – March 27 www.panda.org
  Prescribed Burns Reduce US Carbon Footprint www.eurekalert.org
  New Analysis of Illicit Ivory Trade www.eurekalert.org
  Sacramento Zoo’s Baby Giant Anteater Dies cbs13.com
  Lincoln Park Zoo Will Breed Illinois Snake www.dailyherald.com
  Vervet Monkey Behavior Study news.bbc.co.uk
  Dogs Originated In Middle East www.nytimes.com
  California’s First Major Solar Power Plant greeninc.blogs.nytimes.com
  U.S. Bobcat Proposal Rejected By CITES www.fws.gov
  Horrifying Chinese Zoo Scandal www.guardian.co.uk
  In Defense of Animals Files Complaint Against 4 Zoos seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Revised Critical Habitat for California Red-Legged Frog www.gpoaccess.gov
  Analysis of Bird Bone Density www.physorg.com
3/18 Golden Lion Tamarin Rescue Effort www.philly.com
  Calgary Zoo’s Head Curator Resigns www.cbc.ca
  Bronx Zoo’s Marmoset Enrichment www.zandavisitor.com
  Encephalomyocarditis Virus Infection In An Italian Zoo 7thspace.com
  26% Decline in High Arctic Species www.sciencedaily.com
  Reclassification of Beluga Sturgeon As Critically Endangered www.eurekalert.org
  CITES Rejects Proposal to Ban Bluefin Tuna Trade www.foxnews.com
  Listing of the Berry Cave Salamander as Endangered www.gpoaccess.gov
  Recovery Plan for Central California Coast Coho Salmon www.gpoaccess.gov
  CITES Rejects U.S. Backed Polar Bear Ban www.physorg.com
  USFWS Plans for Warmer World www.nature.com
  Detecting Lead in Condor Feathers www.nature.com
  Free Biodiversity Article Collection From the Journal Nature www.nature.com
3/19 Storms Threaten Monarch Butterflies in Mexico wdin.blogspot.com
  Twin Golden Lion Tamarins Born At Zoo Atlanta www.ajc.com
  Bird Navigation Mechanism www.physorg.com
  Wild Cheetah Population Increases In Southern Angola www.physorg.com
3/20 Lowry Park Zoo Needs Upgrades to Retain Accreditation www.tbo.com
  Arizona State Employee Fired Over Jaguar Capture www.physorg.com
  Mini-Convention for Pandaholics at San Diego Zoo www.signonsandiego.com
  Phoenix Zoo Jaguar Returns to Mexico www.zandavisitor.com
3/22 San Diego Zoo’s Polar Bear Plunge Focuses on Climate Change www.signonsandiego.com
  2 Pelicans Die at Santa Barbara Zoo www.edhat.com
  Worthen Sparrow Nest Sites Found in Mexico news.bbc.co.uk
  Internet A Growing Threat To Endangered Species www.washingtontimes.com
  Veterinarian Operates on Bat Wings www.santacruzsentinel.com
  Sale Of Elephant Ivory Voted Down By CITES www.scientificamerican.com
  CITES Protects Elephants and Rhinos content.usatoday.com
  SeaWorld Trainers Use Protected Contact With Tilikum articles.latimes.com
  Toledo Zoo Director Receives YWCA Milestones Award www.toledoonthemove.com
  Male Elephant Twins Born in Thailand www.telegraph.co.uk
  Great Ape Trust Signs Agreement With Rwanda www.desmoinesregister.com
  Study of Asia’s Flat-Headed Swamp Cat news.nationalgeographic.com
  Are Saltwater Aquariums Sustainable? www.nytimes.com
3/23 Study of Bush Meat Crisis In Congo Basin www.telegraph.co.uk
  Head of Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary Fired www.tennessean.com
  Listing of the Greater Sage Grouse Is Deferred www.gpoaccess.gov
  Marine Mammal Permit Request www.gpoaccess.gov
  Possible Listing of the Striped Newt www.gpoaccess.gov
  Fiberglass Elephants Will Invade London www.businessweek.com
  3 Tigers Shot After Escape in Spain www.google.com
  Former Lowry Park Zoo Director Opens Giraffe Ranch www.tbo.com
  Philadelphia Zoo Installs New Safety Alert Software eon.businesswire.com
  Bamboo As An Asian Elephant Management Tool sify.com
  Two King Cheetahs Born at Taronga Zoo www.abc.net.au
  CITES Won’t Protect Most Sharks www.afp.com
  National Zoo’s Breeding Lion Pride www.zandavisitor.com
  Cougar Experts Meet at Brookfield Zoo  

3/24 Phoenix Zoo Plans New Orangutan Habitat www.azcentral.com
  Peninsular Pronghorn Twins Born At L.A. Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  New Gecko Species Discovered In Cambodia www.afp.com 
  H5N1 Found In Los Angles County www.examiner.com
  CITES Resolutions on Tigers, Elephants and Rhinos www.scientificamerican.com
  Remaking the Minnesota Zoo www.startribune.com
  Oregon's California Condors Produce 6 Fertile Eggs www.democratherald.com
  Francois Langur Born At Lincoln Park Zoo www.examiner.com
  Congo's Gorillas May Be Gone In 10-15 Years news.nationalgeographic.com
3/25 Marine Mammal Permit Issued www.gpoaccess.gov
  25 Komodo Dragons Born at Surabaya Zoo www.google.com
  San Diego Zoo's New Conservation Message At Polar Bear Plunge www.sdnn.com
  Mississippi Zoo Raided By State Wildlife Officials www.hattiesburgamerican.com
  Louisville Zoo Fined 37,000 for Train Accident www.courier-journal.com
  Chimpanzee Culture Driven by Females www.wired.com
  New Elephant Training Program In India news.oneindia.in
  Giant Anteater Born at Roger Williams Park Zoo newsblog.projo.com
  Repair Scheduled For Seneca Park Penguin Pool Leak www.democratandchronicle.com
  Great Plains Zoo Surveys Its Members www.argusleader.com
  Mexican Wolf Recovery Effort www.nytimes.com
  Giant Mouse Lemur Found in Madagascar blogs.nationalgeographic.com
3/26 Zimbabwe Gets Green Light to Sell Ivory www.zimonline.co.za
  London Zoo's Indoor Rainforest www.timesonline.co.uk
  Southern White Rhino Born At Lowry Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Pygmy Loris Twins Born At Czech Zoo praguemonitor.com
  FedEx Donates $600,000 To Panda Habitat Conservation www.commercialappeal.com
  DeBrazza’s Monkey Born At Denver Zoo www.denverpost.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Reinstatement of Protection for Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone www.gpoaccess.gov
  Don’t Forget Earth Hour www.guardian.co.uk
  Endangered Species Permit Requests www.gpoaccess.gov
3/27 U.S. Frustrated In Protecting Endangered Species www.huffingtonpost.com
3/28 Sea Lion Pups Starve On California Shores www.npr.org
3/29 Two More Giraffes Born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo www.kdvr.com
  Bronx Zoo’s Baby Mandrill On Exhibit www.nydailynews.com
  Monterey Baby Aquarium Educates About Global Warming www.mercurynews.com
  Edinburgh Zoo Opens SkyTrail news.scotsman.com
  USFWS Will Review 14 Southwestern Species www.gpoaccess.gov
  Folk Medicine A Threat To Primates news.bbc.co.uk
  Howler Monkeys And Yellow Fever news.mongabay.com
  Saving Colombia’s Primates news.mongabay.com
  Salamander Spatial Distribution Study chemlife.umd.edu
  Brookfield Zoo’s “Aperil” Celebration www.mysuburbanlife.com
  Acoustic Analysis of Hyena Laughter www.physorg.com
  Black Truffle Genome Decoded www.nature.com
  Biologist Wins Award For Clapper Rail Recovery greenoc.freedomblogging.com
3/30 Tomistomas Crocs Mate at Virginia Beach Aquarium www.upi.com
  S.F. Fire Department Rescues Zoo Tiger www.mercurynews.com
  Philadelphia Zoo’s ‘Creatures of Habitat’ Exhibit abclocal.go.com
  Elephant Locomotion Study www.physorg.com
  Revised Recovery Plan for Mariana Fruit Bat www.gpoaccess.com
  Common Toad Can Predict Earthquakes www.physorg.com
  Illegal Logging & Weather Threatens Monarch Butterfly www.cbsnews.com
  Whooping Cranes Get GPS Collars www.washingtonpost.com
3/31 Sumatran Rhino No Longer Pregnant news.mongabay.com
  Future Impact of the Internet on Institutions www.pewinternet.org
  Panda Pregnancy Watch at National Zoo voices.washingtonpost.com
  Songbird Genome Analyzed www.nature.com
  Zebra Finch Genome Reveals Insights Into Vocal Behavior www.nhgri.nih.gov
  Bird Genome Web Site www.eurekalert.org
  Brown Kiwi Hatches at National Zoo blogs.nationalgeographic.com
  Listing Casey’s June Beetle www.gpoaccess.gov
  Listing of the Tucson Shovel-Nosed Snake www.gpoaccess.gov
  California Sea Otter Numbers Down for 3rd Year www.mercurynews.com


