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New Books & DVDs — 2011


Main Library

12/21: Oxford dictionary of ecology. Allaby, Michael (ed.). 2010.

12/21: The biology of island floras. Bramwell, David and Juli Caujape-Castells (eds.). 2011.

12/21: Wildlife, forests, and forestry: principles of managing forests for biological diversity, 2nd ed. Hunter, Malcolm L. Jr., and Fiona K.A. Schmiegelow. 2011.

12/19: Aloes: the definitive guide. Carter, S., et al. (eds.). 2011.

12/19: The mammals of Australia, 3rd ed. Van Dyck, Steve, and Ronald Strahan (eds.). 2008.

12/19: The pruning book. Reich, Lee. 2010.

12/19: Jane Goodall: 50 years at Gombe: a tribute to five decades of wildlife research, education, and conservation. Goodall, Jane. 2010.

12/19: A field guide to the mammals of Central America & Southeast Mexico. Reid, Fiona A. 2009.

12/19: Filling the ark : animal welfare in disasters. Irvine, Leslie. 2009.

12/19: Group inquiry at science museum exhibits : getting visitors to ask juicy questions. Gutwill, Joshua P. and Sue Allen. 2010.

12/19: The oral history manual. Sommer, Barbara W. and Mary Kay Quinlan. 2009.

12/19: Popular media and animals. Molloy, Claire. 2011.

12/16: The last great plant hunt: the story of Kew's Millennium Seed Bank. Fry, Carolyn, et al. 2011.

12/06: Mammal teeth. Ungar, Peter S. 2010.

12/06: Conservation of tropical birds. Sodhi, Navjot S., et al. (eds.). 2011.

12/06: The ecology of Tropical East Asia. Corlett, Richard T. 2009.

12/05: The eponym dictionary of reptiles. Beolens, Bo. 2011.

12/05: The Amboseli elephants : a long-term perspective on a long-lived mammal. Moss, Cynthia J., et al. (eds.). 2011.

12/05: The Timber Press guide to succulent plants of the world : a comprehensive reference to more than 2000 species. Dortort, Fred. 2011.

12/05: Collective animal behavior. Sumpter, David J.T. 2010.

12/05: The birds of Costa Rica : a field guide. 2007.

12/05: Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers. 2006.


Main Library

11/22: AAZV Annual Proceedings, 1968-2011.

11/22: Biodiversity hotspots : distribution and protection of conservation priority areas. Zachos, Frank E. and Jan Christian Habel (Eds.). 2011.

11/22: Areas importantes para la conservacion de las aves en los andes tropicales : sitios prioritarios para la conservacion de la biodiversidad. Boyla, Kerem and Angelica Estrada. (Eds.). 2005.

11/22: Watching wildlife Australia. Bennett, Jane, et al. (Eds.). 2000.

11/22: Duikers of Africa : Masters of the African forest floor. Wilson, Vivian J. 2005.

11/22: Important bird areas in the Caribbean : Key sites for conservation. Wege, David C., and Veronica Anadon-Irizarry. 2008.

11/11: The eponym dictionary of mammals. Beolens, Bo, et al. 2011.

11/11: Field and laboratory methods in primatology : a practical guide. Setchell, Joanna M. and Deborah J. Curtis. (Eds.). 2011.

11/8: The biology and conservation of Australasian bats. Law, Bradley, et al (Eds.). 2011.

11/8: Primate locomotion : linking field and laboratory research. D'Aout, Kristiaan and Evie E. Vereecke (Eds.). 2011.

11/4: Cougar : ecology & conservation. Hornocker, Muarice and Sharon Negri (Eds.). 2010.

11/4: Beyond the turnstile : making the case for museums and sustainable values. Holo, Selma and Mari-Tere Alvarez. 2009.

11/4: The death & life of Monterey Bay : a story of revival. Palumbi, Stephen R. and Carolyn Sotka. 2011.

11/4: Seeds of Amazonian plants. Cornejo, Fernando and John Janovec. 2010.

