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New Books & DVDs — 2012


Main Library

12/12: Introduction to restoration ecology. Howell, Evelyn A., John A. Harrington, and Stephen B. Glass. 2012.

12/11: Evolutionary dynamics of mammalian karyotypes. Stanyon, Roscoe and Alexander Graphodatsky (eds.). 2012.

12/10: Teaching minds : how cognitive science can save our schools. Schank, Roger C. 2011.

12/10: Makers : the new industrial revolution. Anderson, Chris. 2012.

12/3: Drawn from paradise : the natural history, art and discovery of the birds of paradise. Attenborough, David. 2012.

12/3: A world in one cubic foot : portraits in biodiversity. Liittschwager, David. 2012.

12/3: The life of a leaf. Vogel, Steven. 2012.

12/3: Latin for gardeners : over 3,000 plant names explained and explored. Harrison, Lorraine. 2012.

Genetics (ICR)

12/19: ISCN 2013 : an international system for human cytogenetic nomenclature. Shaffer, Lisa G., Jean McGowan-Jordan, and Michael Schmid. 2013.

12/12: Bioinformatics for high throughput sequencing. Rodrâiguez-Ezpeleta, Naiara, Michael Hackenberg, and Ana M. Aransay (eds.). 2012.

Wildlife Disease Labs (ICR)

12/12: New frontiers of molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases. Morand, Serge, Franðcois Beaudeau, Jacques Cabaret (eds.). 2012 (ICR Wildlife Disease Labs)

Wildlife Disease Labs (Zoo Hospital)

12/19: Veterinary neuropathology : essentials of theory and practice. Vandevelde, Marc, Robert J. Higgins and Anna Oevermann. 2012. (Wildlife Disease Labs)

12/12: Veterinary ocular pathology : a comparative review. Dubielzig, Richard R. 2010. (Wildlife Disease Labs)

Zoo Hospital Library

12/19: Hormones and reproduction of vertebrates, Volume 2: Amphibians. Norris, David O. and Kristin H. Lopez. 2011.

12/19: Hormones and reproduction of vertebrates, Volume 3: Reptiles. Norris, David O. and Kristin H. Lopez. 2011.

12/19: Hormones and reproduction of vertebrates, Volume 5: Mammals. Norris, David O. and Kristin H. Lopez. 2011

12/19: Understanding anesthesia equipment. Dorsch, Jerry A. and Susan E. Dorsch. 2008.

12/3: Physician's desk reference 2013. PDR Staff. 2013.

Harter Hospital Library

12/3: Exotic animal formulary. Carpenter, James W. (ed.). 2013.


Main Library

11/26: Spillover : animal infections and the next human pandemic. Quammen, David. 2012.

11/26: A feast of weeds : a literary guide to foraging and cooking wild edible plants. Ballerini, Luigi. 2012.

11/6: Hotspots of evolutionary potential. Bohonak, Andrew. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)


Main Library

10/26: Visually interpreting species: Extinction in Southern California. Hollingsworth, Jill. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)

10/24: Taxon management plan update for the arroyo toad (Anaxyrus californicus). Lovich, Kim. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)

10/24: GRACE: Saving orphaned gorillas and empowering local communities in Eastern DRC. Santman, Lutizen. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)

10/24: Diversification of tanagers, the largest radiation of Neotropical songbirds. Burns, Kevin. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)

10/22: Wildlife & climate change : towards robust conservation strategies for Australian fauna. Lunney, Daniel and Pat Hutchings (eds.). 2012.

10/22: Animal models of eating disorders. Avena, Nicole M. (ed.). 2013.

10/22: Identification guide to North American birds : a compendium of information on identifying, ageing, and sexing "near-passerines" and passerines in the hand. Pyle, Peter. 1997.

10/9: Predator-prey interactions between rattlesnakes and small mammals : the response of predators. Clark, Rulon. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)

10/1: Palm oil as a conservation threat : the role of the RSPO. Hall, Suzanne. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)

10/1: The flexible phenotype : a body-centred integration of ecology, physiology, and behaviour. Piersma, Theunis. 2011.

10/1: Human and nonhuman bone identification : a concise field guide. France, Diane L. 2011.

10/1: Nest building bird behavior. Collias, Nicholas E. and Elsie C. Collias. 1984.