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  Bristol Zoo’s Fruit Bat Project Gets Funding news.bbc.co.uk
  Saving Kenya’s Black Rhino www.theeastafrican.co.ke
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4/13 Horned Frog Tadpole Vocalization Study news.bbc.co.uk
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4/15 Status Review for N.A. Wolverine www.gpoaccess.gov
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  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov 
  Center for Biological Diversity Offers Free iPhone App www.redorbit.com
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4/16 Realm of the Tiger Exhibit Opens in Louisiana Zoo www.2theadvocate.com
  Bristol Zoo Seeks £70M for Wildlife Park www.thisisbristol.co.uk
  Injured Baby Gorilla Moved to Louisville Zoo Hospital www.courier-journal.com
  Santa Barbara Zoo Receives 2 Masai Giraffes & Accreditation www.newshawk.com
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  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
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  Stanford University Issues Habitat Conservation Plan news.stanford.edu
  2010 Goldman Prize Winners Are Announced www.goldmanprize.org
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  Scientists Investigate Gray Whale Deaths in Pacific N.W. www.komonews.com
  Another Possible Sumatran Rhino Pregnancy www.bernama.com
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  Emerging Pathogens Project www.eurekalert.org
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4/21 Zoo Atlanta Offers ‘Half-off’ Tickets blogs.ajc.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  2010 Environmental Performance Index www.livescience.com
4/22 Elephant in African Conservation Project is Killed www.signonsandiego.com
  Circus Elephant Comes to San Antonio Zoo www.mysanantonio.com
  Primate Life History Database Now Available www.eurekalert.org
  Multiple Species of Killer Whales www.eurekalert.org
  Crested Capuchin Born at Santa Ana Zoo www.ocregister.com
  Zoo Atlanta Gets a New Black Rhino www.cbsatlanta.com
  National Academy of Sciences Energy Information needtoknow.nas.edu
  Magnetic-Field Perception in Animals www.nature.com
  Study of Congo River Biodiversity www.physorg.com
4/23 Living Coasts Aquarium Breeds Bank Cormorant www.zandavisitornews.com
  First YouTube Video – Elephants at San Diego Zoo technorati.com
4/24 Korean Zoos Move to Block Hoof and Mouth Disease joongangdaily.joins.com
  Pygmy Marmoset Raised by Mogo Zoo Keepers www.smh.com.au
  International Whaling Commission Scheduled to Meet www.telegraph.co.uk
4/25 Hawksbill Turtles Nest on Abu Dhabi Beach sify.com
4/26 Meerkats Return to Woodland Park Zoo www.nwnews.com
  How Chimps Deal with Death www.eurekalert.org
  Siberian Tiger Drowns At British Zoo news.bbc.co.uk
  Brood Parasite Study www.physorg.com
  Elephant Poisoned in Kiev Zoo abcnews.go.com
  Gordy The Gorilla Dies At Como Zoo www.twincities.com
  Red Wolf Pups Born At Miller Park Zoo www.wqad.com
  Lion Pride Rejects Three Members www.eadt.co.uk
  Caltrans Plan to Save Steelhead www.startribune.com
  Lincoln Park Zoo's Urban Wildlife Study www.wbez.org
  New Primate Babies at Bronx Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Attwater Prairie Chicken Recovery Plan www.gpoaccess.gov
  Elephants Produce Alarm Call When Bees Threaten www.physorg.com
  New Monitor Lizard from Indonesia Is Described www.eurekalert.org
  San Diego's Avian Diversity www.signonsandiego.com
  USFWS Polar Bear Deterrence Guidelines www.regulations.gov
  Petition to List the Harlequin Butterfly as Endangered www.gpoaccess.gov
4/27 Genetic Study: Formation of Ribs in Vertebrates www.eurekalert.org
  No Pregnancy for National Zoo’s Panda voices.washingtonpost.com
  Dealing With the Rise in Animal-Based Diseases www.newsweek.com
  Green Corridor Connects Chimpanzee Populations content.usatoday.com
  Petition to List the Mojave Ground Squirrel www.gpoaccess.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Issued www.gpoaccess.gov
  USGS Grizzly Tracking Techniques in Yellowstone www.usgs.gov
4/28 Fennec Fox Triplets Born At Drusillas Park Zoo news.bbc.co.uk
  Virtual Zoo Visit Helps Kids Read www.cnylink.com
  Three Species of Rockfish Now Protected seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Threatened Status for Puget Sound Rockfish www.gpoaccess.gov
  Snail Farming to Protect African Apes www.usatoday.com
  No Single Cause for Honeybee Die-off www.physorg.com
  Brendon Wiley, New Topeka Zoo Director cjonline.com
  California Seismic Map Includes Newly Found Fault Lines www.nytimes.com
  Louisville Zoo Gorilla Baby Improves www.wlky.com
  Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico Threatens Wildlife www.nytimes.com
  India Plans to Stop Tiger Tourism www.timesonline.co.uk
4/29 23-Year-Old Polar Bear Dies at Denver Zoo www.denverpost.com
  Oregon Zoo Gets Three New Bears www.kgw.com
  Pseudo-Pregnancy in Pandas www.csmonitor.com
  Latest Statistics On Honeybee Losses www.eurekalert.org
  African Clawed Frog Genome Sequenced www.eurekalert.org
  Global Biodiversity: Indicators of  Recent Declines www.sciencemag.org
4/30 Louisiana Gulf Coast Wildlife at Risk wild.enature.com
  Lion Pride Increases at Bronx Zoo wcbstv.com
  Satellites, DNA and the La Plata Dolphin www.eurekalert.org
  Red Wolf Recovery Program www.examiner.com