11/4: A Californian's guide to the trees among us. Ritter, Matt. 2011.

11/4: Practical evaluation guide : tools for museums and other informal educational settings. Diamond, Judy, et al. 2009.

11/4: Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil : The Pantanal & Cerrado of Central Brazil. Gwynne, John A., et al. 2010.

11/4: Readings in ecology. Kormondy, Edward J. (Ed.). 1965.

11/4: The trials of life : a natural history of animal behavior. Attenborough, David. 1990.

11/4: Biological investigations in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas. Proceedings of a Symposium held at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, April 4-5, 1975.

11/4: The Southern California native flower garden : a guide to size, bloom, foliage, color, and texture. Van Atta, Susan. 2009.

Zoo Hospital Library

11/28: Clinical radiology of exotic companion mammals. Capello, Vittorio, Lennox, Angela M., Widmer, William R. 2008.

11/28: Equine dentistry, 3rd edition. Easley, Jack, Dixon, Padraic M, and Schumacher, James (eds.). 2011.

11/28: Fowler's zoo and wild animal medicine : current therapy, volume 7. Miller, R. Eric and Fowler, Murray E. 2012.

11/28: Large animal internal medicine, 4th edition. Smith, Bradford P. 2009.

11/28: Sheep and goat medicine, 2nd edition. Baird, Pugh, David G and Aubrey Nickie (eds.). 2012.

11/28: Small animal endoscopy, 3rd edition. Tams, Todd R. and Rawlings, Clarence A. (eds.). 2011.

11/25: AAZV Annual Proceedings, 1968-2011.

11/25: Adam & Stashak's lameness in horses. Baxter, Gary M. (ed.) 2011.

11/25: Atlas of small animal ultrasonography. Penninck, Dominique and d'Anjou, Marc-Andre (eds.). 2008.

11/52: Equine dentistry. Easley, Jack; Dixon, Paraic M.; and Schumacher, James (eds.). 2011.

11/25: Equine wound management. Stashak, Ted S. and Theoret, Christine. 2008.

11/25: Fowler's zoo and wild animal medicine : current therapy, 7th ed. Miller, R. Eric and Fowler, Murray E. 2012.

11/25: Large animal internal medicine : 4th edition. Smith, Bradford P. 2009.

11/25: Manual for treatment and control of lameness in cattle. Van Amstel, S.R. 2006.

11/25: Practical atlas of ruminant and camelid reproductive ultrasonography. Colloton, Jill; DesCaoteaux, Luc; and Gnemmi, Giovanni (Eds.). 2010.

11/25: Small animal bandaging, casting, and splinting techniques. Swaim, Steven F. 2011.

Zoo Horticulture Library

11/30: The queen of trees [videorecording]. 2006.

11/30: Landscape maintenance pest control. Marer, Patrick J. 2006.

11/30: SA ficus: identification guide for wild figs in S.A. Steyn, Marthinus. 1996.

11/30: An illustrated guide to pruning. Gilman, Edward F. 2012.

11/30: African fig trees and tree wasps. Berg, C.C. 1992.

11/30: Figs of southern & south-central Africa. Burrows, J.E. 2003.


Main Library

10/27: Population Analysis & Breeding and Transfer Plan: Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) AZA Species Survival Plan Green Program. 2011.

10/26: Informing ecosystem management: science and process for landbird conservation in the Western United States. USFWS. 2011.

10/25: Proceedings of the International Conference on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals. 2011.

10/20: Insect ecology: behavior, populations and conservation. Price, Peter W., et al. (Eds.). 2011.

10/12: Handbook of mammals of the world, Volume 2 : Hoofed mammals. Wilson, Don E. and Mittermeier, Russell A. (Eds.). 2011.

10/12: Hunting for sustainability. Robinson, John G. and Bennett, Elizabeth L. (Eds.). 2000.