10/1: Nature all around us : a guide to urban ecology. Beisner, Beatrix, Christian Messier, and Luc-Alain Giraldeau (eds.). 2013.

10/1: Seabirds of the tropical Pacific Ocean : preliminary Smithsonian identification manual. King, Warren B. 1967.

Harter Hospital Library

10/9: Reptile medicine and surgery, 2nd ed. Mader, Douglas R. 2006.


Main Library

9/28: The last walk : reflections on our pets at the end of their lives. Pierce, Jessica. 2012.

9/28: Falcon propagation : a manual on captive breeding. Weaver, James D. and Tom J. Cade (eds.). 1983.

9/26: Saving India's sloth bears : the next frontier. Wildlife SOS. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)

9/20: Wildlife science : connecting research with management. Sands, Joseph P., et al (eds.). 2012.

9/20: Wired wilderness : technologies of tracking and the making of modern wildlife. Benson, Etienne. 2010.

9/20: GIS applications in agriculture, Vol. 3, Invasive species. Clay, Sharon A. (ed.). 2011

9/17: The California least tern & western snowy plover project. Fournier, Joelle. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)

9/12: Life everlasting : the animal way of death. Heinrich, Bernd. 2012.

9/12: Reproductive biology and phylogeny of snakes. Aldridge, David M. Sever (ed.). 2011.

9/12: Dung beetle ecology. Hanski, Ilkka and Yves Cambefort (eds.). 1991.

9/12: Dynamics of large herbivore populations in changing environments : towards appropriate models. Owen-Smith, Norman. 2010.

9/12: Cumulative effects in wildlife management : impact mitigation. Krausman, Paul R. and Lisa K. Harris. 2011.

9/12: Gifts of the crow : how perception, emotion, and thought allow smart birds to behave like humans. Marzluff, John M. and Tony Angell.

9/11: Wild hope : on the front lines of conservation success. Balmford, Andrew. 2012.

9/11: Bulletproof feathers : how science uses nature's secrets to design cutting-edge technology. Allen, Robert (ed.). 2010.

9/11: Floating gold : a natural (and unnatural) history of ambergris. Kemp, Christopher. 2012.

9/11: Dolphin confidential : confessions of a field biologist. Bearzi, Maddalena. 2012.

9/11: Island bats : evolution, ecology, and conservation. Flemming, Theodore H. and Paul A. Racey (eds.). 2009.

9/11: A natural history of the New World : the ecology and evolution of plants in the Americas. Graham, Alan. 2011.

9/10: Building a broader base for zoo-based conservation : engaging non-traditional conservationists. Danoff-Burg, James. 2012. (ICR Seminar Series DVD)

9/6: Fencing for conservation : restriction of evolutionary potential or a riposte to threatening processes? Somers, Michael J. and Matthew Hayward, (eds.). 2012.

9/6: The behavior guide to African mammals : including hoofed mammals, carnivores, primates. Estes, Richard Despard. 2012.

9/6: Reaching for the sun : how plants work. King, John. 2011.

9/6: Ecotourists save the world : the environmental volunteer's guide to more than 300 international adventures to conserve, preserve, and rehabilitate wildlife and habitats. Brodowsky, Pamela K. 2010.

9/6: Aaaaw to zzzzzd : the words of birds : North America, Britain, and northern Europe. Bevis, John. 2010.

9/6: Ecological consequences of climate change : mechanisms, conservation, and management. Beever, Erik Alan and Jerrold L. Belant (eds.). 2012.

9/6: Spider behaviour : flexibility and versatility. Herberstein, Marie Elisabeth (ed.). 2011.

9/6: Animal eyes. Land, Michael F. and Dan-Eric Nilsson. 2012.

9/4: Your brain on nature : the science of nature's influence on your health, happiness, and vitality. Selhub, Eva M. 2012.

Zoo Hospital Library

9/24: Chemical and physical restraint of wild animals : a training and field manual for African species. Kock, Michael D. and Richard Burroughs (eds.). 2012

Harter Hospital Library

9/12: McCurnin's clinical textbook for veterinary technicians. Bassert, Joanna M. and Dennis M. McCurnin. 2010.


Main Library

8/22: Eco literate : how educators are cultivating emotional, social, and ecological intelligence. Goleman, Daniel. 2012.

