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New Books & DVDs — 2014


Main Library

12/9: Copyright law for librarians and educators : creative strategies and practical solutions. Crews, Kenneth D. 2012.

12/3: Education for animal welfare. Eadie, Edward N. 2011.

12/3: Understanding animal welfare : an integrated approach. Eadie, Edward N. 2012.

12/3: The welfare of animals : the silent majority. Phillips, C.J.C. 2009.

12/3: The welfare of domestic fowl and other captive birds. Duncan, Ian J.H. and Penny Hawkins. 2010.

12/1: The book of beetles : a life-size guide to 600 of nature's gems. Bouchard, Patrice. 2014.

ICR: Applied Plant Ecology

12/8: Biogeography. Lomolino, Mark. V., Brett R. Riddle, Robert J. Whittaker, and James H. Brown. 2010.

12/8: Community ecology. Mittelbach, Gary G. 2012.

12/8: Ecological restoration : principles, values, and structure of an emerging profession. Clewell, Andre F. and James Aronson. 2013.

12/8: Environment and ecology in the Mediterranean region. Efe, Recep, Munir Ozturk, and Shahina Ghazanfar (eds.). 2012.

12/8: Foundations of restoration ecology. Falk, Donald A., Margaret A. Palmer, and Joy B. Zedler (eds.). 2006.

12/8: Introduction to plant population biology. Silvertown, Jonathan and Deborah Charlesworth. 2001.


Main Library

11/26: Papageien : Band 1: Hygiene, Krankheiten, Brut und Aufzucht; Papageienvögel Australiens, Ozeaniens, Südostasiens = Parrots : Volume 1: Hygiene, diseases, breeding and rearing; parrots of Australia, Oceania, Southeast Asia. Robiller, Franz. 1992.

11/26: Papageien : Band 3: Mittel- und Sèudamerika = Parrots : Volume 3: Central and South America. Robiller, Franz. 1990.

11/25: The birds of Costa Rica : a field guide. Garrigues, Richard. 2014.

11/25: Rewilded : saving the South China tiger = Yehua : zhengqiu huanan hu. Quan, Li. 2010.

11/25: Trees of western North America. Spellenberg, Richard, Christopher J. Earle, and Gil Nelson. 2014.

11/21: ICR Seminar Series: The changing of the guard : tracking the movements of membrane proteins in sea urchin embryos. Hamdoun, Amro (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

11/18: Hawaiian plant life : vegetation and flora. Gustafuson, Robert, Derral R. Herbst, and Philip W. Rundel. 2014.

11/18: The manual of plant grafting : practical techniques for ornamentals, vegetables, and fruit. MacDonald, Peter T. 2014.

11/18: Quantitative genetics in the wild. Charmantier, Anne, Dany Garant, and Loeske E.B. Kruuk (eds.). 2014.

11/18: A whole new mind : why right-brainers will rule the future. Pink, Daniel H. 2006.

11/13: Linking ecology and ethics for a changing world : values, philosophy, and action. Rozzi, Richardo, S.T.A. Pickett, Clare Palmer, Juan J. Armesto, and J. Baird Callicott (eds.). 2013.

11/13: Plant behaviour and intelligence. Trewavas, Anthony. 2014.

11/3: Birds of Australia : a photographic guide. Campbell, Iain, Sam Woods, and Nick Leseberg. 2014.

11/3: The birds of Ghana : an atlas and handbook. Dowsett-Lemaire, Francoise and Robert J. Dowsett. 2014.

11/3: Birds of Western Africa : second edition. Borrow, Nik and Ron Demey. 2014

11/3: Birds of New Guinea : second edition. Pratt, Thane K. and Bruce M. Beehler. 2014.

11/3: The boreal owl : ecology, behaviour, and conservation of a forest-dwelling predator. Korpimeaki, Erkki. 2014.

11/3: In search of lost frogs : The quest to find the world's rarest amphibians. Moore, Robin. 2014.

11/3: Ducks, geese, and swans of North America. Baldassarre, Guy. 2014.

11/3: For the love of lemurs : my life in the wilds of Madagascar. Wright, Patricia C. 2014.

11/3: Life on display : revolutionizing U.S. museums of science and natural history in the twentieth century. Rader, Karen. 2014.