10/12: Invasive pythons in the United States : ecology of an introduced predator. Dorcas, Michael E. and Willson, John D. 2011.

10/10: Conservation and biology of small populations : the song sparrows of Mandarte Island. Smiths, James NM; Keller, Lukas F; Marr, Amy B; and Arcese, Peter (eds.). 2006.

10/10: Primates of the world : the amazing diversity of our closest relatives. Redmond, Ian. 2010.

10/05: Kangaroo : portrait of an extraordinary marsupial. Jackson, Stephen and Vernes, Karl. 2011.

10/03: Camera traps in animal ecology : methods and analyses. Kåaranta, Ke. Ullåasa, Nichols, James D. and O'Connell, Allan F. (Eds.). 2011.

10/03: Forest entomology : a global perspective. Ciesla, William M. 2011.

10/03: Orangutans : behavior, ecology, and conservation. Payne, Junaidi and Prudente, J. Cede. 2008.

10/03: Tropical rain forests : an ecological and biogeographical perspective. Corlett, Richard and Primack, Richard B. 2011.

Zoo Hospital Library

10/05: Veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics, 9th ed. Riviere, J. Edmond and Papich, Mark G. (Eds.). 2011.


Main Library

9/22: A field guide to monitoring nests. Ferguson-Lees, James, et al. 2011.

9/22: Primates of West Africa : pocket identification guide. Oates, John F. 2010.

9/22: Species on the edge of survival. IUCN. 2011.

9/22: EcoMind : changing the way we think, to create the world we want. Lappe, France Moore. 2011.

9/22: Saving the world's wildlife : WWF - the first 50 years. Schwarzenbach, Alexis. 2011.

9/22: Encyclopedia of tropical plants : identification and cultivation over 3,000 tropical plants. Fayaz, Ahmed. 2011.

9/20: A week with elephants: proceedings of the International Seminar on the Conservation of Asian Elephant, June 1993. Daniel J.C. and Datye, Hemant S. (Eds.). 1995.

9/15: The plant life of China. Chapman, G.P. and Y.Z. Wang. 2002.

9/7: Diversity and the tropical rain forest. Terborgh, John. 1992.

9/7: Primer on the metabolic bone diseases and disorders of mineral metabolism. Rosen, Clifford J. (Ed.). 2009.

Horticulture Library

9/15: Growing Australian native plants from seed: for revegetation tree planting and direct seeding, 2nd ed. By Ralph, Murray. 2002.

Harter Hospital Library

9/29: Edible wild plants of subsaharan Africa : an annotated check list, emphasizing the woodland and savanna floras of eastern and southern Africa, including plants utilized for food by chimpanzees and baboons. Peters, Charles R. 1992.


Main Library

8/29: Natural horse-man-ship : the six keys to a natural horse-human relationship. By Parelli, Pat. 1993.

8/29: The Kew plant glossary : an illustrated dictionary of plant terms. By Beentje, Henk. 2010.

8/23: Cyclura : natural history, husbandry, and conservation of West Indian rock iguanas. Lemm, Jeffrey M. and Allison C. Alberts (Eds.). 2011.

8/22: Canadian atlas of bird banding, vol. 4, shorebirds 1921-1995. Environment Canada. 2010.

8/19: Proceedings of the Symposium on the Conservation of Primates and Their Habitats, vols. 1-2. 1983.

8/18: The peaceable kingdom : a year in the life of America's oldest zoo. Sedgwick, John. 1988.

8/18: The stationary ark. Durrell, Gerald. 1976.

8/18: The aye-aye and I : a rescue journey to save one of the world's most intriguing creatures from extinction. Durrell, Gerald. 1994.

8/18: Golden bats & pink pidgeons : a journey to the flora and fauna of a unique island. Durrell, Gerald. 1984.

8/18: Marmosets in captivity. Moore, Mike. 1989.

8/18: Birds, beasts, and relatives. Durrell, Gerald.1969.

8/16: What zoos can do : the leading zoological gardens of Europe 2010 - 2020. Sheridan, Anthony. 2011.