8/22: The California wildlife habitat garden : how to attract bees, butterflies, birds, and other animals. Bauer, Nancy. 2012.

8/22: Video surveillance of nesting birds. Ribic, Christine A. 2012.

8/22: Brazil : Amazon and Pantanal. Pearson, David. 2005.

8/22: The plant hunters : the adventures of the world's greatest botanical explorers. Fry, Carolyn. 2012.

8/20: Plastic free: how I kicked the habit and you can too. Terry, Beth. 2012.

8/10: Zoobiquity : what animals can teach us about health and the science of healing. Natterson-Horowitz, Barbara and Kathryn Bowers.

8/10: The handbook on plumeria culture. Eggenberger, Richard and Eggenberger, Mary. 2006.

8/5: Growing plumeria in Hawai'i. Little, Jim. 2006.

8/5: Game changer : animal rights and the fate of Africa's wildlife. Martin, Glen. 2012.

8/2: Palms : sentinels for Amazon conservation. Goulding, Michael and Nigel Smith. 2007.

8/2: Among African apes : stories and photos from the field. Robbins, Martha M. and Christophe Boesch (eds.). 2012.

Zoo Hospital Library

8/22: ACVIM Forum Proceedings: New Orleans, Louisiana, May 30 - June 2, 2012.

8/22: 17th annual Wild West Mountain States Veterinary Conference Proceedings. Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada, October 12-16, 2011.

8/22: 2012 convention notes: AVMA annual convention, August 3-7, 2012, San Diego.

8/20: Retroviruses : molecular biology, genomics and pathogenesis. Kurth, Reinhard, and Norbert Bannert. 2010.

Zoo Nutrition

8/22: Nutrient requirements of fish and shrimp. National Academies Press. 2011.

8/22: Nutrient requirements of swine. National Academies Press. 2012.

Park Nutrition

8/22: Nutrient requirements of swine. National Academies Press. 2012.


Main Librardy

7/31: Kanha Tiger Reserve : portrait of an Indian national park. Moulton, Carroll. 1999.

7/31: A guide to the seashores of Eastern Africa and the western Indian Ocean islands. Richmond, Matthew D. (ed.). 1997.

7/31: The history of the Steinhart Aquarium: a very fishy tale. McCosker, John E. 1999.

7/31: Sixty years of cooperation between the United States and Mexico in biodiversity conservation (1936-1996). USFWS. 1996.

7/31: What's going on here? An introduction to the butterflies of the Amazon coast [DVD]. 2009.

7/31: New directions in conservation medicine : applied cases of ecological health. Aguirre, A. Alonso, et al (eds.). 2012.

7/27: Cracking the koala code [DVD]. Nature. 2012.

7/20: Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom : Australia's awesome animals [DVD]. 2006.

7/20: National Geographic answer book : fast facts about our world. 2009.

7/20: The Pantanal : ecology, biodiversity and sustainable management of a large neotropical seasonal wetland. Junk, Wolfang J., et al. (eds.). 2011.

7/20: Indigenous peoples and the collaborative stewardship of nature : knowledge binds and institutional conflicts. Ross, Anne, et al. 2011.

7/20: Pandas in the wild : a rare, up-close look at their secret lives [DVD]. Smithsonian Networks. 2009.

7/20: The song of the ape : understanding the languages of chimpanzees. Halloran, Andrew R. 2012.

7/20: Air plants : epiphytes and aerial gardens. Benzing, David H. 2012.

7/20: South Asian mammals : their diversity, distribution, and status. Srinivasulu, Chelmala and Bhargavi Srinivasulu. 2012.

7/13: Black python Morelia boeleni. Flagle, Ari R. and Erik D. Stoops. 2009.

7/12: Gliding mammals : taxonomy of living and extinct species. Jackson, Stephen M. and Richard W. Thorington, Jr. 2012.

7/12: The maned wolves of Noel Kempff Mercado National Park. Emmons, Louise H. (ed.). 2012.

7/12: Turks and Caicos iguana : conservation and management plan, 2005-2009. IUCN. 2012.

7/12: Introduction to the plant life of Southern California : coast to foothills. Rundel, Philip W. and Robert Gustafson. 2005.

7/12: Invasive alien species : a toolkit of best prevention and management practices. Global Invasive Species Programme. 2001.

7/4: What a plant knows : a field guide to the senses. Chamovitz, Daniel. 2012.

