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New Books & DVDs — 2015


Main Library
12/28: Biodiversity and conservation of the Yucatan Peninsula / Gerald Alexander Islebe et al., editors. (2015)
12/28: Birds of Botswana / Peter Hancock and Ingrid Weiersbye (2016)
12/28: Conservation psychology : understanding and promoting human care for nature / Susan Clayton and Gene Myers (2015)
12/28: Patterns in nature : the analysis of species co-occurrences / James G. Sanderson, Stuart L. Pimm (2015)
12/28: Sustainable values, sustainable change : a guide to environmental decision making / Bryan G. Norton (2015)
12/28: The 1001 rewards & recognition fieldbook : the complete guide / Bob Nelson, Dean Spitzer (2003)
12/28: Whales, dolphins & porpoises : a natural history and species guide / Annalisa Berta, editor (2015)
12/28: Wolves on the hunt : the behavior of wolves hunting wild prey / L. David Mech et al. (2015)
12/28: Zoonoses : infectious diseases transmissible from animals to humans / Rolf Bauerfeind et al., editors (2016)
12/23: The San Diego Zoo : the first century, 1916-2016 / Lynda Rutledge Stephenson (2015)
12/22: Avian cognition : exploring the intelligence, behavior, and individuality of birds / Debra Herrmann (2016)
12/22: San Diego Zoo Official Guidebook (2015)
12/22: San Diego Zoo Safari Park Official Guidebook (2015)
12/15: A natural history of the Sonoran Desert / Steven J. Phillips, et al., editors (2015)
12/15: Applied hierarchical modeling in ecology : analysis of distribution, abundance and species richness in R and BUGS. Volume 1, Prelude and static models / Marc Kery, J. Andrew Royle (2016)
12/15: Conservation education and outreach techniques / Susan K. Jacobson, et al. (2015)
12/15: Cultivated wild : gardens and landscapes by Raymond Jungles / Raymond Jungles (2015)
12/15: Protecting the wild : parks and wilderness, the foundation for conservation / George Wuerthner et al., editors (2015)
12/15: The authentic garden : naturalistic and contemporary landscape design / Richard Hartlage and Sandy Fischer (2015)
12/15: The oil palm / R.H.V. Corley and P.B. Tinker (2016)
12/14: Thank you, Madagascar : the conservation diaries of Alison Jolly / Alison Jolly (2015)
12/14: The secret language of animals / Janine M. Benyus (2014)
12/4: No more endlings : saving species one story at a time. Hegan, Allison (ed.). 2015.
12/3: Advances in reintroduction biology of Australian and New Zealand fauna. Armstrong, Doug P. 2015.
12/3: Cac loai dong vat duoc bao ve o Viet Nam = Protected animals of Vietnam. Nadler, Tilo. 2008.
12/3: Nhan dang mot so loai doi o Viet Nam = Field guide to bats of Vietnam. Nguyen, Truong San. 2006.
12/3: Parrots of the wild : a natural history of the world's most captivating birds. Toft, Catherine A., and Timothy F. Wright. 2015.
12/3: Planting in a post-wild world : designing plant communities for resilient landscapes. Rainer, Thomas and Claudia West. 2015.
12/3: Steppes : the plants and ecology of the world's semi-arid regions. Bone, Michael, Dan Johnson, Panayoti Kelaidis, Mike Kintgen, and Larry G. Vickerman. 2015.
12/3: Trees of Laos and Vietnam : a field guide to 100 economically or ecologically important species. Hoang, Van Sam, Khamseng Nanthavong, and P.J.A. Kessler. 2004.
12/2: The Honolulu Zoo : Waikiki's wildlife treasure 1915-2015. Breese, Paul and Jean DeMercer-Breese. 2015.
Harter Hospital Library
12/3: The cat : clinical medicine and management. Little, Susan E. (ed.). 2012.