11/3: Mammals of Mexico. Ceballos, Gerardo (ed.). 2014.

11/3: Sentience and Animal Welfare. Broom, Donald M. 2014.

11/3: Visual Ecology. Cronin, Thomas W., Sonke Johnsen, and N. Justin Marshall. 2014.

11/3: The wild cat book : everything you ever wanted to know about cats. Sunquist, Fiona and Mel Sunquist. 2014.

11/3: The world of birds. Elphick, Jonathan. 2014.

Harter Hospital Library

11/25: Veterinary clinics of North America: Pain management. Coetzee, Johann (ed.). 2013.

11/13: Kirk's current veterinary therapy XV. Bonagura, John D. and David C. Twedt (eds.). 2014.

ICR: Applied Plant Ecology

11/25: Environment and ecology in the Mediterranean region II. Efe, Recep and Munir Ozturk (eds.). 2014.

11/25: Natural environment and culture in the Mediterranean Region II. Efe, Recep, Munir Ozturk, and Ibrahim Atalay (eds.). 2011.


Main Library

10/31: Proceedings of the International Conference on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals 2014 : May 28th-31st, 2014, Warsaw/Poland. Grobbel, Mirjam, Anke Schumann, European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians, and Leibniz-Institut für Zoo und Wildtierforschung im Forschungsverbund Berlin (eds.). 2014.

10/30: ICR Seminar Series: Argentine ant invasions in Southern California : causes and consequences of ecological success. Holway, David (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

10/30: ICR Seminar Series: California least tern and western snowy plover program. Boylan, Jeanette, Katrina Murbock, and Emily Rice (presenters). 2014. [DVD]

10/30: Proceedings of the Rhino Keepers' Workshop 2013, May 5-10, 2013, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Escondido, CA. Zoological Society of San Diego. 2013. [USB Flash Drive]

10/20: ICR Seminar Series: Enabling sustainable solutions for the long-term survival of orangutans in the wild. Desilets, Michelle (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

10/13: ICR Seminar Series: Diagnosability of mtDNA with Random Forest : using sequence data to delimit species. Archer, Eric (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

10/2: An indomitable beast : the remarkable journey of the jaguar. Rabinowitz, Alan. 2014.

10/2: ICR Seminar Series: Spatial and temporal patterns of mass and energy exchange in the rainforest-savanna transition zone of the Amazon basin, Brazil. Vourlitis, George (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

10/2: ICR Seminar Series: Amphibian conservation in the 21st century. Kriger, Kerry (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

10/2: ICR Seminar Series: Disease and the desert tortoise : what histopathology and molecular diagnostics can tell us about threats to desert tortoise health. Holder, Kali (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

10/2: Primate comparative anatomy. Gebo, Daniel Lee. 2014.

10/2: Relicts of a beautiful sea : survival, extinction, and conservation in a desert world. Norment, Christopher. 2014.

10/1: Phylogeography of California : an introduction. Schierenbeck, Kristina. 2014. [SDZ Global 2014 Q4 Book Club Pick]

10/1: Unbroken : a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption. Hillenbran, Laura. 2014.


Main Library

9/22: Handbook of the mammals of the world, Volume 4 : Sea mammals. Wilson, Don E. 2014.

9/22: Tuatara : biology and conservation of a venerable survivor. Cree, Alison. 2014.

9/22: Zoo animal and wildlife immobilization and anesthesia. West, Gary Darryl Heard, and Nigel Caulkett [eds.]. 2014.

9/17: Behaviour and management of European ungulates. Putman, Rory. 2014.

9/17: Reproductive sciences in animal conservation : progress and prospects. Holt, William V., Janine L. Brown, and Pierre Comizzoli [eds.]. 2014.

9/17: The zoo. Crowcroft, Peter. 1978.

9/15: ICR Seminar Series: 2014 Institute for Conservation Research summer fellow presentations #3. Clarkson, Katie, Gina Geiselman, and Kelly Hagadorn [presenters]. 2014. [DVD]

9/11: National Geographic Archive Online : Magazine Archive, 1988-1994. [e-resource accessible from any SDZG networked computer:]

9/11: Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia, Volumes 1-17. Grzimek, Bernhard. 2003. [e-resource accessible from any SDZG networked computer:]

9/11: Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia : Evolution. Grzimek, Bernhard. 2011. [e-resource accessible from any SDZG networked computer:]

9/11: Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia : Extinction. Grzimek, Bernhard. 2013. [e-resource accessible from any SDZG networked computer:]

9/9: Feral : rewilding the land, the sea, and human life. Monbiot, George. 2014.

