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New Books & DVDs — 2013


Main Library

12/19: Observation and ecology : broadening the scope of science to understand a complex world. Sagarin, Rafe. 2012.

12/19: The Cardamom conundrum : reconciling development and conservation in the kingdom of Cambodia. Killeen, Timothy J. 2012.

12/19: The money class : how to stand in your truth and create the future you deserve. Orman, Suze. 2012. [SDZ Global Book Club Pick]

12/17: Birds of Melanesia : Bismarcks, Solomons, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia. Dutson, Guy. 2011.

12/17: The field guide to the birds of Australia. Pizzey, Graham. 2012.

12/11: Wildlife trafficking : a deconstruction of the crime, the victims, and the offenders. Wyatt, Tanya. 2013.

12/5: Leadership transformed : how ordinary managers become extraordinary leaders. Fuda, Peter. [CD Audiobook] 2013

12/5: Mutualistic networks. Bascompte, Jordi and Pedro Jordano. 2014.


Main Library

11/27: Identification Guide to North American Birds. Part II: Anatidae to Alcidae. Pyle, Peter. 2008.

11/25: A Belizean rain forest : the Community Baboon Sanctuary. Horwich, Robert H. and Jonathan Lyon. 1998.

11/25: Ranching, endangered species, and urbanization in the Southwest : species of capital. Sayre, Nathan Freeman. 2006.

11/25: A wildlife guide to Chile : continental Chile, Chilean Antarctica, Easter Island, Juan Fernandez Archipelago. Chester, Sharon R. 2008.

11/25: Zookeeping : an introduction to the science and technology. Irwin, Mark D., John B. Stoner, and Aaron M. Cobaugh (eds.). 2013.

11/18: The birds of Africa, Volume 8: The Malagasy region. Safford, Roger and Frank Hawkins. 2013.

11/18: Reptiles in research : investigations of ecology, physiology, and behavior from desert to sea. Lutterschmidt, William I. (ed.). 2013.

11/7: Bat evolution, ecology, and conservation. Adams, Rick A, Scott C. Pederson (eds.). 2013.

11/7: Cloning wild life : zoos, captivity, and the future of endangered animals. Friese, Carrie. 2013.

11/7: Dictionary of zoo biology and animal management : a guide to terminology used in zoo biology, animal welfare, wildlife conservation and livestock production. Rees, Paul A. 2013.

11/7: Empty hands, open arms : the race to save bonobos in the Congo and make conservation go viral. Baechard, Deni Y. 2013.

11/7: The grafter's handbook. Garner, RJ. 2013.

11/7: Handbook of the birds of the world, Special Volume: New Species and Global Index. del Hoyo, Josep, Andrew Elliott, Jordi Sargatal, and David A. Christie (eds.). 2013.

11/7: Hardy cypripedium : species, hybrids and cultivation. Frosch, Werner. 2012.

11/7: Ignoring nature no more : the case for compassionate conservation. Mekoff, Marc (ed.). 2013.

11/7: Primates in fragments : complexity and resilience. Marsh, Laura K, Colin A. Chapman (eds.). 2013.

11/7: Southern California food plants : wild edibles of the valleys, foothills, coast, and beyond. Kane, Charles W. 2013.

11/7: Trees in paradise : a California history. Farmer, Jared. 2013.

11/6: Animals on display : the creaturely in museums, zoos, and natural history. Thorsen, Liv Emma, Karen A. Rader, and Adam Dodd (eds.). 2013.

11/6: Ecology and conservation of the maned wolf : multidisciplinary perspectives. Consorte-McCrea, Adriana G. and Eliana Ferraz Santos. 2014.

11/6: Lean in : women, work, and the will to lead. Sandberg, Sheryl. 2013.

11/6: Measuring and Monitoring Connectivity in the San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP). Jennings, Megan (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series]

11/6: The Savannah Monitor lizard : the truth about Varanus exanthematicus. Bennett, Daniel and Ravi Thakoordyal. 2003.

11/6: Shark Conservation: Safeguarding the Future of Our Oceans. Nosal, Andrew P. (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series]

11/6: Using Computer Simulation to Improve Johne's Disease Surveillance at San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. Witte, Carmel (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series]

Zoo Horticulture Library

11/25: Zookeeping : an introduction to the science and technology. Irwin, Mark D., John B. Stoner, and Aaron M. Cobaugh (eds.). 2013.