7/4: Field guide to animal tracks and scat of California. Elbroch, Mark, et al. 2012.

7/4: The conscientious gardener : cultivating a garden ethic. 2011.

7/4: Bird sense : what it's like to be a bird. Birkhead, Tim. 2012.

7/4: Tortoises, terrapins and turtles of Africa. Branch, Bill. 2008.

7/4: Conceptual challenges for environmental education : advocacy, autonomy, implicit education and values. Schlottmann, Christopher. 2012.

7/4: A field guide to the mammals of Australia. Menkhorst, Peter and Frank Knight. 2011.

7/4: Mr. Hornaday's war : how a peculiar Victorian zookeeper waged a lonely crusade for wildlife that changed the world. Bechtel, Stefan. 2012.

7/4: Beyond the brain : how body and environment shape animal and human minds. Barrett, Louise. 2011.

7/4: Emerging avian disease. Paul, Ellen (ed.). 2012.

7/4: Evolution in action : natural history through spectacular skeletons. de Panafieu, Jean-Baptiste. 2011.

7/4:The wildlife techniques manual, 7th ed, vols. 1-2. Silvy, Nova J. (ed.). 2012.

7/4: Neotropical birds of prey : biology and ecology of a forest raptor community. Whitacre, David F., (ed.). 2012.

7/4: Photographic and descriptive musculoskeletal atlas of gorilla : with notes on the attachments, variations, innervation, synonymy, and weight of the muscles. Diogo, Rui, et al. (eds.). 2011.

7/4: Predator-prey dynamics : the role of olfaction. Conover, Michael R. 2007.

7/4: Photographic and descriptive musculoskeletal atlas of gibbons and siamangs (Hylobates) : with notes on the attachments, variations, innervation, synonymy, and weight of the muscles. Diogo, Rui, et al. (eds.). 2012.

7/4: Reducing the impacts of development on wildlife. Gleeson, James. 2012.

7/4: Australian medicinal plants, 2nd ed. Lassak, EV and McCarthy T. 2011.

7/4: Field guide to the frogs of Australia. Tyler, Michael J. and Frank Knight. 2009.

7/4: Queensland's threatened animals. Curtis, Lee K., et al. (eds.). 2011.

7/4: Encyclopedia of biological invasions. Simberloff, Daniel and Marcel Rejmanek (eds.). 2011.

7/4: An introduction to vehavioural ecology, 4th ed. Davies, Nicholas B., et al. 2012.

7/4: Forests of Central Africa : nature and man. Vande Weghe, Jean Pierre. 2004.

7/4: The nature principle. Louv, Richard. 2012.

7/4: The garden of ideas : four centuries of Australian style Aitken, Richard. 2011.

7/4: Practical field ecology : a project guide. Wheater, C. Phillip, et al. 2011.

Zoo Hospital Library

7/12: Health care & rehabilitation of turtles and tortoises. Ebenhack, Amanda. 2012.

Harter Hospital Library

7/27: Quick guide to laboratory statistics and quality control. Fritsma, George A. and David McGlasson. 2012.


Main Library

6/20: Where the earth breathes and giants are born : the Gulf of California. Gohier, Francois. 2006.

6/20: Animal welfare, 2nd ed. Appleby, Michael C., et al. (Eds.). 2011.

6/20: Planting for wildilfe. Munro, Nicola. 2011.

6/20: How animals see the world : comparative behavior, biology, and evolution of vision. Lazareva, Olga F., et al. (Eds.). 2012.

6/20: Agaves : living sculptures for landscapes and containers. Starr, Greg. 2012.

6/20: Reproduction of amphibians. Ogielska, Maria (Ed.). 2009.

6/20: The action plan for Australian birds 2010. Garnett, ST. 2011.

6/20: Echinocereus. Pilbeam, John. 2011.

6/20: Indian forest ecology : a comprehensive survey of vegetation and its environment in the Indian subcontinent, vols. 1-2. Puri, Gopal Singh. 1960.

6/20: Amazing numbers in biology. Flindt, Rainer. 2006.

6/20: Aging in nonhuman primates. Erwin, Joseph M. and Patrick R. Hof (Eds.). 2002.

6/20: Progress in the studies of the golden monkey. 1989.