Main Library
11/17: Amphibian survey and monitoring handbook. Wilkinson, John w. 2015.
11/17. Big birds can't fly. Birkhead, Mike (director/producer). 2015. [DVD]
11/17: Care & maintenance of Southern California native plant gardens = Cuidado y mantenimiento de jardines de plantas nativas del sur de California. O'Brien, Bart, Betsey Landis, and Ellen Mackey. 2006.
11/17: Chicken soup for the soul at work : 101 stories of courage, compassion, and creativity in the workplace. Canfield, Jack. 1996.
11/17: Eye of newt and toe of frog, adder's fork and lizard's leg : the lore and mythology of amphibians and reptiles. Crump, Marty. 2015.
11/17: A manual of California vegetation. Sawyer, John O., Todd Keeler-Wolf, and Julie Evens. 2009.
11/17: Perfect phrases for performance reviews : hundreds of ready-to-use phrases that describe your employees' performance. Max, Douglas and Robert Bacal. 2003.
Harter Hospital Library
11/19: The feline patient. Norsworthy, Gary D. (ed.) 2011.
Zoo Hospital Library
11/13: Application of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine in exotic animals : proceedings of the 13th annual International TCVM Conference. Xie, Huisheng and Lisa Trevisanello (eds.). 2011.
11/13: The Merck veterinary manual. Kahn, Cynthia M. and Scott Line (eds.). 2010.
11/13: Veterinary acupuncture : ancient art to modern medicine. Schoen, Allen M.(ed.). 2001.
Zoo Hospital Library (Zoo Hospital location)
11/13: Concise review of veterinary microbiology. Quinn P.J., B.K. Markey, F.C. Leonard, E.S. FitzPatrick, and S. Fanning. 2016.
11/13: Jubb, Kennedy, and Palmer's pathology of domestic animals. Maxie, M. Grant (ed.). 2016.
11/13: Textbook of veterinary anatomy. Dyce, K.M., W.O. Sack, and C.J.G. Wensing. 2010
11/13: Veterinary hematology and clinical chemistry. Thrall, Mary Anna (ed.). 2012.


Main Library
10/27: Houston, we have a narrative : why science needs story. Olson, Randy. 2015.
10/27: ICR Seminar Series: It's a war out there! Saving Africa's forgotten giants. Fennessy, Julian (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
10/27: The leatherback turtle : biology and conservation. Spotila, James R. 2015.
10/27: Public garden management. Rakow, Donald A. and Sharon A. Lee (eds.). 2011.
10/27: Sketches of nature : a geneticist's look at the biological world during a golden era for molecular ecology. Avise, John C. 2016.
10/27: The Southwest : Australia's biodiversity hotspot. Laurie, Victoria. 2015.
10/27: Southwest deserts : California & Nevada. Benadom, Duke. 2015.
10/27: Thermal imaging techniques to survey and monitor animals in the wild : a methodology. Havens, Kirk J. and Edward J. Sharp. 2015.
10/27: Understanding roots : discover how to make your garden flourish. Kourik, Robert. 2015.
10/26: Birding by ear [sound recording] : Western [North America] : a guide to bird-song identification. Walton, RIchard K. and Robert W. Lawson (narrators). 1990 [CD set]
10/19: A Wild dog's tale : the story of a lonely African wild dog. Table Mountain Films for NatGeo Wild (production co.). 2015. [DVD]
10/16: ICR Seminar Series: Empowering local communities in Kenya to conserve lions. Lekilele, Jeneria (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
10/16: Handbook of practical program evaluation. Newcomer, Kathryn E., Harry P. Hatry, and Joseph S. Wholey (eds.). 2015.
10/16: Taxonomy of Australian Mammals. Jackson, Stephen and Colin Groves. 2015.
10/7: The animal trade. Phillips, Clive J.C. 2015.
10/7: Marsupial frogs : Gastrotheca & allied genera. Duellman, William E. 2015.
10/7: ICR Seminar Series: Mountain yellow-legged frogs : what’s new? Calatayud, Natalie (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
10/7: ICR Seminar Series: Successful release of a troop of mandrills into the forest of Conkouati-Douli National Park, Republic of Congo. Woodruff, Miles (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
10/7: The quiet extinction : stories of North America's rare and threatened plants. Rogers, Kara. 2015.
Zoo Hospital Library
10/27: Veterinary virology. Fenner, Frank J. 1993.
10/16: Twenty-first International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium : scientific proceedings, September 18-22, 2015, Washington, DC. Diehl, Shenandoah H. (ed). 2015.