11/11: Uncrowned monarch of the Namib : Welwitschia mirabilis. Van Jaarsveld, Ernst J. and Uschi Pond. 2013.

Zoo Hospital Library

11/27: Clinical veterinary advisor: birds and exotic pets. Mayer, Jeorg, and Thomas M. Donnelly (eds.). 2013.

11/27: Colyer's variations and diseases of the teeth of animals. Miles, A.E.W. 1990.

11/27: Ferrets, rabbits, and rodents : clinical medicine and surgery. Quesenberry, Katherine E. and James W. Carpenter. 2012.

11/27: Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base disorders in small animal practice. DiBartola, Stephen P. 2012.

11/22: Clinical endocrinology of companion animals. Rand, Jacquie. 2013.

11/22: Diseases of poultry. Swayne, David E., J.R. Clisson, L.R. McDougald, L.K. Nolan, D.L. Suarez, and V.L. Nair (eds). 2013.

11/22: Diseases of swine. Zimmerman, Jeffrey J., Locke Karriker, Alejandro Ramirez, Kent Schwartz, and Gregory Stevenson (eds.). 2012

11/22: Encyclopedia & dictionary of medicine, nursing, and allied health. O'Toole, Marie T. (ed.). 2003.

11/22: Hormones and reproduction of vertebrates : Volume 1, Fishes. Norris, David O., and Kristin H. Lopez (eds.). 2011.

11/22: The veterinary ICU book. Wingfield, Wayne E. and Mark R. Raffe (eds.). 2002.

11/18: The compassion fatigue workbook : creative tools for transforming compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatization. Mathieu, Francoise. 2012.

11/18: Crucial conversations : tools for talking when stakes are high. Patterson, Kerry, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler. 2012.

11/18: When helping hurts : compassion fatigue and the veterinary care professional. Ayl, Kathleen. 2013.

Harter Hospital Library

11/21: Medical care of turtles & tortoises : diagnosis, surgery, pathology, parasitology. Hnizdo, Jan (ed.). 2011.

11/6: CRC handbook of avian body masses. Dunning, John B. (ed.). 2008.

11/6: Toxic plants of North America. Burrows, George E. and Ronald J. Tyrl. 2013.


Main Library

10/16: Australian native plants : the Kings Park experience. Webb, Mark (ed.). 2013.

10/16: Chameleons of Africa : an atlas, including the chameleons of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Tilbury, Colin R. 2010

10/16: Conservation, biodiversity and international law. GIllespie, Alexander. 2011.

10/16: Grant writing revealed: 25 experts share their art. Hexter, Jana Jane. 2012.

10/16: Identifying Genome-Wide Variation in Non-Model Species: Cross-Species Genotyping for the Genetic Management of Wild Equid and Bovid Species. Gurr, Jessica (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series]

10/16: The woodhen : a flightless island bird defying extinction. Frith, Clifford B. 2013.

10/8: Owls of the world : their lives, behavior, and survival. Duncan, James R. 2003.

10/8: Captive raptor management & rehabilitation. Naisbitt, Richard and Peter Holz. 2004.

10/2: The dog lives (and so will I) : a memoir. Rhyne, Teresa J. 2012. [SDZ Global Book Club Pick]

Harter Hospital Library

10/21: Advanced monitoring and procedures for small animal emergency and critical care. Burkitt Creedon, Jamie M. and Harold Davis. 2012.


Main Library

9/30: Lettings go of the words: writing web content that works. Redish, Janice. 2012.

9/30: Levels of selection in a polymorphic species. Korody, Marisa (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

9/30: The palm oil controversy in Southeast Asia : a transnational perspective. Pye, Oliver and Jayati Bhattacharya (eds.). 2013.

9/30: Planet without apes. Stanford, Craig B. 2012.

9/30: Tooth Loss and Molecular Cavities in Placental Mammals: Genomics Meets the Fossil Record. Springer, Mark S. (presenter). 2013 [ICR seminar series DVD]

9/30: The warbler guide. Stephenson, Tom and Scott Whittle. 2013.