6/20: Australia's important bird areas : key sites for conservation. Dutson, Guy. 2009.

6/20: The social conquest of earth. Wilson, Edward O. 2012.

6/20: Love, life, and elephants : an African love story. Sheldrik, Daphne Jenkins. 2012.

6/20: The complete illustrated guide to Japanese gardening and growing bonsai : essential advice, step-by-step techniques and projects, plans, plant listings and over 1500 photographs and illustrations. Chesshire, Charles. 2011.

6/20: Secret lives of ants. Choe, Jae C. 2012.

6/20: Garbology : our dirty love affair with trash. Humes, Edward. 2012.

6/20: Nature's compass : the mystery of animal navigation. Gould, James L. 2012.

6/20: Crocodiles : proceedings of the 20th Working Meeting of the Crocodile Specialist Group of the Species Survival Commission of IUCN - Manaus, Brazil, September 12-17, 2010.


Main Library

5/30: Wildlife Research - Management and Conservation : Rodent biology and management. Hinds, L. and G. Singleton (Eds.). 2011.

5/30: Monkeys of the Atlantic Forest of Eastern Brazil : Pocket identification guide. Mittermeier, R.A., et al. 2007.

5/30: Australian planting design, 2nd ed. Thompson, Paul. 2012.

5/30: Kangaroos, 2nd ed. Dawson, Terence J. 2012.

5/24: China : empire of living symbols. Lindqvist, Cecilia. 1989.

5/24: Towards a green economy : pathways to sustainable development and poverty eradication. UNEP. 2011.

5/22: Larousse animal portraits : Eighty beautiful natural history prints from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Grasse, Pierre-Paul. 1977.

5/22: Ophthalmology of exotic pets. Williams, David L. 2012.

5/17: Kookaburras. Parry, Veronia A. 1978.

5/17: Sexual strategy : survival in the wild. Halliday, Tim. 1980.

5/17: Field guide to the pitcher plants of Sulawesi. McPherson, Stewart and Alastair Robinson. 2012.

5/17: Field guide to the pitcher plants of the Philippines. McPherson, Stewart and Victor B. Amoroso. 2011.

5/16: The behavior guide to African mammals : including hoofed mammals, carnivores, primates. 20th anniversary edition. Estes, Richard Despard. 2012.

5/16: Bayesian population analysis using WinBUGS : a hierarchical perspective. Kery, Marc. 2012.

5/16: Polar bears : a complete guide to their biology and behavior. Derocher, Andrew E. 2012.

5/16: Birds of Katanga. Louette, M. and Michel Hasson. 2011.

5/16: Plant reintroduction in a changing climate : promises and perils. Maschinski, J. and Kristin E. Haskins [Eds.]. 2012.

5/16: Dispersal in rodents : a resident fitness hypothesis. Anderson, Paul K. 1989.

5/16: Companions in wonder : children and adults exploring nature together. Dunlap, Julie and Stephen R. Kellert [Eds.]. 2012.

5/16: Quantitative analysis of movement : measuring and modeling population redistribution in animals and plants. Turchin, Peter. 1998.

5/10: Secrets of the crocodile caves : the unique animals of Madagascar [DVD]. NOVA. 2004.

5/10: Frozen Planet [DVD]. Narrated by David Attenborough. 2012.

5/10: Madagascar [DVD]. Narrated by David Attenborough. 2011.

5/7: Climate change education : a primer for zoos and aquariums. Grajal, A. 2012.

5/1: Ecosystem services : charting a path to sustainability. Interdisciplinary Research Team Summaries. 2012.

Zoo Hospital Library

5/10: Exotic animal formulary, 4th ed. Carpenter, James W. 2013.


Main Library

4/26: Place- and community-based education in schools. Smith, Gregory A. and David Sobel. 2012.

4/26: California native gardening : a month-by-month guide. Popper, Helen. 2012.

4/26: Adapting to a changing environment: confronting the consequences of climate change. McClanahan, Tim R. and Joshua E. Cinner. 2012.

4/26: Green washed : why we can't buy our way to a green planet. Pierre-Louis, Kendra. 2012.

4/26: Monitoring animal populations and their habitats : a practitioner's guide. McComb, Brenda, et al. 2010.

4/20: Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us. Pink, Daniel. 2009.

4/18: Bats in captivity volume 4: Legislation and public education. Barnard, Susan M. 2012.