9/9: Field guide to grasses of California. Smith, J.P. 2014.

9/9: Migration : the biology of life on the move. Dingle, Hugh. 2014.

9/8: ICR Seminar Series: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and its impact on community conservation in northern Kenya. Chege, Geoffrey (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

9/8: ICR Seminar Series: Ranavirus infections of cold-blooded vertebrates : what does it all mean??? Jancovich, James K. (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

9/8: ICR Seminar Series: SDZG conservation metrics. Ivy, Jamie (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

9/8: ICR Seminar Series: Smart sensing : exploiting the power of digital tech to monitor animals better. Burt, John (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

9/8: ICR Seminar Series: A tale of two flagship species : bison and jaguar. Mooring, Michael (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

9/1: Dodging extinction : power, food, money and the future of life on Earth. Barnosky, Anthony D. 2014.

9/1: Foundations of wildlife diseases. Botzler, Richard George and Richard N. Brown. 2014.

9/1: Hidden kingdoms. Bell, Simon, Verity White, and Gavin Maxwell. BBC produciton. 2014. [DVD]

9/1: A message from Martha : the extinction of the passenger pigeon and its relevance today. Avery, Mark. 2014.

9/1: Wild Brazil : land of fire and flood. Axelsson, Lucinda, Adam White, and Joe Stevens (producers). BBC/Discovery Chanel co-production. 2014. [DVD]

Harter Hospital Library

9/9: Invertebrate medicine. Lewbard, Gregory. 2012.

ICR: Applied Plant Ecology

9/23: Project planning and management for ecological restoration

ICR: Conservation Education

9/1: The biology of African savannahs. Shorrocks, Bryan. 2007.

9/1: Community-based collaboration : bridging socio-ecological research and practice. Dukes, E. Franklin. 2011.

9/1: Pastoralism and development in Africa : dynamic change at the margins. Catley, Andy. 2013.

9/1: Savannas of our birth : people, wildlife, and change in East Africa. Reid, Robin Spencer. 2012.

9/1: Serengeti III : human impacts on ecosystem dynamics. Sinclair, A.R.E. 2008.

9/1: Staying Maasai? : livelihoods, conservation, and development in East African rangelands. Homewoord, Katherine. 2009.


Main Library

8/25: Birds and climate change : impacts and conservation responses. Pearce-Higgins, James W. 2014.

8/25: The carnivore way : coexisting with and conserving North America's predators. Eisenberg, Christina. 2014.

8/25: Soul of the tiger : searching for nature's answers in Southeast Asia. McNealy, Jeffrey A. and Paul Spencer Sochaczewski. 1995.

8/25: Wildlife ecology, conservation, and management. Fryxell, John M., Anthony R.E. Sinclair, and Graeme Caughley. 2014.

8/8: 2014 Institute for Conservation Research summer fellow presentations #1. Bussan, Samantha, Kelly Sagen, Hanum Wensil-Strow, Ashley Leighton, Julianne Pekny, and Madeline Wimmer (presenters). 2014. [DVD]

8/4: Field guide to birds of the northern California coast. Stallcup, Rich and Jules Evens. 2014.

8/4: Leopard (Reaktion books). Morris, Desmond. 2014.

8/4: Return of the phasmid : Australia's rarest insect fights back from the brink. Wilkinson, Rich. 2014.

8/1: Peninsular bighorn sheep in the Sierra Juarez, Baja California, Mexico. Nordstrom, Lisa (presenter). 2014.


Main Library

7/28: Combating snaring mortality in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia through community based law enforcement, applied research and medical intervention. McRobb, Rachel (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

7/28: Quail tales : lessons from quail about the origin of species. Gee, Jennifer M. (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

7/24: The 5 essential people skills : how to assert yourself, listen to others, and resolve conflicts. Dale Carnegie Training. 2009.