9/25: Field guide to the common bees of California : including bees of the Western united States. LeBuhn. Gretchen. 2013.

9/23: Spatial capture-recapture. Royle, J. Andrew, Richard B. Chandler, Rahel Sollmann, Beth Gardener. 2013.

9/13: Birds' nests of the world. Suzuki, Mamoru. 2012.

9/13: Breeding the world's largest living arachnid : amblypygid biology, natural history, and captive husbandry. Mcmonigle, Orin. 2013.

9/13: Evolutionary perspectives on pregnancy. Avise, John C. Nicholson. 2013.

9/13: Gorilla (Reaktion Books). Gott, Ted and Kathryn Weir. 2013.

9/13: The great animal orchestra : finding the origins of music in the world's wild places. Krause, Bernie. 2012.

9/13: A great aridness : climate change and the future of the American southwest. DeBuys, William Eno. 2011.

9/13: Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program: What are we up to now? Switzer, Richard (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

9/13: Imperial dreams : tracking the imperial woodpecker in the wild Sierra Madre. Gallagher, Tim. 2013.

9/13: Invasive species : what everyone needs to know. Simberloff, Daniel. 2013.

9/13: The savage garden : cultivating carnivorous plants. D'Amato, Peter. 2013.

9/13: The secret world of red wolves : the fight to save North America's other wolf. Beeland, T. DeLene. 2013.

9/11: 2013 Institute for Conservation Research summer fellow presentations #2. Greene, Alison, Caitlin Lim, Carolyn Mills, Nan Nourn, Caroline Baratz, and Natalie Goddard (presenters). 2013. [ICR Summer Fellows Series DVD]

9/2: Animal communication theory : information and influence. Stegmann, Ulrich E. (ed.). 2013.

9/2: Giraffe reflections. Peterson, Dale. 2013.

9/2: The Nine-banded armadillo : a natural history. Loughry, W.J. and Colleen M. McDonough. 2013.

9/2: Principles of animal behavior. Dugatkin, Lee Alan. 2014.

9/2: The shark's paintbrush : biomimicry and how nature is inspiring innovation. Harman, Jay. 2013.

Zoo Hospital Library

9/30: Diagnostic imaging of exotic pets : birds, small mammals, reptiles. Krautwald-Junghanns, Maria Elisabeth, Michael Pees, Sven Reese, and Thomas Tully. 2011.

9/30: Veterinary infection prevention and control. Caveney, Linda, Barbara Jones, and Kimberly Ellis (eds.). 2012.


Main Library

8/30: Nutritional Ecology, seed, dispersal, and conservation tactics: a case study of the monkey and ape community of Kibale National Park, Uganda. Lambert, Joanne E. (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

8/30: Re-defining extinction : will emerging technologies change our views? Ryder, Oliver A. (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

8/30: The role that timing plays in plant invasion and associated opportunities for restoration. Cleland, Elsa E. (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

8/28: The encyclopedia of medical and veterinary entomology. Russell, Richard C. 2013.

8/28: Monitoring forest biodiversity : improving conservation through ecologically responsible management. Gardner, Toby. 2010.

8/21: Audubon guides : all the birds of eastern and central North America. Pough, Richard H. 1953.

8/20: Ivory, horn and blood : behind the elephant and rhinoceros poaching crisis. Orenstein, Ronald, I. 2013.

8/12: 2013 Institute for Conservation Research summer fellow presentations #1. Lee, Eunice, Jessica Martin, Brooke Evans, Mackenzie Merkel, Laura Moley, Brian Jochems, Stephen Leavelle, Adrian Medellin, and Eric Hester (presenters). 2013. [ICR Summer Fellows Series DVD]

8/8: Animal contests. Hardy, Ian C.W. and Mark Briffa (eds.). 2013.

8/8: Born to run : a hidden tribe, superathletes, and the greatest race the world has never seen. McDougall, Christopher. 2011. [SDZ Global Book Club Pick]

8/8: A guide to the birds of the Philippines. Kennedy, Robert S, Pedro C. Gonzales, Edward C. Dickinson, Hector Miranda, and Timothy H. Fisher. 2000.

8/8: On the wing : to the edge of the Earth with the peregrine falcon. Tennant, Alan. 2004.