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5/1 AZA Communicates the Economic Value of Zoos www.aza.org
  Severe Pneumonia Outbreak Killing Bighorn Sheep www.javma.com
  Developing a Conservation Policy for Hybrids www.biosciencemag.org
  Sensory Ecology and Wildlife Reintroductions www.ingentaconnect.com
  USFWS Response to Oil Spill www.fws.gov
5/2 S.F. ZooFest Raises $1.85 million www.sfgate.com
5/3 Fleece Fest at WCS Prospect Park Zoo www.broadwayworld.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  International Migratory Bird Day www.naplesnews.com
  New iPad App—Alphabets in the Zoo www.ipadmodo.com
  Lucknow Zoo Elephants Sent to Wildlife Parks timesofindia.indiatimes.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Seizure Led to Death of Siberian Tiger Malyshka www.mirror.co.uk
  Oregon Zoo Promotes Bee Conservation www.oregonlive.com
  Ecologists Brace for Oil Spill Damage www.nature.com
  Asiatic Lion Population Increases www.redorbit.com
5/4 Dolphins on Four Continents are Endangered www.scientificamerican.com
  Bald Eagle Diet Could Shift www.eurekalert.org
  Jurong Bird Park Breeds Hyacinth Macaws www.zandavisitor.com
  Fragmented Forests: More Snakes & Fewer Birds www.aces.uiuc.edu
  Bee Nest Made of Flower Petals www.eurekalert.org
  Strategy to Limit Global Warming www.eurekalert.org
  El Paso Zoo Purchases Animals for African Savannah www.kfoxtv.com
  Status Review for Hermes Copper Butterfly www.gpoaccess.gov
  Oregon’s Jonsson Center Breeds Condors www.clackamasreview.com
  Oil Spill Concerns Up and Down the Food Chain www.nytimes.com
  World Health Organization Creates Snake Venom Web Site www.sacbee.com
5/5 Scimitar Horned Oryx Born in Front Royal voices.washingtonpost.com
  Mexican Wolf Conservation Assessment www.gpoaccess.gov
  Smithsonian Needs Larger Home for Clouded Leopards www.dailypress.com
  Countries Ranked on Environment Impact www.eurekalert.org
  Designation of Critical Habitat for the Polar Bear www.gpoaccess.gov
5/6 The Blank Park Zoo’s 15-Year Plan www.desmoinesregister.com
  Duluth Zoo’s $40 Million Master Plan www.duluthnewstribune.com
  Columbus Zoo’s New “Polar Frontier” www.examiner.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Asian Elephant Born at Houston Zoo www.chron.com
  Rhino Escape at Jacksonville Zoo www.firstcoastnews.com
  Free Cincinnati Zoo Navigation App www.wcpo.com
  Baby Bonobo Born at Fort Worth Zoo www.nbcdfw.com
  WCS Study of Wildlife Populations in the Congo www.eurekalert.org
  New Species of Frog Found in India www.allheadlinenews.com
  Brookfield Zoo’s Great Bear Wilderness Opens www.chicagotribune.com
  Cactus Purifies Water Cheaply www.scidev.net
  Checkerspot Butterfly Breeding at Oregon Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Kansas Gardeners Help Monarch Butterflies www.news.ku.edu
5/7 Walk-Through Lemur Exhibit Opens at Henry Doorly Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Polar Bear International’s Teen Leadership Camp www.missiontimescourier.com
  Six Elephants at Dallas Zoo’s “Giants of Savannah” Exhibit www.pegasusnews.com
  Houston Zoo’s Elephant Program www.zandavisitor.com
  Permit Request: Harassment of Marine Mammals Incidental to an Exploratory Drilling www.gpoaccess.gov
  Recovery Plan for the Central California Coast www.gpoaccess.gov
  California Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog Update www.nctimes.com
5/8 Devra Kleiman Dead at 67 www.nytimes.com
5/9 Vietnam Primate Refuge vietnewsonline.vn
  Texas Prepares for Oil-soaked Sea Turtles www.brownsvilleherald.com
5/10 L.A. Zoo’s Alligator “Reggie” Gets a Mate www.latimes.com
  Recovery Plan for Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle www.gpoaccess.gov
  Francois Langur Born at Taronga Zoo www.smh.com.au
  Meller Chameleon Breeding Program in U.K. www.zandavisitor.com
  Watertown Zoo Has 9 Gray Wolf Pups www.watertowndailytimes.com
  Ban Keu Zoo Breeds Lao Crocodile www.earthtimes.org
  Javan Rhino Shot by Poachers in Vietnam Park www.straitstimes.com
  IUCN: Ecosystems at Tipping Point edition.cnn.com
  Chytrid Fungus Disease Study www.pnas.com
5/11 Japanese Crested Ibis Reintroduction Program mdn.mainichi.jp
  Corpse Flower Bloom at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo www.wkyc.com
  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo 10-Year Masterplan www.blog.cleveland.com
  Ramona Bass Receives BRIT Award www.enn.com
  SeaWorld Florida Changes its Whale Show www.chicagotribune.com
  WCS Fights Proposed Budget Cuts with Web Site Petition www.crainsnewyork.com
  Amur Leopard Dies at Seneca Park Zoo rocnow.com
  Creating Corridors for Jaguars www.nytimes.com
  Lincoln Park Zoo's Urban Wildlife Institute www.chicagotribune.com
5/12 New Exhibit: Zootennial Celebrates St. Louis Zoo Birthday www.westendword.com
  Opinion Polls Underestimate Americans Concern for Environment  
  Amarillo Zoo Competes in Pepsi’s Click for a Cause www.amarillo.com
  BinderPark Zoo Raises Exhibit Funds on YouTube www.battlecreekenquirer.com
  World’s Strongest Animal Is the Copepod www.physorg.com
5/13 Tuatara Eggs Laid at Wellington Zoo www.stuff.co.nz
  New CEO for Zoo Atlanta www.ajc.com
  Pinnacles Condor Chick and Father Treated for Lead Poisoning hollisterfreelance.com
  Zimbabwe Dictator Will Send Animals to North Korea www.guardian.co.uk
  Louisville Zoo Elephant Dies from Colic www.courier-journal.com
  Colorado & New Mexico Support Wildlife Corridors www.denverpost.com
  “Himalaya” Building Opens at Twycross Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Vomeronasal Organ Detects Predator’s Chemical Signal www.eurekalert.org
  Global Warming Causes Widespread Lizard Extinction www.sciencemag.org
  Whale Freed from Fishnet Returns to Dana Point Harbor abclocal.go.com
  Time Limits Not Quotas May Help Wildlife Sustainability www.umn.edu
  Breeding the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo www.abc.net.au
  Protected Corals Increase Fishing Profits www.eurekalert.org
5/14 Breeding Endangered Species at the Wild Animal Park www.latimes.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications  
  Koalas Come to Palm Beach Zoo www.palmbeachpost.com
  Spitting Cobra Spray Analysis www.eurekalert.org
  Endangered Species Permit Requests www.gpoaccess.gov
5/15 New Restaurant for Hogle Zoo www.sltrib.com
5/16 Reid Park Zoo Lion Suffers Stroke www.kgun9.com
  Eco-Tourism’s Negative Effect on Gorillas www.guardian.co.uk
  Asian Ivory Trade Endangers African Elephants www.washingtonpost.com
5/17 Cincinnati Renovates Children’s Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Elephants in London news.mongabay.com
  Elephant Conservationist Wins Goldman Environmental Prize news.mongabay.com
  $4.9 Million for Neotropical Migratory Birds and Habitat Conservation www.infozine.com
  3 New Monitor Lizard Species from Philippines www.eurekalert.org
  Decline of California Delta Smelt Due to Nutrient Pollution www.physorg.com
  iPhone App Helps Congo Gorillas news.bbc.co.uk
5/18 Possible Partnership for San Diego Zoo – Natural History Museum www.signonsandiego.com
  Lowry Park Zoo’s Chief Vet Leaves www.tbo.com
  Two Sulawesi Black Crested Macagues Born at Drusillas Park news.bbc.co.uk
  New USDA Regulations for Zoo Butterfly Exhibits www.watertowndailytimes.com
  Link Between ‘Climate Footprints’ and Mass Mammal Extinction www.wiley.com
  May 21 – Endangered Species Day www.carrollconews.com
  Tapir Conservation Program thestar.com.my
  Nestle Will Review Palm Oil Supply www.telegraph.co.uk
  Possible Bighorn Sheep Delisting in New Mexico www.alamagordonews.com
  Surprise Eland Birth at Oakland Zoo news.discovery.com
  New Species Found in New Guinea www.time.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Detroit Zoo Launches iPhone App www.freep.com
  Racine Zoo Rescues Confiscated Reptiles www.journaltimes.com
  Critical Habitat for Ambrosia pumila (San Diego ambrosia) www.gpoaccess.gov
  Recovery Plan for Central California Coast Coho Salmon www.gpoaccess.gov
  Scientists Map Extent of Oil Spill and Disaster for Wildlife www.nature.com
5/19 Controlling the Prion Epidemic in US Deer www.basqueresearch.com
  Mating Strategy of Male Topi Antelopes www.eurekalert.org
  Nocturnal Animals Featured at Prospect Park Zoo www.broadwayworld.com
  Saving a Baby Orangutan at Zoo Atlanta www.11alive.com
  Buffalo Zoo’s New Erie Canal-themed Farm www.buffalonews.com
  National Research Council Urges Action on Climate www.nytimes.com
  “Vulture Restaurants” for Endangered Birds www.reuters.com
  KC Zoo Celebrates a Huge Victory voices.kansascity.com
  First Sea Turtle Rescued from Oil Slick latimesblogs.latimes.com
5/20 Beijing Zoo Restaurant Serves Exotic Animals www.csmonitor.com
  Giant Anteater Mom Dies at Roger Williams Park Zoo www.projo.com
  New Paint Mimics Sharkskin www.eurekalert.org
  Male Treefrogs Generate Aggressive Vibrations www.eurekalert.org
  Biomimicry and Security uanews.org
  Sifaka Born at Besancon Zoo www.mysinchew.com
  Endangered Species Days in May www.bayweekly.com
  Florida Panther Experts Honored by USFWS chipleybugle.com
  Mystery Disease Kills Female Saigas  in Kazakhstan www.physorg.com
  China Will Train Pandas To Survive in Wild www.physorg.com
  Musk Turtle’s “Super Tongue” news.bbc.co.uk
  Honolulu Zoo Prepares for Furloughs www.kitv.com
  Great Plains Zoo Plans for Japanese Snow Monkeys www.argusleader.com
  Chronic Wasting Disease Vaccine www.thestarphoenix.com
  Biomaterials: Intelligent Glue in Spider Webs www.nature.com
5/21 5-Year Reviews for of 34 Species in California and Nevada www.gpoaccess.gov
  Permit Request: Marine Geophysical Survey in the Northwest Pacific Ocean www.gpoaccess.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Requests www.gpoaccess.gov
  National Zoo Lion Cub Dies in Freak Accident www.nbcwashington.com
  Injured Gorilla Baby Gets a Surrogate Mom at Columbus Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  No Panda Cub for Taipei Zoo This Year www.google.com
  Macaws Stolen from Sydney Zoo www.smh.com.au
  London Zoo Tries to Save New Zealand Frog www.stuff.co.nz
  Tanzanian Rhino Re-Introduction www.physorg.com
  Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation www.physorg.com
  Houbara Bustards: Diseases and Medical Management www.exoticdvm.com
  New Baby Elephant for Disney www.chipandco.com
  5 Questions About the Oil Spill www.sciencemag.org
  Animal Communication Reveals Roots of Human Language www.sciencemag.org
5/22 N.C. Zoo’s “Lemur Island” Opens www.charlotteobserver.com
5/23 Bidding for Zoo Atlanta License Plate Tops $1,200 www.wsbtv.com
  Endangered Plant Threatened by Mining in Big Bear Area www.pe.com
  9 New Species of Tasmanian Handfish Discovered www.sciencedaily.com
  San Diego Donor Funds Aquarium at Jerusalem Zoo www.haaretz.com
5/24 Giants of the Savannah at Dallas Zoo www.dallasnews.com
  New High-Tech Genetics Lab at National Zoo www.nbcwashington.com
  Henry Doorly Zoo’s Economic Impact on Omaha www.action3news.com
  Gorilla Born at Zoo Atlanta www.ajc.com
  Twycross Zookeepers Hatch Quail Chicks www.dailymail.co.uk
  13 Lions Rescued from Romanian Zoo news.bbc.co.uk
  California Academy of Sciences Study of Gulf Oil Spill www.calacademy.org
  Scientific Study of San Diego Seal Population www.signonsandiego.com
  New Topeka Zoo Director www.ktka.com
  Another Polar-Grizzly Hybrid Identified www.scientificamerican.com
5/25 Saiga Suffering from Outbreak of Pasteurellosis www.medpie.com
  Zoos and Aquariums on Oil Spill Alert green.blogs.nytimes.com
  Naples Zoo Wants to Expand www.naplesnews.com
  New Cheetah Exhibit at Indianapolis Zoo www.wthr.com
  Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden at Naples Zoo www.naplesnews.com
  Russian Scientists Raise Asiatic Black Bear Orphans news.nationalgeographic.com
  Migrating Birds – 7,000 Miles Non-Stop www.nytimes.com
  Polar Bears Face Tipping Point news.bbc.co.uk
5/26 Termites Most Important Species on African Savanna www.eurekalert.org
  154 Endangered Bird Species in India www.hindustantimes.com
  Como Zoo’s Polar Bear Odyssey www.kare11.com
  Sumatran Tiger Cubs Born at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium www.nwcn.com
  San Diego Zoo Offers Hopeful Message www.signonsandiego.com
  Oak-Killing Beetle in San Diego County www.signonsandiego.com
  FDA, NIH Launch Web Site to Report Adverse Effects from Pet Foods / Drugs veterinarynews.dvm360.com
  Alligator Snapping Turtle Found Near Phoenix Zoo www.azcentral.com
  White-Naped Cranes Hatch at Front Royal voices.washingtonpost.com
  Nebraska Zoo’s Land Sold at Auction www.action3news.com
  Gordy the Gorilla Died of Heart Disease at Como Zoo www.startribune.com
  Alaotra Grebe of Madagascar Declared Extinct www.birdlife.org
  2 New Frog Species Found in Panama www.eurekalert.org
  Zoopolitics – Animal Statecraft www.foreignpolicy.com
  BP Oil Spill: How Endangered Species are Fairing www.csmonitor.com
5/27 Revised Critical Habitat for the Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse www.gpoaccess.gov
  Young Sea Lions' Long Term Memory of Mother’s Call www.physorg.com
  Akron Zoo’s New Zoolympics Animal Show www.akron.com
  3 Przewalski Horses Born at Calgary Breeding Facility www.cbc.ca
  Lorises Increasingly at Risk From Trade www.scientificamerican.com
  2010 State of Observed Species species.asu.edu
  Extinction of Rosewood Trees Predicted for Madagascar www.eurekalert.org
  Monitoring for H5N1 Yields New Info on Rare Bird Species www.prnewswire.com
5/28 15 Bald Eagles Born on Channel Islands This Year www.catalinaconservancy.org
  Protecting Monkeys From Lethal Ebola www.npr.org
  Indonesia Announces Moratorium on Deforestation news.mongabay.com
  3 European White Storks Hatch at Lincoln Park Zoo www.chicagobreakingnews.com
  Whale Evolution Study www.eurekalert.org
5/29 New Animal Database Trial in Australia www.theaustralian.com.au
  Dallas Zoo Slogan Contested by Joyce Poole www.wfaa.com
5/30 Biomimicry: Butterfly Wings and Currency Security www.eurekalert.org
  Lehigh Valley Zoo Oryx Will Move to San Diego articles.mcall.com
5/31 Great Plains Zoo Tiger Breeding Program www.keloland.com
  National Zoo’s AnimalCams www.wusa9.com
  Goats That Produce Milk With Spider Silk Protein www.physorg.com
  St. Lucie Sanctuary for Chimpanzees www.tcpalm.com


