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New Books & DVDs

March 2021

Communities, conservation and livelihoods / Anthony Charles, editor. IUCN, 2019.  Available online.

Elephants / written by W.J. Jordan [and others]. 1998. QL737 P98 .J67 1998 MAIN.

Galapagos giant tortoises [Ebook] / edited by James P. Gibbs, Linda J. Cayot and Washington Tapia Aguilera. Online (onsite network/WiFi, VPN or offsite with Search Everything login)

Vernal pool landscapes : Past, present and future / by Robert A. Schlising, Erin E. Gottschalk Fisher, C. Matt Guilliams and Barbara Castro, editors. 2019. QH541.5 .P63 .S35 2019 MAIN.

January–February 2021

Zoo giraffe welfare: A literature review and the behavioral effects of guest feeding programs [thesis] / Lynn, Brian Lee. 2018. QL737 .U56 .L96 2018.

Germination of 91 native California species after 50 years in vacuum storage [thesis] / Christensen, Teri Lynne. 2000. QK149 .C75 2000 MAIN.


A practical guide for genetic management of fragmented animal and plant populations / Richard Frankham. QH75 .F7333 2019 MAIN.

Elephants under human care : the behaviour, ecology,and welfare of elephants in captivity / Paul A. Reese. 2021; [e-book].

Medical herpetology / Steve Grenard. RA1242 .553 G74 1993 MAIN.

Proceedings of the California Herpetological Society’s conference on captive propagation and husbandry of reptiles and amphibians / Ralph L. Gowen, editor. QL665 N67 1989 REF.

Biology of North American tortoises / R.B. Bury, D.J. Germano, editors. QL666 .C584 B56 1994 MAIN.

Energetics of the green iguana (Iguana iguana) in a semi-arid environment / Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt. QL666 .L25 V36 1991 MAIN.

Butterflies of Baja California : faunal survey, natural history, conservation biology / John W. Brown, Herman G. Real, David K. Faulkner. QL553 .M4 B76 1992 MAIN.

On the wings of checkerspots : a model system for population biology / edited by Paul R. Ehrlich, Ilkka Hanski. QL561 .N905 2004 MAIN.

Histoire naturelle des amphibiens et reptiles terrestres de l’archipel Guadeloupâeen : Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Saint Barthâelemy : Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre et les ãilets satellites, Marie Galante, les Saintes, la Dâesirade, les ãiles de la Petite Terre, Saint-Martin et les ãilets satellites, Saint-Barthâelemy et les ãilets satellites / Michel Breuil.

Herpetology ’97 : abstracts of the Third World Congress of Herpetology, 2-10 August 1997, Prague, Czech Republic / edited by Zbynéek Roécek and Scott Hart. QL641 R6 1997 REF.

Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the Baja California Sea Turtle Group / Oceanic Resource Foundation. QL666 .C5 B35 1999 REF.

Saving Moka : The true tale of a rescued tiger cub / Georgeanne Irvine. QL737 .C23 I78 2020 MAIN.

A Letter from Tashi : A Snow Leopard Tale / Carrie Hasler, Jan Smith. QL737 .C23 H37 2020 MAIN.

A wish for pangolin. Carrie Hasler, Christina Wald. QL737 .P5 H37 2020 MAIN.

15th International Elephant and Rhino Conservation and Research Symposium : November 14-18, 2016 Scientific Program / International Elephant Foundation. QL737 .P98 I34 2016 REF.

Don’t shoot the dog : the art of teaching and training / Karen Pryor. QL74 P69 2019 MAIN.

Plumb’s veterinary drug handbook / Donald C. Plumb. SF748 .P68 2018 ZOO HOSP.

Papageien International : Nutrition and diets of parrots, parakeets, lories and lorikeets / Petra Wolf. SF95 W96 2020 MAIN.

Okapi SSP/EEP Masterplan Workshop Summary, November 29-30, 1989 / Royal Zoological Society Antwerp Belgium. QL737 .U56 R69 1989 REF.

Hagenbeck : Tiere, Menschen, Illusionen / Matthias Gretzschel, Ortwin Pelc ; Beitrèage von Ernst Gèunther [and others] ; mit Fotografien von Michael Zapf / Matthias Gretzschel. QL76.52 G32 1998 MAIN.

The orchid in lore and legend / Luigi Berliocchi ; edited by Mark Griffiths. ZOO HORT 2004

Black faces, white spaces : reimagining the relationship of African Americans to the great outdoors / Carolyn Finney. 2014

Southwestern rare and endangered plants : proceedings of the second conference : September 11-14, 1995, Flagstaff, Arizona / technical coordinators, Maschinski, Joyce. 1995.

World Orchid : collections 2020. Hermans, Johan. 2020. ZOO HORT

The home place : memoirs of a colored man’s love affair with nature. Lanham, J. Drew. 2016.