8/8: Proteas in Hawaii. Kepler, Angela Kay. 1988.

8/8: Tracking desire : a journey after swallow-tailed kites. Cerulean, Susan. 2005.

8/8: User experience (UX) design for libraries. Schmidt, Aaron. 2012.

8/8: Wild flowers of the United States : Volume 4 - The Southwestern States (3 parts). Richett, harold William. 1966-1973.

8/7: The alpine plants of China. Shang, Jingwei. 1982.

8/7: Food webs and biodiversity : foundations, models, data. Rossberg, Axel G. 2013.

8/7: Owls of the world : a photographic guide. Mikkola, Heimo. 2012.

8/7: A passion for plants : contemporary botanical masterworks. Sherwood, Shirley. 2001.

8/6: Understanding and preventing severe respiratory disease in captive bonobos: Proceedings : Zoological Society of San Diego, Joint Council Meeting (Animal Health Advisory Council and Living Collections Advisory Council), 27-28 Feb 2006. (CD-ROM)


Main Library

7/31: Molecular evolution of silk genes in mesothele and mygalomorph spiders, with implications for the early evolution and functional divergence of silk. Starrett, James Richard (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

7/27: Global overview of the conservation of island bats : importance, challenges and opportunities. Walsh, Allyson. 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

7/26: Managing transitions : making the most of change. Bridges, William. 2009.

7/25: Frogs of the United States and Canada (2 vol.). Dodd, C. Kenneth. 2013.

7/25: Reptiles and amphibians of the Pacific Islands : a comprehensive guide. Zug, George R. 2013.

7/25: San Diego County native plants. Lightner, James. 2011.

7/25: The turtles of Mexico : land and freshwater forms. Legler, John M and Richard Carl Vogt. 2013.

7/23: Integrating animal behavior and conservation biology : a conceptual framework. Berger-Tal, Oded (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

7/23: Cryopreservation of squamate sperm : challenges and opportunities. Durrant, Barbara (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

7/19: The avian migrant : the biology of bird migration. Rappole, John H. 2013.

7/19: Penguins : natural history and conservation. Borboroglu, Pablo Garcia and P. Dee Boersma (eds.). 2013.

7/17: Birds of the Sierra Nevada : Their natural history, status, and distribution. Beedy, Edward C and Edward R Pandolfino (auths.); Hansen, Keith (ills.). 2013.

7/17: California condors in the Pacific Northwest. D'Elia, Jesse and Susan M Haig. 2013.

7/17: The ecology of commerce : a declaration of sustainability. Hawken, Paul. 2010.

7/17: Letters to a young scientist. Wilson, Edward O. 2013.

7/17: Life is good : Conservation in an age of mass extinction. Hance, Jeremy Leon. 2011.

7/17: Primate ecology and conservation : a handbook of techniques. Sterline, Eleanor J, Nora Bynum, Mary E. Blair (eds.). 2013.

7/17: Succulents simplified : growing, designing, and crafting with 100 easy-care varieties. Baldwin, Debra Lee. 2013.

7/17: Wild ones : a sometimes dismaying, weirdly reassuring, story about looking at people looking at animals in America. Mooallem, Jon. 2013.


Main Library

6/27: Conservation of African savanna elephants in a human-dominated landscape. Eggert, Lori (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

6/27: Ecology of Lyme disease : a zoonosis of the suburbs. Barbour, Alan (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

6/27: Endangered. Schrefer, Eliot. 2013. [SDZ Global Book Club Pick]

6/27: Gold rush in the jungle : the race to discover and defend the rarest animals of Vietnam's "lost world". Drollette, Dan, Jr. 2013.

6/19: Crisis biology : can we control a deadly infectious amphibian disease before it is too late? Vredenburg, Vance T (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

6/19: Developmental physiology of marine animals : unraveling the mechanisms of differential growth, and predicting "Winners and Losers" under environmental change. Applebaum, Scott (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

6/10: Conservation : linking ecology, economics, and culture. Mulder, Monique Borgerhoff. 2005.

6/10: Conserving central Queensland's koalas. Flint, Nicole. 2013.

6/6: Birds and habitat : relationships in changing landscapes. Fuller, Robert J. 2012.