7/24: The 21 indispensable qualities of a leader : becoming the person others will want to follow. Maxwell, John C. 1999.

7/24: 101 great ways to improve your life, Volume 3. Riklan, David. 2006.

7/24: Becoming the obvious choice : a guide to your next opportunity. Dodge, Bryan. 2001.

7/24: The complete guide to public speaking. Davidson, Jeffrey P. 2003.

7/24: Excellence at work : the six keys to inspire passion in the workplace. Asch, Sandy. 2007.

7/24: Hiring the best : a manager's guide to effective interviewing and recruitment. Yate, Martin John. 2006.

7/24: How the way we talk can change the way we work : seven languages for transformation. Kegan, Robert. 2001.

7/24: Leadership mastery : how to challenge yourself and others to greatness. Dale Carnegie Training. 2009.

7/24: Leading at a higher level : Blanchard on leadership and creating high performing organizations. Blanchard, Kenneth H. 2007.

7/24: Monday morning customer service. Cottrell, David. 2004.

7/24: Outstanding! : 47 ways to make your organization exceptional. Miller, John G. 2010.

7/24: Positive discipline : how to resolve tough performance problems quickly and permanently. Harvey, Eric L. 2005.

7/24: QBQ! : the question behind the question: practicing personal accountability at work and in life. Miller, John G. 2004.

7/24: The start-up of you. Hoffman, Reid. 2012.

7/24: Ubuntu! : an inspiring story about an African tradition of teamwork and collaboration. Lundin, Stephen C. and Bob Nelson. 2010.

7/23: The living landscape : designing for beauty and biodiversity in the home garden. Darke, Ricke and Doug Tallamy. 2014.

7/23: Biodiversity conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean : prioritizing policies. Blackman, Allen, Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, JuhaSiikamaki, and Daniel Velez-Lopez. 2014.

7/23: The woolly monkey : behavior, ecology, systematics, and captive research. Defler, Thomas Richard and Pablo R. Stevenson (eds.). 2014.

7/21: 151 quick ideas to inspire your staff. Wilson, Jerry R. 2005.

7/21: Biology and conservation of North American tortoises. Rostal, David C., Earl D. McCoy, and Henry R. Mushinsky (eds.). 2014.

7/21: Interviewing : more than a gut feeling. Deems, Richard S. 1994.

7/21: Motivating employees. Bruce, Anne and James S. Pepitone. 1999.

7/21: A new attitude. Thomas, Marian. 1995.

7/21: Reptiles & amphibians of Australia. Cogger, Harold G. 2014.

7/21: Self-esteem : the power to be your best. National Press Publications. 1995.

7/21: Soul of all living creatures : what animals can teach us about being human. Virga, Vint Dvm. 2014.

7/18: Environmental reservoirs of mobile antibiotic resistance genes. Cummings, David E. (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

7/18: Population management in zoos : matchmaking and family planning in the genomics era. Putnam, Andrea (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

7/15: The Kew tropical plant families identification handbook. Utteridge, TMA and Gemma Bramley (eds.). 2014.

7/15: Second growth : the promise of tropical forest regeneration in an age of deforestation. Chazdon, Robin Lee. 2014.

7/15: Social predation : how group living benefits predators and prey. Beauchamp, Guy. 2014.

7/8: Art & ecology now. Brown, Andrew. 2014.

7/8: A field guide to the larger mammals of Tanzania. Foley, Charles A., Lara Foley, Alex Lobora, Daniela De Luca, Maurus Msuha, Tim R.B> Davenport, and Sarah Durant. 2014.

7/8: Fowler's zoo and wild animal medicine. Miller, R. Eric and Murray Fowler (eds.). 2015.

7/8: The fundamentals of horticulture : theory and practice. Bird, Chris (ed.). 2014.

7/8: Millipeds in captivity : Diplopodan husbandry and reproductive biology. McMonigle, Orin A. 2012.

7/3: Monkeys, pheasants and camera traps : revealing secrets about the biodiversity of Fanjingshan, China. Tan, Chia (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

7/1: 40 years of evolution : Darwin's finches on Daphne Major Island. Grant, Peter. 2014.


