Senior Director for Conservation
Director of Animal Collections and Conservation
Director of Education
Director of Education
Education Curator
Deputy Director - CRES
Director of Education
Curator of Primates and Small Mammals AND Deputy Zoo Director (Animal Management/Health)
Head, Natural & Physical Sciences Department
Animal Collections Manager
Directly or via email
Director of Education
IT Director
Director of Education
No librarian
Education Department - Training Specialist & Training Manager
Curator of Australia/Nocturnal & Africa
Volunteer Coordinator
Curator of Education
We do not have one
yes, the Curator of the Natural History Museum
Education Curator
Marie Vanouskova, librarian
N/A - No librarian
The Executive Director
VP of Animal Collections
Director of Research and Conservation
Executive Vice-President
education department
The volunteers report to me. I report to the Director.
Volunteer Coordinator, Conservation and Education Department
Curator of Education
Manager, Education Service
Primarily Volunteer Manager
Executive Director & Associate Director
Administrative Assistant
general curator
Deputy Exec. Director for Biological Programs
not applicable
Director of the Museum of Comparative Zoology
Volunteer Coordinator
VP of Conservation, Research & Education
no librarian
Director of Human Resources
Director of Ed. (We don't have a librarian)
General Curator
Executive Director
No one
Curator of Education
WCS Institute director
Senior Curator