6/6: Common spiders of North America. Bradley, Richard A. 2013.

6/6: The Endangered Species Act : history, implementation, successes, and controversies. Doub, J. Peyton. 2013.

6/6: Field guide to amphibians and reptiles of California. Stebbins, Robert C. 2012.

6/6: Lizard ecology : the evolutionary consequences of foraging mode. Reilly, Stephen M. 2012.

6/6: Methods in forest canopy research. Lowman, Margaret. 2012.

6/6: Odd couples : extraordinary differences between the sexes in the animal kingdom. Fairbairn, Daphne J. 2013.

6/4: Using secondary traces of aye-ayes (Daubentonia madagascariensis) to determine what's for dinner. Sefczek, Timothy M. [n.d.] [DVD]


Main Library

5/30: The development of an automated optofluidic microscopy system and its applications in reproductive and developmental biology. Chandsawangbhuwana, Charlie (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

5/30: Seed dispersal agents for selected Mexican cycads. Chemnick, Jeff (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

5/30: Living with the orangutans in Sabah, Malaysia : problems and solutions. Lackman, Isabelle (presenter). 2013. [ICR Seminar Series]

5/23: 2005 ACVIM Forum : proceedings. American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Forum : 23rd annual forum; June 1-4, 2005, Baltimore, MD (meeting). 2005.

5/23: Connecting to collections : the National Conservation Summit, June 27-28, 2007. National Conservation Summit 2007: Washington, D.C. (meeting). 2007.

5/23: Studbook library : version 2011. ISIS/WAZA. 2011. [electronic resource - CD-ROM]

5/23: Gliding mammals of the world. Jackson, Stephen M. 2012.

5/23: Battle for Elephants. National Geographic Television (producer). 2013. [DVD]

5/23: Handbook of the mammals of the world : Volume 3 : Primates. Wilson, Don E., Russell A. Mittermeier and Paolo Cavallini. 2013.

5/23: Catalog of type specimens of recent Mammals : Rodentia (Sciuromorpha and Castorimorpha) in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Fisher, Robert D. 2012.

5/23: Plant and animal endemism in California. Harrison, Susan. 2013.

5/23: Biodiversity monitoring and conservation : bridging the gap between global commitment and local action. Collen, Ben. 2013.

5/23: Pinnacles National Monument : draft general management plan and environmental assessment. US National Park Service. 2012.

5/23: Green equilibrium : the vital balance of humans & nature. Wills, Christopher. 2013.

5/16: San Diego Bay : a story of exploitation and restoration. The students of The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High (co-authors). 2007.

5/16: Perspectives of San Diego Bay : a field guide. The students of The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High (co-authors). 2005.

5/16: Thirteen Gold Monkeys. Beck, Benjamin. 2013.

5/16: Original instructions : indigenous teachings for a sustainable future. Nelson, Melissa K. 2008.

5/16: Nature's fortune : how business and society thrive by investing in nature. Tercek, Mark R. 2013.

5/16: Science and conservation in the Galapagos Islands : frameworks & perspectives. Salsh, Stephen J. (ed.). 2013.

5/16: Management planning for nature conservation : a theoretical basis & practical guide. Alexander, Mike. 2013.

5/16: After the grizzly : endangered species and the politics of place in California. . Alagona, Peter S. 2013.

5/15: Highway Wilding : build them and they will live. Allison, Leanne. 2012. [DVD]

5/13: Assisted reproductive technologies for North American endangered amphibians. Calatayud, Natalie (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

5/13: Working with the public to understand the last frontier : bodies, bedrooms and backyards. Dunn, Rob (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

5/13: Slow but steady progress in the recovery of the California condor. Wallace, Mike (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

5/2: The way nature works. Macmillon (publisher). 1998.


Main Library

4/24: Beginning Drupal 7. Tomlinson, Todd. 2010.

4/24: California veterinary medicine practice act : 2013 edition. State of California. 2013.

4/24: Exploding the Myths : Mammal Welfare, Handling and Teaching . Kiley-Worthington, Marthe. 2012.

4/24: Foundation Drupal 7. Tomlinson, Todd. 2010.