The Asiatic wild dog (dhole) : A monograph to serve as essential reference for graduate students, academicians and conservationists. Gopi GV (Govindan Veeraswami), Salvador Lyngdoh, Bilal Habib. 2010.

Beauty and the beast : California wildflowers and climate change. (REFERENCE) Badger, Rob. 2020

Birds of paradise and bowerbirds : an identification guide. Gregory, Phil. 2020

Bioinformatics data skills. Buffalo, Vince. 2015

California plants : a guide to our iconic flora. Ritter, Matt. 2018

Ferret town (DVD). Caldera Productions. 2019

Rottnest island : kingdom of the quokka. De Barros, Leighton. 2017

Rottnest island : kingdom of the quokka (DVD). 2017

Secrets of the zoo: down under / project platypus (DVD) National Geographic. 2020

Aloes of the Cactus and Succulent Journal: 50 years of descriptions; 1967-2017. Cactus & Succulent Society of America. 2018.

Animal cognition 101. Erin N. Colbert-White, Allison B. Kaufman. 2020.

Courtship and mating in butterflies. Raymond J. C. Cannon. 2020.

Desert navigator: the journey of an ant. Rèudiger Wehner. 2020

Invasive plant species of the world. Ewald Weber. 2016.

The bobcat of North America: its history, life habits, economic status and control, with list of currently recognized subspecies. Stanley P. Young. 1958.

Zoo animal learning and training. Vicky A. Melfi, Nicole R. Dorey, Samantha J. Ward. 2020.

Effects of climate change on birds. Dunn, Peter O., ed. 2019.

Elements of chordate anatomy. Weichert, Charles K. 1975.

Exotic animal laboratory diagnosis. Heatley, J. Jill, and Russell, Karen, eds. 2018.

FYI : for your improvement : Competencies Development Guide. Korn Ferry. 2014.

Guenons : Management guidelines for the welfare of zoo animals. Williams, Beverley. 2000.

Gynecological and obstetrical pathology. Novak, Emil. 1940.

Nesting behavior of the least tern (Sterna albifrons). Davis, Milton Eugene. 1968.

Sunbirds: a guide to the sunbirds, flowerpeckers, spiderhunters and sugarbirds of the world. Cheke, Robert A. and Mann, Clive F. 2001.

Sturkie’s avian physiology. Scanes, Colin G., ed. 2015.

The guenons : diversity and adaptation in African monkeys. Glenn, Mary E. and Cords, Marina, eds. 2002.

The natural history of the Galapagos giant tortoise : A collection of articles. Marquez, Cruz. 2018

December 2019

Bellani, Giovanni G. 2020. Felines of the world : discoveries in taxonomic classification and history. QL737 .C23 B453 2020 MAIN

Conner, Cindy. 2014. Seed libraries : and other means of keeping seeds in the hands of the people. QK80 .C66 2014 MAIN

Fraser, Ian, and Jeannie Gray. 2019. Australian bird names : origins and meanings. QL677 .F73 2019 MAIN

Howorth, Paige. 2019. Conservation of the smaller majority at San Diego Zoo Global [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Lemieux, A. M. (ed.). 2014. Situational prevention of poaching. SK591 .L46 2014 MAIN

Martin, Graham. 2017. The sensory ecology of birds. QL698 .M37 2017 MAIN

Merchant, Nilofer. 2017. The power of onlyness : make your wild ideas mighty enough to dent the world. HF5549.5 .M63 M47 2017 MAIN

Minteer, Ben A. 2019. The fall of the wild : extinction, de-extinction, and the ethics of conservation. QH75 .M56 2019 MAIN

Moreto, William D., and Stephen F. Pires. 2018. Wildlife crime : an environmental criminology and crime science perspective. SK591 .M67 2018 MAIN

Owen T. Nevin et al. (eds.). 2019. The bear : culture, nature, heritage. QL737 .C27 B44 2019 MAIN

Palmer, Rob. 2019. The world of burrowing owls : a photographic essay exploring their behaviors & beauty. QL696 .S83 P35 2019 MAIN

Pedrono, Miguel. 2018. Twilight of the Angonoka : biology and conservation of the world’s rarest tortoise. QL666 .C584 P43 2018 MAIN

Petrossian, Gohar A. 2019. The last fish swimming : the global crime of illegal fishing. SK591 .P48 2019 MAIN

Powys, Anne. 2019. Wild flowers of Kenya & Northern Tanzania. QK402 .P69 2019 MAIN

Quammen, David. 2006. The reluctant Mr. Darwin : an intimate portrait of Charles Darwin and the making of his theory of evolution. QH26.5 .D39 Q36 2006 MAIN

Simpson, Michael G. 2019. Plant systematics [3rd ed.]. QK95 .S566 2019 MAIN

Sverdrup-Thygeson, Anne. 2019. Extraordinary insects : weird, wonderful, indispensable, the ones who run our world. QL463 .S94 2019 MAIN