Main Library

6/27: Fit at last : look and feel better once and for all. Blanchard, Ken and Tim Kearin. 2014. [SDZ Global 2014 Q3 Book Club Pick]

6/26: Biology of millipedes. Hopkin, Stephen P. and Helen J. Read. 1992.

6/26: Elephants and savanna woodland ecosystems : a study from Chobe National Park, Botswana. Skarpe, Christina, Johan T. du Toit, and Stein R. Moe (eds.). 2014.

6/26: ICR Seminar Series - Headstarting mangrove finches in the Galapagos. Parks, Beau (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

6/24: ICR Seminar Series - Identification of California condor (Gymnogyps californianus) ESR1 and ESR2 and their activation by suspect environmental contaminants. Felton, Rachel Gerrard (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

6/16: ICR Seminar Series - Nile lechwe herd management at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Capiro, Jonnie (presenter). 2014 [DVD]

6/16: ICR Seminar Series - Saving the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus) from the brink of extinction. Quyet, Le Khac (presenter). 2014 [DVD]

6/10: Animal architecture. Arndt, Ingo, Jurgen Tautz, and Jim Brandenburg. 2014.

6/10: Applied ecology and human dimensions in biological conservation. Verdade, Luciano M., Maria Carolina Lyra-Jorge, and Carlos I. Pina (eds.). 2014.

6/10: A feathered river across the sky : the passenger pigeon's flight to extinction. Greenberg, Joel. 2014.

6/10: Flight ways : life and loss at the edge of extinction. Van Dooren, Thom. 2014.

6/10: The homing instinct : meaning & mystery in animal migration. Heinrich, Bernt. 2014.

6/10: Nature's nether regions : what the sex lives of bugs, birds, and beasts tell us about evolution, biodiversity, and ourselves. Schilthuizen, Menno. 2014.

6/10: The oldest living things in the world. Sussman, Rachel. 2014.

6/9: ICR Seminar Series - Impacts of climate change and invasive plants on soil microbial communities of Southern California shrublands. Lipson, David A. (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

6/9: ICR Seminar Series - Inbreeding analyses and captive breeding of 'alala. Switzer, Richard (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

6/4: Latin for bird lovers : over 3,000 bird names explored and explained. Lederer, Roger and Carol Burr. 2014.


Main Library

5/26: Biomeasurement : a student's guide to biostatistics. Hawkins, Dawn. 2014.

5/26: Coastal conservation. Maslo, Brooke and Julie L. Lockwood (eds.). 2014.

5/26: ICR Seminar Series - Hoolock gibbon status and conservation issues. Skolla, Gabriella (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

5/26: State of the apes : extractive industries and ape conservation. Arcus Foundation. 2014.

5/19: The gnu's world : Serengeti wildebeest ecology and life history. Estes, Richard. 2014.

5/19: ICR Seminar Series - Landscape dynamics in Southern California : understanding mammalian carnivore response to fire and human development. Jennings, Megan (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

5/14: Wilderness : Earth's last wild places. Mittermeier, Russell A. 2002.

5/12: A field guide to California lichens. Sharnoff, Stephen. 2014.

5/12: ICR Seminar Series - Advances in the Global Turtle Conservation : the most imperiled vertebrate clade. Horne, Brian D. (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

5/12: Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers. Council of Science Editors, Style Manual Committee. 2014. [Reference]

5/5: ICR Seminar Series - Landscape species conservation in the Maya forest of Guatemala. Garcia Anleu, Rony (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

5/5: Large carnivore conservation : integrating science and policy in the North American West. Clark, Susan G. and Murray B. Rutherford. 2014.

5/5: Nature in the balance : the economics of biodiversity. Helm, Dieter and Cameron Hepburn (eds.). 2014.

5/5: Searching for pekpek : cassowaries and conservation in the New Guinea rainforest. Mack, Andrew L. 2014.

5/5: Snakes of the world : a catalogue of living and extinct species. Williams, Kenneth L., Van Wallach, and Jeff Boundy. 2014. [Reference]

ICR: Applied Plant Ecology

5/19: Borror and DeLong's introduction to the study of insects. Triplehorn, Charles A. and Norman F. Johnson. 2005.

5/19: Photographic atlas of entomology and guide to insect identification. Castner, James L. 2000.