8/10: Conserving wildlife in African landscapes : Kenya's Ewaso ecosystem. Georgiadis, Nicholas J. 2011. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, no 632.

8/10: Speciation and dispersal in a low diversity taxon : the slender geckos Hemiphyllodactylus (Reptilia, Gekkonidae). Zug, George R. 2010. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, no. 631.

8/10: Historical plant incidence in southern Africa. Skead, CJ. 2009.

8/9: From genes to animal behavior : social structures, personalities, communication by color. Springer Primatology Monographs. Inoue-Murayama, Miho and Shoji Kawamura (Eds.). 2011.

8/9: International illegal trade in wildlife : threats and US policy. Sheikh, Pervase and Liana Sun Wyler. 2009.

8/8: Peru : Maijuna. Gilmore, Michael P., et al. 2010.

8/8: Hawks at a distance : identification of migrant raptors. Liguori, Jerry. 2011.

8/8: Reintroduction of top-order predators. Hayward, MW and MJ Somers (Eds.). 2009.

Zoo Hospital Library

8/29: Plumb's veterinary drug handbook, 7th ed. By Plumb, Donald C. 2011.

Harter Hospital Library

8/29: Plumb's veterinary drug handbook, 7th ed. By Plumb, Donald C. 2011.


Main Library

7/15: Monkeys on the edge : ecology and management of long-tailed macaques and their interface with humans. 2011.

7/11: Tasmanian devil : a unique and threatened animal. Owen, David and David Pemberton. 2005.

7/11: Access 2007 : the missing manual. MacDonald, Matthew. 2006.

7/11: Herpetofauna of Vietnam. By Nguyen Van Sang, et al. 2009.

7/11: Animal tool behavior : the use and manufacture of tools by animals. Shumaker, Robert W., Kristina R. Walkup and Benjamin B. Beck. 2011.

Zoo Hospital Library

7/13: Gregory's textbook of farriery. Gregory, Chris. 2011.

7/11: Invertebrate medicine. Lewbart, Gregory A. 2006.

Park Nutrition

7/21: Poisonous plants, 2nd ed. Frohne, Dietrich and Hans Jurgen Pfander. 2006.

7/21: Poisonous plants and animals of Florida and the Caribbean. Nellis, David W. 1997.

7/21: The North American guide to common poisonous plants and mushrooms. Turner, Nancy J. and Patrick von Aderkas. 2009.

7/21: A guide to plant poisoning of animals in North America. Knight, Anthony P. and Richard G. Walter. 2001.


Main Library

6/20: Fowler's zoo and wild animal medicine : current therapy, 7th ed. Miller, R. Eric and Murray E. Fowler. 2012.

6/20: Vulture. Van Dooren, Thom. 2011.

6/20: Sandhill and whooping cranes : ancient voices over America's wetlands. Johnsgard, Paul A. 2011.

6/20: Finding birds at the Salton Sea and in Imperial County, California. Detwiler, Henry and Bob Miller. 2011.

6/17: The African book of names: 5,000+ common and uncommon names from the African continent. Hodari, Askhari. 2009.

6/17: Dictionary of African names, vol. 1: meanings, pronunciations and origin. Adebayo, 'Bunmi. 2005.

6/16: An introduction to zoo biology and management. Rees, Paul A. 2011.

6/13: Bats in captivity volume 3 : diet and feeding - environment and housing. Barnard, Susan M. 2011.

6/13: Sustainability of aquarium : the commemorative forum for the 10th anniversary of the Aquamarine Fukushima [proceedings]. 2010.

6/13: The way of the panda : the curious history of China's political animal. Nicholls, Henry. 2011.

6/13: Local wildflowers of San Diego County [pocket field guide]. 2010.

6/13: Venomous reptiles of the United States, Canada, and Northern Mexico. Ernst, Carl H. and Evelyn M. Ernst. 2011.