4/18: Fifty animals that changed the course of history. Chaline, Eric. 2011.

4/18: Venomous reptiles of the United States, Canada, and Northern Mexico, vol. 2, Crotalus. Ernst, Carl H. 2012.

4/12: An evaluation of environmental enrichment for two highly social and endangered species, the African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) and Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi). Leonard, Denise A. 2008.

4/12: Tales in the sand : a guide to identifying Australian arid zone fauna using spoor and other signs. Moseby, Katherine. 2011.

4/9: Don't be such a scientist : talking substance in an age of style. Olson, Randy. 2009.

4/9: Lonesome George : the life and loves of a conservation icon. Nicholls, Henry. 2006.

4/4: State of the planet declaration. 2012.

4/4: Reaching the animal mind : clicker training and what it teaches us about animals. Pryor, Karen. 2009.

4/4: Visual and statistical thinking: displays of evidence for making decisions. Tufte, Edward. 1997.

4/4: Endangered species : program progress report. U.S. Dept. of the Interior. 1976.

4/4: The Merck veterinary manual. 1998.


Main Library

3/20: Wildlife heroes : 40 leading conservationists and the animals they are committed to saving. Scardina, Julie. 2012.

3/20: The new Sunset Western garden book : the ultimate gardening guide. Brenzel, Kathleen Norris [ed.]. 2012.

3/20: The first-time manager. Belker, Loren B. 2012.

3/20: Chimpanzees of the lakeshore : natural history and culture at Mahale. Nishida, Toshisada. 2012.

3/20: The Jepson manual : vascular plants of California, Second Ed. Baldwin, Bruce G., et al. [eds.]. 2012.

3/20: The participatory museum. Simon, Nina. 2010.

3/15: Deer : the animal answer guide. Feldhamer, George A. 2012.

3/15: Turtles : the animal answer guide. Gibbons, J. Whitfield. 2009.

3/15: Nightjars of the world : potoos, frogmouths, oilbird and owlet-nightjars. Cleere, Nigel. 2010.

3/15: The Chinese alligator : ecology, behavior, conservation, and culture. Thorbjarnarson, John B. 2010.

3/15: Statistics for ecologists using R and Excel : data collections, exploration, analysis and presentation. Gardener, Mark. 2012.

3/15: How to write and publish a scientific paper. Day, Robert A. 2011.

3/15: The "how to" grants manual : successful grantseeking techniques for obtaining public and private grants. Bauer, David G. 2011.

3/15: Carvnivore ecology and conservation : a handbook of techniques. Boitani, Luigi. 2012.

3/15: Designing and creating Japanese gardens. Underwood, Penny. 2006.

3/12: Successful science communication: telling it like it is. Bennet, David J. and Richard C. Jennings [eds.]. 2011.

3/12: Rewilding the West: restoration in a prairie landscape. Manning, Richard. 2009.

3/12: The time trap, 4th ed. Mackenzie, Alec and Pat Nickerson. 2009.

3/12: Behavior of North American mammals. Elbroch, Mark and Kurt Rinehart. 2012.

3/12: The ADA companion guide: Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA).

3/12: Creating passion-driven teams: how to stop micromanaging and motivate people to top performance. Bobinski, Dan. 2009.

3/12: Hispanic marketing: conneting with the new Latino consumer. Korzenny, Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny. 2012.

3/12: Teaching sustainability, teaching sustainably. Bartels, Kirsten Allen and Kelly A. Parker [eds.]. 2012.

3/12: Animal friendships. Dagg, Anne Innis. 2011.

3/9: Tuttle concise Indonesian dictionary. Kramer, ALN, et al. 2006.

3/9: The little owl: conservation, ecology and behavior of Athene noctua. Van Nieuwenhuyse, Dries, et al. 2011.

3/8: Plants of Arizona. Epple, Anne. 2012

3/8: Interpretive master planning: strategies for the new Millennium. v. 1. Veverka, John. 2011.

3/8: Interpretive master planning. v. 2. Veverka, John. 2011

3/8: The craft of research. Booth, Wayne. 2008.

3/8: Smart trust. Covey, Stephen. 2012.

3/8: Working with animals. Field, Shelly. 2012.

3/8: The nonprofit marketing guide. Leroux, Miller. 2010.