Main Library
9/28: African wild dogs : on the front line. Whittington-Jones, Brendan. 2015.
9/28: Animal creativity and innovation. Kaufman, Allison B. and James C. Kaufman (eds.). 2015.
9/28: ICR Seminar Series: Simulating desert tortoise population response to anthropogenic stressors using individual-based, spatially explicit modeling techniques. Tuma, Michael W. (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
9/28: Lions in the balance : man-eaters, manes, and men with guns. Packer, Craig. 2015.
9/28: Ornamental trees of India : identification, descriptor and landscape use. Roy, R.K. 2015.
9/28: Resurrection science : conservation, de-extinction and the precarious future of wild things. O'Connor, M.R. 2015
9/21: ICR Seminar Series: Baja California : recent biological expeditions and significance to conservation science. Vanderplank, Sula (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
9/21: Mountain lions. Ballard, Jack. 2015.
9/14: 2015 Institute for Conservation Research summer fellow presentations #3. Cook, Taylor, Corie Owen, and Emma Burley (presenters). 2015. [DVD]
9/14: American zoo : a sociological safari. Grazian, David. 2015.
9/14: American zoos during the Depression : a new deal for animals. Donahue, Jesse. 2010.
9/14: Ecotoxicology of amphibians and reptiles. Gorsuch, Joseph W., Christine A. Bishop, Sherry K. Krest, and Greg Linder (eds.). 2010.
9/14: ICR Seminar Series: Amyloid A (AA) amyloidosis: an endemic disease in the endangered island fox (Urocyon littoralis). Gaffney, Patricia M. (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
9/2: Central American biodiversity: conservation, ecology, and a sustainable future. Huettmann, Falk (ed.). 2015.
9/2: Handbook of plant nutrition. Barker, Allen V. and David J. Pilbeam (eds.). 2014.
9/2: Handbook of the mammals of the world, Volume 5: Monotremes and marsupials. Wilson, Don E. and Russell A. Mittermeier (eds.). 2015.
9/2: Nests, eggs, and incubation: new ideas about avian reproduction. Deeming, D.C. and S.J. Reynolds. 2015.
9/2: Peterson field guide to finding mammals in North America. Dinets, Vladimir. 2015.
9/1: Butterfly conservation in North America : efforts to help save our charismatic microfauna. Daniels, Jaret C. (ed.). 2015.
9/1: California mushrooms: a comprehensive identification guide. Desjardin, Dennis E., Michael G. Wood, and Frederick A. Stevens. 2014.
9/1: Carrion ecology, evolution, and their applications. Benbow, M. Eric, Jeffery K. Tomberlin, and Aaron M. Tarone (eds.). 2016.
9/1: ICR Seminar Series: Extending microbiome-based precision medicine from humans to other species. Knight, Rob (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
9/1: ICR Seminar Series: In the midst of gorillas: what pathology has told us about the health of eastern gorillas in Africa and zoo-housed gorillas in the SSP population. Lowenstine, Linda (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
9/1: Mentoring in the library: building for the future. Lee, Marta K. 2011.


Main Library
8/31: Biodiversity in a changing climate: linking science and management in conservation. Root, Terry L., Kimberly R. Hall, Mark P. Herzog, and Christine A. Howell (eds.). 2015.
8/31: Common plants of 'uunyaa 'estik 'ehmuu: a plant identification guide for the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians' Education Department. Moseley, Briana. 2007.
8/10: Water 40: the past, present, and future of the world's most vital resource. Sedlak, David. 2014.
8/10: Conflicts in conservation: navigating towards solutions. Redpack, Stephen M., R.J. Gutierrez, Kevin A. Wood, and Juliette C. Young (eds.). 2015.
8/10: Endangerment, biodiversity and culture. Vidal, Fernando and Naelia Dias (eds.). 2015.
8/10: Escaping from predators: an integrative view of escape decisions. Cooper, William E. Jr. and Daniel T. Blumstein (eds.). 2015.
8/10: The gardener's guide to weather and climate. Allaby, Michael. 2015.
8/10: Make garbage great: the TerraCycle family guide to a zero-waste lifestyle. Szaky, Tom and Albe Zakes. 2015.
8/10: Radiology of Australian mammals. Vogelnest, Larry and Graeme Allan. 2015.
8/10: The reason for flowers: their history, culture, biology, and how they change our lives. Buchmann, Stephen. 2015.
8/10: Sustainable water: challenges and solutions from California. Lassiter, Allison (ed.). 2015.
8/10: Your water footprint: the shocking facts about how much water we use to make everyday products. Leahy, Stephen. 2014.
8/6: 2015 Institute for Conservation Research summer fellow presentations #1. Hains, Taylor, Erica Charnock, Hadiyah Edwards, Jennifer Brady, and Megan Holsclaw (presenters). 2015. [DVD]
8/6: 2015 Institute for Conservation Research summer fellow presentations #2. Mullaney, Claire, Annemarie Carignan, Jilma Rachel Guinea, Jordan Buxton, and Nicole Del Pino (presenters). 2015. [DVD]