6/6: Onboarding : how to get your new employees up to speed in half the time. Bradt, George and Mary Vonnegut. 2009.

6/6: Parks and protected areas in Canada : planning and management, 3rd ed. Dearden, Philip and Rick Rollins (Eds.). 2009.

Zoo Hospital Library

6/13: Handbook on injectable drugs, 16th ed. [Includes accompanying CD-ROM]. Trissel, Lawrence A. 2011.

Zoo Horticulture Library

6/30: Succulent flora of Southern Africa, revised edition. Court, Doreen. 2010.

6/30: Guide to succulents of Southern Africa. Smith, Gideon F. and Neil R. Crouch. 2009.

6/30: Los increíbles higuerones / Incredible fig trees. Valerio, Carlos E. 2004.

6/30: Guía de árboles y arbustos : Centro de Conservación Santa Ana. Vargas Rojas, Gustavo, et al. 2001.

6/30: Guía de árboles y arbustos del Parque Zoológico Nacional Simón Bolivar. Vargas Rojas, Gustavo. 1998.


Main Library

5/30: Japanese wartime zoo policy : the silent victims of World War II. Itoh, Mayumi. 2010.

5/26: Under our skin : there's no medicine for someone like you [videorecording]. 2008.

5/26: Global warming gridlock : creating more effective strategies for protecting the planet. 2011.

5/26: Galapagos : a natural history. Kricher, John. 2006.

5/26: Animal gardens : zoos around the world. Hahn, Emily. 1967.

5/18: Protected area staff training : guidelines for planning and management. Kopylova, Svetlana L. and Natalia R. Danilina (Eds.). 2011.

5/18: Conservation for a new era. McNeely, Jeffrey A. and Susan A. Mainka. 2009.

5/17: Small animal bandaging, casting, and splinting techniques. Swaim, Steven F., et al. 2011.

5/17: Little bets : how breakthrough ideas emerge from small discovereies. Sims, Peter. 2011.

5/17: Community forest monitoring for the carbon market : opportunities under REDD. Skutsch, Margaret. 2011.

5/17: Thriving beyond sustainability : pathways to a resilient society. Edwards, Andres R. 2010.

5/17: 147 practical tips for teaching sustainability : connecting the environment, the economy, and society. Timpson, William M., et al. 2006.

5/17: Veterinary disaster response. Wingfield, Wayne E. 2009.

5/17: Complementary medicine for veterinary technicians and nurses. Scanlan, Nancy. 2011.

5/17: San Diego's Balboa Park. Marshall, David. 2007.

5/17: Exposition memories : Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1916. James, George Wharton and Bertha Bliss Tyler. 1917. [Reprint].

5/11: Native alternatives to invasive plants. Burrell, C.C. 2011.

5/11: Hope is an imperative : the essential David Orr, with a foreword by Fritjof Capra. Orr, D.W. 2011.

5/11: Mapping species distributions : spatial inference and prediction. Franklin, J. 2009.

5/11: Reimagining the California lawn : water conserving plants, practices, and designs. Bornstein, C, et al. 2011.

Harter Hospital Library

5/30: Handbook on injectable drugs, 15th ed. Trissel, Lawrence A. 2009.

Zoo Nutrition Services

5/30: Zoo animal nutrition, Vols. 1-4. Fidgett, A., et al. 2003.


Main Library

4/25: Field guide to butterflies of South Africa. Woodhall, S. 2005.

4/25: Birds of South America : passerines. Ridgeley, R.S. and G. Tudor. 2009.

4/25: Conservation biology for all. Sodhi, N.S. and P.R. Erlich. 2010.

4/25: Trees of Panama and Costa Rica [Princeton Field Guide series]. Condit, R., et al. 2011.

4/25: State of the world's forests 2011. FAO. 2011.

4/18: Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals, 8th ed. National Research Council of the National Academies. 2011.

4/18: Speciation and its consequences. Otte, Daniel and John A. Endler (eds.). 1989.