3/8: The museum educator's manual. Johnson, Anna. 2009.

Zoo Hospital Library

3/27: Nothing but the truth about quality : essays on quality management in the healthcare laboratory. Westgard, James O. 2004.

3/27: Basic method validation. Westgard, James O. 2008.

3/27: PDR for nonprescription drugs. 2012.

3/27: Physicians' desk reference. 2012.


Main Library

2/28: Avian Genomics Conference and Gene Ontology Annotation Workshop: Delivering value from avian genomes. 2008 May 19-22, Mississippi State University.

2/28: XVth Congress of the International Primatological Society. 1994 Aug 3-8, Kuta -Bali, Indonesia.

2/28: Balboa Park. Benton, Richard Lee. 2008.

2/28: Primates in peril: the world's 25 most endangered primates 2008-2010. Mittermeier, Russell A. 2009.

2/28: Ice Age mammals of North America: a guide to the big, the hairy, and the bizarre. Lange, Ian M. 2002.

2/28: Herpetology, 3rd ed. Vitt, Laurie J. 2009.

2/28: Insect ecology: an ecosystem approach. Schowalter, Timothy Duane. 2011.

2/28: 77 years: the history and evolution of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums 1935-2012. Penn, Laura, et al. 2012.

2/21: Good dirt: confessions of a conservationist. Morine, David E. 2012.

2/21: It's the way you say it: becoming articulate, well-spoken, and clear. Fleming, Carol A. 2010.

2/21: Wildlife search and resue: a guide for first responders. Dmytryk, Rebecca. 2012.

2/21: Bones of the tiger: protecting the man-eaters of Nepal. Mishra, Hemanta. 2010.

2/21: Media, ecology and conservation: using the media to protect the world's wildlife and ecosystems. Blewitt, John. 2010.

02/13: Don't flush the tiger forests: toilet paper, U.S. supermarkets and the destruction of Indonesia's last tiger habitats. WWF-US. 2012.

02/13: Using web analytics in the library. Marek, Kate. 2011.

02/13: Vanishing of the bees [videorecording]. Narrated by Ellen Page. 2010.

02/13: Forest dynamics, growth and yield. Pretzxch, Hans. 2009.

02/06: The avian erythrocyte: its phylogenetic odyssey. Glomski, Chester A. 2011.

02/06: Handbook of birds of the world: Volume 16, Tanagers to New World blackbirds. del Hoyo, Josep (Ed.). 2011.

02/06: Vertebrate biology, 2nd ed. Linzey, Donald W. 2011.

02/06: Small wild cats: the animal answer guide. Sanderson, James G. 2011.

02/06: Reintroduction biology: integrating science and management. Ewen, John G. (Ed.). 2012.

02/06: Conservation refugees: the hundred-year conflict between global conservation and native peoples Dowie, Mark. 2011.

02/06: A new pronouncing dictionary of the Spanish and English languages. Velazquez de la Cadena, Mariano, et al. 1973.

Zoo Horticulture Library

02/28: Lycaste, Ida and Anguloa: the essential guide. Oakeley, Henry F. 2008.

Zoo Hospital Library

02/13: Go put your strengths to work: 6 powerful steps to achieve outstanding performance. Buckingham, Marcus. 2007.

02/13: Veterinary echocardiography, 2nd ed. Boon, June A. 2011.


Main Library

01/31: Infectious diseases of concern to captive and free-ranging animals in North America. Napier, Julie E. 2011.

01/24: The great gardens of China: history, concepts, techniques. Fang, Xiaofeng. 2010.

01/24: Biodiversity planning and design: sustainable practices. Ahern, Jack. 2006.

01/24: Just listen: discover the secret to getting through to absolutely anyone. Goulston, Mark. 2010.

01/24: Poisonous2pets: plants poisonous to dogs and cats. O'Kane, Nicole. 2009.

01/24: Greater sage-grouse: ecology and conservation of a landscape species and its habitats. Knick, Steven T. 2011.

01/24: Animal camouflage: mechanisms and function. Stevens, Martin. 2011.

01/24: Clinical cases in avian and exotic animal hematology and cytology. Campbell, Terry W. 2010.

01/24: Abnormal behavior in animals. Fox, Michael W. 1968.

01/24: Listed: dispatches from America's Endangered Species Act. Roman, Joe. 2011.

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