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6/1 Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Southwestern Pond Turtle Seen in Jamul Refuge www.signonsandiego.com
  Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Survey is Encouraging www.google.com
  Music and the Animal Brain www.nytimes.com
  Carnivorous Plant on Top 10 List of Newly Discovered Species www.eurekalert.org
  NY City Plans to Lead Fight Against Global Warming www3.interscience.wiley.com
  Red Squirrels May Adopt Related Orphans www.eurekalert.org
  Oil Spill – June 1, 2010 www.nytimes.com
  Lasers Predict Bird Habitat Preference www.sciencedaily.com
  Oregon Zoo Hatches Three California Condors This Season www.oregonlive.com
  New Gecko Species in West Africa www.eurekalert.org
  Golden Lion Tamarin Born at Santa Barbara Zoo www.edhat.com
  Delisting of the Lake Erie Watersnake www.gpoaccess.gov
  Finding on Petition to List the White-tailed Prairie Dog www.gpoaccess.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Fun Website : The Medieval Beastiary http://bestiary.ca/index.html
6/2 Giant Anteater Born in U.K. news.bbc.co.uk
  Topeka Zoo Cited by USDA for 2 Incidents cjonline.com
  Proposed Listing Loggerhead Sea Turtle Populatons www.gpoaccess.gov
6/3 African Elephants on a Diet at Chafee Zoo www.fresnobee.com
  Polar Bear Odyssey Opens at Como Park Zoo in St. Paul minnesota.publicradio.org
  Giraffe Euthanized After Breaking Neck in Move www.news-leader.com
  Komodo Dragon Exhibit Opens at Cincinnati Zoo news.cincinnati.com
  Iain Douglas-Hamilton Wins Indianapolis Prize www.indystar.com
  Mongoose Culture Passed to Young www.eurekalert.org
  More Fishing Restrictions in the Gulf www.nytimes.com
  Species Endangered by Oil Spill www.csmonitor.com
  Using Dogs for Ecological Research wireeagle.auburn.edu
  Blue Bull in Nepal is Endangered www.bernama.com
  Mouse “Sex Appeal” Pheromone Identified www.eurekalert.org
  Critical Habitat for Mississippi Gopher Frog www.gpoaccess.gov
6/4 USDA Cites and Fines Tulsa Zoo www.tulsaworld.com
  Omaha Zoo Master Plan Released www.omaha.com
  St. Louis Zoo’s New “Living Promise” Exhibits www.stltoday.com
  River Safari Planned for 2012 in Singapore www.zandavisitor.com
  Salt Water Crocodile Movement Studied www.uq.edu.au
  How Many Species Are There? www.unimelb.edu.au
  OIE Working Group on Wildlife Diseases www.oie.int
  Post-Delisting Monitoring Plan for Bald Eagle www.gpoaccess.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Grevy’s Zebra Born at Lincoln Park Zoo www.suntimes.com
  66 Oiled Pelicans Brought to Rescue Center www.wapt.com
  Seven Penguin Species Will Be Protected www.ktvu.com
6/5 New Elephant at San Antonio Zoo www.mysanantonio.com
6/6 Terri Irwin Plans Australian Crocodile Park in Las Vegas www.haroldsun.com.au
  European Bison Reintroduced to Spain www.physorg.com
  UN Plans Another Gorilla Rescue Airlift www.scoop.co.nz
  Wind Farm Risks to Birds seattletimes.nwsource.com
  Exterminating Cane Toads in Australia www.stuff.co.nz
6/7 Lincoln Park Zoo’s Nature Boardwalk www.suntimes.com
  Hornbill & Tragopan Hatch at National Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  New Polar Bear Rescue Center at Assiniboine Park Zoo www.winnipegfreepress.com
  U.S. Zoo Directors Try To Modernize China Zoos elpasoinc.com
  Baby Pygmy Elephants Rescued www.boston.com
  Giant Pandas for Canada Zoos www.ottawacitizen.com
  Zoo Experts Meet to Discuss Gulf Crisis www.washingtonexaminer.com
  Wildlife Toll Mounts as Oil Inundates Gulf Coast Marshes www.nytimes.com
6/8 San Diego Zoo’s Baby Elephant Improves travel.latimes.com
  ‘Obsession’ Cologne and Cat Conservation online.wsj.com
  Moth Pollinates Cycads on Guam and Rota www.eurekalert.org
  Opinion Poll: More Concern Over Climate Change www.eurekalert.org
  250 Vaquita Porpoises Left www.nature.com
  PETA Will Protest Ringling Circus in Tulsa www.tulsaworld.com
  Snake Populations Crashing www.physorg.com
6/9 Emergency Endangered Species Permits Issued www.gpoaccess.gov
  Establishing a Nonessential Sonoran Pronghorn Population www.gpoaccess.gov
  Possible Listing of van Rossem's Gull-billed Tern www.gpoaccess.gov
  New Australian Seed Bank www.smh.com.au
  Grey Whales Face Prey Crisis www.physorg.com
  Fighting Chytrid Fungus in Spain www.nature.com
  Camel Genome is Decoded www.physorg.com
  Malaysian Rhino Will Be Trapped for Breeding www.physorg.com
  New “Atlas of Biodiversity Risk” www.physorg.com
6/10 Collecting Gorilla DNA from Saliva www.bioone.org
  San Diego’s Frozen Zoo and Cloning Research www.businessweek.com
  Nighttime at San Diego Zoo www.inlandsocal.com
  4-D Adventure at the Bronx Zoo  
  How Sharks Find Their Prey www.eurekalert.org
  Is Washing Oily Birds Wasteful? www.cbsnews.com
  Endangered Crocodiles Hatched in Cambodia www.physorg.com
  Sharks & Rays of Borneo Identified www.physorg.com
  Toughening Malaysia’s Wildlife Laws www.mmail.com.my
  Harbor Seals’ Whiskers Detect Fish www.eurekalert.org
  North America’s Marine Ecosystems www.eurekalert.org
  Endangered Species Act Needs Overhall to Prevent Oil Disasters www.wired.com
  California Upholds Ban on Importation of Nonnative Frogs and Turtles for Food www.reptilechannel.com
6/11 UC Librarians Urge Boycott of Nature Journals www.physorg.com
  Micke Grove Zoo Will Likely Remain Unaccredited www.lodinews.com
  Dingoes Are Smarter Than Pet Dogs www.physorg.com
  Social Media for Wildlife Professionals www.usgs.gov
  Bill Gersonde New Director of Abilene Zoo www.reporternews.com
  Island Fox Recovers on Channel Islands www.independent.com
  Zoos Ready to Help with Oil Spill www.cbsnews.com
  Wildlife Conservation Society Spring Bird Count www.nytimes.com
6/12 New United Nations Biodiversity Monitoring Organization (IPBES) www.nature.org
  Animal Poetry Exhibited at Milwaukee Zoo www.jsonline.com
  Hogle Zoo Helps with Oil Spill in Utah www.deseretnews.com
6/13 Chimpanzee Undergoes Surgery for Ear Infection tvnz.co.nz
  40-foot Iguana Moves to Fort Worth Zoo cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com
  NY State Wildlife Pathologist Under Investigation www.timesunion.com
  Oiled-Bird Survival Study www.news.ucdavis.edu
6/14 New Video Game: Zoo Hospital www.zergwatch.com
  Concerns Remain About Chester Zoo’s Biodome www.chesterfirst.co.uk
  Oil Spill Could Threaten Whooping Cranes www.calgaryherald.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Carnivorous Mammals Track Fruit Abundance www.eurekalert.org
  Malaysian Authorities Seize Spider & Radiated Tortoises www.physorg.com
  Nepal Government Investigates Rhino Poaching www.physorg.com
  Cloning in Dubai www.khaleejtimes.com
  Rebound of Least Terns Along Arkansas River www.tulsaworld.com
  New Tool to Monitor Migrating Waterbirds www.birdlife.org
  Atlanta Gorilla Charges / Breaks Exhibit Window www.cnn.com
  New Zoo Atlanta Exhibit: “Trader’s Alley: Wildlife’s Fading Footprints” www.accessatlanta.com
  Brookfield Zoo Will Assess Florida Dolphins' Health as Oil Nears www.chicagobreakingnews.com
  Chimpanzees Console Victims of Aggression www.scientificamerican.com
  China Considers Animal Cruelty Laws www.google.com
  USGS Gap Analysis Program www.wired.com
  Top 7 North American Species Affected by Climate Change magblog.audubon.org
6/15 MetroZoo Changes Name to Zoo Miami www.miamiherald.com
  Vienna Zoo Breeds Bagatur Turtle www.google.com
  Wildebeest Migration Threatened www.nytimes.com
  Yellow-Eared Parrot Rebounds from Near-Extinction www.tonic.com
  Paternal Primate Bonds www.nytimes.com
  White-nose Syndrome Infects 9th Bat Species www.scientificamerican.com
  Legoland Wants to Become Resort Destination www.signonsandiego.com
6/16 Second Javan Rhino Found Dead in Indonesia en.vivanews.com
  Beaks and Feet Boulevard” at Kansas City Zoo www.kansascity.com
  Birders Contribute Data on Invasive Plant Species www.eurekalert.org
  Foal Cloned Using Oocytes from a Live Mare www.physorg.com
  New Frog Species Found in South Australia www.abc.net.au
  Facebook Pics Show Nighttime Break-In at Rio Grande Zoo www.krqe.com
  New 19-Foot Bronze Elephant at St. Louis Zoo Entrance www.foxnow.com
  Zoo Atlanta Panda is Artificially Inseminated www.wtvm.com
6/17 Endangered Huku Cow is Cloned www.thehindu.com
  German Zoo Culls Hybrid Tigers www.monstersandcritics.com
  Komodo Dragon Has V.A.C. for Skin Abrasion www.zandavisior.com
  PETA says Polar Bear Knut is Displaying Behavior Problems www.google.com
  10 Baby Pandas in Shanghai english.people.com.cn
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  Permit to Import Endangered Imperial Parrot www.gpoaccess.gov
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
6/19 Sea Lions Critically Endangered in New Zealand www.stuff.co.nz
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6/21 Indonesian Rainforest Restoration Planned www.birdlife.org
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  Mumbai Elephants Too Old To Be Moved www.hindustantimes.com 
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  New Panda Reintroduction Scheme www.physorg.com/
  Houbara Bustard Captive Breeding Experiment www.physorg.com/
  Sea Turtles Endangered by Oil Spill na.oceana.org 
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  Possible Creation of U.S.- Mexico National Park www.nytimes.com
  No San Diego Zoo – Natural History Museum Merger www.signonsandiego.com
  New Findings on Mammalian Sleep www.eurekalert.org
  Plant Behavior is Similar to Animal Behavior www.sciencemag.org
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  Mountain Lion Study www.coloradoan.com
6/25 Denver Zoo Loses Polar Bear, Frosty www.denverpost.com/
  KC Zoo Plans Aerial Tram Over African Plains Exhibit www.kansascity.com
  Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo Parners with Kroger & Scott’s Associates www.journalgazette.net/
  2 Male Silverbacks Introduced at Hogle Zoo www.sltrib.com
  Addax Born at Fresno’s Chaffee Zoo www.fresnobee.com
  Turtle Deaths Due to Shrimp Nets www.nytimes.com
6/26 Tracking Mountain Lions in Southern California www.signonsandiego.com
  Polar Bear Habitat Status in Alaska www.signonsandiego.com
  Borneo’s Saltwater Crocs No Longer Endangered www.afp.com/
6/28 California Protection for Mountain Yellow-legged Frog www.biologicaldiversity.org/news
  Falling Branch Kills Baby at Central Park Zoo www.nytimes.com
  Riverbanks Zoo Gorilla Found Dead www.thestate.com
  Calgary Zoo Begins Construction of New Penguin Exhibit www.calgaryherald.com
  San Diego Gorilla Moves to Knoxville Zoo www.knoxnews.com
  U.K.’s Largest Elephant Enclosure Planned www.nailseapeople.co.uk
  Competition in Male Bonobo vs Male Chimpanzees www.eurekalert.org
  Living Desert’s “Quarters for Conservation” www.mydesert.com/
  Brookfield Zoo Opposes Amusement Tax www.chicagotribune.com
  Scientists Publish Catalog of Dolphin Sounds www.physorg.com
  Pinyon Pine Forests in Southwest Affected by Climate Warming www.physorg.com
  Hotspots for Bolivia’s Primates news.mongabay.com/ 
  Asian Elephant Forest Utilization Study news.mongabay.com/ 
6/29 Young Giraffe Dies on Exhibit at Peoria Zoo www.chicagotribune.com/
  Finless Porpoises Become More Endangered news.bbc.co.uk/
  SeaWorld Seeks to Settle with OSHA Over Trainer Death news.bostonherald.com 
  India Breeds Long-Billed Vultures in Captivity www.3news.co.nz/
  5-Year Review of the Eastern DPS of the Steller Sea Lion www.gpoaccess.gov
  Mountain Plover www.gpoaccess.gov
  Tyrannosaurus Rex Moved Like an Elephant news.nationalgeographic.com 
  Critical Habitat for the Arroyo Toad www.gpoaccess.gov
  Selmunett Lizard Extinct from Rat Predation news.mongabay.com
6/30 More Freedom for Brookfield Zoo’s Golden Lion Tamarins www.suntimes.com
  Woodland Park Zoo Sued for Elephant Abuse www.seattlepi.com
  New App: Pocket Zoo with Zoo Cam Feeds www.macworld.com
  Grevy Zebra Born at Miami Zoo www.firstcoastnews.com
  Four Amur Tiger Cubs Thriving at Denver Zoo www.denverpost.com
  Cost-effective Biodiversity Protection www.nature.com
  San Diego Zoo Cloning Project www.newscientist.com/
  Oil Pollution in Taiwan Wildlife Sanctuary focustaiwan.tw 
  Scientists Will Move 70,000 Gulf of Mexico Turtle Eggs www.foxnews.com
  Critically Endangered Right Whale Census www.physorg.com
  Genetic Study of Reintroduced New Zealand Bird rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org
  New School for Global Animal Health www.medicalnewstoday.com
  Variable Effects of Fire on Bird Populations www.sciencedaily.com
  Marine Wildlife and the Oil Spill http://www.nature.com/oilspill