Main Library
7/30: Eagle (Reaktion Book Series). Rogers, Janine. 2015.
7/30: Earth: a new wild. National Geographic Studioes and Passion Planet Production for PBS. 2015. [DVD]
7/30: How plants work : the science behind the amazing things plants do. Chalker-Scott, Linda. 2015.
7/30: Plant sensing and communication. Karban, Richard. 2015.
7/30: Weeds (Reaktion Book Series). Edwards, Nina. 2015.
7/20: Access 2013: the missing manual. MacDonald, Matthew. 2013.
7/20: Beyond words: what animals think and feel. Safina, Carl. 2015.
7/20: Handbook of road ecology. van der Ree, Rodney, Daniel J. Smith, and Clara Grilo (eds.). 2015.
7/20: Mystery monkeys of Shangri-La. Xi, Zhinong (producer). 2015. [DVD]
7/20: ICR Seminar Series: The natural history of filoviruses and the role of bats as potential reservoir hosts. Jones, Megan (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
7/20: Offshore sea life ID guide: West coast. Howell, Steve N.G. and Brian L. Sullivan. 2015.
7/10: Flamingo (Reaktion Book Series). Kight, Caitlin R. 2015.
7/10: Nature without borders. Rangarajan, Mahesh (ed.). 2014.
7/10: Science in early childhood. Campbell, Wendy and Christine Howitt Jobling (eds.). 2015.
7/10: Vultures: their evolution, ecology, and conservation. Campbell, Michael O'Neal. 2015.
7/1: ICR Seminar Series: Reproductive technology & genome banking for frog conservation. Clulow, John (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
Zoo Hospital Library
7/20: Plumb's veterinary drug handbook. Plumb, Donald D. 2015.
7/20: The Sanford guide to antimicrobial therapy. Gilbert, David N., Henry F. Chambers, George M. Eliopoulos, and Michael S. Saag (eds.). 2015


Main Library
6/30: ICR Seminar Series: Combating fatal acute hemorrhagic disease caused by elephant endotheliotropic herpesviruses (EEHV). Ling, Paul Dalling (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
6/30: H is for Hawk. Macdonald, Helen. 2015. [2015 Q3 SDZG Book Club Title]
6/29: Bats: A World of Science and Mystery A guided tour of birds and their anatomy. Fenton, M. Brock. 2105.
6/25: A field guide to the ecology of western forests. Kricher, John C. 1993.
6/25: A guided tour of birds and their anatomy. Smallwood, James E. 2015.
6/25: Inside the animal mind. Page, George. 1999.
6/25: Venomous reptiles and their toxins : evolution, pathophysiology, and biodiscovery. Fry, Bryan. 2015.
6/25: Wild animals I have known, and 200 drawings. Seton, Ernest Thompson. 1987.
6/22: ICR Seminar Series: Analyzing whole-genome sequences. Pfeiffer, Wayne (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
6/16: Austral ark : the state of wildlife in Australia and New Zealand. Stow, Adam, Sydney Ryde, and Gregory I. Holwell (eds.). 2015.
6/16: Mendel's ark : biotechnology and the future of extinction. Fletcher, Amy Lynn. 2014.
6/16: The care and feeding of an IACUC : the organization and management of an institutional animal care and use committee. Petrie, Whitney and Sonja Lea Wallace (eds.). 2015.
6/15: ICR Seminar Series: Dietary phytoestrogens and reproduction of southern white rhinoceros: an update. Tubbs, Chris (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
6/15: ICR Seminar Series: Translocation success as a function of disease, refugia, and vegetative cover for the Mojave Desert tortoise. Nafus, Melia (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
6/5: Birds of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Arlott, Norman. 2014.
6/5: Studying captive animals : a workbook of methods in behaviour, welfare and ecology. Rees, Paul A. 2015.
6/1: ICR Seminar Series: Rickettsia philipii 364D : microbiome, ecology and potential risk to public health. Gurfield, Nikos (presenter). 2015. [DVD]