Walsh, Bruce, Michael Lynch. 2018. Evolution and selection of quantitative traits. QH390 .W35 2018 MAIN

Wilson, John W., and Richard B. Primack. 2019. Conservation biology in sub-Saharan Africa. QH75 .W55 2019 MAIN

November 2019

Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 2019. Animals reviewed : starred ratings of our feathered, finned, and furry friends. QL77.5 .A55 2019 MAIN

Dehgan, Alex. 2019. The snow leopard project : and other adventures in warzone conservation. QH193 .A33 D44 2019

Hogg, Carolyn J., et al. (eds.) 2019. Saving the Tasmanian devil : recovery through science-based management. QL737 .M33 S28 2019 MAIN

Louv, Richard. 2019. Our wild calling : how connecting with animals can transform our lives–and save theirs. QL85 .L68 2019 MAIN

Schwandt, Hans-Joachim. 2019. The Gila monster Heloderma suspectum : natural history, husbandry and propagation. QL666 .L247 S39 2019 MAIN

Spellenberg, Richard. 2001. National Audubon Society field guide to North American wildflowers : western region. QK142 .S64 2001 MAIN

Wilke, C. 2019. Fundamentals of data visualization : a primer on making informative and compelling figures. HF5721 .W55 2019 MAIN

October 2019

Bond, Alan B., and Judy Diamond. 2019. Thinking like a parrot : perspectives from the wild. QL696 .P7 B66 2019 MAIN

Bradley, Donna. 2009. Native Americans of San Diego County. QH104.5 .S62 B73 2009 MAIN

Buchalski, Michael. 2019. Conservation genomics and management of bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) in California [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Chock, Rachel. 2019. Competition in Pacific pocket mouse communities and its application to reintroduction science [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Cooper, Kimberly. 2019. How (and why) the jerboa got its long legs [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Crudge, Brian, and Thona Li 2019. Securing a future of bears in Southeast Asia: a multi‐pronged approach [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Elephant Specialist Advisory Group. 2017. Understanding elephants : guidelines for safe and enjoyable elephant viewing. QL737 .P98 E43 2017 MAIN

Goodall, Jane, et al. 2005. Harvest for hope : a guide to mindful eating. QH540.5 .G66 2005 MAIN

Graf, Heike (ed.). 2016. The environment in the age of the internet. EBOOK

Irvine, Georgeanne. 2019. Mosi Musa : A true tale about a baby monkey raised by his grandma. QL76.5 .C35 S36 I782 2019 MAIN

McCoy, Tom. 2019. The aloes of Arabia. ZOO HORT

Meuser, Natascha. 2019. Zoo buildings. QL76 .M48 2019 MAIN

Meyer, Andrew. 2019. ReWild Mission Bay [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Meyer, Scott. 2011. The city homesteader : self-sufficiency on any square footage. QH540.5 .M49 2011 MAIN

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Sharp, Billee. 2012. Lemons and lavender : the eco guide to better homekeeping. QH540.5 .B55 2012 MAIN

Shurin, Jonathan. 2019. How do climate, animals, and resources shape ecosystems? [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Stern, Jenny. 2019. Why study bear hair? Insights from research on wild and zoo polar bears [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Sutherland, William J., et al. (eds.). 2019. What works in conservation. EBOOK

Todd, Frank S. 2018. North American ducks, geese, & swans : identification guide. QL696 .A52 T63 2018 MAIN

Vira, Bhaskar, et al. (eds.). 2015. Forests and food : addressing hunger and nutrition across sustainable landscapes. EBOOK

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Wilson, John W., and Richard B. Primack. 2019. Conservation biology in sub-Saharan Africa. EBOOK

September 2019

Cothern, C. Richard (ed.). 1996. Handbook for environmental risk decision making : values, perceptions & ethics. QH75 .C68 1996 MAIN

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Sues, Hans-Dieter. 2019. The rise of reptiles : 320 million years of evolution. QL641 .S84 2019 MAIN

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August 2019

Barral, Ana Maria, and Rachel E. Simmons. 2019. Using research on ocean plastic microbes to engage undergraduate students in a hispanic-serving non-traditional university [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

Dharani, Najma. 2019. Field guide to common trees & shrubs of east Africa. QK402 .D53 2019 MAIN

Frank, Beatrice, Jenny A. Glikman, and Silvio Marchini (eds.). 2019. Human-wildlife interactions : turning conflict into coexistence. QH75 .H855 2019 MAIN

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Williams, Candace. 2019. Microbial contributions to endangered species conservation [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

July 2019

Alex, Charles Everett. 2019. Red panda amdoparvovirus: a nation-wide investigation of prevalence and possible origins [videorecording]. ICR SEMINAR SERIES

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June 2019

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May 2019

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April 2019

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March 2019

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February 2019

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January 2019

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