4/24: The happiness project : or, why I spent a year trying to sing in the morning, clean my closets, fight right, read Aristotle, and generally have more fun. Rubin, Gretchen Craft. 2011.

4/24: HTML, XHTML, and CSS bible. Schafer, Steve M. 2010.

4/24: Make shi(f)t happen : change how you look by changing how you think. Dwyer, Dean. 2012.4/24: Science under seige : zoology under threat. Banks, Peter. 2012.

4/24: Zoo animal welfare. Maple, Terry L. 2013.

4/23: Mammals of Africa, volume 1: introductory chapters and Afrotheria. Kingdon, Jonathan, et al. (ed.). 2013.

4/23: Mammals of Africa, volume 2: primates. Kingdon, Jonathan, et al. (ed.). 2013.

4/23: Mammals of Africa, volume 3: rodents, hares and rabbits. Kingdon, Jonathan, et al. (ed.). 2013.

4/23: Mammals of Africa, volume 4: hedgehogs, shrews and bats. Kingdon, Jonathan, et al. (ed.). 2013.

4/23: Mammals of Africa, volume 5: carnivores, pangolins, equids and rhinoceroses. Kingdon, Jonathan, et al. (ed.). 2013.

4/23: Mammals of Africa, volume 6: pigs, hippopotamuses, chevrotain, giraffes, deers and bovids. Kingdon, Jonathan, et al. (ed.). 2013.

4/19: Rattlesnakes : nature history, safety, and snakebite treatment. Lemm, Jeff (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

4/18: Climate effects on white-throated sparrows. Tuttle, Elaina (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

4/18: Demography in hyrax : a 33 year study. Hoeck, Hendrik (presenter). 2013. [ICR seminar series DVD]

4/4: Animal wise : the thoughts and emotions of our fellow creatures. Morell, Virginia. 2013.

4/4: Bioluminescence : living lights, lights for living. Wilson, Theresa and John Woodland Hastings. 2013.

4/4: Killing for profit : exposing the illegal rhino horn trade. Rademeyer, Julian. 2012.

4/4: Money for the cause : a complete guide to event fundraising. Rosen, Rudolph. 2012.

4/4: Sensory ecology, behaviour, and evolution. Stevens, Martin. 2013.

4/3: How animals grieve. King, Barbara J. 2013.

4/3: The Indo-Australian Agaoninae : pollinators of figs. Wiebes JT. 1994.

4/3: Kangaroo. Simons, John. 2013.

4/3: The macaque connection : cooperation and conflict between humans and macaques. Radhakrishna, Sindhu, Michael A Huffman, and Anindya Sinha (eds.). 2012.

4/3: The Rodale book of composting. Martin, Deborah L, and Grace Gershuny (eds.). 1992.


Main Library

3/25: Baja California plant field guide. Rebman, Jon Paul, Norman C. Roberts. 2012.

3/25: The cloud forest : a chronicle of the South American wilderness. Matthiessen, Peter. 1996.

3/25: The complete compost gardening guide : banner batches, grow heaps, comforter compost, and other amazing techniques for saving time and money, and producing the most flavorful, nutritious vegetables ever. Pleasant, Barbara. 2008

3/25: Conservation of wildlife populations : demography, genetics, and management. Mills, L. Scott. 2013.

3/25: Engaging with climate change : psychoanalytic and interdisciplinary perspectives. Weintrobe, Sally (Ed.). 2013.

3/25: On extinction : how we became estranged from nature. Challenger, Melanie. 2012.

3/25: Robustness, plasticity, and evolvability in mammals. Jones, Clara B. 2012.

3/20: Africa : eye to eye with the unknown. Pearson, Hugh (Producer), David Attenborough (Narrator). 2013. [DVD]

3/20: The customer rules : the 39 essential rules for delivering sensational service. Cockerell, Lee. 2013.

3/20: Don't bring it to work : breaking the family patterns that limit success. Lafair, Sylvia. 2009.

3/20: Ecological niches and geographic distributions. Peterson, A. Townsend, et al. (Eds.). 2011.

3/20: I wish I worked there! : a look inside the creative spaces of the world's most famous brands. Grovers, Kursty. 2010.

3/20: The last rhinos : my battle to save one of the world's greatest creatures. Anthony, Lawrence. 2012.