Main Library
5/27: Monarchs in a changing world : biology and conservation of an iconic butterfly. Oberhauser, Karen S. Kelly R. Nail, and Sonia Altizer (eds.). 2015.
5/25: ICR Seminar Series: Captive breeding, reintroductions, and translocations as a tool for small population rescue. Swaisgood, Ron (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
5/25: ICR Seminar Series: Desert bighorn sheep, wilderness icon. Jorgensen, Mark C. (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
5/25: ICR Seminar Series: Saving elephants. Douglas‐Hamilton, Iain (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
5/18: Biology and evolution of crocodylians. Grigg, Gordon. 2015.
5/18: Earth stewardship : linking ecology and ethics in theory and practice. Rozzi, Ricardo, F. Stuart Chapin III, J. Baird Callicott, S.T.A. Pickett, Mary E. Power, Juan J. Armesto, and Roy H. May Jr (eds.). 2015.
5/18: ICR Seminar Series: Forest management, ungulate grazing and plant conservation in the western United States. Pekin, Burak K. (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
5/18: ICR Seminar Series: Navigating societal expectations regarding research with humans as subjects. Sullivan, Neal (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
5/18: The new wild : why invasive species will be nature's salvation. Pearce, Fred. 2015.
5/18: Ranaviruses : lethal pathogens of ectothermic vertebrates. Gray, Matthew J. and V. Gregory Chinchar (eds.). 2015.
5/12: Diary of a citizen scientist : chasing tiger beetles and other new ways of engaging the world. Russell, Sharman Apt. 2014.
5/12: Feral cities : adventures with animals in the urban jungle. Donovan, Tristan. 2015.
5/12: The seed garden : the art and practice of seed saving. Colley, Micaela and Jared Zystro. 2015.
5/12: Wild life : the institution of nature. Braverman, Irus. 2015.
5/11: To quench a thirst : a brief history of water in the San Diego region. San Diego County Water Authority. 2005.
5/6: Desert critters : plants and animals of the Southwest. Miller, Millie and Cyndi Nelson. 1996.
5/6: Hummers : hummingbirds of North America. Miller, Millie and Cyndi Nelson. 1987.
5/6: Painted ladies : butterflies of North America. Miller, Millie and Cyndi Nelson. 1993.
5/1: Zoo renewal : white flight and the animal ghetto. Uddin, Lisa. 2015.


Main Library
4/30: Bamboo: the plant and Its uses. Liese, Walter and Michael Keohl (eds). 2015.
4/30: Handbook of larval amphibians of the United States and Canada. Altig, Ronald and Roy W. McDiarmid. 2015.
4/29: ICR Seminar Series: Chimpanzee adaptation to agricultural conversion of habitat within the Bugoma-Budongo corridor. Merrick, Nancy (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
4/29: Hypernatural: architecture's new relationship with nature. Brownell, Blaine and Marc Swackhamer. 2015.
4/29: Proactive strategies for protecting species: pre-listing conservation and the Endangered Species Act. Donlan, C. Josh (ed). 2015.
4/29: Zoo renewal: white flight and the animal ghetto. Uddin, Lisa. 2015.
4/22: Biophilia. Marley, Christopher. 2015.
4/22: Conservation and development in Cambodia: exploring frontiers of change in nature, state and society. Milne, Sarah. 2015.
4/22: Elephant don: the politics of a pachyderm posse. O'Connell, Caitlin. 2015.
4/22: Elephant sense and sensibility: behavior and cognition. Garstang, Michael. 2015.
4/22: ICR Seminar Series: Protecting innovations at San Diego Zoo Global: a practical guide to harmonizing your research and IP management. Ai, Bing (presenter). [DVD]
4/22: Wonders of the plant kingdom : a microcosm revealed. Stuppy, Wolfgang, Rob Kesseler, and Madeline Harley. 2014.
4/20: Australian reptiles & frogs. Cronin, Leonard. 2014.
4/15: ICR Seminar Series: Conserving Africa's elephants against the new tide of poaching. Western, David (presenter). 2015. [DVD]
4/15: ICR Seminar Series: From zookeeper to anti‐poaching ranger: life on the front line of the South African rhino poaching crisis. Veale, Michael (presenter). 2015. [DVD]