4/18: Birds of California : field guide. Takiela, Stan. 2003.

4/18: Voles (Microtinae). Gromov, I.M. and I.Ya. Polyakov (eds.). 1992.

4/18: Conservation and sustainable use : a handbook of techniques. Milner-Gulland, E.J. and J. Marcus Rowcliffe. 2007.

4/18: Invasive species management : a handbook of principles and techniques. Clout, Mick N. and Peter A. Williams. 2009.

4/18: The ecology, exploitation, and conservation of river turtles. Moll, Don, and Edward O. Moll. 2004.

4/4: Habitat management for conservation : a handbook of techniques. Ausden, Malcolm. 2007.

4/4: Hands-on chemical ecology : simple field and laboratory exercises. Muller-Schwarze, Dietland. 2009.

4/4: The frogs and toads of North America : a comprehensive guide to their identification, behavior, and calls. Elliot, Lang. 2009.

4/4: Birds of Africa, south of the Sahara. Sinclair, Ian, et al. 2010.

4/4: Invasion ecology. Lockwood, Julie L. 2007.

4/4: Carcasson's African butterflies : an annotated catalogue of the Papilionoidea and Heperioidea of the Afrotropical region. Carcasson, RH. 1995.

4/4: Important bird areas Americas : priority sites for biodiversity conservation. Aguilar Mugica, Susana, et al. 2009.

Zoo Hospital Library

4/18: Physician's Desk Reference, 65th ed. 2011.

Harter Hospital Library

4/18: The laboratory Xenopus sp. Green, Sherril L. 2010.


Main Library

3/23: I, mammal : why your brain links status and happiness. Breuning, Loretta G. 2011.

3/23: Attracting native pollinators : protecting North America's bees and butterflies. Mader, Erik. 2011.

3/23: Introduction to distance sampling : estimating abundance of biological populations. Buckland, S.T., et al. 2001.

3/23: Super cooperators : altruism, evolution, and why we need each other to succeed. Nowak, Martin A. 2011.

3/15: Guidelines for the in situ re-introduction and translocation of African and Asian rhinoceros [IUCN Occasional Paper No. 39]. Emslie, Richard H., et al. 2009.

3/15: Biological anthropology and ethics : from repatriation to genetic identity. Turner, Trudy R (Ed.). 2005.

3/15: Epidemiological surveillance and animal health, Second edition. Dufour, B & P Hendrix. 2009.

3/08: Twenty five years of Rhino Reintroduction Programme : in Dudhwa National Park & Tiger Reserve, Uttar Pradesh, India (1984-2010) with management implications. Singha, SP, et al. 2011.

3/07: Hemoparasites of the Reptilia : color atlas and text. Telford, Sam R. Jr. 2008.

3/02: Governing the commons : the evolutions of institutions for collective action. Ostrom, Elinor. 1990.


Main Library

2/28: Mixed effects models and extensions in ecology with R. Zuur, Alain F. 2009.

2/28: Lemurs of Madagascar. Mittermeier, Russell A., et al. 2010.

2/22: Polar obsession. Nicklen, Paul. 2009.

2/22: Management of disease in wild mammals. Delahay, R.J., et al (Eds.). 2009.

2/22: A colour guide to Hong Kong animals. Hill, Dennis S. and Karen Phillipps (ill.). 1981.

2/22: The seeing eye : notes of a Highland naturalist. 1980.

2/22: A pocket guide to herbs : an illustrated guide to herbs. Linford, Jenny. 2007.

2/22: Cry of the Kalahari. Owens, Mark and Delia Owens. 1984.

2/22: Resource selection by animals : statistical design and analysis for field studies, 2nd edition. Manly, Bryan F.J., et al. 2002.

2/22: New colour guide to Hong Kong birds. Viney, Clive and Karen Phillipps (ill.). 1983.

2/18: A final report on the Southern Luzon faunal survey. Southern Luzon Biodiversity Conservation Programme. 2000.