Main Library

4/28: Hummingbirds : a life-size guide to every species. Fogden, Michael, Marianne Taylor, and Sheri L. Williamson. 2014.

4/28: Permaculture : a designer's manual. Mollison, Bill. 1988.

4/25: The age of ecology : a global history. Radkau, Joachim. 2014.

4/25: The biology and management of landscape palms. Hodel, Donald R. 2012.

4/25: Great migrations. Hamlin, David (producer) and National Geographic Television. 2010. [DVD]

4/25: ICR Seminar Series - Battle royale : foraging ecologies of reticulated giraffe and camels in pastoralist northern Kenya. O'Connor, David A. (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

4/25: ICR Seminar Series - Conservation strategic planning : open standards and conservation measures partnership. Ramirez, Luis (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

4/25: ICR Seminar Series - Wildlife conservation issues in India. Satyanarayan, Kartick (presenter). 2014. [DVD]

4/25: Municipal specialist certification study guide. 2008. Matheny, Nelda P. 2008.

4/25: Untamed Americas. Bass, Karen, Anne Tarrant (producers), and National Geographic Television. 2012. [DVD]

4/21: Secret life of predators. National Geographic. 2013. [DVD]

4/14: International studbook for the black rhinoceros Diceros bicornis. Kern, Christian. 2013.

4/14: Trading to extinction. Brown, Patrick. 2014.

4/8: Bumble bees of North America : an identification guide. Williams, Paul H., Robbin W. Thorp, Leif L. Richardson, and Sheila R. Colla. 2014.

4/8: The extreme life of the sea. Palumbi, Stephen R. and Anthony R. Palumbi. 2014.

4/8: The Galápagos : a natural history. Nicholls, Henry. 2014.

4/8: A garden of marvels : how we discovered that flowers have sex, leaves eat air, and other secrets of plants. Kassinger, Ruth. 2014.

4/8: Governing marine protected areas : resilience through diversity. Jones, Peter J. S. 2014.

4/8: The kingdom of rarities. Dinerstein, Eric. 2013.

4/8: Pheromones and animal behavior : chemical signals and signatures. Wyatt, Tristram D. 2014.

4/8: Rare birds of North America. Howell, Steve, Ian Lewington, and Will Russell. 2014.

4/8: Seeds of hope : wisdom and wonder from the world of plants. Goodall, Jane. 2014.

4/8: Seven flowers and how they shaped our world. Potter, Jennifer. 2014.

4/8: The thing with feathers : the surprising lives of birds, and what they reveal about being human. Strycker, Noah. 2014.

4/7: The African pancake tortoise Malacochersus tornieri (Series: Management guidelines for the welfare of zoo animals). Skelton, Tim and Sharon Redrobe. 2002.

4/7: The book of eggs : a life-size guide to the eggs of six hundred of the world's bird species. Hauber, Mark E. 2014.

4/7: Darwin's on the origin of species : a modern rendition. Duzdevich, Daniel. 2014.

4/7: Giraffe : biology, behaviour, and conservation. Dagg, Anne Innis. 2014.

4/4: Leopard tortoises : the natural history, captive care, and breeding of Stigmochelys pardalis. Fife, Richard and Jerry D. Fife. 2006.

4/4: Teaching the museum : careers in museum education. Melber, Leah M. (ed.). 2014

4/2: International studbook of the African wild asses. Pohle, Claus. 2014.

4/2: International studbook of the Persian fallow deer. Rudolff, Klaus. 2013.

ICR: Applied Animal Ecology

4/7: FileMaker Pro 12 : the missing manual. Prosser, Susan and Stuart Gripman. 2012.

4/7: JMP start statistics : a guide to statistics and data analysis using JMP. Sall, John, Ann Lehman, Mia Stephens, William L Creighton, and SAS Institute. 2012.

ICR: Applied Plant Ecology

4/7: Seeds : ecology, biogeography, and evolution of dormancy and germination. Baskin, Carol C. and Jerry M. Baskin. 2014.

ICR: Conservation Partnership Development

4/2: Birds of Southeast Asia : Thailand, peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar. Robson, Craig. 2005.

Zoo Horticulture Library

4/7: Royal Horticultural Society encyclopedia of conifers : a comprehensive guide to cultivars and species. Auders, Aris G. and Derek P. Spicer. 2012.