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7/1 Thermoregulation in Komodo Dragons www.hindawi.com/journals/ijz
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  The Plants of Elephant Odyssey Jul/Aug issue of "California Garden"
  Cane Toad Will Benefit from Global Warming www.eurekalert.org
  California Sea Otter Population Falling www.sfgate.com
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  London’s Elephant Parade Earns $1.5 Million www.tonic.com
  Himalayan Zoological Park’s Captive Breeding Projects www.newkerala.com/
  Mexican Gray Wolves Born at Endangered Wolf Center in St. Louis news.yahoo.com
  Several Gir Forest Lions Will Be Sent to Iran www.presstv.ir
  Ecosystem Disruption and Extinction www.physorg.com
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  U.S. Pledges $136 Million to Indonesian Environment http://news.mongabay.com
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7/2 Bronx Zoo Stimulates Waldrop Ibis to Breed www.bostonherald.com
  Three Canada Zoos Vie for Panda Cubs www.montrealgazette.com
  Saber-toothed Cat Study www.eurkekalert.org
  National Zoo May Propose Panda Swap www.washingtonpost.com
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  Federal Agencies Thought Off-Shore Oil Drilling was Safe www.nytimes.com
7/6 Mobile Phone Apps for Zoo Visitors www.freep.com
  Tracking of Avian Influenza in U.S. Songbirds www.nsf.gov/news
  African Observatories Will Gather Biodiversity Data www.scidev.net
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  Become a Panda Keeper in China www.tonic.com
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  Chevron Thanks Zoo Employees www.deseretnews.com
7/12 Topeka Zoo Deals with Giraffe’s Congenital Problem cjonline.com
  Brookfield Zoo’s Great Bear Wilderness www.prweb.com
  Dallas Zoo Zebra Dies www.dallasnews.com
  A Second Eland Birth at Oakland Zoo www.sfgate.com/
  Mammal Declines in Africa's National Parks www.eurekalert.org
  Adelie Penguin Breeding Study www.eurekalert.org
  Helping Condors Relearn Wild Ways www.time.com

Cash for Conservation is Tested


Invasive Species Well Established in Arizona


Houston Zoo Giraffe and Calf Die During Birth


Sunrise Powerlink Will Pass Through Cleveland National Forest


Recovery Plan for Sei Whale


Possible Balboa Park Conservancy


New Name: San Diego Zoo Safari Park


Dickerson Park Zoo Elephant Will Wear Back Brace


Gorilla “Play” Study


USDA Questions Dallas on Zebra Death


Animal Autopsies in Gulf Inconclusive


National Zoo Vets Head to Gulf of Mexico


Necropsy Results for Atlanta's Baby Orangutan


Number of Flowering Plants


Japanese Macaques Die from Mystery Disease


New Primate Fossil Close to Ape-Monkey Split


Comments on Wild Animal Park Name Change


“Primate Park” Opens at Rosamond Gifford Zoo


Preventing Brucellosis in US Livestock and Wildlife


More Data Needed to Estimate U.S. Sea Turtle Populations


China Seizes 8 Tons of Endangered Pangolins


BP Says Oil Leak Is Stopped


Wisconsin HCP for Karner Butterfly is Approved


Desert Tortoise Permit Request


Endangered Species Permit Requests


Endangered Species Permits Issued


Solar-Powered Parking Meters at Honolulu Zoo


Panda Born at China’s Ya’an Reserve


Canada Zoo-Bred Piping Plovers are Released


New Chemical Discovered in Animal Communication


Computed Tomography Scanner for Wild Animals


Oil Spill Recovery Prospects


Balboa Park Project List – 2007 estimates


Oregon Zoo Pond Turtle Release


Chimps Escape at Sedgwick County Zoo


Horton Plains Slender Loris Rediscovered


Recovery Plan for Ivory-Billed Woodpecker


New Zealand Government Won't Mine Protected Area


Protective Brain Theory : Larger Brain Means Longer Life


Tracking Chytrid Fungus Movement in Central America


Petition to List the Giant Palouse Earthworm


AZA Accreditation Process for Oregon Zoo


iPhone App for Balboa Park


Petition to List White-Bark Pine


Breakthrough in Genome Sequencing


Elephant Tooth Fossil Found in Brazil


Brookfield Zoo Adopts Pelicans Rescued from Oil Spill


Toledo Zoo Elephant Attack Video is Released


Clouded Leopard Cubs Born at Paris Zoo


Possible Expansion of Gray Wolf Range & Population


Evolution of Frog Jumping


Marmots Made Bigger by Climate Change


Oakland Zoo Sun Bear


Cephalopod Venom Study


Como Zoo’s New Polar Bear Exhibit


Biomimicy : False Predator “Eyes”


Analysis of Gibbon Leaps


Warming Climate Will Change Ape Behavior


Top 10 New Species Named in 2009


Eastern Black Rhino Dies at Zoo Atlanta


National Zoo Opens Giant Salamander Breeding Center


Oregon Zoo Releases Silverspot Butterflies


Golden Lion Tamarin Adopts an Emperor Tamarin


Walk-Through Kangaroo Exhibit at Riverbanks Zoo


Landscape Influences Giant Panda Gene Flow


5-Year Review of the Baiji/Chinese River Dolphin/Yangtze River Dolphin


Positive Prognosis for Giraffe with Leg Deformities


PETA Offers Financial Help Toledo Zoo


Copenhagen Zoo’s Elephant House Remodel


List of 10 Worst Zoos


Giant Salamander Breeding Center at National Zoo


What's Killing the Animals at Ukraine's Biggest Zoo


Panda Dies from Gas Poisoning in China Zoo


Mirrors Encourage Flamingos to Breed


Twycross Zoo Opens Asian Elephant Exhibit


Egyptian Vulture Bred at Jerez Zoo


Delhi Zoo Explores Building a Dolphinarium


Australia’s Dingo In Danger of Extinction


Tarictic Hornbill Reintroduction in the Philippines


Hairy-nosed Otter Captured on Camera


Monarch Butterfly Migration Research


White Bark Pine Forest Decline and Ecological Ramifications


Pandas Released to Semi-Wild


Caterpillar Locomotion – Possible Biomimicry Application


Lawsuit Demands Endangered Species Analysis Before Offshore Drilling


Jack Hanna Attacked by Grizzly Bear


Listing of Black-Breasted Puffleg as Endangered


Listing of Medium Tree Finch


Marsupial Genetics


Kansas City’s Polar Bear Passage


11 New Deep-sea Species Found off Canadian Coast


Rhino Relocation to Promote Tourism


Gulf Sea Turtle Rescue Efforts


Prairie Dog Relocation Project


Hormonal Birth Control Alters Scent Communication in Primates


Pig Emotions Are Influenced by Living Conditions


Panda Pair Heads for Tokyo’s Uno Zoo


SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund


Death of Panda in Jinan Zoo


Happy Hollow Zoo Receives Gold LEED


Cheetahs & African Wild Dogs Gone from Cameroon


Rhino Poaching Escalates in South Africa


Sumatran Orangutan Born at Denver Zoo


NY Zoo Attendance Suffers from Heat


Harbor Seal Born at L.A. Zoo


African Wild Ass is Modern Donkey’s Ancestor


Global Distribution of Marine Biodiversity


Important Panda Habitat Needs Protection


Cheetahs Will Be Reintroduced Into India


UNESCO Removes Galapagos Endangered List


10 Key Global Warming Indicators


"Wild Australia" – A Visitor Reviews the Oakland Zoo Exhibit


Natural Silk Research – Biomimicry


Snake Venom Studies


Ellicott Slough National Wildlife Refuge, Santa Cruz County, CA


Grizzly That Attacked 3 Campers Will Be Euthanized


Saving the Giant Panda


Avian Influenza – H5N1 - Surveillance


Endangered Species Permits Issued


Endangered Species Permit Applications


Photosynthetic Cells Found in a Salamander


Enrichment at the San Diego Zoo



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Additional Facts About Frog Skin