Main Library
3/27: How to clone a mammoth : the science of de -extinction. Shapiro, Beth Alison. 2015
3/26: Australian succulent plants : an introduction. Kapitany, Atilla. 2007.
3/25: The anoles of Honduras : systematics, distribution, and conservation. McCranie, James R and Gunther Keohler. 2015.
3/25: Birds of East Africa : Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. Stevenson, Terry and John Fanshawe. 2006.
3/25: Reptiles and amphibians of East Africa. Spawls, Stephen, Kim M. Howell, and Robert C. Drewes. 2006.
3/25: Conservation directory 2015 : the guide to worldwide environmental organizations. Brown, Arlander C. (ed.). 2015.
3/25: The facilitator's fieldbook : step-by-step procedures, checklists and guidelines, samples and templates. Justice, Thomas and David W. Jamieson. 2006.
3/25: The last unicorn : a search for one of Earth's rarest creatures. DeBuys, William. 2015.
3/25: The triumph of seeds : how grains, nuts, kernels, pulses, and pips, conquered the plant kingdom and shaped human history. Hanson, Thor. 2015.
3/25: The welfare of performing animals : a historical perspective. Wilson, David A.H. 2015.
3/17: Writing to win federal grants : a must-have for your fundraising toolbox. Kester, Cheryl L. and Karen L. Cassidy. 2015.

3/11: The flowering plants handbook : a practical guide to families and genera of the world. Byng, James W. 2014.

3/2: Mammals of South America, volume 2 : rodents. Patton, James L., Ulyses F. J. Pardinas, and Guillermo DElia (eds.). 2015.
3/2: Rodents of Sub-Saharan Africa : a biogeographic and taxonomic synthesis. Monadjem, Ara, Peter J. Taylor, and Christiane Denys. 2015.


Main Library
2/25: Animal social networks. Kaurse, Jens, Richard James, Daniel W. Franks, and Darren P. Croft (eds.). 2015.
2/25: Mammalogy: Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology. Feldhamer, George A., Lee C. Drickamer, Stephen H. Vessey, Joseph F. Merritt, and Carey Krajewski. 2015.
2/25: Sea otter conservation. Larson, Shawn E., James L. Bodkin, and Glenn R. VanBlaricom (eds.). 2015.
2/17: The man who planted trees : lost groves, the future of our forests, and a radical plan to save our planet. Robbins, Jim. 2012.
2/17: The media, animal conservation and environmental education. Blewitt, John. 2013.
2/17: Primate tourism : a tool for conservation? Russon, Anne E. and Janette Wallis (eds.). 2014.
2/17: Research methods : the essential knowledge base. Trochim, William M.K., James P. Donnelly, and Kanika Arora. 2014.
2/17: The water-wise home : how to conserve, capture, and reuse water in your home and landscape. Allen, Laura. 2015.
2/5: Design and analysis of ecological experiments. Scheiner, Samuel M. and Jessica Gurevitch (eds.). 2001.
2/5: Eagles, hawks, and falcons of the world. Brown, Leslie and Dean Amadon. 1968.
2/2: Enriching animal lives. Markowitz, Hal. 2011.
Harter Hospital
2/17: Fundamentals of ornamental fish health. Roberts, Helen E. 2010.
ICR: Conservation Education
2/9: The gifts of interpretation : fifteen guiding principles for interpreting nature and culture. Beck, Larry and Ted T. Cable. 2011.
2/9: Interpreting for park visitors. Lewis, William J. 1980.
2/9: Sharing nature with children : the classic parents' & teachers' nature awareness guidebook. Cornell, Joseph. 1998.
Wildlife Disease Labs (Zoo)
2/3: Pathology of the human placenta. Benirschke, Kurt and Peter Kaufmann. 1995.
Zoo Horticulture
2/13: Draculas of Ecuador (Draculas del Ecuador). Pupulin, Franco, Gilberto Merino, and Hugo Medina. 2009.
2/13: Orchids : the pictorial encyclopedia of Oncidium. Zelenko, Harry (illus.) and Mark W. Chase (ed.). 2002.
>2/13: The sweet pea book. Rice, Graham. 2003.