Zoo Hospital Library

4/21: Collegiate dictionary of zoology. Pennak, Robert W. 1988.

4/21: Veterinary laser surgery : a practical guide. Berger, Noel and Peter H. Eeg. 2006.

4/14: Laboratory procedures for veterinary technicians. Hendrix, Charles M. and Margi Sirois. 2007.

Harter Hospital Library

4/14: Statistics for veterinary and animal science. Petrie, Aviva and Paul Watson. 2013.


Main Library

3/26: International studbook of the Vietnamese sika deer. Rudloff, Klaus. 2013.

3/21: A chance for lasting survival : ecology and behavior of wild giant pandas, English translation. Pan, Wenshi, Lu Zhi, Zhu Xiaojian, et al. Harris, Richard B. (trans.). 2014.

3/21: The man who saved sea turtles : Archie Carr and the origins of conservation biology. Davis, Frederick Rowe. 2007.

3/21: North American amphibians : distribution and diversity. Green, David Martin, Linda A. Weir, Gary S. Casper, and Michael J. Lannoo. 2013.

3/21: Wild again : the struggle to save the black-footed ferret. Jachowski, David. 2014.

3/20: The story of Edgar Sawtelle : a novel. Wroblewski, David. 2008. [SDZ Global 2014 Q2 Book Club Pick]

3/17: Biomimicry : respecting nature through design. Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High, Students of. 2014.

3/13: Essentials of tortoise medicine and surgery. Chitty, John and Aidan Raftery. 2013.

3/13: The Sibley guide to birds. Sibley, David. 2014.

3/13: The Wall Street journal guide to information graphics : the dos and don'ts of presenting data, facts, and figures. Wong, Dona M. 2010.

3/6: Plant and vegetation mapping. Pedrotti, Franco. 2013.

Zoo Hospital Library

3/20: Laparoscopic sterilization of tortoises. Divers, Steve. 2013. [DVD]

ICR: Applied Plant Ecology Department

3/31: Hartmann & Kester's plant propagation : principles and practices. Hartmann, Hudson T., et al. 2011.

3/31: Restoring tropical forests : a practical guide. Elliott, Stephen D., David Blakesley, and Kate Hardwick. 2013.

3/24: Monitoring plant and animal populations. Elzinga, Caryl L., Daniel W. Salzer, John W. WIlloughby and James P. Gibbs. 2001.


Main Library

2/28: Avian urban ecology : behavioural and physiological adaptations. Gil, Diego and Henrik Brumm (eds.). 2014.

2/28: Homosexual behaviour in animals : an evolutionary perspective. Sommer, Volker and Paul L. Vasey (eds.). 2006.

2/28: Let the birds fly : assisting wild mandarin duck population in Beijing. Cui, Duoying (presenter). 2014. [ICR Seminar Series DVD]

2/24: The California native landscape : the homeowner's design guide to restoring its beauty and balance. Rubin, Greg and Lucy Warren. 2013.

2/24: Gardening for the birds : how to create a bird-friendly backyard. Adams, George. 2013.

2/24: High altitude primates. Grow, Nanda B., Sharon Gursky-Doyen, and Alicia Krzton (eds.). 2014.

2/24: How snakes work : structure, function and behavior of the world's snakes. Lillywhite, Harvey B. 2014.

2/24: Lawn gone! : low-maintenance, sustainable, attractive alternatives for your yard. Penick, Pam. 2013.

2/24: Lepidoptera and conservation. New, T.R. 2014.

2/24: Shorebird ecology, conservation, and management. Colwell, Mark. A. 2010.

2/24: Ten thousand birds : ornithology since Darwin. Birkhead, Tim, Jo Wimpenny, and Bob Montgomerie. 2014.

2/21: Finsterhall of San Pasqual. Sinor, John. 1976.

2/21: The ornaments of life : coevolution and conservation in the tropics. Fleming, Theodore H. and W. John Kress. 2013.

2/21: Owl [Reaktion Books]. Morris, Desmond. 2009.

2/21: Tropical rain forests of the Far East. Whitmore, T. C. ; with a chapter on soils by C.P. Burnham. 1984.

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