3/20: The Smithsonian atlas of the Amazon. Goulding, Michael, Ronaldo Barthem, and Efrem Ferreira. 2003.

3/20: Storms of my grandchildren : the truth about the coming climate catastrophe and our last chance to save humanity. Hansen, James. 2009.

3/20: Tree of rivers : the story of the Amazon. Hemming, John. 2008.


Main Library

2/26: The American horse : at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Ten Harmsel, Larry. 2010.

2/26: Design and analysis of long-term ecological monitoring studies. Gitzen, Robert A., et al. (eds.). 2012.

2/26: Glass houses : a history of greenhouses, orangeries and conservatories. Woods, May and Arete Swartz Warren. 1988.

2/22: 12 : the elements of great manageing. Wagner, Rodger and James K. Harter. 2006.

2/22: Australian lizards : a natural history. Wilson, Steve. 2012.

2/22: The digital library survival guide. Matthews, Joseph R. 2011.

2/22: Enjoying roses. Reilly, Ann. 1994

2/22: The Facebook marketing book. Zarrella, Dan. 2011.

2/22: iPad in the enterprise : developing and deploying business applications. Clevenger, Nathan C. 2011.

2/22: Manual of grasses for North America. Barkworth, Mary E., Laurel K. Anderton, Kathleen M. Capels, Sandy Long, and Michael B. Piep (ed.). 2007

2/22: Primate sexuality : comparative studies of the prosimians, monkeys, apes and human beings. Dixson, Alan F. 2012.

2/22: The unfeathered bird. Van Grouw, Katrina, 2013.

2/18: Bats of Southern and Central Africa. Monadjem, Ara, Peter John Taylor, F.P.D. Cotterill, and M. Corrie Schoeman. 2010.

2/18: Primate locomotion : linking field and laboratory research. D'Aout, Kristiaan, Evie E. Vereecke (eds.). 2011.

2/18: Science communication : a practical guide for scientists. Bowater, Laura and Kay Yeoman. 2012.

2.18: Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins : a natural history. Orenstein, Ronald. 2012.

2/13: Figs of southern & south-central Africa. Burrows, J.E. 2003.

2/13: Human dimensions of wildlife management. Decker, Daniel J., Shawn J. Riley, and William F. Siemer. 2012.


Main Library

1/29: Birds of Central Asia : Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Aye, Raffael, Manuel Schweizer, and Tobias Roth. 2012.

1/29: Capybara : biology, use and conservation of a valuable neotropical species. Moreira, Jose Roberto, Katia Maria P.M.B. Ferraz, Emilio A. Herrera, and David W. Macdonald (eds.). 2013.

1/29: Chameleons. Mattison, Christopher and Nick Garbutt. 2012.

1/29: Citizen science : public participation in environmental research. Dickinson, Janis L. and Rick Bonney (eds.). 2012.

1/29: Dispersal ecology and evolution. Clobert, Jean, Michel Baguette, Tim G. Benton, and James M. Bullock (eds.). 2012.

1/29: The encyclopedia of cultivated palms, 2nd edition. Riffle, Robert Lee, Paul Craft, and Scott Zona (eds.). 2012.

1/29: The gardener's guide to cactus : the 100 best paddles, barrels, columns, and globes. Calhoun, Scott. 2012.

1/29: Lemurs of Madagascar. Mittermeier, Russell A., et al. (eds.). 2006.

1/29: The management of insects in recreation and tourism. Lemelin, Raynald Harvey (ed.). 2012.

1/29: Physiological adaptations for breeding in birds. Williams, Tony D. 2012.

1/14: Am I making myself clear? : a scientist's guide to talking to the public. Dean, Cornelia. 2012.

1/14: Biological diversity : frontiers in measurement and assessment. Magurran, Anne E. and Brian J. McGill (eds.). 2011.

1/14: Birthright : people and nature in the modern world. Kellert, Stephen R. 2012.

1/14: Bones, clones, and biomes : the history and geography of recent neotropical mammals. Patterson, Bruce D. and Leonora P. Costa (eds.). 2012.

1/14: Can animals be moral? Rowlands, Mark. 2012.

1/14: Chasing Doctor Dolittle : learning the language of animals. Slobodchikoff, C.N. 2012.

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