Military Opposition to Wind Turbine Projects


Genome 10K Project Overview


Malnourished Grizzly Cubs Sent to ZooMontana


Restructuring India’s Central Zoo Authority


Migrating Birds and Gulf Oil


3 San Diego Panda’s Celebrate Birthdays this Week


New Executive Director for Utica Zoo


Salisbury Zoo Gets Perdue Grant


Blue Whales Synchronize Song Pitch


Possible Flaw in Frog Census Data


Energy Expenditure in Orangutans


Ecological Society Will Assess Fundamentals of Animal Behavior


Persian Onagers Born at the Wilds in Cumberland


North Coast Yurok Tribe Studies California Condor


Record Number of Black-footed Ferrets Born at National Zoo


Disease Ecology – Prairie Dogs and the Plague


Zoo Animals Die from Ingesting Foreign Objects


California Sea Lion Numbers Drop Again


Energy Expenditure in Venus Flytraps


Marine Life Census Released


Campaign to End Lead in Ammunition


Bushmeat Trade Increases Exponentially


Endangered Species – 10 Reasons for Hope


Endangered Status for 5 Penguin Species


BP Oil Spill Statistics


Listing of the Mexican Gray Wolf as Endangered with Critical Habitat


Bee Pastures Could Ensure Health of Bees


Freezing Hellbender Salamander Sperm


Visitor Commentary on the London Zoo


Deformed Giraffe Undergoes New Procedure


32 Reptiles Owned by Zoos, Seized in Abuse Case


Government Report: Where the Gulf Oil Went


U.K. Zoo Urged to Abandon Elephant Exhibit Plans


"ZooDoo" Earns Money for Zoos


Phoenix Zoo Accepts 6 Oiled Pelicans


Cincinnati Zoo Won't Hire Smokers


Headstarting Hellbenders at Bingingham Zoo


Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo Installs New Solar PV System


Rabies and Cross-Species Disease Transmission


Bats Face Regional Extinction from White-Nose Syndrome


China’s Yunnan Black Snub-Nosed Monkey


Predicting Victims of Climate Change


Pinnacles May Get National Park Status


Protection Sought for San Juaquin Kit Fox


Inside the Minds of Animals


Wolves Regain Endangered Species Status


Myanmar Expands Tiger Reserve


New WebSite Devoted to Saving Wildlife


Recovery Plan for the Fin Whale


Endangered Species Permit Applications

Federal Register

Dental Surgery Repairs Calgary Zoo Elephant’s Tusks


Arctic Contaminants Threaten Polar Bears


Global Hunt for Extinct Frog Species


Pittsburgh Zoo’s “Sea Turtle Second Chance”


Confiscated Malayan Box Turtles Sent to Bristol Zoo


Emergency Permit to Rehabilitate Sea Turtles Affected by Oil Spill

Federal Register

Toledo Zoo Elephant Trainer Can’t Remember Attack


Chimpanzee “Super-Group” at Edinburgh Zoo


Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo Exhibits Javan Gibbons


Two San Diego Pandas Head to China


Protection for Franciscan Manzanita


Lesson Plans About the Animal Kingdom


Solar Energy for Southern California


Walmart Foundation Underwrites Oregon Zoo Admission


Lead Ammo Ban Considered by Monterey Fish & Game


Significant Cause of Orangutan Decline is Hunting


St. Louis Zoo Orangutan Dies After Routine Physical


Tulsa Zoo Sells Zoo Honey


Why Chimpanzees Attack Humans


Ferrets Kill 9 Kiwis in New Zealand Sanctuary


IUCN Declares Rothschild’s Giraffe Endangered


Exotic Pet Amnesty Day at Jacksonville Zoo


Supercomputing with Bird Data


Debate on the Role of Zoos


Aukland Zoo Elephant Exhibit Expansion


Orangutan Born to 41-Year-Old Mother at Israeli Zoo


White-faced Saki Born at Buffalo Zoo


Columbus Zoo Publishes Children’s Books


Giant Panda at Adventure World Has Second Set of Twins


Paignton Zoo Opens Amphibian Ark


New Monkey Species in Colombian Amazon


Biomimicry and Artificial Intelligence


Caquetá Titi Monkey Photos


KC Zoo Chimpanzee Dies During Assimilation Attempt


West Nile Virus H5N1 Found in San Mateo Squirrel


Great White Shark Database


Pregnant Giraffe Dies at Topeka Zoo


60% of Recovery Plans Site Global Warming as Risk for Extinction


40 U.S. Billionaires Pledge Half their Wealth to Philanthropy


Indoneisian Zoo Forced to Reform


National Zoo’s Tai Shan Adjusts to Life in China


Smithsonian Catalogued Life Before Oil Spill


Retired Show Chimps Find New Zoo Homes


Patas Monkeys Come to Rosamond Gifford Zoo


North African Cheetah Cubs Born at Whipsnade Zoo


Paignton Zoo Seeks Sunflower Donations


Honolulu Zoo Will Build New Elephant Habitat


Rock Pythons Born at Visag Zoo


Kathmandu Zoo's New Rhino Exhibit


Dubai’s 3-Dive Aquarium Experience


Indonesian Corals Under Environmental Threat


Tracking California Salmon


Guineafowl Are a Popular New Garden Pet


Anthrax Kills 83 Hippos in Uganda


Theories on the Evolution of Language


Endangered Plant Exhibit Opens at Smithsonian


U.N. Secretary General Warns of Mass Extinctions


Monarch Butterflies Threatened by Storms


Evolutionary Psychologist’s Research is Questioned


Listing of 3 Caribbean & Latin American Bird Species


Kihansi Spray Toads Return to Tanzania


Sri Lankan Vets Strike to Protest Elephant Policy


Road Through Serengeti is Planned


Chengdu Panda Base Launches “Project Panda” Contest


U.S. Scientists Create Frozen Coral Cell Bank


First Bison Born After Re-introduction in N. Spain


Antivenin from Camels Will Be Tested in Africa


Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Sky Ride Rescue


Genetic Underpinnings of Chimp Culture


Red-Necked Pond Turtles Born at Tennessee Aquarium


Dallas Zoo Inspected by USDA


Topeka Zoo Vet Reinstated


Baby Aye Aye Born at Philadelphia Zoo


Proposal To Reintroduce Whooping Cranes to Louisiana


Stephens Kangaroo Rat is Still Threatened


Endangered Species Permit Applications


U.S. Forest Service Report Released


Chimpanzees Invent & Share a Backscratcher


Gorilla’s Broken Femur is Repaired


Establishing a Hellbender Sperm Respository


KC Zoo Adds Springboks to African Plains Exhibit


Blank Park Zoo Fundraiser for African Predators


Wild Animal Park Lion Moves to Honolulu


New Balboa Park Parking Plan


Liger Cubs Seized by Taiwanese Government


56-Year-Old Chimp Gives Birth


Drugs Protect Monkeys from Ebola


Critique of National Zoo’s New Elephant Enclosure


Living Desert’s New Animal Inventory System


Facing Budget Crises – Cities Sell Parking, Airports, Zoos, Etc


OSHA Fines SeaWorld 75K in Trainer's Death


SeaWorld San Diego Killer Whale Incidents


NPR Commentary on OSHA Findings


2 Nashville Zoo Elephants Move to Mississippi


Endangered Species Permit Requests


Salisbury Zoo’s Economic Impact = $17 M


California Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Tadpoles Released


2nd Panda Born at Schoenbrunn Zoo


Biomimircy: Robot That Climbs like a Gecko


Zoo Signage by Hunt Design


Native Forests in India are Disappearing


Wildlife Disease from Individuals to Ecosystems


Saving Biodiversity an Economic Approach


Yucatan Spiny-tailed Iguana Adopted by Detroit Zoo


Pea-sized Frog Discovered in Indonesia


CITES Database on Wildlife Traffic


Komodo Dragons Born at L.A. Zoo


Toronto Zoo’s Panda Politics


WCS and ZSL and FZS Protest Tanzanian Highway


Lincoln Park Zoo Primatologist Promotes Chimp Welfare


Hogle Zoo Forms Gorilla Bachelor Group


Cornwall Tortoise Sanctuary Closes


Wild Porcupines Under Threat in Vietnam


Ocelot Recovery Plan Available for Review


Frog Skin Produces Powerful Antibiotics


Sea Turtle Rescue Group in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Canadian Arctic Marine Protected Area


Black Rhino Born at Zoo Miami


National Zoo’s Orangutan Think Tank Exhibit


Safari Park Elephant is Named Emanti


2 Ant Genomes are Sequenced


Animals That Recognize Their Names


2 Baby Baboons at Prospect Park Zoo


Columbus Zoo Releases 2 Children’s Books


Dublin Zoo Plans Gorilla Rainforest


European Breakthrough in Breeding Bluefin Tuna


Animals as Hidden Victims of War


Dallas Zoo Changes Policy After Angry Guest Complains


Frozen Zoo’s Attempt to Save Endangered Species


Endangered Species Permit Applications


Poisonous Snake Escapes from Zoo Atlanta


Nigerian Dwarf Goats at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


Chimp Escapes at Oklahoma Zoo for 2 Hours


E.P.A. Turns Down Request to Ban Lead Bullets


Indian Rhino’s Landmark AI Pregnancy


Endangered Species Permit Requests


Marine Mammal Acoustic Research


Tiger Escapes at Miami’s Jungle Island Zoo


24 Brown Capuchins at Edinburgh Zoo


Prague Zoo is Leading Breeder of Komodo Dragons


Balboa Park Renovation Plan


Balboa Park's Plaza – Committee & Schedule


Wildlife Picture Index – New Use for Camera Traps


Tarzan Chameleon Discovered in Madagascar


Brookfield Zoo Rescues 2 Sea Lion Pups


Red Wolf Exhibit Opens at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium


Baby Gorilla Misha Has Emergency Hip Surgery


Saving India’s Elephants



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9/8 Gulf Turtle Egg Rescue Considered Successful www.ap.org/
  Lowry Park Zoo’s New Director of Medical Sciences www.zandavisitor.com
  Killer Whale Dies at SeaWorld www.signonsandiego.com
  Listing the Ozark Hellbender Salamander as Endangered http://www.gpoaccess.gov
  Inclusion of the Hellbender in CITES Appendix III http://www.gpoaccess.gov
  New Primate Center Director www.news.wisc.edu/
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9/9 Twins Born To Giant Panda in Spain www.postchronicle.com/
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  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
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  1.5 Tonnes of Ivory Seized in Hong Kong www.physorg.com
9/11 Male Asian Elephant Born at Melbourne Zoo www.abc.net.au/
9/12 California Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs Rescued at Chaffee Zoo www.whittierdailynews.com
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9/13 John Ball Zoo Monarch Butterfly Study www.mlive.com/
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  Patricia Cramer Wins Denver Zoo’s 2010 Conservation Award www.usustatesman.com
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  Vietnam Cracks Down on Illegal Wildlife Trade www.wcs.org
  Groundbreaking of Premier Veterinary Laboratory in Kansas www.usaha.org/
9/14 429 White-Shouldered Ibises Counted www.uea.ac.uk
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  Hawaii Birds Threatened by Sheep, Goats & Feral Cats news.mongabay.com
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  Tanzania’s “Trophy Lion Hunts” Are Unsustainable news.bbc.co.uk
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  Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge www.gpoaccess.gov
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  Galapagos Tortoise Exhibit Renovation at San Diego Zoo articles.latimes.com/
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  “Snowball” Theory of Speciation www.nature.com/
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  Grizzly Population in the North Cascades www.nytimes.com
  New iPhone App – Plants Poisonous to Pets www.aspca.org
9/17 Woodland Park Zoo – AZA Best Penguin Exhibit seattletimes.nwsource.com/
  Oregon Zoo Earns AZA Accreditation and Exhibit Award www.oregonlive.com
  Chester Zoo Wins Approval for £225m Biodome www.chesterchronicle.co.uk/
  New Test for Elephant Herpes Virus abclocal.go.com/
  Minnesota Zoo’s Digital Photo Contest www.kare11.com
  Possible New Species of Giant Elephant Shrew www.guardian.co.uk/
  Sighting of Laotian Saola www.eurekalert.org
  Natural Foods Not Always Best for Pets www.eurekalert.org
  Chocolate Genome is Sequenced www.nature.com
  National Zoo Receives Bean Award for Kori Bustard Work www.zandavisitor.com
  Recovery Plan for Utah Prairie Dog www.gpoaccess.gov
  Proposal to Check Spread of Chytrid Fungus www.gpoaccess.gov
  Giant Panda Hua Mei Gives Birth to Eighth Cub news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/
  Pneumonia Outbreaks in Big Horn Sheep wdin.blogspot.com/
  Whale Fossil Uncovered at San Diego Zoo www.signonsandiego.com
9/19 San Diego Organizations Sequence Tasmanian Devil Genomes www.signonsandiego.com
  Phoenix Zoo’s New Wetlands Exhibit www.azcentral.com/
9/20 Longest Wingspan on Record www.nytimes.com
  San Diego’s New Improved Galapagos Tortoise Exhibit www.delmartimes.net/
  Kohl’s Donates $1 million to Milwaukee Zoo www.bizjournals.com/
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  Significance of Barred Feather Patterns in Birds newsroom.melbourne.edu/
  “Time Tree” – A New Taxonomy App www.physorg.com
  Tigers Found in Bhutan By BBC Broadcasters www.physorg.com
9/21 Jeffrey Bonner will Chair AZA Board of Directors www.globe-democrat.com
  Jerusalem Zoo’s Stone-Throwing Chimps www.upi.com/
  Reintroducing Smuggled Sand Boa in India timesofindia.indiatimes.com/
  Gerald Durrell’s Zoo Story Commemorative Edition www.punemirror.in
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  Rhino Enclosure Used for Growing Cannabis www.spiegel.de/international/
  Karen Sausman Receives Marlin Perkins Award www.aza.org/
  New Gibbon Species Discovered www.physorg.com
  Creating a Master List of Plant Names blogs.nature.com/news/thegreatbeyond/
  Biomimicry at the San Diego Zoo www.npr.org
  Milwaukee Zoo Hopes to Install a Zip line www.jsonline.com/
  San Diego Zoo’s Celebration for the Critters www.signonsandiego.com
9/22 3 “Lost” Amphibian Species Rediscovered news.mongabay.com/
  Senate Passes Resolution Honoring St. Louis Zoo www.globe-democrat.com
  Sandhill Cranes Flown to Beardsley Zoo www.greenbaypressgazette.com/
  Lincoln Park Zoo Scientist Studies Malaria www.suntimes.com/
  New Leadership for Chester Zoo www.ellesmereportpioneer.co.uk
  The Cuckoo’s Adaptation as a Brood Parasite www.shef.ac.uk/
  Meerkat Study news.sciencemag.org
  Woodstork Status is Re-assessed www.miamiherald.com/
  California’s Largest Burrowing Owl Population is Declining www.biologicaldiversity.org/
9/23 Betty White Becomes GLAZA Chairman www.nytimes.com
  Florida Panther Genetic Study www.nytimes.com
  Orangutan Ecology in Selectively-Logged Forests news.mongabay.com
  Evolutionary History of the Spotted Hyena www.physorg.com
  Sumatran Rhino AI Attempt www.physorg.com
  Disney Will Use Social Media in New Ad Campaign http://mashable.com
  Rick Barongi Elected to AZA Board of Directors www.prweb.com/
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
9/24 2010 Awards announced at the Annual Conference in Houston www.aza.org/honors-awards/
  Condor Release in Northern Arizona Scheduled www.mercurynews.com
  San Diego Zoo Koalas Move to Phoenix for 6 Month Visit www.azcentral.com/
  Axolotis Added to Akron Zoo Exhibit www.newsnet5.com/
  Biomimicry: Artificial Leaf Produces Electricity news.ncsu.edu
  Biological Solution to Animal Pandemics www.eurekalert.org
  Assisted Translocation to Save Endangered Species news.sciencemag.org
  USFWS Southwest Director Profile www.nytimes.com
  Scientist Will Study N.Z. Bird Body Odors www.physorg.com/
  International Barcode of Life www.canadaviews.ca
9/27 Phoenix Zoo Assesses Jordan’s Oryx Herd www.prweb.com/releases/Phoenix_Zoo/
  New Hospital for Oregon Zoo portland.bizjournals.com/
  Kansas City Polar Bear’s Stereotypic Behavior www.kansascity.com/
  USFWS Releases Final Climate Change Strategy vocuspr.vocus.com/
  Tigers Successfully Reintroduced into India’s Sariska Reserve tropicalconservationscience.mongabay.com/
  Sea Turtle Bycatch Map http://news.discovery.com/
9/28 Blackbucks Die in Delhi Zoo http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/
  Red-bellied Lemur Escapes From East Sussex Zoo www.bbc.co.uk/
  Habitat for Humanity Helps Binghamton Zoo www.newschannel34.com/
  Cincinnati Zoo Builds Solar Parking Lot www.bizjournals.com/
  2 San Diego Pandas Return to China imperialvalleynews.com/
  Galapagos Frigatebird a Distinct Species www.eurekalert.org
  Climate Change Affects Australia fish www.eurekalert.org
  USFWS Review of Gunnison Sage-grouse www.gpoaccess.gov
  Endangered Status for the African Penguin www.gpoaccess.gov
  Critical Habitat Designated for Black Abalone www.gpoaccess.gov
  Side Effect of Climate Change – More Parasites www.eurekalert.org
  Rapid Diclofenac Detection Test to Save Indian Vultures www.biologynews.net/
  IUCN Statistics on Species Loss www.thesundaily.com/
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  Saving the Bonobo news.mongabay.com/
  Gelada Baboon Study www.nytimes.com
  Most Dangerous Malaria Originated with Gorillas www.nytimes.com
9/29 Asian Palm Civet Genetic Study www.physorg.com
  Lawsuit Threatens LA Zoo Elephant Plans www.dailynews.com/
  New Plan for Nebraska Zoo www.omaha.com/
  USFWS Denies Protection to Pygmy Rabbits www.scientificamerican.com/
  Mammoth Ivory Trade May Threaten Elephants www.independent.co.uk/
  Iain Douglas-Hamilton Supports Zoos www.collegian.com/
  Rediscovering Extinct Species www.wired.com
9/30 Protection Sought for California’s Black-backed Woodpecker www.enn.com
  6 Baby Tigers at Bronx Zoo www.nydailynews.com/
  Alvila – World Famous Gorilla – Dies latimesblogs.latimes.com/
  Pancake Tortoises Arrive at Oakland Zoo www.sfgate.com
  Baby Gorilla Born at Columbus Zoo http://www2.nbc4i.com/
  Phoenix Wildlife World Zoo Expands www.bizjournals.com/
  Twycross Zoo Receives EAZA Award www.telegraph.co.uk/
  West Nile Mosquito's DNA Decoded www.eurekalert.org