Main Library
1/26: Blood of the tiger: a story of conspiracy, greed, and the battle to save a magnificent species. Mills, Judy A. 2015.
1/26: Camera trapping: wildlife management and research. Meek, Paul and Peter Fleming (eds.). 2014.
1/26: That glorious forest: exploring the plants and their indigenous uses in Amazonia. Prance, Ghillean T. 2014.
1/26: Paradise transplanted: migration and the making of California gardens. Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierrette. 2014.
1/16: The light between oceans: a novel. Stedman, MlL. 2013. [SDZG 2015 Q1 Book Club Title]
1/16: Manual of ornamental waterfowl management. Tarsname, Simon. 1982.
1/16: Tidal wetland restoration: a scientific perspective and southern California focus. Zedler, Joy B. 1996.
1/16: The US.-Mexican border environment: overcoming vulnerability: the Southwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy's research program (1990-2002) and future agenda. Pijawka, K. Davis, Paul Ganster, and Rick Van Schoik (eds.). 2003.
The US.-Mexican border environment: trade, energy, and the environment: challenges and opportunities for the border region, now and in 2020. Rohy, David A. (ed.). 2003.
1/16: The US.-Mexican border environment: water issues along the U.S.-Mexican border. Westerhoff (ed.). 2000.

1/13: El Niño in the Galapagos Islands: the 1982-1983 event. Robinson, Gary and Eugenia M. Del Pino. 1985.

1/13: The enchanted islands: The Galapagos discovered. Hickman, John. 1985
1/13: Fauna del Ecuador. Patzelt, Erwin. 1979.
1/13: Galapagos Archipielago del Ecuador. Black, Juan. 1974.
1/13: Galapagos Guide. White, Alan and Bruce Epler. 1972.
1/13: The Lonesome George story: where do we go from here? Cayot, Linda J. 2014.
1/7: Accounting for biodiversity. Jones, Michael. 2014.
1/7: Animals in traditional folk medicine: implications for conservation. Alves, Raomulo Romeu Naobrega and Ierecae Lucena Rosa (eds.). 2013.
1/7: The cultural lives of whales and dolphins. Whitehead, Hal and Luke Rendell. 2015.
1/7: Diplomacy, funding and animal welfare. Roeder, Larry WInter. 2011.
1/7: Large-scale conservation in the common interest. Clark, Susan G., Aaron M. Hohl, Catherine H. Picard, and Elizabeth Thomas (eds.). 2014.
1/7: Reproductive biology and phylogeny of lizards and tuatara. Rheubert, Justin L., Dustin S. Siegel, and Stanley E. Trauth (eds.). 2015.
1/7: Salamanders: keeping and breeding. Pasmans, Frank, Sargae Bogaerts, Henry Janssen, and Max Sparreboom. 2014.
1/7: Urban wildlife conservation: theory and practice. McCleary, Robert A., Christopher E. Moorman, M. Nils Peterson (eds.). 2014.
1/6: The action plan for Australian mammals 2012. Woinarski, John C.Z., Andrew A. Burbidget, and Peter L. Harrison. 2014.
1/6: Biomimicry resource handbook: a seed bank of best practices. Baumeister, Dayna. 2014.
1/6: California bees and blooms: a guide for gardeners and naturalists. Frankie, Gordon W., Robbin W. THorp, Rollin E. Coville, and Barbara Ertter. 2014.
1/6: Conservation biology of amphibians of Asia: status of conservation and decline of amphibians: eastern hemisphere. Heatwose, Harold and Indraneil Das (eds.). 2014.
James Burton. 2014.
1/6: HBW and BirdLife International illustrated checklist of the birds of the world, Volume 1: Non-passerines. del Hoyo, Josep, Nigel J. Collar, David A. Christie, Andrew Elliott, and Lincoln D.C. Fishpool. 2014.
1/6: Rewilding our hearts: building pathways of compassion and coexistence. Bekoff, Marc. 2014.
1/6: A state of change: forgotten landscapes of California. Cunningham, Laura. 2010.
1/5: Live animals regulations. International Air Transport Association (IATA). 2014. (Book and CD format)
ICR: Applied Plant Ecology
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