2/16: After the ark? : environmental policy-making and the zoo. Mazur, Nicole. 2001.

2/14: Sustainable value : how the world's leading companies are doing well by doing good. Laszlo, Chris. 2008.

2/14: Primates in perspective, 2nd edition. Campbell, Christina J., et al (Eds.). 2011.

2/14: Encyclopedia of animal science, Vols. 1-2, 2nd edition. Ullrey, Duane E., Charlotte Kirk Baer, and Wilson G. Pond (Eds.). 2011.

2/09: The animals reader : the essential classic and contemporary writings. Kalof, Linda and Amy Fitzgerald (Eds.). 2007.

2/09: The animal estate : the English and other creatures in the Victorian age. Ritvo, Harriet. 1987.

2/03: The great white bear : a natural & unnatural history of the polar bear. Mulvaney, Kieran. 2011.

2/03: Zoos and tourism : conservation, education, entertainment? Frost, Warwick (Ed.). 2011.

2/02: Stolen world : a tale of reptiles, smugglers, and skulduggery. Smith, Jennie Erin. 2011.

2/02: Animal rights : what everyone needs to know. Waldau, Paul. 2011.

2/02: Accessing biodiversity and sharing the benefits : lessons from implementing the convention on biological diversity [IUCN Environmental Policy and Law Paper No. 54]. Carrizosa, Santiago, et al. 2004.

Zoo Hospital Library

2/02: Now, discover your strengths. Buckingham, Marcus and Donald O. Clifton. 2001.

Zoo Horticulture Library

2/08: Erythrina in the New and Old Worlds. Westley, Sidney B. and Mark H. Powell (Eds.). 1993.


Main Library

1/14: Introduction to wildlife and fisheries, 2nd edition. Willis, David W., et al. 2009.

1/14: Incubation of reptile eggs. Köhler, Gunther. 2005.

1/13: Handbook of venoms and toxins of reptiles. Edited by Mackessy, Stephen P. 2010.

1/11: The zen of social media marketing : an easier way to build credibility, generate buzz, and increase revenue. 2010.

1/11: Networked nonprofit : connecting with social media to drive change. Kanter, Beth and Allison H. Fine. 2010.

1/11: How to write fundraising materials that raise more money. Ahern, Tom. 2010.

1/11: Fundraising with The Raiser's Edge : a non-technical guide. Connors, Bill. 2010.

1/07: Red panda : biology and conservation of the first panda. Edited by Glatston, Angela R. 2011.

1/07: Introduction to conservation genetics, Second Edition. Edited by Frankham, Richard, et al. 2010.

1/07: A practical guide to avian embryonic development. Jensen, Thomas, et al. 2011.

1/06: Ecology and economy of a tropical dry forest in Madagascar [Special Issue of Primate Report]. Edited by Ganzhorn, J.U. and J.-P. Sorg. 1996.

1/06: Natural change and human impact in Madagascar. Edited by Goodman, Steven M. and Bruce D. Patterson. 1997.

1/05: The wolf's tooth : keystone predators, trophic cascades, and biodiversity. Eisenberg, Cristina. 2010.

Zoo Horticulture Library

1/05: Propagation of horticultural plants. Adriance, Guy W. and Fred R. Brison. 1939.

1/05: The complete book of cacti and succulents : the definitive practical guide to cultivation, propagation, and display. Hewitt, Terry. 1993.

1/05: Plant portraits : the California legacy of A.R. Valentien. Dykens, Margaret N. 2003.

Zoo Hospital Library

1/20: CRC Handbook of marine mammal medicine. Dierauf, Leslie A. 1990.

1/20: CRC Pathobiology of marine mammal diseases, Vols. 1 and 2. Howard, Edwin B. 1983.

1/13: Understanding reptile parasites, 2nd edition. Klingenberg, Roger J. 2007.

1/13: Manual of exotic pet practice. Mitchell, Mark A. and Thomas N. Tully, Jr. 2009.

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