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10/1 Biodiversity: Facts & Figures www.scidevnet.org
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  Columbus Zoo Will Oversee Wilds Animal Preserve www.dispatch.com
  Alvila Obituary www.signonsandiego.com
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  Israel Sends Animals to Turkey www.3news.co.nz/
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10/5 First Solar Power Plants on California Federal Land www.nytimes.com
  Birds are an Indicator Species of Extinction Rates www.physorg.com
  Houston Zoo’s New Baby Elephant http://culturemap.com/
  Third Tiger Dies From Salmonella at Indian Zoo http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/
  Prison Produces Food for Zoo Animals http://folsomtelegraph.com/
  Johannesburg Zoo Will House Injured Rhino www.joburg.org.za
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10/6 Desert Lizard Lives in Family Social Groups www.eurekalert.org
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  Revised Critical Habitat for the Right Whale www.gpoaccess.gov
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  Some Cantabrian Bears Don’t Hibernate www.eurekalert.org
  Maryland Zoo Saves Endangered Frog www.upi.com/Science_News/
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  Sloth Birth at Rosamond Gifford Zoo www.syracuse.com
  New Colony Collapse Disorder Research May Save Honeybees www.nytimes.com
  Cost of Environmental Damage to Global Economy news.mongabay.com
10/7 Google Analysis - Cleveland Metroparks Zoo blog.cleveland.com/
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  Newborn Panda Twins in Madrid www.typicallyspanish.com
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  Metabolic Impacts of Climate Warming www.nature.com
  Government Funding for White-Nosed Bat Syndrome www.usaha.org/
  International Efforts to Save the Dugong www.solutions-site.org/
10/8 Houston Zoo Featured in “Zoo Confidential” www.bizjournals.com/
  Skateboarders Invade Empty Zoo Pool newsok.com/
  Caiman Lizards Hatch at Denver Zoo www.denverpost.com/
  Edinburgh Zoo Staff Layoffs www.scotsman.com/
  Aukland Zoo Proposes Adding 10 Asian Elephants www.nzherald.co.nz/
  Oklahoma Zoo’s New Elephant Exhibit http://newsok.com/
  Australian Turtles & Dugongs at Risk From Climate Change www.coralcoe.org.au/
  Woodland Park Zoo Frog Release www.ballardnewstribune.com/
  Unique Reintroduction Plan for Mountain Pygmy Possum www.physorg.com
  Successful Effort to Save Gulf Sea Turtles from Oil Spill www.nature.com
  USGS Publications Warehouse pubs.er.usgs.gov/
10/10 Stephen’s Kangaroo Rat Translocation www.latimes.com/news/
  Oklahoma City Zoo Tags Monarch Butterflies www.newsok.com/
10/11 Salisbury Zoo Builds New Animal Clinic www.delmarvanow.com/
  Roger Williams Zoo’s Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular www.heraldnews.com/lifestyle/
  Bristol Zoo Wins Horticulture Award www.cliftonpeople.co.uk/
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  New Carnivore Species Discovered in Madagascar news.bbc.co.uk/
  Release of Mexican Wolf Pack Delayed in Arizona www.enn.com
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  Nagoya Meeting Will Set Global Conservation Targets www.nature.com
  WCS Sued After Tree Branch Kills Infant www.dnainfo.com/
10/12 Talking Elephant at Korean Zoo www.huffingtonpost.com
  Sea Otter Recovery Plan for the Southwest Alaska Distinct Population Segment of the Northern Sea Otter www.gpoaccess.gov
  New Web Developments www.nytimes.com
  Broadcom & San Diego Zoo Panda Partnership sciencedude.ocregister.com/
  3-year-old African Elephant Dies from Colic Complications www.courier-journal.com/
  African Penguins Born at Memphis Zoo www.commercialappeal.com
  Petition to Save the Serengeti www.enn.com
  Online Livestock-handling Course www.usaha.org/
10/13 Rowi Kiwi Reintroduction www.scoop.co.nz
  Gorilla Born at Buffalo Zoo www.buffalonews.com/
  Flamingo Chicks Hatch at Woodland Park Zoo www.mynorthwest.com/
  Eastern Black Rhino Born at Great Plains Zoo www.argusleader.com/
  Ask a Biologist Website www.plosbiology.org
  WWF Issues 8th Living Planet Report www.suite101.com/
  New Plans for Florida SeaWorld Parks www.miamiherald.com
  Disney Will Establish New Masai Herd www.zandavisitor.com
  New President of SeaWorld San Diego www.prnewswire.com/
10/14 Bear Video Hoax Causes Alarm at Singapore Zoo www.bbc.co.uk/news/
  Sri Lanka Sends Elephants to Korea www.dailynews.lk/
  Audubon Report on Oil Spill : Birds are O.K. www.msnbc.msn.com
  Flickr Documents Longest Whale Migration www.switched.com
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  Henry Doorly Zoo’s Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership www.omaha.com/
  Indian Villagers Poison Elephants www.google.com/hostednews/afp/
  PETA Conducts Classes on Exotic Animals www.stltoday.com/
  Gaps in Public’s Understanding of Climate Change www.eurekalert.org
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  Study of U.S. River Health www.eurekalert.org
  Two New Bronx Zoo Buildings www.yournabe.com/
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
10/15 Nagoya Convention Goals: 20 for 2020 www.sciencemag.org
  Missouri’s Elk Restoration Plan missouriruralist.com/
  Conservation Plan for Salton Sea www.gpoaccess.gov
  Reptile Exhibit Opens at San Diego Natural History Museum www.signonsandiego.com
  Killer Whales May Be Causing Decline of Alaskan Sea Otters www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress
  Baby Beluga Whale at SeaWorld San Diego www.signonsandiego.com
  Chinese Gardener Killed by Tigers www.upi.com/
  Rock Hyrax Urine Provides Clue to Climate Change http://news.nationalgeographic.com
  White Rhinos Flown from Africa to Houston Zoo www.kvue.com/
10/16 NC Zoo Keepers Plant Trees for Bear Habitat www.wral.com/
  King Cobra Rescued and Moved to Singapore Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
10/17 Preparations for Russian Tiger Summit in November www.guardian.co.uk/
  Train Derails at St. Louis Zoo www.stltoday.com/
10/18 Columbus Zoo Provides Emergency Conservation Funds for Smuggled  African Gray Parrots www.zandavisitor.com
  Komodo Dragons Hatch at Denver Zoo www.thisdishisvegetarian.com/
  Columbus Zoo Adopts Integrated Software Application www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/
  Tulsa Zoo Accreditation is Tabled www.tulsaworld.com/
  Fire Hoses Help Orangutans Cross Rivers in Borneo http://latimesblogs.latimes.com
  How the Sloth Got its Long Neck www.eurekalert.org
  Buenos Aires 'Eco Cliff' Vertical Zoo www.takepart.com
  Silky Sifaka Research http://www.physorg.com
  Biodiversity Conference Starts in Japan http://www.nytimes.com
10/19 Newborn Dolphin at Minnesota Zoo www.startribune.com/
  Oregon Zoo’s Annual “Squishing of the Squash” www.zandavisitor.com
  Snow Leopard Cubs Born at Helsinki Zoo http://www.hs.fi
  Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo Will Go Green www.fox10tv.com/
  St. Louis Zoo Works to Save American Burying Beetle www.voanews.com/english/news/environment/
  New Bacterial Sensor Derived from Frog Skin http://www.eurekalert.org
  Creating “Nests” for Galapagos Penguins http://www.physorg.com
  3 New Frog Species Discovered in Tanzania http://news.mongabay.com/
  Blue Fin Tuna Hard Hit by BP Oil Spill http://news.mongabay.com/
10/20 Japan Criticized for Importing Endangered Species http://search.japantimes.co.jp
  Climate Change Affects Species Range http://www.nature.com
  Bird Biodiversity in the Philippines http://www1.ccny.cuny.edu/
  Problems with Rewilding India’s Elephants http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/
  How the Leopard Got Its Spots http://www.physorg.com
10/21 London Zoo Feeds 16,000 Animals – 600 Species http://prlog.org/
  London Zoo Animals’ Campaign Video www.thisislondon.co.uk/
  Akron Zoo Begins Remodel of Farmland & Train Ride http://www.akron.com
  Lincoln Park Zoo’s Nature Boardwalk www.chicagotribune.com
  The Fight Continues to Ban Lead Ammunition www.denverpost.com
  Woodland Park Zoo’s Flamingo Chicks Die seattletimes.nwsource.com/
  EPA Honors Green Power Partners Including Indianapolis Zoo www.ens-newswire.com/
  33 Rehabilitated Sea Turtles Released into Gulf http://www.cnn.com
10/22 Atlanta’s Panda Lun Lun is Pregnant http://www.washingtonpost.com
  Austin Zoo Opens New Wolf Play Area www.businesswire.com/
  Santa Ana Zoo Defends Elephant Rides blogs.ocweekly.com/
  Mekong River Giant Freshwater Stingrays at Singapore Zoo www.zandavisitor.com
  Edinburgh Zoo Closes “Rainbow Landings” www.scotsman.com/
  Cougar Mountain Zoo Raises Funds for Cheetahs www.issaquahpress.com/
  Federal Judge Orders Review of Polar Bear Status latimesblogs.latimes.com/
  Thai Police Arrest Major Reptile Trafficker http://news.yahoo.com/
  Red Wolf Breeding Study www.wired.com
  NOAA Lists Spotted Seal Population Threatened www.sciencedaily.com
  Threatened Status for Spotted Seal DPS www.gpoaccess.gov
10/25 Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
10/26 Arizona Wildcat Study www.arizona.edu/
  WWF Releases Report on Amazon news.mongabay.com
  IUCN Releases Species Status Report news.mongabay.com/
  Assessing Vertebrate Status www.sciencemag.org
  Protection for Gray Wolf is Reinstated www.gpoaccess.gov
10/27 Indian Rhino Calf Dies at Cincinnati Zoo news.cincinnati.com/
  New Species of Snub-Nosed Monkey in Myanmar news.bbc.co.uk/earth/
  Fluffy, World’s Longest Snake Dies www.reptilechannel.com/
  1000 Genome Project   www.sciencenews.org/
  National Zoo Lion Cubs Learn to Swim www.washingtonpost.com/
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Federal Information Collection; International Conservation Grant Programs www.gpoaccess.gov
10/28 Plan to Manage White-Nose Syndrome in Bats www.gpoaccess.gov
  New Adenovirus Attack at UC Davis Primate Center www.sacbee.com
  Lizard Sex Linked to Climate www.physorg.com
  Black Rhino Dies at San Antonio Zoo kgnb.am
  Data Centre Planned for Africa www.scidev.net
10/29 Atlantic Sea Turtle Population Threatened by Egg Infection www.physorg.com
  Topeka Zoo Joins Effort to Recycle Cell Phones www.wibw.com/
  Cloning Extinct Animals www.bbc.co.uk
  Habitat Conservation Plan for Pacific Gas & Electric Company's  Construction Activities in the North Coast, Central Coast, Sacramento Valley, Sierra, and Mojave Regions, CA www.gpoaccess.gov
  ZooBorns.com Announces Zoo Births www.fresnobee.com/
  New World Record for Heaviest Pumpkin www.physorg.com
10/30 Los Angeles Zoo’s New Elephants of Asia Exhibit www.zandavisitor.com
  Serengeti Road Plan www.nytimes.com
  Albuquerque Biological Park is Accredited www.melodika.net/
  U.S. Marine Mammal Inventory Data is Not Analyzed www.signonsandiego.com
10/31 2010 Jane Goodall Global Leadership Awards www.times-standard.com
  Checks to Charities – Tips from the Wall Street Journal online.wsj.com/


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11/1 Pandas Coming to 3 Canadian Zoos www.vancouversun.com
  Sahara Mustard Threatens Borrego Wildflowers www.signonsandiego.com
  Financing Canadian Pandas for $20 Million www.thestar.com/news/
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11/2 Third of Sharks, Rays Threatened with Extinction www.livescience.com/
  Asian Elephant Born at Taronga Zoo www.abc.net.au/
  Power Lines Invisible to Certain Birds news.bbc.co.uk/
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  Funding Nagoya Targets www.nature.com
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11/3 Mountain Chicken Frogs Bred at Detroit Zoo www.clickondetroit.com/
  Gopher Tortoise Reintroduction Study www.sciencedaily.com/
  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
  Possible Defense Against Ebola Virus http://www.jleukbio.org
  Bristol Zoo Celebrates 175th Birthday With Gorillas news.bbc.co.uk/
  Audubon’s Citizen Science Program news.nationalgeographic.com
11/4 3 Oregon Zoo Condors Released in Southwest www.mercurynews.com/
  Panda Pregnancies healthland.time.com/
  Gorilla Birth at Franklin Park Zoo www.boston.com/
  Solar Panels Installed at Monarto Zoo www.abc.net.au/
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  Belize Zoo Suffers Hurricane Damage gocentralamerica.about.com
  Hippo Toothbrush Invented by Zookeepers http://www.telegraph.co.uk/
  Chester Zoo's Natural Vision Project is Approved www.placenorthwest.co.uk/
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  Endangered Species Permit Applications www.gpoaccess.gov
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  Avian Diphtheria Hits Yellow-eyed Penguins www.odt.co.nz/
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  Black Rhino Survives Poacher’s Attack www.latimes.com
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  Cheetah Triplets Return to National Zoo www.zandavisitornews.com
  Critical Habitat Designated for Polar Bears www.nytimes.com
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  Critical Habitat for Ambrosia pumila (San Diego ambrosia) www.gpoaccess.gov
  Revised Recovery Plan for Northern Spotted Owl www.gpoaccess.gov


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